About Reality TV World

Reality TV World is the Internet's premier independent reality TV news website and has been covering the reality TV genre more than twenty years. Over that time, we have grown into one of the most-respected entertainment news sources covering the reality TV industry.

Since its founding at the birth of the modern reality TV age in 2000, Reality TV World covered the reality TV industry like nobody else. From show and contestant news to industry reports and behind-the-scenes details to exclusive interviews and show clips, Reality TV has covered it all and built direct relationships with dozens of networks and producers.

In addition to conducting hundreds of exclusive interviews with reality TV personalities, producers and network executives, Reality TV World's team of professional journalists have also covered red-carpet events and been on-location at reality show filmings and live events ranging from contestant auditions to live season finales.

We're also exclusively broken numerous news stories over the years -- including secret weddings, unannounced breakups, death cover-ups, and allegations of fraud.

Our public news archives include over 30,000 original articles and news reports we have published since 2000. In many cases our archives contain the only remaining publicly-available news reports covering events which occurred during the early years of the modern reality TV genre.

In addition, our exclusive RealityTVDB database also includes profiles and information on over 4,000 reality TV participants and 1,500 American reality TV shows.

Whether it is competition shows like The Amazing Race, Big Brother and Survivor; relationship shows like 90 Day Fiance, The Bachelor and Married at First Sight; talent competitions like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and The Voice; personality shows like Counting On, The Real Housewives and Teen Mom, or any other sub-genre of the reality TV genre, Reality TV World has published thousands of news reports covering it all!

No other entertainment news website can offer a comparably comprehensive source of reality TV news and information.

Reality TV World has the largest reach of any independently-operated reality television web property and has been featured and cited by countless print, electronic and online media over the years -- including outlets as diverse as The Associated Press, CBS News, E! News, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN, MSNBC, MTV, The New York Times, Salon.com, TV Guide, and USA Today.

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