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The Bachelor (season 2) is the second season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor. The season premiered on September 25, 2002 and concluded on November 20, 2002. The show featured Missouri banker Aaron Buerge, courting 25 women.


The following is the list of bachelorettes for this season:

Name Age Hometown Job Eliminated
Helene Eksterowicz 27 Gloucester, New Jersey School Psychologist Winner
Brooke Smith 22 Albertville, Alabama College Student Runner-Up
Gwen Gioia 31 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Executive Recruiter Week 6
Angela 27 Kansas City, Missouri Registered Nurse Week 5
Hayley Crittenden 28 Lake Oswego, Oregon Retail Manager Week 4
Heather Cranford 30 Dallas, Texas Flight Attendant Week 4
Christi Weible 23 Boise, Idaho Assistant Financial Advisor Week 3
Heather 24 Walnut Creek, California Marriage Therapy Trainee Week 3
Kyla Dickerson 22 Midvale, Utah Airline Supervisor Week 3
Shannon 26 Long Island, New York Graphic Artist Week 3
Dana Norris 24 Beverly Hills, California Radio Sales Week 2
Erin 25 Westchester, Pennsylvania Publications Quality Control Week 2
Suzanne Freeman 33 Redondo Beach, California Flight Attendant Week 2
Frances Dinglasan 30 San Francisco, California Strategic Planning Analyst Week 2 (Quit)
Anindita Dutta 27 New York, New York Attorney Week 2 (Quit)
Amber West 26 Chapel Hill, North Carolina Psychologist Week 1
Camille Langfield 29 Los Angeles, California Actress Week 1
Cari 29 Granite City, Illinois 3rd Grade Teacher Week 1
Christy 24 Avondale, Arizona Radiological Technologist Week 1
Erin 24 Houston, Texas Interior Designer Week 1
Fatima Rivas 22 Long Beach, California College Student Week 1
Liangy Fernandez 30 Coral Gables, Florida Paralegal Week 1
Lori 26 Dallas, Texas Former NBA Cheerleader Week 1
Merrilee Donahue 28 Forked River, New Jersey 1st Grade Teacher Week 1
Suzi Reid 28 Richmond, Virginia Communications Specialist Week 1

Future appearances

Heather Cranford returned for the sixth season of The Bachelor along with season four contestant, Mary Delgado, where she placed 9th/12th after having been eliminated the week she arrived. Gwen Gioia competed in the first season of Bachelor Pad, placing 9th/11th.

Elimination Chart

# Contestants Week
1 GwenAngelaHeleneAngelaHeleneGwenHeleneHelene
2 Erin (TX)HeleneKylaGwenGwenHeleneBrookeBrooke
3 FrancesErin (PA)AngelaBrookeAngelaBrookeGwen
4 HeleneBrookeShannonHeleneBrookeAngela
5 BrookeAninditaGwenHeather (TX)Hayley
6 AngelaHeather (CA)BrookeHayleyHeather (TX)
7 LoriDanaHeather (TX)Christi (ID)
8 KylaHayleyHayleyHeather (CA)
9 Christi (ID)Christi (ID)Heather (CA)Kyla
10 HayleyShannonChristi (ID)Shannon
11 DanaFrancesDana
12 Heather (CA)SuzanneErin (PA)
13 AninditaGwenSuzanne
14 SuzanneKyla
15 AmberHeather (TX)
16 MerrileeAmber
17 Christy (AZ)Camille
18 Heather (TX)Cari
19 SuziChristy (AZ)
20 LiangyErin (TX)
21 CamilleFatima
22 Erin (PA)Liangy
23 CariLori
24 FatimaMerrilee
25 ShannonSuzi
The contestant won the competition.
The contestant was on a one-on-one date
The contestant went on a group date
The contestant went on a group date and was eliminated at the rose ceremony
The contestant was on a one-on-one date and was eliminated at the rose ceremony.
The contestant quit the competition.
The contestant was eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Episodes (dates)

Week 1

There were no dates during the first week.

Amber, Camille, Cari, Christi from Arizona, Erin from Texas, Fatima, Liangy, Lori, Merrilee, and Suzi were all sent home in the first rose ceremony.

Week 2

There were three group dates. Five women were sent on each.

Just before the start of the rose ceremony, Anindita and Frances both quit the competition in doubt that things between Aaron and them would work out. Dana, Erin from Pennsylvania, and Suzanne were then eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Week 3

One-on-one: Helene.

There were two group dates that consisted of Angela, Christi from Idaho, Gwen, Hayley, Heather from California, Heather from Texas, Kyla, and Shannon.

One-on-one: Brooke

Christi from Idaho, Heather from California, Kyla, and Shannon were eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Week 4

One-on-one: Helene

One-on-one: Gwen

Group: Angela, Brooke, and Hayley

One-on-one: Heather from Texas

Hayley and Heather from Texas were eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Week 5

# Bachelorette Hometown
1 Angela Kansas City, Missouri
2 Helene Gloucester, New Jersey
3 Gwen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4 Brooke Albertville, Alabama
Angela was eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Week 6

Overnight Dates: Brooke, Gwen, and Helene.

Gwen was eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Week 7 (Finale)

Meeting Aaron's Parents and Final Dates: Brooke and Helene

Brookes's limo pulled up to the altar first, where Aaron sent her home in a limo, crying. Helene then came to the altar, where Aaron professed his love for her and proposed. She accepted and was given the final rose.

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