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The second season of the American reality talent show The Voice premiered on NBC on February 5, 2012 in the 10 p.m. ET slot immediately following coverage of Super Bowl XLVI. The first promo aired on NBC on Saturday, October 8, 2011 during an episode of Saturday Night Live.

The program seeks solo artists and duos that perform various types of music: pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, alternative, Latin, country, blues and indie. Auditions were held July 15 to August 31, 2011 in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, and Orlando.

All four coaches return for their second season. The season expanded from the first season: each coach has twelve artists on their team, rather than eight as in the first season. The blind auditions and the battle rounds have also been extended. Executive producer Mark Burnett said that a results show would be on Tuesday nights in the spring. Jermaine Paul, mentored by coach Blake Shelton, was declared winner of the season.



Auditions took place in the following cities:

Location Date Venue
Chicago July 15 & 16, 2011 Navy Pier
East Rutherford, New Jersey July 22 & 23, 2011 Izod Center
Nashville, Tennessee July 29 & 30, 2011 Nashville Municipal Auditorium
Atlanta, Georgia August 5, 2011 Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart
Orlando, Florida August 11, 2011 Loews Royal Pacific Resort
Houston, Texas August 17, 2011 Reliant Center
South San Francisco, California August 23, 2011 South San Francisco Conference Center
Inglewood, California August 30 & 31, 2011 The Forum

Coaches and hosts

All four of the original coaches returned for this season. Carson Daly, the host of the show, also returned. Alison Haislip was replaced by singer and actress Christina Milian as the show's social media correspondent, increasing the show's involvement with its fans and offering behind the scenes information and news that would only be given by her. Celebrity guest mentors also worked with coaches during the battle rounds.


Color key

  • Runner-up
  • Third place

Fourth place
  • Eliminated in the live shows
  • Eliminated in the battle rounds

Coaches Top 48 Artists
Adam Levine
Tony Lucca Katrina Parker Mathai Pip Karla Davis Kim Yarbrough
Nicolle Galyon Orlando Napier Nathan Parrett Angel Taylor Whitney Myer Chris Cauley
CeeLo Green
Juliet Simms Jamar Rogers Cheesa James Massone Erin Martin Tony Vincent
Justin Hopkins WADE The Shields Brothers Sarah Golden Jamie Lono Angie Johnson
Christina Aguilera
Chris Mann Lindsey Pavao Ashley De La Rosa Jesse Campbell Sera Hill Moses Stone
The Line Jonathas Geoff McBride Lee Koch Monique Benabou Anthony Evans
Blake Shelton
Jermaine Paul Erin Willett RaeLynn Jordis Unga Naia Kete Charlotte Sometimes
Jordan Rager ALyX Gwen Sebastian Lex Land Brian Fuente Adley Stump

Blind auditions

Color key
 '  Coach hit his/her "I WANT YOU" button
     Artist defaulted to this coach's team
     Artist elected to join this coach's team
     Artist eliminated with no coach pressing his or her "I WANT YOU" button

Episode 1 (February 5)

The second season premiere aired on Sunday, February 5, 2012, immediately following Super Bowl XLVI.

Order Artist Age Hometown Song Coach's and artist's choices
Adam CeeLo Christina Blake
1 RaeLynn 17 Baytown, Texas "Hell on Heels" ' "? "? '
2 Jesse Campbell 42 Maywood, Illinois "A Song for You" ' ' ' '
3 Daniel Rosa 21 Riverside, California "Animal" "? "? "? "?
4 Juliet Simms 25 Clearwater, Florida "Oh! Darling" ' ' ' "?
5 Chris Mann 29 Wichita, Kansas "Because We Believe" "? ' ' "?
6 Gnl Aksoy 30 New York City, New York "Tainted Love" "? "? "? "?
7 Ben Baxter N/A N/A "I'll Be" "? "? "? "?
8 Mark Trussell 23 Nashville, Tennessee "Baby" "? "? "? "?
9 Tony Lucca 35 Waterford, Michigan "Trouble" ' ' ' '

Episode 2 (February 6)

The second two-hour episode was broadcast on Monday, February 6, 2012. The coaches performed a medley of Prince songs at the start of the show. The songs included were "1999", "Little Red Corvette", "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and "Kiss" which were sung mainly by Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton respectively.

Order Artist Age Hometown Song Coach's and artist's choices
Adam Cee Lo Christina Blake
1 The Line (Hailey Steele and Leland Grant) N/A Nashville, Tennessee "American Girl" ' ' ' '
2 Jamar Rogers 29 New York City, New York "Seven Nation Army" "? ' "? "?
3 Neal Middleton 33 Salt Lake City, Utah "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" "? "? "? "?
4 TJ Gibson N/A Centerville, Ohio "Calling All Angels" "? "? "? "?
5 Aly Jados N/A N/A "Because the Night" "? "? "? "?
6 Sam James 25 Worcester, Massachusetts "I Don't Want to Be" "? "? "? "?
7 Gwen Sebastian 37 Hebron, North Dakota "Stay" ' ' "? '
8 Pamela Rose 28 Cooper City, Florida "Already Gone" "? "? "? "?
9 Kim Yarbrough 50 Los Angeles, California "Tell Me Something Good" ' "? ' "?
10 Angie Johnson 31 St. Louis, Missouri "Heartbreaker" "? ' "? "?
11 Dez Duron 21 Shreveport, Louisiana "I Want It That Way" "? "? "? "?
12 Lindsey Pavao 22 Sacramento, California "Say Aah" "? ' ' '
13 Hoja Lopez 25 Houston, Texas "Teenage Dream" "? "? "? "?
14 Jermaine Paul 33 Orange County, New York "Complicated" "? ' "? '
15 Angel Taylor 23 Los Angeles, California "Someone Like You" ' ' "? '

Episode 3 (February 13)

The two-hour episode was broadcast on February 13, 2012.

Order Artist Age Hometown Song Coach's and artist's choices
Adam Cee Lo Christina Blake
1 Sarah Golden 27 Houston, Texas "You and I" "? ' "? '
2 Elley Duhe 19 Vancleave, Mississippi "Mercy" "? "? "? "?
3 Pip 19 Marietta, Georgia "The House of the Rising Sun" ' ' ' '
4 Erin Willett 22 Gaithersburg, Maryland "I Want You Back" "? "? "? '
5 David Grace 28 Santa Fe, Texas "Sweet Home Alabama" "? "? "? "?
6 Katrina Parker 34 Los Angeles, California "One of Us" ' "? "? "?
7 Geoff McBride 51 Santa Rosa Beach, Florida "Higher Ground" "? ' ' "?
8 Erin Martin 27 Chicago, Illinois "Hey There Delilah" "? ' "? '
9 James Massone 23 Wakefield, Massachusetts "Find Your Love" "? ' ' '
10 Winter Rae 26 Los Angeles, California "Take a Bow" "? "? "? "?
11 Chris Cauley 27 Atlanta, Georgia "Grenade" ' ' "? "?
12 Nathan Parrett 24 Los Angeles, California "The Joker" ' "? "? "?
13 Brian Fuente 24 Nashville, Tennessee "Paris (Ooh La La)" "? "? "? '
14 Moses Stone 26 Maryland "Let's Get It Started" "? "? ' "?
15 Jordis Unga 29 Los Angeles, California "Maybe I'm Amazed" "? ' ' '

Episode 4 (February 20)

The two-hour episode was broadcast on February 20, 2012.

Order Artist Age Hometown Song Coach's and artist's choices
Adam Cee Lo Christina Blake
1 Ducky 26 Carlisle, Pennsylvania "Tighten Up" "? "? "? "?
2 Jonathas 24 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil "U Got It Bad" "? ' ' "?
3 Monique Benabou 23 Alameda, California "Mr. Know It All" "? "? ' "?
4 Naia Kete 21 Santa Monica, California "The Lazy Song" "? ' "? '
5 Erick Macek 31 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania "Free Fallin'" "? "? "? "?
6 Charlotte Sometimes 23 Wall, New Jersey "Apologize" ' ' ' '
7 Tony Vincent 38 New York City, New York "We Are the Champions" "? ' "? "?
8 Anthony Evans 33 Dallas, Texas "What's Going On" "? "? ' "?
9 Jamie Lono 22 Chicago, Illinois "Folsom Prison Blues" ' ' "? "?
10 Dylan Chambers 19 Arlington, Texas "Valerie" "? "? "? "?
11 Nathan Anderson N/A Collierville, Tennessee "Walking in Memphis" "? "? "? "?
12 Luna Searles N/A N/A "Come to My Window" "? "? "? "?
13 Adam Lasher N/A Los Angeles, California "How You Remind Me" "? "? "? "?
14 Justin Hopkins 30 Tigard, Oregon "Babylon" "? ' "? "?
15 Nicolle Galyon 27 Sterling, Kansas "You Save Me" ' "? "? "?
16 Ashley De La Rosa 17 Orlando, Florida "Shark in the Water" "? "? ' "?
17 Jordan Rager 17 Loganville, Georgia "Chicken Fried" "? "? "? '
18 ALyX 19 Dallas, Texas "Just Like a Pill" "? "? "? '
19 Karla Davis 25 Monroe, North Carolina "If I Die Young" ' "? "? "?
20 Eric Tipton 31 Sanger, Texas "You Make My Dreams" "? "? "? "?
21 Mathai 18 Dallas, Texas "Rumour Has It" ' ' "? '

Episode 5 (February 27)

The two-hour episode was broadcast on February 27, 2012.

Order Artist Age Hometown Song Coach's and artist's choices
Adam Cee Lo Christina Blake
1 Whitney Myer 25 Reno, Nevada "No One" ' ' ' '
2 David Dunn 27 Midland, Texas "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" "? "? "? "?
3 The Shields Brothers (Tristen & Rory) N/A Rixeyville, Virginia "Dancing with Myself" "? ' "? "?
4 Cheesa 21 Honolulu, Hawaii "If I Were a Boy" "? ' "? "?
5 Preston Shannon 64 Memphis, Tennessee "In the Midnight Hour" "? "? "? "?
6 Lex Land 24 Austin, Texas "I Can't Make You Love Me" ' ' "? '
7 Cameron Novack 28 St. Louis, Missouri "You Oughta Know" "? "? "? "?
8 Orlando Napier 25 Los Angeles, California "Waiting on the World to Change" ' "? "? "?
9 Lee Koch 27 Temecula, California "Like a Rolling Stone" rowspan= 7 "? ' "?
10 WADE 19 Harvest, Alabama "Rehab" ' "? "?
11 Adley Stump 21 Tulsa, Oklahoma "Last Name" rowspan= 5 ' '
12 Beta N/A N/A "You Make Me Feel..." "? rowspan= 4
13 Aaron Gordon N/A Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada "So Sick" "?
14 Lana Lowe N/A Beaumont, Texas "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" "?
15 Sera Hill 24 Atlanta, Georgia "I'm Goin' Down" '

The Battles

The first two-hour episode was broadcast on March 5, 2012.

After the Blind Auditions, each coach had 12 artists for the Battle Rounds, which aired from March 5 to March 26. Coaches began narrowing down the playing field by training the artists with the help of advisors. Each episode featured battles consisting of pairings from within each team, and each battle concluded with the respective coach eliminating one of the two artists; the six winners for each coach advanced to the live shows.

Color key
       Artist won the Battle and advances to the Live shows
       Artist lost the Battle and was eliminated
Episode & Date Coach Order Winner Song Loser
Episode 6
Adam Levine 1 Tony Lucca "Beautiful Day" Chris Cauley
Blake Shelton 2 RaeLynn "Free Fallin'" Adley Stump
Christina Aguilera 3 Chris Mann "The Power of Love" Monique Benabou
Cee Lo Green 4 Cheesa "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Angie Johnson
Blake Shelton 5 Jordis Unga "Ironic" Brian Fuente
Christina Aguilera 6 Jesse Campbell "If I Ain't Got You" Anthony Evans
Episode 7
Christina Aguilera 1 Sera Hill "Chain of Fools" Geoff McBride
Blake Shelton 2 Charlotte Sometimes "Pumped Up Kicks" Lex Land
Cee Lo Green 3 Juliet Simms "Stay with Me" Sarah Golden
Adam Levine 4 Kim Yarbrough "No More Drama" Whitney Myer
Christina Aguilera 5 Lindsey Pavao "Heart-Shaped Box" Lee Koch
Cee Lo Green 6 Jamar Rogers "I Want to Know What Love Is" Jamie Lono
Episode 8
Adam Levine 1 Pip "You Know I'm No Good" Nathan Parrett
Cee Lo Green 2 Erin Martin "What's Love Got to Do with It" The Shields Brothers
Christina Aguilera 3 Ashley De La Rosa "No Air" Jonathas
Blake Shelton 4 Jermaine Paul "Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car" ALyX
Adam Levine 5 Katrina Parker "Bleeding Love" Angel Taylor
Blake Shelton 6 Erin Willett "We Belong" Gwen Sebastian
Episode 9
Cee Lo Green 1 James Massone "True Colors" WADE
Adam Levine 2 Mathai "Love Song" Nicolle Galyon
Christina Aguilera 3 Moses Stone "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" The Line
Adam Levine 4 Karla Davis "Easy" Orlando Napier
Blake Shelton 5 Naia Kete "I'm Yours" Jordan Rager
Cee Lo Green 6 Tony Vincent "Faithfully" Justin Hopkins
The advisors for these episodes are: Alanis Morissette and Robin Thicke working with Adam Levine; Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert working with Blake Shelton; Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and Ne-Yo working with Cee Lo Green; and Jewel and Lionel Richie working with Christina Aguilera.

Coach Adviser Artists
Adam Levine Chris Cauley Whitney Myer Pip Katrina Parker Mathai Karla Davis
Robin Thicke Tony Lucca Kim Yarbrough Nathan Parrett Angel Taylor Nicolle Galyon Orlando Napier
Blake Shelton Kelly Clarkson Adley Stump Brian Fuente Charlotte Sometimes Jermaine Paul Erin Willett Naia Kete
RaeLynn Jordis Unga Lex Land ALyX Gwen Sebastian Jordan Rager
Cee Lo Green Babyface Cheesa Sarah Golden Jamie Lono The Shields Brothers WADE Tony Vincent
Ne-Yo Angie Johnson Juliet Simms Jamar Rogers Erin Martin James Massone Justin Hopkins
Christina Aguilera Jewel Monique Benabou Anthony Evans Sera Hill Lee Koch Ashley De La Rosa THE LiNE
Lionel Richie Chris Mann Jesse Campbell Geoff McBride Lindsey Pavao Jonathas Moses Stone

Live shows

Week 1 (April 1 & 2)

The live performance show aired on Monday, April 2, 2012. The elimination show aired Tuesday, April 3, 2012. Is with Teams Christina and Blake.

  • Guest performance by Gym Class Heroes featuring Neon Hitch ("Ass Back Home") with Team Adam
Color key
       Artist was saved by the public's vote
       Artist was part of the bottom two or three in his/her team
       Artist was saved by his/her coach
       Artist was eliminated immediately by his/her coach
       Artist was eliminated
Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Blake Shelton Jermaine Paul "Livin' on a Prayer" Public's vote
2 Christina Aguilera Chris Mann "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Public's vote
3 Blake Shelton RaeLynn "Wake Up Call" Public's vote
4 Christina Aguilera Moses Stone "Stronger" Bottom three
5 Blake Shelton Naia Kete "Turning Tables" Bottom three
6 Christina Aguilera Lindsey Pavao Public's vote
7 Blake Shelton Jordis Unga "Alone" Bottom three
8 Christina Aguilera Sera Hill "Find Your Love" Bottom three
9 Blake Shelton Erin Willett "Living for the City" Public's vote
10 Christina Aguilera Ashley De La Rosa "Right Through You" Bottom three
11 Blake Shelton Charlotte Sometimes "Misery Business" Bottom three
12 Christina Aguilera Jesse Campbell "What a Wonderful World" Public's vote
Last Chance Performances
1 Blake Shelton Naia Kete "If I Were a Boy" Eliminated
2 "Iris" Eliminated
3 Jordis Unga "Wild Horses" Blake's choice
4 Christina Aguilera Ashley De La Rosa "Paris (Ooh La La)"
5 Sera Hill "Vision of Love" Eliminated
6 Moses Stone "Breakeven" Eliminated

Week 2 (April 9 & 10)

The live performance show aired on Monday, April 9, 2012. The elimination show aired on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Is with Teams Adam and Cee Lo.

  • Guest performance: Jessie J ("Domino") with Team Christina
Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Adam Levine Katrina Parker "Tonight, Tonight" Bottom three
2 Cee Lo Green Cheesa "Don't Leave Me This Way" Bottom three
3 Adam Levine Tony Lucca "In Your Eyes" Public's vote
4 Kim Yarbrough "Rolling in the Deep" Bottom three
5 Cee Lo Green James Massone "Don't Know Why" Public's vote
6 Juliet Simms "Roxanne" Public's vote
7 Adam Levine Mathai "Ordinary People" Public's vote
8 Cee Lo Green Tony Vincent "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" Bottom three
9 Adam Levine Karla Davis "Airplanes" Bottom three
10 Cee Lo Green Erin Martin "Walk Like an Egyptian" Bottom three
11 Adam Levine Pip "When You Were Young" Public's vote
12 Cee Lo Green Jamar Rogers "Are You Gonna Go My Way" Public's vote
Last Chance Performances
1 Adam Levine Kim Yarbrough "Spotlight" Eliminated
2 Karla Davis "I Can't Make You Love Me" Eliminated
3 Katrina Parker "Don't Speak" Adam's choice
4 Cee Lo Green Tony Vincent "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" Eliminated
5 Cheesa "All By Myself" Cee Lo's choice
6 Erin Martin "Your Song" Eliminated

Quarterfinals, 1: Week 3 (April 16 & 17)

The live performance show aired on Monday, April 16, 2012. The elimination show aired Tuesday, April 17, 2012. For the first time, each coach must make an Instant Elimination, meaning that at the end of the show both coaches must eliminate an artist from their teams. Is with Teams Blake and Christina.

  • Guest performance: The Wanted - "Chasing the Sun" with Team Blake
Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Blake Shelton RaeLynn "She's Country" Middle two
2 Christina Aguilera Jesse Campbell "Halo" Eliminated
3 Blake Shelton Jordis Unga "A Little Bit Stronger" Eliminated
4 Christina Aguilera Ashley De La Rosa "Foolish Games" Middle two
5 Blake Shelton Erin Willett "Set Fire to the Rain" Middle two
6 Christina Aguilera Lindsey Pavao "Part of Me" Middle two
7 Blake Shelton Jermaine Paul "Against All Odds" Public's vote
8 Christina Aguilera Chris Mann "Viva la Vida" Public's vote
Last Chance Performances
1 Christina Aguilera Ashley De La Rosa "You and I" Eliminated
2 Lindsey Pavao "Please Don't Go" Christina's choice
3 Blake Shelton Erin Willett "Proud Mary" Blake's choice
4 RaeLynn "If I Die Young" Eliminated
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
1 Christina Aguilera, her 4 finalists, and the Crenshaw High School choir "Fighter"
2 Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa "Payphone"
3 Blake Shelton and his 4 finalists "Heartache Tonight"

Quarterfinals, 2: Week 4 (April 23 & 24)

The live performance show aired on Monday, April 23, 2012. The elimination show aired Tuesday, April 24, 2012. Is with Teams Adam and Cee Lo.

  • Guest performance: Florence and the Machine - "No Light, No Light" with Team CeeLo
Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Cee Lo Green Jamar Rogers "It's My Life" Public's vote
2 Adam Levine Katrina Parker "Jar of Hearts" Middle two
3 Mathai "I'm Like a Bird" Middle two
4 Cee Lo Green James Massone "Just the Way You Are" Eliminated
5 Adam Levine Tony Lucca "...Baby One More Time" Public's vote
6 Cee Lo Green Cheesa "I Have Nothing" Middle two
7 Adam Levine Pip "Somewhere Only We Know" Eliminated
8 Cee Lo Green Juliet Simms "Cryin'" Middle two
Last Chance Performances
1 Adam Levine Mathai "Cowboy Casanova" Eliminated
2 Katrina Parker "Perfect" Adam's choice
3 Cee Lo Green Cheesa "Already Gone" Eliminated
4 Juliet Simms "Torn" Cee Lo's choice
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
1 Cee Lo Green and his 4 finalists "Dancing in the Street"
2 Goodie Mob "Fight to Win"
3 Adam Levine and his team
(Katrina Parker, Mathai, Pip and Tony Lucca)
"Instant Karma!"

Semifinals: Week 5 (April 30 & May 1)

The live performance show aired on Monday, April 30, 2012, with the elimination show following on Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

Season one finalists Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan, and Javier Colon returned on the results show to perform duets (with the exception of Colon). Frampton performed her new single, "Don't Kick the Chair", with Kid Cudi. Martinez partnered with her season one coach Cee Lo Green for her song, "Come Along." McClellan joined Cyndi Lauper to perform Lauper's "Money Changes Everything." Colon performed his newest single, "A Drop in the Ocean."

Order Coach Contestant Song Coach points Public points Total points Result
1 Adam Levine Tony Lucca "How You Like Me Now?" 60 48 108 Advanced to Finals
2 Blake Shelton Erin Willett "Without You" 50 27 77 Eliminated
3 Christina Aguilera Chris Mann "Ave Maria" 50 54 104 Advanced to Finals
4 Cee Lo Green Jamar Rogers "If You Don't Know Me by Now" 40 39 79 Eliminated
5 Blake Shelton Jermaine Paul "Open Arms" 50 73 123 Advanced to Finals
6 Adam Levine Katrina Parker "Killing Me Softly With His Song" 40 52 92 Eliminated
7 Christina Aguilera Lindsey Pavao "Skinny Love" 50 46 96 Eliminated
8 Cee Lo Green Juliet Simms "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" 60 61 121 Advanced to Finals
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
1 Team Adam & Team Cee Lo "All These Things That I've Done"
2 Blake Shelton "Over"
3 Team Blake & Team Christina "The Edge of Glory"

Finals: Week 6 (May 7 & 8)

The live performance show aired on Monday, May 7, 2012. The season finale aired on Tuesday, May 8, 2012. Jermaine Paul was declared the winner.

Coach Artist Order Solo song Order Coach tribute song Order Duet song (with Coach) Result
Blake Shelton Jermaine Paul 1 "I Believe I Can Fly" 8 "God Gave Me You" 10 "Soul Man" Winner
Cee Lo Green Juliet Simms 12 "Free Bird" 2 "Crazy" 6 "Born to Be Wild" Runner-up
Christina Aguilera Chris Mann 9 "You Raise Me Up" 5 "The Voice Within" 3 "The Prayer" Fourth place
Adam Levine Tony Lucca 4 "99 Problems" 11 "Harder to Breathe" 7 "Yesterday" Third place
Finale performances of the Top 4 artists
Order Performers Song
1 Jermaine Paul (with Pip, James Massone & Jamar Rogers) "I Want You Back"
2 Chris Mann (with Katrina Parker & Lindsey Pavao) "Bitter Sweet Symphony"
3 Juliet Simms (with Jamar Rogers, RaeLynn & Erin Willett) "With A Little Help From My Friends"
4 Tony Lucca and Jordis Unga "Go Your Own Way"
Finale performances of the Guest names
Order Performers Song
1.71 Flo Rida and Juliet Simms "Whistle" and "Wild Ones"
1.72 Hall & Oates (with Chris Mann, Tony Lucca, and Jermaine Paul) "Rich Girl"
1.73 Lady Antebellum "Wanted You More"
1.74 Justin Bieber "Boyfriend"
Note: The golden colored songs are the iTunes top ten bonuses as well as the bolded names.

Elimination chart

Color key
Artist's info

Artist from Team Adam
  • Artist from Team CeeLo

Artist from Team Christina
  • Artist from Team Blake

Live show results per week
Artist Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Finals
Jermaine Paul Safe Safe Advanced Winner
Juliet Simms Safe Bottom two Advanced Runner-up
Tony Lucca Safe Safe Advanced 3rd place
Chris Mann Safe Safe Advanced 4th place
Katrina Parker Bottom three Bottom two Eliminated Eliminated (Week 5)
Lindsey Pavao Safe Bottom two Eliminated
Jamar Rogers Safe Safe Eliminated
Erin Willett Safe Bottom two Eliminated
Cheesa Bottom three Bottom two Eliminated (Week 4)
Mathai Safe Bottom two
James Massone Safe Eliminated
Pip Safe Eliminated
Ashley De La Rosa Bottom three Bottom two Eliminated (Week 3)
RaeLynn Safe Bottom two
Jesse Campbell Safe Eliminated
Jordis Unga Bottom three Eliminated
Karla Davis Bottom three Eliminated (Week 2)
Erin Martin Bottom three
Tony Vincent Bottom three
Kim Yarbrough Bottom three
Sera Hill Bottom three Eliminated (Week 1)
Naia Kete Bottom three
Charlotte Sometimes Bottom three
Moses Stone Bottom three

Performances by guests/coaches

Episode Show segment Performer(s) Title Hot 100 reaction Hot Digital Songs reaction Performance type
11 Live Rounds week 1 results Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch (backed by Team Adam's Top 6) "Ass Back Home" 17 (+2) 30 (+2) live performance
13 Live Rounds week 2 results Jessie J (backed by Team Christina's Top 4) "Domino" 28 (-3) 44 (+5) live performance
14 Quarter-Finals week 1 Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa "Payphone" 3 (debut) 1 (debut) live performance
15 Quarter-Final week 1 results The Wanted (backed by Team Blake's Top 3) "Chasing the Sun" 111 (debut) did not chart live performance
Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" 4 (+1) 4 (=) music video teaser
16 Quarter-Finals week 2 Goodie Mob "Fight to Win" did not chart did not chart live performance
17 Quarter-Final week 2 results Florence and the Machine (backed by Team Cee Lo's Top 3) "No Light, No Light" did not chart did not chart live performance
18 Semi-Finals Blake Shelton "Over" did not chart did not chart live performance
19 Semi-Final results Dia Frampton ft. Kid Cudi "Don't Kick the Chair" did not chart did not chart live performance
Vicci Martinez ft. Cee Lo Green "Come Along" did not chart did not chart live performance
Cyndi Lauper (with Beverly McClellan) "Money Changes Everything" did not chart did not chart live performance
Javier Colon "A Drop in the Ocean" did not chart did not chart live performance
21 Final results Flo Rida "Whistle" 77 (+18) 28 (+11) live performance
Flo Rida (with Juliet Simms) "Wild Ones" 5 (=) 7 (+2) live performance
Hall & Oates (with Tony Lucca, Chris Mann, and Jermaine Paul) "Rich Girl" did not chart did not chart live performance
Lady Antebellum "Wanted You More" did not chart did not chart live performance
Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" 9 (-1) 4 (+1) live performance

Television ratings

Season two premiered following NBC's broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI, and was watched by 37.6 million viewers with a 16.3 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, making it the highest rated Super Bowl lead-out program since Grey's Anatomy in 2006.

# Episode Original air date Production Timeslot (ET) Viewers
1 "Season 2 Premiere" 201 Sunday 10:21pm 37.61 16.3/37
2 "Blind Auditions, Part 2" 202 Monday 8:00pm 17.84 6.7/17
3 "Blind Auditions, Part 3" 203 16.28 6.0/15
4 "Blind Auditions, Part 4" 204 16.04 6.0/15
5 "Blind Auditions, Part 5" 205 14.89 5.4/14
6 "Let the Battles Begin" 206 16.85 6.2/16
7 "The Battles, Week 2" 207 14.51 5.2/14
8 "The Battles, Week 3" 208 11.95 4.6/12
9 "The Final Battles" 209 12.00 4.5/12
10 "Live Performances, Week 1" 210 10.67 4.1/11
11 "Elimination, Week 1" 210A Tuesday 9:00pm 8.45 3.2/9
12 "Live Performances, Week 2" 211 Monday 8:00pm 10.52 4.0/11
13 "Live Eliminations, Four Go Home, Week 2" 211A Tuesday 9:00pm 9.00 3.5/9
14 "The Quarterfinals, Pt. 1" 212 Monday 8:00pm 10.02 3.7/10
15 "Quarterfinals: Live Eliminations" 212A Tuesday 9:00pm 8.86 3.3/9
16 "Quarterfinals, Part 2" 213 Monday 8:00pm 10.31 3.8/10
17 "Quarterfinals Eliminations, Week 2" 213A Tuesday 9:00pm 8.93 3.4/8
18 "Semifinals: Live Performances" 214 Monday 8:00pm 9.52 3.5/9
19 "Semifinals, the Results" 214A Tuesday 9:00pm 8.90 3.1/8
20 "Live Final Performances" 215 Monday 8:00pm 10.74 3.8/10
21 "Live Finale" 215A Tuesday 9:00pm 11.90 4.4/11

Artist appearances on earlier talent shows

  • Adam Lasher, who failed to turn a chair in the blind auditions, later auditioned for the 14th season of American Idol. He was cut in Hollywood Week. He auditioned again the next season, and advanced to the Top 24.
  • Erin Martin appeared on Rock of Love - season two, but was eliminated after the first episode
  • Jamar Rogers auditioned for American Idol - season eight, but his journey ended in the green mile round (top 36 selection)
  • Jordis Unga appeared on Rockstar: INXS and finished in 5th place
  • Justin Hopkins appeared on America's Got Talent - season five, but was eliminated in the Vegas Rounds
  • Pip and Mathai both appeared on the casting special of The Glee Project (Episode 0). Pip's placing is unknown, although he was given airtime on the show. Mathai made it into the Top 20, but was not shortlisted for the Top 12.
  • WADE was a contestant on American Idol - season ten, advancing to the Las Vegas rounds

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