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About a Girl is a Canadian comedy series which premiered on October 5, 2007 on The N in the U.S. and Global in Canada. It was the first scripted comedy for The N. The series ended with 13 episodes in its only season.


About a Girl centers around Amy Ryan, a college student who moves into a house off-campus when her dorm room turns out to be unacceptable. However, her new roommates are four guys. Things are not always smooth as she tries to either adjust to or change their habits and wrestles with her unrequited attraction to one of them.


The roommates

  • Amy Ryan (Chiara Zanni) - A major overachiever, Amy thought college would be a walk in the park. But when she's forced to live with four guys"?instead of that mess they called a dorm room"?things started getting a little bit more complicated. In "About an F-Word" Amy gained the nickname "The I-Hate-This-Class-Chick" but this nickname was used only in this episode.
  • Jason (Jesse Hutch) - The hottie that Amy has a thing for, Jason is a lovable commitment-phobe. If he does not like the way a relationship is going, he tries to "fizzle" things out. At the end of "About a Homecoming" he asks Amy out.
  • Dude (Sandy Robson) - Flaky and easy-going. What more could a dude ask for? Dude has many words to live by. He's full of advice for his roommates, even though he might not always know what he's talking about. He has a fear of pelicans, because of their "big flappy beaks" and does not like chihuahuas "'cause they shake". It turns out that he is in fact the landlord. Dude is actually his nickname. It stands for: Dilbert Ultimately Decides Everything. It was given by his anti-drug counselor. This was discovered in the episode 'About a Break-Up'.
  • McRitchie (Braden Williams) - Ever so stereotypical, McRitchie is a manly stud. He's adventurous and does not think about the consequences of his actions. He is adorably overprotective of his new roommate, Amy. In "About an F-Word" McRitchie announces that he wants to be a psychologist.
  • Benny (Marshall Porter) - As the youngest, smartest, and neatest roommate in his house, Benny kind of ignores the pigsty that he lives in. He figures his little crush on Amy will never work out. Although, it seems that Amy and Benny understand each other the most, and Benny is the one that Amy can really talk to.

Other characters

  • Erin (Kristie Marsden) - As Amy's best friend, Erin is always there to give Amy the other point of view"?usually the boy crazy, fun point of view. She's not afraid to speak the truth around Amy, even when Amy may find it a little harsh. In "About a Prank" Erin kissed Benny, which made it seem like these two were together, but in "About a Tent" Erin starts falling for Dude, with whom she had a much more intimate relationship with. But in "About a Boot" the relationship between Erin and Benny failed.
  • Stacy (Chelan Simmons) - As Amy's rival, she tries to humiliate Amy at every turn (as does Amy). Amy calls her a "Laguna Bitch".
  • Mrs. Ryan (Lynda Boyd) - Amy's extremely overprotective mother. Amy often calls her "Crazy Lady" behind her back. Amy's cell phone has her listed as Crazy Lady as well. In "About a Visit" Mrs. Ryan accepted the fact that Amy lives with four male roommates, but she does not completely accept it. Also in "About a Visit" it is revealed that Mrs. Ryan has been separated from Amy's dad, and he now is filing for a divorce.
  • Felicia (Amber Borycki) - Felicia is Jason's on-and-off lover/girlfriend. In "About a Pilot" Felicia sleeps over in Jason's bedroom, which bothered Amy so very much. In "About a Homecoming" McRitchie has become Felicia's boyfriend but by the end of the day Jason is back with her.
  • Stan (Dustin Milligan) - Stan, whose nickname is "Stan-the-Man", is the guys' former roommate. He left college and the apartment to tour with a band, State of Shock. It is his room that Amy took over, though the two do not meet until the end of the first season. In "About a Homecoming" Stan tells Jason that he will not be on the road forever and that if Jason does not go for Amy, he will.


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