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The following are brief biographies of contestants on The Amazing Race 11.


Charla & Mirna

See Charla and Mirna for more information Charla Baklayan Faddoul & Mirna Hindoyan were known as the Cousins . They came in 6th place on The Amazing Race 5. Both are Armenian and are able to speak Armenian, French, Spanish and Turkish. This team was brought back for the All Stars series of the Amazing Race.

Charla, the manager and co-owner of ten sportswear stores, is from Phoenix, Maryland and was born in Syria. She has a form of dwarfism. On the All Stars edition of the Amazing Race, she hopes to gain an advantage by wearing a pair of "heelys", running shoes with wheels in the bottom as she admits that her short stature was a disadvantage in the Amazing Race 5.

Mirna was born in the same hospital a month after her cousin. She works as a lawyer in Towson, Maryland and in preparation for the Race had to to conclude over fifty cases in the six weeks. Participating in the Race lead to her being invited to participate in speaking engagements an even an invitation to the Emmy Awards. Her first speaking engagement was at Towson University, of which she and her cousin are both alumnae.

The first cousins played to their strengths by allowing Charla to participate in tasks that involved eating where possible, and leaving Mirna to participate in the more physical challenges.

Charla & Mirna placed 3rd in The Amazing Race All-Stars.

David & Mary

David Conley, Jr. and Mary Conley were known as Coal miner and Wife. They are from Stone, Kentucky and finished in sixth place on The Amazing Race 10.

On November 7, 2006, Rosie O'Donnell and The View gave the couple several gifts including a new house, a new car, and a cruise organized by O'Donnell. CBS announced that David and Mary agreed to return for The Amazing Race All Stars.

David & Mary placed 9th in The Amazing Race All-Stars.

Dustin & Kandice

Dustin-Leigh Konzelman & Kandice Pelletier were known as the Beauty Queens. They came in fourth place on The Amazing Race 10.

They finished second place in The Amazing Race All-Stars, the highest finish for an all-female team in the USA version of The Amazing Race.

Eric & Danielle

Eric Sanchez & Danielle Turner, Season 9, met while racing with their former partners. During their travels, they developed a bond which transpired into a romance and the two have been dating for the past year. Eric hails from Pompano Beach, Florida and Danielle hails from Staten Island, New York.

Eric, who partnered with Jeremy, finished 2nd. Danielle, who partnered with Dani, finished in 8th. Their previous partners sent with them a joint letter, which Eric and Danielle read during Episode 4, which included the statement, "No babies on the Race!" This was taken as a joking admonition to avoid getting pregnant during the race.

Eric & Danielle won The Amazing Race All-Stars. They were also the first team to ever win without ever previously winning another leg. They are also the first team to ever win without using a Fast Forward or a Yield in any leg.

Joe & Bill

Joe Baldassare and Bill Bartek, Life Partners from Laguna Niguel, California were nicknamed "Team Guido" in honour of Baldassare's fox terrier. The pair finished in third place on Season 1, for which they received $10,000. Team Guido were portrayed as the villains of the season, and were unpopular with fans of the series and fellow racers. Despite their status as the villains of Season 1, Joe & Bill stated in interviews that they were "a nicer Guido" during the All-Stars race, in an attempt to avoid making themselves the target for other teams.

Baldassare is the owner of a minerals trading company and Bartek works as a realtor. Baldassare graduated from Newburgh Free Academy in 1967.

Joe & Bill were the oldest team on All-Stars, and placed 6th.

John Vito & Jill

John Vito Pietanza & Jill Aquilino came in fifth place on Season 3. They are originally from Staten Island, New York. They met in 1999 after a group of their friends spent many late summer nights hanging out and going to night clubs.

The tragic events of 9/11 when Jill's brother, F.T., who was also John Vito's best friend, was working on the 105th floor of World Trade Center as a Vice President for Cantor Fitzgerald. Jill had applied for the show's first season with her brother, and after her devastating loss she decided to reapply in tribute to his memory.

In the interim between Season 3 and All-Stars, they ended their romance, but remained close friends.

John Vito & Jill placed 11th (last) on The Amazing Race All-Stars.

Kevin & Drew

Kevin O'Connor and Drew Feinberg, Frat Brothers, placed fourth on The Amazing Race 1.

The pair became friends as fraternity brothers during studying for undergraduate degrees at Saint John's University. Feinberg later completed an MBA from University of Notre Dame in 1998. and works as a Senior Court Officer at the Kings County Supreme Courthouse. O'Connor works for Deloitte & Touche as a litigation consultant.

Following their elimination from the Race they participated in interviews on CBS Early Show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Pure Oxygen, and have done over 20 radio and newspaper interviews. They are represented by the William Morris talent agency. They later created their own travel adventure show on the Discovery Channel called Kevin And Drew Unleashed which they describe as being similar to a male version of The Simple Life. The three-part show involves the pair competing over the completion of various "tough jobs".

The pair made a cameo appearance on The Amazing Race: Family Edition in 2006, handing race clues to the teams on the first episode of the show. In 2007 they became the first team to appear on three series of the Amazing Race, when they competed on the Allstars edition of the show.

Kevin & Drew placed 10th on The Amazing Race All-Stars.

Oswald & Danny

Oswald Mendez & Danny Jimenez, Best Friends, placed fourth on The Amazing Race 2. They met in 1994 and they became friends.

They also placed fourth on The Amazing Race All-Stars.

Rob & Amber

See Rob Mariano for more information Rob Mariano & Amber Mariano, Newlyweds, placed second on The Amazing Race 7. They met during the shooting of Survivor: All-Stars, and became engaged during the Survivor All-Stars reunion, prior to their appearance in Season 7. On All-Stars, Rob & Amber placed in first for the first three legs, but were eliminated in the fourth leg, placing 8th.

Teri & Ian

Teri & Ian Pollack, Married Parents, placed second on The Amazing Race 3. They have been married for 25 years with three sons (Teri has 2 and Ian has 3). They met in 1980 when Ian's mom played matchmaker and set them up on a date. As soon as they met, Teri and Ian instantly hit it off and were married a year later.

Ian is a retired police officer and private investigator and Teri is a homemaker. Both have done quite a bit of traveling over the years and have experienced their share of adventure and frustration on the road.

They placed 7th in All-Stars.

Uchenna & Joyce

Uchenna & Joyce Agu, Married, won The Amazing Race 7. They are the only All-Star team to have won a previous season.

They placed 5th in the All-Stars race.

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