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Tool Academy 3 is the third (and to date last) installment to Tool Academy. This season was notable for including the series' first female tools (Jennavecia and Courtney), first same-sex couple (Courtney and Cheron), and first married couple (Kevin and Jermika). The show premiered on February 14, 2010. There were 10 contestants.

Lessons of the Week

  1. {{colorbox}} Communication
  2. {{colorbox}} Fidelity
  3. {{colorbox}} Modesty
  4. {{colorbox}} Appreciation
  5. {{colorbox}} Maturity
  6. {{colorbox}} Trust
  7. {{colorbox}} Family Values
  8. {{colorbox}} Commitment


Contestant Partner Status
Name Gender Tool Name Name Gender
Jacob Tapia (JT Extreme)MaleNeander-Tool ChristieFemaleWinner in final episode
Angelo GiannakoMaleRipped/Teary ToolDayna MugnoFemaleRunner Up in final episode
Jennavecia RussoFemaleToolette KyleMaleEliminated in episode 7
Kevin CraftMaleDouble-Talkin' Tool JermikaFemaleEliminated in episode 6
Jordan AlexanderMaleBoyband Tool Rachel OstreichFemaleEliminated in episode 5
TommyMaleLoony Tool KateFemaleQuit in episode 5
Courtney BarcellosFemaleLady Lovin' Tool Cheron RiceFemaleEliminated in episode 4
DanielMaleGlow Stick Tool LesleyFemaleEliminated in episode 3
Shawn GobleMaleSurfin' Tool Emily RenoFemaleEliminated in episode 2
Chasyn RanceMaleWrestlin' Tool AmandaFemaleQuit in Episode 1

Episode Progress

10 Chasyn QUIT
{{colorbox}} The contestant won Tool Academy.
{{colorbox}} The contestant won a challenge and won a date with their partner.
{{colorbox}} The contestant won a challenge, won a date with their partner, and was first to receive a badge.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was the first to receive a badge.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was safe from being eliminated.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was at risk of being eliminated.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was eliminated and their partner decided to stay with them.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was eliminated and their partner decided to leave them.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was eliminated and decided to leave their partner.
{{colorbox}} The contestant quit the show, and left their partner.
{{colorbox}} The contestant and his partner chose to split up and leave outside of elimination.


Episode 1

First aired February 14, 2010

  • Lesson of the Week: Communication
  • Challenge: Dog House
  • Challenge Reward: Romantic Dinner
  • Challenge Winner: Jennavecia, Kyle
  • Bottom: None
  • Eliminated: None
  • Quit: Chasyn
  • Episode Notes: Chasyn became the first tool to drop out of the Tool Academy because he thought he was better than the program. In return, all the remaining Tools made it through to the next round. Also Angelo was at first the "Ripped Tool", but during theraphy he became the "Teary Tool".

Episode 2

First aired February 21, 2010

  • Lesson of the Week: Fidelity
  • Challenge: Create A Song And Perform "Tool-e-Oke"
  • Challenge Reward: Romantic Date
  • Challenge Winner: Kevin, Jermika
  • Bottom: Angelo, Shawn, Jennavecia
  • Eliminated: Shawn (Emily decided to stay with Shawn)

Episode 3

First aired February 28, 2010

  • Lesson of the Week: Modesty
  • Challenge: None
  • Bottom: Daniel, Jacob, Jordan
  • Eliminated: Daniel (Daniel decided to leave Lesley)

Episode 4

First aired March 14, 2010

  • Lesson of the Week: Appreciation
  • Challenge: Create A Dinner Party
  • Challenge Reward: Conjugal Visit Room
  • Challenge Winner: Angelo, Dayna
  • Bottom: Kevin, Courtney
  • Eliminated: Courtney (Cheron decided to leave Courtney)

Episode 5

First aired March 14, 2010

  • Lesson of the Week: Maturity
  • Challenge: Pay Bills
  • Challenge Reward: Romantic Date, $1,624.25
  • Challenge Winner: Angelo, Dayna
  • Quit: Tommy (Tommy and Kate decided to breakup and quit) Tommy was sleeping with someone else when he was with kate
  • Bottom: Jacob, Jordan
  • Eliminated: Jordan (Rachel decided to stay with Jordan)

Episode 6

First aired March 21, 2010

  • Lesson of the Week: Trust
  • Challenge: Human Lie Detector Test
  • Helping Their Partners By: Setting Up a Romantic Date
  • Bottom: Jacob, Kevin
  • Eliminated: Kevin (Jermika decided to stay with Kevin)

Episode 7

First aired March 28, 2010

  • Lesson of the Week: Family Values
  • Special Guests: The Couple's Parents
  • Challenge: To Take Care of Fake Babies
  • Bottom 2: Angelo, Jennavecia
  • Eliminated: Jennavecia (Kyle decided to stay with Jennavecia)
Jennavecia hit Angelo and Dayna.

Episode 8

First aired April 4, 2010

  • Lesson of the Week: Commitment
  • Runner Up: Angelo (Dayna decided to stay with Angelo)
  • Winner: Jacob


Jacob was the graduate and winner of Tool Academy 3. Angelo, in his exit interview, felt the decision was wrong and that he wanted to graduate. He correlated the experience as "..the one student who sits there and studies the whole time, and does everything they are supposed to do, and then you have student at the end who just tries to cram everything in the night before, and cheats a little bit."

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