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Percy Robert Miller (born April 29, 1970), better known by his stage name Master P or his business name P. Miller, is an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, investor, producer, and former professional Basketball player. He is the founder of the popular label No Limit Records, which went bankrupt and was relaunched as New No Limit Records through Koch Records, followed by Guttar Music Entertainment, and No Limit Forever Records. He is the founder and CEO of P. Miller Enterprises, an entertainment and financial conglomerate and Better Black Television.

Miller gained fame in the late 1990s with the success of his group TRU and his fifth album Ice Cream Man, which contained his first single "Mr. Ice Cream Man". In 1997, after the success of one his biggest singles to date, "Make 'Em Say Uhh!," went 2x platinum, Miller grew further in popularity. Then Miller released his second platinum album Ghetto D. Miller also starred in his own street film, mostly based on his life, I'm Bout It which was very successful.

In 1998, P. Miller released his most successful album to date MP Da Last Don. The album was also based on a film that Miller produced, which came out earlier that year with the same name. The album hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200 charts, selling over 400,000 copies in its first week. The album was certified 4x platinum, with over four million copies sold, making it Miller's best-selling album. In 1999, Miller released his eighth album, Only God Can Judge Me. It was not as successful as his previous album, though it still managed to reach a gold certification. Miller also starred in the movie, I Got the Hook Up, with A.J. Johnson which was a huge success. P. Miller also launched a clothing line called No Limit Gear and launched No Limit Sports. In the early 2000s he formed a popular rap group called 504 Boyz which is No limit's biggest selling group with its huge chart single called Wobble Wobble.

In the 2000s, as No Limit Records' popularity was slowly declining until the debut self-titled album Lil Romeo made No Limit's popularity as well as Silkk The Shocker and C-Murder's albums. P.Miller re-launched No Limit Records as New No Limit Records and released an album. On November 28, 2000, he released his ninth studio album, Ghetto Postage; with found success but not compared to earlier releases, selling 500,000 copies; critics ravaged the album. In 2003, Miller starred in the film Lockdown. In 2004, Miller released his eleventh album, Good Side, Bad Side it charted number 1 on the Independent Billboards and sold 300,000 copies. The same year Miller released his first independent album Living Legend: Certified D-Boy on his new label Guttar Music, and the album only sold 75,000 copies.

In 2011, Miller and Gucci Mane produced and were featured in a new soundtrack entitled "Get Money" which was produced by Drumma Boy.

Early life

Miller was born and raised in New Orleans and graduated from Warren Easton High School in 1987. Having played on the Easton basketball team, Miller then attended the University of Houston on an athletic scholarship but dropped out months into his freshman year and transferred to Merritt College in Oakland, California and studied business at Merritt. After the death of his grandfather, Miller earned $10,000 as part of a malpractice settlement. Miller opened a record store in Richmond, California called No Limit Records.

Music career

Early works

On March 14, 1991 Master P released his debut studio album Get Away Clean which followed by his second album [[Mama's Bad Boy]] in April 1992. Both albums were released through In-A-Minute Records. In 1993 Master P released his first collaboration album with his group TRU entitled Damn. Master P released his third studio album The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me! in March 1994; it was later re-released in 1997 as a limited edition under Priority. That same year Master P collaborated on the No Limit compilation albums West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 1: Anotha Level of the Game andWest Coast Bad Boyz: High fo Xmas. On February 30, 1995 Master P released his fourth studio album 99 Ways to Die. Master P and TRU released their third album True in 1995 and it was the group's first major released after two independent albums and it managed to make it to #25 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #14 on the Top Heatseekers. The album was known for its first single and one of Master P's best known songs "I'm Bout' It, Bout It". He also worked on the compilation album, Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' and Swingin' during that year.

1995"2000: Return to New Orleans and mainstream success

In 1995, Master P moved from Oakland, CA back to New Orleans to relocate No Limit Records with a slew of new artists and in-house producers Beats By the Pound. Master P and TRU released their third album True in 1995 and it was the group's first major released after two independent albums and it managed to make it to #25 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #14 on the Top Heatseekers. The album was known for its first single and one of Master P's best known songs "I'm Bout' It, Bout It". He also worked on the compilation album, Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' and Swingin' during that year. On April 16, 1996 Master P released his fifth album Ice Cream Man. It contained his hit single from the album "Mr. Ice Cream Man", which accelerated Master P's rise to fame. Later in 1996, Master P returned with TRU to work on Tru 2 da Game, which would not be released until February 1997. At that time TRU was reduced to a trio with just Master P alongside his brothers C-Murder and Silkk the Shocker. On September 2, 1997, Master P released his breakthrough album, Ghetto D. The first week sales of the album were the highest of any of Master P's albums, selling over 761,000 copies and went on to go certified triple platinum. It contained the hit single "Make 'Em Say Uhh!", Master P's highest charting single to date. On June 2, 1998, P. Miller released his seventh and best selling album to date MP Da Last Don. Master P released a film of the same name earlier that year. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 charts selling over 400,000 copies in its first week and went on to sell over four million copies. On October 26, 1999 Master P. Miller released his eighth studio album Only God Can Judge Me which contained his single "Step To Dis". The album also went certified gold selling over 500,000 copies. Also In 1999 Master P & TRU released their fifth studio album Da Crime Family. On November 28, 2000, he released his ninth studio album Ghetto Postage which contained his hit singles "Bout Dat" & "Souljas". Also in 2000 Master P and his new group 504 Boyz released their debut album Goodfellas which peaked at #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and contained their hit single "Wobble Wobble".

2001"05:The New No Limit

On December 18, 2001, Master P released his tenth studio album Game Face, the first Master P album released on The New No Limit which had a partnership with Universal Records. In 2002 The 504 Boyz released their second album Ballers which both albums making it high on the Hip-Hop charts but shortly after No Limit slowly declines in popularity and record sales as well as roster changes and lawsuits caused No Limit Records to file for bankruptcy on December 17, 2003. Master P's eleventh album, entitled Good Side, Bad Side, was released on March 23, 2004 and was #1 on the Independent Billboards. Master P & TRU and then they released their last album The Truth in 2005.

2005"07: Guttar Music

In 2005 Master P and his son Romeo Miller formed the independent label Guttar Music. On April 26, 2006, P. Miller released his twelfth studio album Ghetto Bill. It contained the single "I Need Dubs" which sampled LL Cool J's "I Need Love". Then on November 29 of the same year P. Miller released his first independent album Living Legend: Certified D-Boy on Guttar Music. Master P and 504 Boyz also released their last album entitled Hurricane Katrina: We Gon Bounce Back that year and it was dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In 2007, Master P released a collaboration album with Romeo titled Hip Hop History that sold 32,000 copies worldwide.

2010"present: No Limit Forever & current works

On December 6, 2010 it was announced that Master P was going on a new tour with his brother Silkk The Shocker and Romeo entitled No Limit Forever International. On February 8, 2011 Master P was featured on rapper Gucci Mane's track entitled "Brinks". It is his first recorded song in over four years. On 10 August 2012, He performed at Detroit, MI rap duo Insane Clown Posse's 12th Annual "Gathering of the Juggalos" concert. On November 16, 2011 Master P released his first Explicit mixtape & first solo project in over 6 years entitled Ghetto D. On August 2, 2012 it was announced that Master P was working on his thirteenth studio album Boss Of All Bosses. On September 17, 2012 Master P released snippet of an upcoming single entitled "Friends With Benefits" featuring Houston rapper/singer Kirko Bangz. On December 11, 2012, DJ 5150 & DJ Hektik released a tribute mixtape to Master P entitled Uptown Veteran. On January 16, 2013 Master P released his second official mixtape entitled Al Capone as promotion for his Boss Of All Bosses album. Then on February 12, 2013 Master P released his first collaboration mixtape entitled New World Order with his new group Louie V. Mob which includes himself, Atlanta rapper Alley Boy & Washington, DC rapper Fat Trel . On his new track "Brick to a Million" with Fat Trel and Alley Boy, Master P spits a few bars that many interpreted as a diss to Kanye West and Lil Wayne . On the song, he raps, "New niggas wearing dresses, fuck it / I ain't scared to address it / Gangsta niggas on skateboards / I'm at the house breaking motherfucking headboards / Real niggas stand up."

During an interview with Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood, the No Limit honcho cleared up misconceptions about the lyrics, stating that he was not addressing those rappers in particular but was instead talking about a radio station employee who told him he was finished.

"Even that, that ain't a diss. I never made a diss record. Like I said, a lot of people, if you feel salty behind that, then I could say if the shoe fit well, I'm not afraid to address it," he said. "I just feel like in Hip Hop, we've got to stick to whether we're going to be real or we not. Like I said, I'm just addressing what I see. To be honest with you, that particular song wasn't about nobody in Hip Hop but I think people taking it like that. This was one of these guys that worked at the radio station and didn't believe in me and told me it was over for me. He ridin' up on a skateboard and got a little mini-skirt on. This a new dude into the business, and he telling me it's over for me."

P, who was rumored to have issues with Cash Money Records back in the day, said that if the rappers took offense to the song, they might want to rethink their choices. But he insists that he has no beef with either of them.

"If you feel guilty about something, then that's something you need to address about with yourself," he said. "Y'all gotta realize, we really from the streets. If there really was a feud, there would have been a problem. But I got love for Baby and them, Lil Wayne. They come from where I come from. It's always been a competition. Everybody wants to be the best."

Other ventures

Film and television career

Since 1997 Master P has been in numerous feature and straight to DVD films and television shows. His filmography includes Uncle P, Uncle Willy's Family, Soccer Mom, Gone in 60 Seconds, Toxic, Foolish, and I Got the Hook Up. Miller recently teamed up with Romeo to develop a children's cartoon titled 'Gee Gee The Giraffe. The show is true to the duo's mission to produce positive, educational and entertaining content for African-American children. Animation has been employed by the Millers on prior occasions such as their February 2008 cartoon version of their music video for the song "Black History." Miller has also made history as the first hip-hop entrepreneur to own a cable television network, Better Black Television or BBTV, which was meant to promote positive messages and content to the African American culture. The network was launched in 2009. Executives include Denzel Washington, Derek Anderson of the Charlotte Bobcats, DJ Kool Herc and Bo Derek. Miller is starring in a new film with his protege Gucci Mane entitled Get Money which is based on his book of the same name. Master P also starred on Romeo! on the children's network Nickelodeon from 2003 to 2006. He was also a contestant on Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 2) replacing his son Romeo Miller who dropped out due to an injury. He partnered with Ashly DelGrosso and received the lowest total score of 8 for his paso doble, the lowest score in the show's history. He was eliminated on Week 4. Also in 1999 He had a small run in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) where he led a professional wrestling stable called the No Limit Soldiers in a feud with Curt Hennig's West Texas Rednecks.

Business career and ventures

Aside from being a rapper, Master P has established himself as a highly successful entrepreneur and investor. He was one the first rappers to take notice of the retail aspect of the music industry Since making his foray in the entertainment business, Master P has operated several external ventures since the 1990s. He has bought a real estate company, a gas station, a No Limit clothing line, a phone-sex company and a sports management firm that represents several basketball draft picks. As an investor, Master P was one of the first rappers to build a business and financial empire by investing in a wide range of business ventures from a variety of industries. He utilized a strategy by investing his business profits in other business ventures and investments. He has since invested the millions of dollars he made from his No Limit record company into a travel agency, a Foot Locker retail outlet, real estate, film production, toy making, a phone sex company, clothing, telecommunications, book & magazine publishing, car rims, fast food franchises, gas stations, and sports management agency No Limit Communications, a joint venture with marketing guru, Djuan Edgerton, was a surprising success. No Limit Enterprises quickly became a financial powerhouse. According to Black Enterprise magazine No Limit Enterprises grossed $110 million in revenue in 1998 alone. This level of success inspired other Hip Hop artists to branch out into other business ventures and investments. In 2008, he started his own television cable network, Better Black Television.

As founder and CEO of No Limit Entertainment, Miller at one time presided over a business empire that included No Limit Records, Bout It Inc., No Limit Clothing, No Limit Communications, No Limit Films, No Limit Sports Management, P. M. Properties and Advantage Travel. Miller ranked 10th on Forbes magazine's 1998 list of America's 40 highest paid entertainers with an estimated income of $56.5 million. Miller represented former NFL running back Ricky Williams when he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints. Miller also manages the music, film and television career of his son, rap star Romeo Miller, pop star Forrest Lipton and rap star Gucci Mane.

Before Master P, rappers had historically focused more on the artistic and glamourous side of Hip Hop while paying very little attention to the business and financial aspects. All that changed in 1996 when Master P signed a ground breaking music distribution deal with Priority Records, one where No Limit Records would retain 100% ownership of their Master Recordings and keep 85% of their record's sales while giving Priority 15% in return for pressing and distribution. Master P went on to make hundreds of millions of dollars from this deal. Additionally, Master P invented many innovative marketing techniques. According to Wendy Day, CEO of the Rap Coalition, "Master P had a whole marketing movement. He was the first person to market the way a corporate entity like IBM would market to their clientele." Whereas the traditional model for marketing records was to spend millions of dollars on expensive videos and air play, Master P didn't have such a luxury. As an independent artist he had to find a way to build platinum record selling demand on a limited budget. He began selling tapes out the trunk of his car in every city and town in America where there was potential demand for his music. He gave out free samples to people with expensive cars and had them playing his music all throughout their neighborhoods. This street level guerrilla marketing technique set the early foundation to build a larger fanbase for the future. After signing his historic deal with Priority P began a high volume business model cranking out as many records as frequently as possible. He branded all his albums, such that the No Limit brand became more important than the actual artist's name. Master P cross-promoted all his artists and albums inside the album covers. He also used pen and pixel graphics and mafia inspired themes to make his albums stand out. He offered 20 songs per album where as most albums offered 15 or less. He turned his artists into marvel comic book like characters rather than just rappers. He made sure his artists were #1 on soundscan every time they dropped an album to build the perception of popularity. He used cheap inexpensive videos to promote his artists and cross promoted and tied them altogether. Brand image became more important than just music quality. Master P's record labels have sold 75 million records as a result of his innovative marketing strategies.

Pro Basketball Career

Miller had a contract with two different NBA teams: the Charlotte Hornets during the 1998-99 season, and the Toronto Raptors in 1999 pre-season. Despite this, he was never actually on the regular season roster for an NBA team. He also played in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) for the Fort Wayne Fury. In 2004, he played for the ABA's Las Vegas Rattlers. He took part in the 2008 McDonald's NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and scored 17 points .

Personal life

Miller has dedicated his time to communities through P. Miller Youth Centers and his P. Miller Food Foundation for the Homeless. On July 12, 2007, Willie W. Herenton Jr, the mayor of Memphis, Tennessee presented Miller with the key to the city.

Miller's financial status is an American rap mogul with a net worth estimated at $350 million. He has nine children in total including singer and actress Cymphonique Miller and rapper Romeo Miller And upcoming rapper/ Actor Jamel Cook. Rappers Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder are his brothers. He is also the younger cousin of producer, singer & rapper Mo B. Dick.


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Studio albums
  • 1991: Get Away Clean
  • 1992: Mama's Bad Boy
  • 1994: The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!
  • 1995: 99 Ways to Die
  • 1996: Ice Cream Man
  • 1997: Ghetto D
  • 1998: MP Da Last Don
  • 1999: Only God Can Judge Me
  • 2000: Ghetto Postage
  • 2001: Game Face
  • 2004: Good Side, Bad Side
  • 2005: Ghetto Bill
  • 2013: Boss Of All Bosses
Independent albums
  • 2005: Living Legend: Certified D-Boy


Year Title Role Notes
1997 I'm Bout It Perry McKnight Main role
1998 MP Da Last Don Nino Main Role
I Got the Hook Up Black Main Role
1999 Hot Boyz Moe Support role
Foolish Quentin "Fifty Dollah" Waise Main Role
No Tomorrow Maker Main Role
2000 Track Down Brad Support Role
Gone in 60 Seconds Johnnie B. Cameo
Lockdown Clean Up Main Role
2002 Undisputed Gat Boyz Rapper 1 Cameo
2003 Dark Blue Maniac Support Role
Hollywood Homicide Julius Armas Support Role
2004 Scary Movie 3 Himself Cameo
Uncle P Uncle P Main Role
2005 Still Bout It Perry McKnight Main Role
2006 Repos Tee Main role
2007 Toxic Angel Supporting Role
2008 Internet Dating Trey Support role
2009 The Pussy People Support role
2011 Knock Knock Killer Pimp P Support role
2013 Get Money Monstahh Main role
Repos 2 Tee Main Role

Year Title Role Notes
2001 "Dark Angel Duvailer 1 Episode, Season 1 Episode 10 Art Attack
2001 Oz Curtis Bennett 1 Episode, Season 4 Episode 14 Orpheus Descending
2003"2006 Romeo! Percy Miller Main Role/Starring as Percy.
2004 CSI: NY Kevin Vick 1 Episode, Season 1 Episode 4 "Grand Master"
2006 Dancing With the Stars: Season 2 Contestant Competed after his son Romeo was unable to compete due to an injury
2009 No Excuses As himself 1 Episode

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