Victoria Paul

Victoria Paul Biography

Victoria Paul is a 27-year-old nurse from Alexandria, LA

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While Victoria grew up in a small town, there was nothing simple about her upbringing.

Victoria lost her father at a young age, and both her mother and sister struggled with drug addiction.

Victoria grew up fast and, as of three years ago, her mother and sister are now both sober and have a stronger family bond than ever before.

Victoria is on The Bachelor because she has never given herself a fair shot at finding love.

She has been in one serious relationship that lasted for two years, but his infidelity led to them breaking up after she stumbled upon a video on her ex's phone which proved he had been cheating on her.

Victoria is a natural care giver but is ready to find someone who can care for her as much as she will for him.

This former Miss Louisiana pageant girl has been forced to grow up fast and learn the importance of finding a supportive life partner.

She wants someone who will be a wonderful father to their kids and will be the rock she never had.

She gives the best hugs and is excited to wrap her arms around Peter as soon as she meets him!

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