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The Bachelorette 3 is the third season of ABC reality television series The Bachelorette. The show premiered on January 10, 2005, featuring Jennifer Schefft dating 25 men..

Schefft was selected and proposed to by Andrew Firestone in the third season of The Bachelor. For her season, Jen had the opportunity to assist in helping to cast the 25 bachelors from which she will choose.
Jen selected Jerry, who did propose on the finale, but she asked him to hold on to the ring and consider proposing later. After the finale, ABC aired the first live After The Final Rose episode, where Jerry asked about the proposal, but Jen turned him down, as their relationship had already ended since the finale had been filmed.
In a 2013 interview with People, Jen stated about her season, "The show didn"?t turn out the way I hoped, but everything worked out for the best."


Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Jerry Ferris 29 Los Angeles, CA Art Gallery Director Winner
John Paul Merritt 25 Oklahoma City, OK Entrepreneur Episode 8
Ryan Sh. 28 Manhattan Beach, CA Teacher Episode 6
Wendell 32 Chicago, IL Entrepreneur Episode 5
Ben 26 Aspen, CO Ski Instructor Episode 4
Fabrice 28 New York, NY Investor Episode 4
Josh Cox 28 Murrieta, CA Professional Marathoner Episode 3
Keith 28 Encinitas, CA Welder Episode 3
A.W. 27 Newport Beach, CA Mortgage Consultant Episode 2
Jason 29 Fort Worth, TX Motivational Speaker Episode 2
Mark 30 Carlsbad, CA Commercial Finance Episode 2
Matt M. 32 Staten Island, NY Fire Fighter Episode 2
Michael Foster 31 Monroe, MI Teacher Episode 2
Ryan Sm. 34 New York, NY Lawyer Episode 2
Stu 27 New York, NY Lawyer Episode 2
Andrew 37 New York, NY Bartender Episode 1
Andy LeRoy 29 Steamboat Springs, CO Ski Coach Episode 1
Chris C. 27 Campton, KY Hairdresser Episode 1
Chris M. 33 Cleveland, OH Sports Agent Episode 1
Collin 27 Austin, TX Sports Agent Episode 1
David 30 Chicago, IL Marketing Consultant Episode 1
Eric H. 35 New York, NY Magazine Editor Episode 1
Eric T. 37 San Diego, CA Fire Fighter Episode 1
Kevin 26 New York, NY Consultant Episode 1
Matt L. 33 Manhattan Beach, California Lawyer Episode 1

Call-out order

Order Bachelors Week
1 Ryan Sh Keith Wendell John Paul Ryan Sh John Paul John Paul Jerry
2 Eric T Ryan Sh Fabrice Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry John Paul
3 Chris C A.W. Ben Ryan Sh Wendell Ryan Sh Ryan Sh
4 Jason Matt M Keith Ben John Paul Wendell
5 Ryan Sm Wendell Ryan Sh Wendell Ben
6 John Paul Ryan Sm Jerry Fabrice Fabrice
7 Stu Mark John Paul Josh
8 Matt M Ben Josh
9 Keith John Paul A.W.
Matt M
Ryan Sm
10 Andy Jerry
11 Michael Jason
12 Kevin Josh
13 David Fabrice
14 Chris Michael
15 Fabrice Stu
16 Mark Andrew
Chris C
Chris M
Eric H
Eric T
Matt L
17 Josh
18 Eric H
19 Wendell
20 Andrew
21 Ben
22 Collin
23 A.W.
24 Matt L
25 Jerry
The contestant received a first impression rose
The contestant was eliminated at the rose ceremony
The contestant chose to leave before the rose ceremony began
The contestant won the competition

Episodes (dates)

Episode 1 (Jan 10, 2005)

Jen is introduced, and helps choose her 25 bachelors. We meet Abby and Michelle, two of Jen's friends, who give Jen advice and share that they will be attending the cocktail party disguised as waiters. Jen meets the 25 men, and gives Keith the first impression rose during the cocktail party. The ten men not receiving roses are: Andrew, Andy, Chris C, Chris M, Collin, David, Eric H, Eric T, Kevin, Matt L.

Episode 2 (Jan 17, 2005)

The first group date of Jen with Fabrice, Jerry, Ben, Michael, Jason, Ryan Sm, and A.W. is a sightseeing trip of New York. Her one on one date with Keith is dinner at the Plaza Hotel. The second group date is for Wendell, Matt, Ryan Sh, Mark, Stu, Josh, and John Paul to attend a New York Knicks game with Jen. At the rose ceremony, Jen sends seven more men home: A.W., Jason, Mark, Matt, Michael, Ryan, Stu.

Episode 3 (Jan 24, 2005)

The group date is a basketball game, with the remaining eight men divided into two teams. Fabrice, Ryan, John Paul and Ben win 15-1. With 6 baskets, John Paul leads the team in scoring, earning a one on one date with Jen. Fabrice also receives a one on one date, because he scored the fewest baskets(1) for the winning team. Jen and Fabrice go to the Cotton Club for a special private performance by Vanessa Williams. Jen and John Paul's one on one date is a trip to the Mohegan Sun for a spa date. Jen takes the remaining 6 men on a group date to Central Park. At the rose ceremony, Josh and Keith do not get roses.

Episode 4 (Jan 31, 2005)

Chris Harrison tells the six remaining men, "This time around, there'll be two one-on-one dates and a group date. You are each gonna write Jen a letter, telling her why you'd be the best husband for her." Jen's first choice is Ryan, and their date is to a fire station, followed by take out back at Jen's apartment. The second date, with Jerry, is a trip to the Lincoln Center where they are to have a private concert by Peter Cincotti. The remaining four men have a group date with Jen. It consists of making pizza at a restaurant in Little Italy, followed by the men racing to the top of the Empire State Building. Wendall is first to Jen, and receives additional time with her. At the rose ceremony, Fabrice tells Jen he doesn't want to marry her, and leaves the mansion. Jen then hands out 4 roses, leaving Ben to be sent home.

Episode 5 (Feb 7, 2005)

Jen travels to each bachelor's hometown to meet their families. Jen's first visit is to Oklahoma City to meet John Paul's family. Jen's next visit is with Ryan in his hometown of Medford, OR. Then Jen travels to Chicago to meet Wendall's family. Finally, Jen goes to Rochester, NY to meet Jerry and his family.

Episode 6 (Feb 14, 2005)

In a Valentine's Day-themed installment, Jen goes on exotic overnight dates with the three remaining suitors. Jen and John Paul meet in Bermuda. Jen and Jerry share alone time at Hilton Head. Finally, Jen meets Ryan at Cape Cod. Back in New York, Jen speaks with each man prior to the rose ceremony, where she gives a rose to John Paul and Jerry, leaving Ryan the odd man out.

Episode 7-Men Tell All (Feb 21,2005)

The men gather to dish the dirt, with Chris Harrison calling down Stu, Ryan Sh and Fabrice for individual interviews.

Episode 8-Finale (Feb 28,2005)

Jen takes Jerry and John Paul home to meet her family in Cleveland, OH. Next, Abby and Michelle return to meet separately with each man. Jen has a final date with Jerry, and then with John Paul, before we get to the final rose ceremony. After telling John Paul "you are incredible" and "I think you have every quality I look for in someone," Jen shocked John Paul with words that he didn't expect to hear -- "but... something is just not there." "There's that gut feeling... oh my god, this guy is great and he's every quality that I'm looking for, [but] I just don't know if it's there forever," explained Jen in a comment.
However, when Jerry proposes, she replies, "I have 100% fallen for you but I've been here before and just want to make sure that we do it right. I want you to keep that, I want you to give it back to me if you feel the same way about me down the road that you do now. I just want to make sure that we do it right. I so want that ring and I so want this to work and I hope you know how committed to this and to you I am."

Episode 9-After The Final Rose (Feb 28,2005)

Reunited on a live stage, Jen rejects Jerry's proposal, telling him, "I think that you know I was so committed to this -- I hope that you know that -- and I really tried to make it work but I think we talked a lot and we saw each other and I think that we both came to the realization that we were better as friends."

Jennifer Schefft

Jennifer Schefft, born July 23, 1976, is a native of Mentor, Ohio.
In 2007, Jen wrote A No-Regrets Guide to Loving Yourself and Never Settling - Better Single Than Sorry, published by Harper Collins.
On Friday, July 10, 2009, Jen married Joe Waterman in Chicago

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