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The eleventh season of The Bachelorette features, for the first time ever, two Bachelorettes during the first episode. Kaitlyn Bristowe is a 29-year-old spin-class instructor from Vancouver, British Columbia, and Britt Nilsson is a 27-year-old waitress from California. Both Bachelorettes were on the 19th season of The Bachelor, featuring Chris Soules. This season premiered on May 18, 2015.

Filming and development

Casting and contestants

Casting began during the tenth season of The Bachelorette. During the first episode, the Bachelors decide which of the ladies they would like to have as the Bachelorette for season 11. In the second episode, which aired on May 19, 2015, it was revealed that Kaitlyn Bristowe was selected as the new Bachelorette.

It began filming shortly after the finale of the nineteenth season of The Bachelor with the locale destinations including New York City, San Antonio and Ireland with appearances from Laila Ali, Amy Schumer, Doug E. Fresh and The Cranberries.

Contestant Ryan McDill is the ex-boyfriend of Bachelor 18 winner Nikki Ferrell. It also includes season ten runner-up Nick Viall.


Name Age Hometown Occupation Outcome Place Ref
Shawn Booth 28 Windsor Locks, Connecticut Personal Trainer Winner 1
Nick Viall 34 Waukesha, Wisconsin Software Sales Executive Runner-up 2
Ben Higgins 26 Warsaw, Indiana Software Salesman Week 8 3
Jared Haibon 26 Warwick, Rhode Island Restaurant Manager Week 7 4
Joe Bailey 28 Glasgow, Kentucky Insurance Agent 5
Chris Strandburg 28 Granite Bay, California Dentist 6
Ben Zorn 26 Falls Church, Virginia Fitness Coach Week 6 7-8
Tanner Tolbert 28 Stilwell, Kansas Auto Finance Manager
J.J. Lane III 32 Dacono, Colorado Former Investment Banker 9
Joshua Albers 31 Kuna, Idaho Industrial Welder Week 5 10-11
Justin Reich 28 Elgin, Illinois Fitness Trainer
Ian Thomson 28 Ramsey, New Jersey Executive Recruiter 12 (quit)
Corey Stansell (NY) 30 New York, New York Investment Banker Week 4 13-15
Jonathan Holloway 33 Sylvan Lake, Michigan Automotive Spokesman
Ryan Beckett 32 Wellington, Florida Realtor
Clint Arlis 27 Batavia, Illinois Architectural Engineer Week 3 16
Tony Harris 35 St. Louis, Missouri Healer 17 (quit)
Cory Shivar (NC) 35 Seven Springs, North Carolina Residential Developer Week 2 18-19
Daniel Finney 28 Nashville, Tennessee Fashion Designer
Kupah James 32 Boston, Massachusetts Entrepreneur 20
Bradley Cox 25 Duluth, Georgia International Auto Shipper Week 1 21-24
David 28 Orlando, Florida Real Estate Agent
Josh Seiter 27 Chicago, Illinois Law Student/Exotic Dancer
Shawn Evans 31 London, Ontario Amateur Sex Coach
Brady Toops 33 Wauseon, Ohio Singer/Songwriter 25 (quit)
Ryan McDill 28 Kansas City, Missouri Junkyard Specialist 26

Future appearances

The Bachelor

Third place finalist Ben Higgins was chosen for the lead role on the twentieth season of The Bachelor. Nick Viall was chosen for the lead role on the twenty-first season of The Bachelor.

Bachelor in Paradise

Season 2

J.J. Lane III, Jonathan Holloway, Tanner Tolbert, Joshua Albers, Joe Bailey, Justin Reich, and Jared Haibon returned in the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. Neither Holloway, Albers, Lane, Bailey, nor Haibon found love. Tolbert left paradise engaged to Bachelor Nation alumna Jade Roper and Reich left Paradise in a relationship with Cassandra Ferguson.

Season 3

Haibon and Viall returned to compete in the third season of Bachelor in Paradise. Ryan Beckett also returned to compete in that season. None of them found love.

Season 4

Ben Zorn appeared in the fourth season in Bachelor in Paradise, but he quit in week three.

Dancing with the Stars

Outside of Bachelor Nation franchise, Viall competed for the twenty-fourth season of Dancing With the Stars on his 5th TV appearance partnering with Peta Murgatroyd.

The Bachelor Winter Games

Higgins will appear in The Bachelor Winter Games as Team USA.

Call-out order

Order Bachelors Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Ben H. Shawn B. Ben Z. Justin Ben H. Nick Nick
2 Jonathan Chris Clint Ben Z. Jared Nick Jared Ben H. Nick
3 Clint Ben H. J.J. Ben H. Chris Joe Nick Ben H.
4 Ryan B. J.J. Jared N/A Ben H. Jared Ben H. Jared
5 Jared Joe Ben H. Ben Z. Chris Chris Joe
6 Kupah Kupah Shawn B. Shawn B. J.J. Chris
7 Brady Daniel Jonathan Tanner Joe Ben Z.
8 Cory (NC) Ryan B. Tanner Joe Ben Z.
9 Ian Joshua Chris Ian Tanner J.J.
10 J.J. Tony Ryan B. J.J. Joshua
11 Ryan M. Clint Justin Joshua
12 Bradley Ian Nick
13 Daniel Jonathan Joshua
Ryan B.
14 Josh Cory (NC) Joe
15 Joe Ben Z. Clint
16 Justin Tanner Tony
17 Tanner Ian Cory (NC)
18 Shawn B. Justin
19 David Jared Kupah
20 Bradley
Shawn E.
21 Tony
22 Shawn E.
23 Chris
24 Joshua
25 Ben Z. Ryan M.
26 Nick
The contestant received a first impression rose
The contestant received a rose during a date
The contestant was eliminated
The contestant was eliminated during a date
The contestant quit the competition
The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony
The contestant won the competition


|ProdCode = 1101A |Viewers = 7.10 |ShortSummary = The men arrive and greet the two bachelorettes, Britt and Kaitlyn. Memorable moments arriving in the mansion include Shawn E. showing up in a hot tub car, impressing both ladies. Chris, who is a self-proclaimed "cupcake man", rides in his modified car, and Joe brings moonshine to share with the ladies and show the ladies a part of his hometown. Then, the ladies talk with the guys, who later vote on who they want to be the next bachelorette. Ben H. is being interested with kids and tells Britt that is a big deal for themselves. Jared takes off his shirt to reveal his look. Ryan M. acts rudely for being drunk that he was on a pool as the girls didn't seen him, was sent home by Chris Harrison. The episode ends before revealing who the bachelorette will be. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1101B |Viewers = 7.09 |ShortSummary = The week continues with Chris Harrison revealing the results for the next bachelorette. Kaitlyn is chosen to be the bachelorette, sending Britt home, heartbroken and in tears.

As the new bachelorette Kaitlyn has already started her journey, Chris gets the first kiss of the season. Shawn B. gets the first impression rose and kisses Kaitlyn as well. In the middle of the rose ceremony Kaitlyn is pulled aside by Brady, who tells her he is eliminating himself because he is in love with Britt. Bradley, David, Josh and Shawn E. do not received roses during the rose ceremony, and are sent home.

At the end of the episode, the credits are in, and Brady knocks to see Britt in her hotel room. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1102 |Viewers = 5.37 |ShortSummary = First Group Date: Ben Z., Daniel, Corey (NY), Justin, Kupah, Tanner, Jared and Ben H. train for a boxing match with Laila Ali and then compete against one another. Ali, Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison are the judges. During the final round of the competition, Ben Z. hits Jared hard, causing Jared to have to go to the hospital. During the rest of the date Kaitlyn talks with the men and Jared makes a surprise short visit, where he kisses Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn gives Ben Z. the group date rose.

One-on-One: Clint. He and Kaitlyn do an underwater photo shoot and they share a first kiss underwater. Kaitlyn says Clint brings out her romantic side and she gives him a rose on the date.

Second Group Date: Ian, Joshua, Tony, JJ, Chris, Joe and Jonathan do a stand-up comedy routine with Amy Schumer along with her fellow comedians Bridget Everett, Nikki Glaser and Rachel Feinstein. Tony's act lacks comedy and he discusses deeper topics. Kaitlyn kisses many of the guys on the date and gives J.J. the rose.

Cocktail Party: J.J. steals Kaitlyn away immediately, which upsets the other men. Kupah digs himself into a hole when he talks with Kaitlyn and then discusses everything he talked about with her loudly with the guys. She lets him go before the rose ceremony. He blows up on camera and just wants to leave.

Meanwhile, Brady visits Britt and they go out on dates together. He asks her to be his girlfriend and she accepts. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1103 |Viewers = 6.52 |ShortSummary = Kaitlyn overhears Kupah's tirade and goes outside to send him on his way. Afterwards, Cory (NC) and Daniel are eliminated during the rose ceremony.

First Group Date: JJ, Chris, Clint, Shawn B., Joe and Tony. The next morning, the men are awoken by two sumo wrestlers, Byambajav Ulambayar (Byamba) and Yamamotoyama Ry?ta (Yama). They are taken to Universal CityWalk as they saw Kaitlyn stand by and to give sumo lessons participate in a round robin sumo tournament. Tony complains to Kaitlyn that these aggressive dates are not his style, and declines to play. In the end, Shawn B. receives the rose.

One-on-One: Ben Z. and Kaitlyn have to escape from a locked basement inside the unexplored strange building that is filled with clues and hazards. He receives the rose.

Second Group Date: Ryan B., Joshua, Ben H., Jonathan, Tanner and Jared. They go to an elementary school and Kaitlyn is there. They have to teach a sex education class and become substitute teachers, for students who turn out to be a group of child actors. Ben H. receives the rose.

Tony decides to leave. Meanwhile, JJ and Clint are developing a "bromance" at the house, convinced with the other men. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1104 |Viewers = 6.37 |ShortSummary = Kaitlyn pulls Clint aside and tells him that most of the other men have advised her that he was not right for her. Based on this advice and his reaction to it, she eliminates him. Clint looks to JJ for support, but finds none. Kaitlyn decides to cancel the rose ceremony and Chris Harrison announces that the next stop is New York City.

First Group Date: Shawn B., Corey (NY), Ryan B., Justin, JJ, Tanner, Ben Z. and Jonathan. They have to write and perform a rap under the tutelage of Doug E. Fresh at Stage 48, and pair up with four teams of two. The team impresses with their rap, and they have one-on-one time with Kaitlyn. After the show, Nick Viall (runner-up from Andi Dorfman's season) is in the audience and Kaitlyn strikes up a conversation with him. They had been corresponding prior to this season, and they begin considering having him join the men. Kaitlyn takes the men to Chelsea Piers for the after-party and they are not thrilled with the idea, partly because they don't want to add another man, and particularly because it is Nick, who had shown disrespect to Andi. Kaitlyn tells Nick about the guys' reactions. They decide to sleep on the decision. Justin receives the rose.

The next morning, she decides to invite Nick to join the show for his second chance to make love and he accepts.

One-on-One: Jared. Before the start of the date, he received a makeover. He met with Kaitlyn and traveled to Metropolitan Museum of Art and they gave an exhibition tour, ended with a private formal dinner. Then, they followed by a nighttime helicopter tour of the city. Jared receives the rose.

Second Group Date: Ben H., Chris, Joshua, Joe and Ian. They go to New Amsterdam Theatre and take part in an audition in the Broadway show of Aladdin, with the help of Broadway stars Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed. Chris wins the competition, and leaves the other four men back at the hotel. He and Kaitlyn have a brief walk-on role in the performance later that night and they shoot at the top of One Times Square. Kaitlyn gives him a rose.

Meanwhile, Nick arrives at the hotel, ending the episode in cliffhanger. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1105 |Viewers = 6.29 |ShortSummary = The men have a chance to talk to Nick and convey their concerns about his arrival. This is followed by a cocktail party in a suite at Citi Field and a rose ceremony near the pitcher's mound.

Week 4 Rose Ceremony: Corey (NY), Jonathan and Ryan B. are eliminated while Nick gets a rose. The show then moves to San Antonio, Texas.

One-on-One: Ben H. He will meet Kaitlyn at Gruene Hall (outside of San Antonio) and have to learn the Texas Two-Step dance to perform the stage with line of local judges. They struggled the dance in the second round, and graciously improved in the following round where they do encore dancing. They sent to Majestic Theatre for a cinematic sunset, and Ben H. receives the rose.

Group Date: Nick, JJ, Joshua, Jared, Ben Z., Ian, Justin, Tanner and Chris. They were greeted by Sebastian De La Cruz, a mariachi superstar along with his band, and they to have to write and sing a song. Later, Joshua talks with the other men about their concerns about Nick and he serenades Kaitlyn up on a balcony. He tells Kaitlyn that all of the men are concerned about Nick, then realizes what he had said and tries to backtrack. Later that evening, Kaitlyn takes the guys to Enchanted Springs Ranch and asks them whether they had concerns about Nick despite the fact that she asked him to be there. No one will confess to it. She pointedly gives the group date rose to Nick.

One-on-One: Shawn B. He will meet Kaitlyn at San Antonio River Walk where they go kayaking and until they end at Arneson River Theatre which they share a kiss. Shawn opens a story to Kaitlyn about his past that has already feelings with her. Afterwards, they watch a fireworks show at San Antonio Botanical Garden that evening which Shawn B. received the rose.

Cocktail Party: Ian begins to say that he feels ignored by Kaitlyn. He sits with Kaitlyn and begins telling her that he thinks she is a shallow person who is just there to make out with guys, this episode ended in cliffhanger for the fourth time in a row. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1106 |Viewers = 6.64 |ShortSummary = The episode begins where the previous episode left off. Ian approaches Kaitlyn, stating that she is shallow and just there to make out with a bunch of guys on television. This upsets Kaitlyn, and they part ways on mutual agreement. Nick subsequently goes to comfort Kaitlyn, which made her feels better.

Week 5 Rose Ceremony: Jared received the first rose, while Tanner also received the last rose. Joshua and Justin are eliminated, Kaitlyn and the guys announced they will move to Dublin, Ireland.

One-on-One: Nick. He is anxiously nervous awaiting with the date, he and Kaitlyn have spending the day in Phoenix Park and enjoying dinner inside Christ Church Cathedral including a stand-on concert with The Cranberries performing "Linger", Kaitlyn gives Nick a rose. She then invites him to her hotel room, where they have sex.

During this time, Shawn B. and Jared begin to voice their concerns over the fate of their relationships with Kaitlyn. The next day, Kaitlyn feels worried, confused, and partially guilty over the night, while Nick keeps the sexual activity a secret from the rest of the men.

Group Date: Tanner, Ben Z., Shawn B., Jared, Ben H. and Chris. They were horrified for a traditional Irish wake, the men didn't know Kaitlyn was at the top of the open wooden casket, who pretends to be dead by lying in a coffin. Ben Z. asks for privacy when he makes his speech. At the party, Jared receives a rose, while Shawn feels distant and unsure on his relationship with Kaitlyn. Shawn later enters her hotel room and is about to explain his emotions, ending the episode in cliffhanger. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1107 |Viewers = 6.72 |ShortSummary = The episode continues from the previous episode with Shawn attempting to express his feelings and emotions to Kaitlyn, and she is emotionally exhausted as well as worried, but they temporarily reconcile and kiss. The next morning, while Shawn sits on the front steps of The Radisson Blu Hotel which they stayed, Nick and Tanner are seen walking together, unknown to Shawn. Nick complains about Shawn's emotional instability.

Kaitlyn continues to feel paranoid over what occurred between her and Nick, fearing it could ruin her relationships with the remaining men. Shawn, meanwhile, also continues to feel paranoid, claiming that Kaitlyn told him "I think you're the one," while they were off-camera together. Jared gets the one-on-one date, where they go to Ireland's Eye, and he receives a rose.

Week 6 Two-on-One: Joe and JJ. They meet with Kaitlyn to a park for a picnic. JJ confesses to Kaitlyn that he cheated on his wife, which led to the demise of his marriage and losing everything. Kaitlyn appreciates his honesty; however, she feels a stronger connection with Joe and has the rose on his hand. Although she doesn't immediately give him the rose, she says goodbye to JJ.

Week 6 Cocktail Party: Ben H. pulls Kaitlyn aside to share similar concerns as Shawn's. Kaitlyn is relieved that he is not as paranoid as Shawn, and thanks him for not jumping to conclusions. Nick subsequently pulls Kaitlyn aside, where they talk about their night following the one-on-one date.

Week 6 Rose Ceremony: Kaitlyn gave the roses to Ben H., Chris and Shawn. Tanner and Ben Z. are eliminated. Afterwards, Kaitlyn telling the remaining guys they will be heading to Killarney.

In Killarney, Kaitlyn and the remaining guys are in Ballyseede Castle, Chris Harrison announces a new twist: instead of sending two guys home and having hometown dates with the four remaining guys, three guys will be sent home, quality time off camera will be provided, and hometown dates will come later.

One-on-One: Chris. He and Kaitlyn took a helicopter ride to Killarney National Park, landed in the Cliffs of Moher to set a picnic. Kaitlyn tearfully confesses that she is unsure about a future with Chris and parts ways with him, leaving Chris heartbroken and unexpectedly in tears. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1108 |Viewers = 7.05 |ShortSummary = Kaitlyn has one-on-one dates with Jared and Ben H, and a three-on-one date with Joe, Shawn B and Nick. During the three-on-one date, she decides to eliminate Joe, who makes some cold remarks before leaving. She then tells Shawn B and Nick that she will not be giving a group date rose, and sends Nick back to the hotel. She informs Shawn B. about what happened between her and Nick in Dublin, and after taking some time to compose himself, he decides to man up and deal with it. At the rose ceremony, Jared is eliminated. Then Nick gets the first overnight date in Cork. Tensions are high between Shawn B. and Nick. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1109 |Viewers = 6.96 |ShortSummary = Shawn B. and Nick have a private discussion and air their differences. Kaitlyn has overnight dates with Ben H in County Galway, and with Shawn B in the Northern part of Ireland. Nick attempts to have a further discussion with Shawn but he has nothing to say to Nick. At the rose ceremony, Ben H. is eliminated.

The show then moves to Park City, Utah where Kaitlyn gets a chance to meet Nick and Shawn's families as tensions rise to argue. Nick's family is concerned about what is different this time than it was with Andi Dorfman. Shawn takes his time playing golf removing his clothes and got naked, when his family is concerned about the overall process. Both families are very impressed with Kaitlyn. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = |Viewers = 6.97 |ShortSummary = Ian apologized to everyone for what he said to Kaitlyn. JJ and Clint said that they are straight but simply formed a deep friendship. There was much discussion about whether it was fair for Kaitlyn to bring Nick in mid-show, and the consensus was that she was entitled to do so if she wished. Kaitlyn, who was greeted with a standing ovation from the studio audience and eliminated contestants, revealed that she has been receiving hate mail from some viewers. After host Chris Harrison finishes reading the hate mail, the studio audience and bachelors commend her for her bravery in being on the show with another standing ovation. She got closure with Ben Z, Jared and Ben H. Then Kaitlyn's blooper reel was shown, which featured several humorous run-ins with birds. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = 1110 |Viewers = 8.13 |ShortSummary = Both Nick and Shawn get the opportunity to meet Kaitlyn's family. Things end up going smoothly for Nick who passes the mom test and gets the approval from Kaitlyn's father to have Kaitlyn's hand in marriage. The whole family seems to like Nick very much and are excited to meet Shawn. Kaitlyn and Nick embark on their last date with a nice boat ride. Kaitlyn and Shawn's final date is at a winery; at first, things seem awkward, but they both attribute it to mutual feelings of intensity of the whole situation, particularly for Kaitlyn.

However, they once again reconcile and continue to strengthen their connection later that evening. Kaitlyn steps out of the limo at the mansion and is escorted to the backyard by Chris Harrison. The first limo arrives, with Nick stepping out of the car. He is led to the backyard where he professes his love for Kaitlyn, who stops him before he gets down on one knee, to tell him that her heart is with someone else. Ultimately, Nick wishes Kaitlyn luck and heads home in the limo, claiming that he is "the biggest joke." Shawn arrives and heads to the backyard to profess his love to Kaitlyn, who then professes her love to Shawn. Down on one knee, Shawn asks Kaitlyn for her hand in marriage, and she happily accepts. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }}

|ProdCode = |Viewers =7.94 |ShortSummary = Shawn and Kaitlyn are still together and engaged and are happier than ever. While still not best friends, Nick and Shawn ended things on an amicable note. Next it was time for Kaitlyn to come out and talk to Nick. Kaitlyn tells Nick that she knew he wasn't the one, but wasn't sure how to break it off with him. Nick wishes that she hadn't let him give his proposal speech before dumping him, which Kaitlyn agrees should have been done, but both wish each other the best. Kaitlyn and Shawn are seen together one last time where they share their excitement for their new lives as a couple. |LineColor = DFA5B6 }} }}

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