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Tia & Tamera is an American reality television series on the Style Network. The series debuted it's eight episode first season on August 8, 2011. On September 15, 2011, Style Network renewed the show for a second season, which later premiered on June 11, 2012.


The series goes inside the lives of celebrity identical twins Tia and Tamera Mowry as they learn how to balance their successful acting careers with major life transformations of marriage and motherhood.


Tia & Tamera aired as a half-hour special on Style Network on July 17, 2010. On February 3, 2011, Tia Mowry announced via her Twitter account that the network picked up the show for a full season. It was confirmed from a Style press release that the show will premiere on August 8, 2011, at 9/8c.

Main Cast

Tia Mowry-Hardrict

With her twin sister, Tamera by her side, Tia became a teen TV star thanks to her work on the wildly popular comedy series Sister, Sister. She continued to act and produce while pursuing a psychology degree at Pepperdine University starred in the hit series The Game. Other credits include Girlfriends and Double Wedding, which reunited her onscreen with Tamera. Tia and her husband, actor Cory Hardrict, welcomed their first child, a son named Cree Taylor Hardrict on June 28, 2011.

Tamera Mowry-Housley

With her twin sister, Tia, by her side, Tamera became a teen TV star thanks to her work on the wildly popular comedy series Sister, Sister. She continued to act and produce while pursuing a psychology degree at Pepperdine University. Other credits include Double Wedding (an onscreen reunion with Tia), Roommates and Strong Medicine. Tamera married Fox News correspondent Adam Housley in May 2011. The couple confirmed that they were expecting their first child in April 2012. Tamera gave birth to a son named Aden John Tanner Housley on November 12, 2012.

Supporting Cast

  • Cory Hardrict (Tia's husband)
  • Cree Hardrict (Tia and Cory's son)
  • Adam Housley (Tamera's husband)
  • Jerome (Tia and Tamera's cousin); Season 2
  • Andrea (Tamera's best friend); Season 1-present
  • Keisha (Tia and Tamera's cousin); Season 2
  • Jackée Harry (Tia and Tamera's former co-star on "Sister, Sister")
  • Wendy Raquel Robinson (Tia's former co-star on "The Game")
  • Hosea Chanchez (Tia's former co-star on "The Game"); Season 1

Series overview

Season Episodes Timeslot Original airing Viewers
(in millions)
Season premiere Season finale
1 8 Monday 8/7c
August 8, 2011
October 3, 2011
0.71 0.4
2 22 Monday 9/8c June 11, 2012 January 15, 2013


Season 1: 2011

Series # Episode # Title Original air date U.S. viewers
Aux4 =0.75 ShortSummary = Tamera is getting ready to marry the man of her dreams, and her twin sister Tia is pregnant with her first child. The sisters are struggling to find time for one another amongst all the chaos, and Tamera doesn't think Tia is fulfilling her duties as her Maid of Honor. Tamera wants to give her best friend Andrea the official title, but Tia won't relinquish her spot without a fight. Plus, Tia's morning sickness lands her in the hospital. Will her trip to the emergency room make her miss her sister's bridal shower? LineColor = C1C1FF }}

Aux4 = 0.92 ShortSummary = As Tamera prepares for her bachelorette weekend in Santa Barbara, her excitement turns to disappointment when Tia tells her she is too pregnant to party and may miss out on the festivities. Then, a follow-up meeting with celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss stresses out Tamera because she's thousands of dollars over her original budget! Will she scale back on her extravagant plans? Meanwhile, Tia has a tough time deciding on a birthing plan and whether or not she will give birth at home or in a hospital. LineColor = C1C1FF }}

Aux4 =0.80 ShortSummary = With just a few days to go before her Napa destination wedding, Tamera stills has lots to do and she's feeling overwhelmed. Instead of focusing on helping her sister, Tia has plans to use Tamera's wedding weekend as a romantic babymoon getaway for her and Cory. When the drive takes much longer than planned, she isn't able to make time for her and Cory--or her sister! Meanwhile, Tamera fears her dream wedding will turn into a wet disaster when the forecast calls for heavy rain on her big day. LineColor = C1C1FF }}

Aux4 = 0.72 ShortSummary = Newlywed Tamera returns from her honeymoon and has her mind set on becoming the perfect wife, so she takes a cooking class and attempts to do her hubby Adam's laundry. Things don't go exactly as planned, and she starts to question her domestic skills. Meanwhile, the sisters finally vent their frustrations to each other regarding the wedding weekend, but Tamera is left in tears when emotions boil over. Also, Tia tries everything to get her baby to turn the right way for delivery, as it's in the breech position. LineColor = C1C1FF }}

Aux4 = 0.56 ShortSummary = Now that they're married, Adam finally moves into Tamera's house, but Tamera has a hard time learning how to share her space with her new husband. She turns to her friends and therapist for advice, and eventually enlists the help of an interior designer to help merge her and her hubby's different decorating styles. Meanwhile, Tia's baby remains in the breech position, and she must decide whether or not to try a risky treatment to turn her baby around. Plus, Tia gets emotional at her baby shower and continues to become more self-conscious about her weight. LineColor = C1C1FF }}

Aux4 = 0.85 ShortSummary = With two weeks to go before her scheduled C-section, Tia's doctor puts her on bed rest, forcing her to wait out her remaining days in her home. Unable to do much, Tia is overwhelmed by all the things she still needs to do and hires a high-profile designer to decorate her baby's nursery. Meanwhile, Tamera prepares herself to re-enter the acting game after taking six months off to plan her wedding and enjoy life as a newlywed, but first she must tackle her anxiety about venturing out of her comfort zone of comedy by attempting darker and more dramatic roles. LineColor = C1C1FF }}

Aux4 = 0.66 ShortSummary = Tamera gets a call from her manager asking her to co-host Access Hollywood. After mulling over the idea, Tia convinces Tamera to take the gig--but when she finds out the show is taped live, her nerves really kick in. Meanwhile, Tia is under doctor's orders to remain on bed rest until her scheduled C-section--but she stresses out over a laundry list of things to take care of before the baby's arrival. When Tamera offers to help her out, it's both a blessing and a curse. Plus, Tamera gets inspired to do something nice for the armed forces, and Tia and Cory struggle to find a pediatrician who shares their same beliefs on infant vaccinations. LineColor = C1C1FF }}

Aux4 = 0.77 ShortSummary = Tia finally gives birth to her son Cree and adjusts to life as a new mom. She quickly becomes overwhelmed when she only has weeks to move her family to Atlanta where she will begin shooting a new season of The Game, find a new house and shed her baby weight in order to be camera-ready! Meanwhile, Tamera starts thinking about starting a family of her own, but wonders if she may be jumping into it too fast. LineColor = C1C1FF }}

Season 2: 2012/13

Series # Episode # Title Original air date U.S. viewers
Aux4 = 1.4 ShortSummary = The second season begins with Tia struggling to be a full-time mom and Tamera trying to split her time between her Napa home and Los Angeles without hindering her career. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 1.1 ShortSummary = The girls travel to New York City, where Tamera struggles to present a more grown-up image of herself to fashion-magazine editors. Meanwhile, Tia sets out to prove to her sister that moms know how to have fun. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.87 ShortSummary = Tamera struggles to find balance between her life in Los Angeles and her new home in Napa; Tia's "to do" list overwhelms her before she leaves to make a movie. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.75 ShortSummary = Tia's work schedule causes her to miss an important motherhood moment; Tamera burns the candle at both ends as she decorates her Napa home and auditions for TV pilots. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.91 ShortSummary = Tamera and Jerome visit Tia in Utah and give her the family support she needs while she's making a movie and trying to be a good mom for Cree. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.94 ShortSummary = Tia worries about a potentially dangerous mole; Tamera contemplates expanding her family and babysits Cree LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.86 ShortSummary = Tia teaches Cree baby sign language, and Tamera prepares to deliver a speech to high-school students. Meanwhile, the sisters seek professional help to better communicate with each other. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.89 ShortSummary = Tamera considers moving, and Tia struggles with her body image. Later, the twins mentor young performers during a fashion fund-raiser. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.72 ShortSummary = Tamera prepares for a housewarming party; Tia deals with separation anxiety when she leaves Cree for the first time. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 1.6 ShortSummary = Tamera treks to South Africa, where she faces wild animals via a safari and dives with great white sharks. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.98 ShortSummary = An exciting discovery comes Tamera's way, but she must keep the big news a secret. Meanwhile, Tia anticipates her first Mother's Day, but preparations for her inaugural book tour cause complications. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 1.2 ShortSummary = Tia faces a big decision about her role on "The Game"; Tamera struggles with being a working mom when she begins shooting a TV movie. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.88 ShortSummary = Tia plans a birthday party for Cree; Tamera tries to determine if her dog is sick when it starts acting strange. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.90 ShortSummary = Tia and Tamera visit the Bahamas to learn more about their ancestry LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.81 ShortSummary = Tamera opens a shop to benefit a local charity. Meanwhile, Tia struggles with posing for a bikini photo shoot and tries to find a solution to Cree's restless sleeping patterns. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.76 ShortSummary = Tia plants a garden and receives an unexpected job offer; Tamera hires a doula as she plans for a natural childbirth. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.72 ShortSummary = Tia plans a baby shower for Tamera; Tamera brews a lactation tea. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.82 ShortSummary = Tamera gets involved with Jerome's recording session and builds a baby nursery. Meanwhile, Tia makes a yoga video. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.93 ShortSummary = Tia and Tamera comment on moments from the series. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.96 ShortSummary = Tia and Tamera work on a lactation drink. Also: Tamera worries about postpartum depression and debates whether or not to post pregnancy pictures of herself on the Internet. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 0.94 ShortSummary = Tia takes a provocative dancing class to keep the fire alive in her marriage; Tamera plans a final night out with the girls before the baby is born. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}

Aux4 = 1.21 ShortSummary = Tamera prepares for her baby's arrival, but fails to involve her sister in last-minute preparations; Tia gets bad news about her television project. LineColor = 89CFF0 }}


The premiere was the most-watched series premiere ever for Style Network and the second most watched Style telecast ever in key demos. The episode averaged 1.5 million viewers for its combined two airings. The second episode climbed to new highs with 0.92 million viewers and a 0.5 rating in adults 18-49 demo. The third episode drew in 0.808 million viewers at 9 PM and a further 0.484 million viewers watched the encore repeat at 10 PM bringing a total viewers of 1.29 million viewers.

International airings

The show premiered on Style Network in United Kingdom on September 7, 2011.

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