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Survivor: Fiji is the fourteenth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. The season was filmed in the Fiji Islands.

The premiere of Fiji aired on February 8, 2007. The two-hour season finale aired on May 13, 2007, followed by the Reunion show live from Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. Host Jeff Probst has gone on record declaring the season as one of his least favorites.

In a twist from previous seasons of Survivor, all contestants participated in at least one challenge before being split into two tribes and moving to two different camps. One camp (built by all contestants in the initial challenge), Moto, was furnished with several luxuries, including shelters built from pre-cut wood, a kitchen area with dishware, a shower, a toilet, furniture, and the means to maintain fire. The other camp, Ravu, was given merely a pot and a machete. During the broadcast of the season, host Jeff Probst admitted that this concept did not play out quite as the producers hoped, as it led to the "haves" tribe predictably dominating in the challenges over the "have-nots" week after week.

Exile Island returned once again for Fiji, with new twists. Unlike previous seasons, there were two hidden immunity idols, with one hidden at each camp. The idol now had to be played before Jeff read the results of the voting, rather than after. Once a hidden immunity idol was used, it was rehidden rather than discarded. The idols were good through the final five.

The pivotal moment of the season came when contestant Yau-Man Chan won a 2008 Ford Super Duty truck at a reward challenge on Day 34 and decided to make a deal with formerly homeless contestant Andria "Dreamz" Herd. Yau-Man would give Dreamz the truck on the condition that if Dreamz won immunity when four contestants remained, he would give the immunity to Yau-Man. Dreamz accepted the deal and went on to win immunity at the final four. However, despite calling himself "a man of his word" and wanting to set a good example for his children, when the time came to follow through with his promise, Dreamz decided to keep immunity for himself, causing Yau-Man's elimination. During the reunion show it was revealed that Dreamz had kept the truck, although it is unclear whether or not he donated it to charity. The move was billed in previews and promotional media for the season as "the most controversial decision in Survivor history."

The winner, Earl Cole, was unanimously selected by the jury. Yau-Man reported that Dreamz and Cassandra Franklin received $100,000, as they both received the same amount of votes for Sole Survivor (zero) and tied for second place. He also reported that he received $60,000 for coming in fourth.

Applications were due June 16, 2006. Mellisa McNulty, a 27-year-old talent manager from Los Angeles, would have been the twentieth castaway but dropped out and returned home the night before the show began because of panic attacks and irritable bowel syndrome, making this the first season of Survivor to have an odd number of castaways, with 19. Because of the timing and lack of alternates, her spot could not be replaced. Gary Stritesky was the only contestant who applied to be on the show; McNulty and the other 18 contestants were recruited. The cast retained the same amount of diversity as the previous season, Survivor: Cook Islands, in a conscious effort intended to show that the racial diversity of Survivor: Cook Islands was not just a ratings stunt.

Yau-Man later appeared as a "favorite" on Survivor: Micronesia where he was the third contesant and second "favorite" to be voted out. He was asked to return for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains but turned the offer down due to work obligations.

The complete season (including the live Reunion show) was released on DVD on December 11, 2012, available exclusively through

Season summary

Due to one player dropping out prior to the game, the season started with 19 players. After arriving at their beach as one group, instructions and materials for building a camp were dropped from a plane. Before the first challenge, the teams were divided by Sylvia, the one they saw as their leader; as she was the odd-one out, she became the first to visit Exile Island. After the challenge, the winning team, Moto, returned to the constructed camp, while the losing team, Ravu, was directed to a different beach where only meager supplies awaited them; Sylvia joined Ravu shortly afterwards. While both tribes vied equally in challenges, it was clear Moto was in much better shape due to the better camp; however, this served to build an alliance between Earl and Yau-Man. When Earl became a target to be sent to Exile Island, he conspired with Yau-Man to find one of the two individual immunity idols located at the camps.

A pre-merge tribal shuffle served to further alliances; Earl and Yau-Man brought Michelle, Cassandra and Boo into their fold, while Alex became the leader of an alliance between himself, Mookie, Edgardo, and Dreamz, self-titling themselves the "Four Horsemen". The tribes merged by traveling to Exile Island, then returning to the original Moto camp, finding that all the structures and luxuries had been removed. The first post-merge immunity challenge divided the contestants into two randomly selected teams, putting Michelle with most of the Horsemen, and leading to her being voted out. By this point, Yau-Man and Mookie, using clues given to him by Lisi before her elimination, held possession of the two immunity idols. A critical gameplay moment came at Tribal Council on Day 27"?Earl's alliance, with the help of Stacy, Boo and an alliance-shifting Dreamz, was able to trick Alex into playing Mookie's immunity idol, but instead targeted and eliminated Edgardo, which led to the elimination of Mookie and Alex in the subsequent votes.

The reward challenge played by the final six players was for a truck. Yau-Man won the challenge, but made a deal with Dreamz to trade the truck in exchange for the final challenge's immunity necklace should Dreamz win it. Yau-Man also became the first player to send himself to Exile, in hopes of using the clue there to find an immunity idol. Boo and Stacy were eliminated in the following days, and Dreamz won the final immunity challenge. At the subsequent Tribal Council, Yau-Man was voted off after Dreamz reneged on his promise to give up the immunity idol. At the final Tribal Council, Dreamz' actions and Cassandra's quiet game led the jury to vote unanimously for Earl.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Jessica deBen
27, Los Angeles, CA
Erica Durousseau
27, Lake Charles, LA
Sylvia Kwan
52, Malibu, CA
Gary Stritesky
55, Rochester, MN
Liliana Gomez
25, Oxnard, CA
Rita Verreos
38, San Antonio, TX
Anthony Robinson
32, Compton, CA
James "Rocky" Reid
28, San Diego, CA
Lisette "Lisi" Linares
36, Las Vegas, NV
Michelle Yi
23, Cincinnati, OH
rowspan=10 3
Edgardo Rivera
28, Miami, FL
Mookie Lee
25, Chicago, IL
Alex Angarita
28, Sacramento, CA
Stacy Kimball
27, Boulder, CO
Kenward "Boo" Bernis
34, Lafayette, LA
Yau-Man Chan
54, Fresno, CA
Andria (Dre) "Dreamz" Herd
25, Wilmington, NC
} | 2 |- | align="left"|Cassandra Franklin
42, San Francisco, CA | | |}} | 5 |- | align="left"|Earl Cole
35, Santa Monica, CA | | | | 1 |}

The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.
^Sylvia was given the task of dividing the tribes. She was sent to Exile Island and told she would join whichever tribe lost the Immunity Challenge after that tribe voted off a member. Because Ravu lost the Immunity Challenge, Sylvia became a member of Ravu.
^Lisi was not picked in the tribal switch. She was sent to Exile Island and would join the tribe that lost the Immunity Challenge. Because Ravu lost the challenge, Lisi became a member of Ravu.
^ Since Yau-Man played the Hidden Immunity Idol, four votes against him did not count.
^Dreamz and Cassandra were considered co-runners up due to being tied at zero votes each in the final Tribal Council vote, and both awarded the second place monetary prize. Yau-Man was awarded the third place prize.

The game

Episode title Air date Challenges Exiled Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"Something Cruel Is About to Happen ... Real Soon" February 8, 2007 colspan=2 6"1"1"1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"Snakes Are Misunderstood ... We Have an Understanding Now" February 15, 2007 colspan=2 6"2 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
"This Is Not Survival ... It's a Thrival" February 22, 2007 4"3"1 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
"Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone" March 1, 2007 rowspan=2 rowspan=2 }} No Vote
Day 10
6"1"1 4th Voted Out
Day 11
"Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None" March 8, 2007 5"2 5th Voted Out
Day 14
"I've Got Strength Now to Carry the Flag" March 21, 2007 None 5"1 6th Voted Out
Day 16
"An Evil Thought" March 29, 2007 4"2 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 19
"So You Think You Can Meke?" April 5, 2007 4"1 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 21
"Are We Gonna Live on Exile Island?!" April 12, 2007 colspan=2 }} 3"2 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
"It's a Turtle?!" April 19, 2007 5"3"1
4th Jury Member
Day 27
"Blackmail or Betrayal" April 26, 2007 4"3"1 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 30
"A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket" May 3, 2007 6"1 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
"I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal" May 10, 2007
Boo, Stacy
}} 2"0 13th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
"You've Got That Puzzled Look" May 13, 2007 None None 4"1 14th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
3"1 15th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
"Reunion" May 13, 2007 Jury Vote 9"0"0 Runner-Up
Sole Survivor
In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.

^ Combined Reward and Immunity Challenges.
^Earl was exiled in episode two and did not return to his tribe until after Tribal Council, meaning he could not be voted out or participate in the vote.
^ Moto won the immunity challenge, but received a message which forced them to choose between keeping their luxurious camp or keeping immunity. The Moto tribe chose their camp and gave immunity to Ravu.
^There was no Reward Challenge due to a tribe mix-up.
^The ten remaining Survivors were merged on Exile Island, therefore nobody was exiled.
^ Half of Bula Bula was immune due to winning the Reward/Immunity Challenge, therefore was not present at Tribal Council and did not participate in the vote.
^Yau-Man made a deal with Dreamz to give the reward to Dreamz in exchange for the possibility of a future Individual Immunity.
^Yau-Man played the hidden Immunity Idol, therefore the votes against him were not counted.

Episode 1: Something Cruel Is About to Happen...Real Soon

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Both tribes race chariots across a course with stops at which the tribe members riding on the chariots untie three bags containing puzzle pieces. Once all bags and a small tribe flag are retrieved, the tribes race to the puzzle table to solve the puzzle, revealing the three-number combination to a wheel containing a knife. With this knife, the tribe cuts a rope raising the tribe's flag to win reward and immunity.
    • Reward: The winning tribe will live at the luxury camp built upon arrival.
The castaways arrived on an island with no instructions and were not split into tribes. After some time, a box was parachuted, which contained plans for a luxurious shelter using the provided building supplies. The castaways spent the next two days constructing the shelter from the plans under the primary direction of Sylvia. At the combined Reward and Immunity Challenge, the castaways were asked who the leader was during construction and unanimously named Sylvia. Sylvia was told to split the castaways into two tribes but was then exiled. She would be immune from Tribal Council and would join whichever tribe lost the Immunity Challenge. Ravu lost the challenge and was sent to a new island with only one pot and a machete. Moto returned to the original tribe to live in the shelter built on day one and two with additional amenities. James (self-nicknamed "Rocky"), Erica, and Jessica formed a strong alliance, while the other six formed a looser alliance. Jessica was blamed for losing the challenge and being under the radar. She was voted out 6"1"1"1.

Episode 2: Snakes Are Misunderstood...We Have an Understanding Now

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will paddle a canoe out and around their tribe flag. While the tribes are heading back to shore the must collect four supply crates. Once they pass a crate, one tribe member must connect the crate to the boat. After getting to shore, they must get the crates to their tribe mat. Once the tribes get all four crates they must untie them to get six puzzle pole pieces and a flag. The first tribe to solve the pole puzzle and raise their tribe flag wins reward and immunity.
    • Reward: Fishing gear.
Ravu continued to suffer from dehydration and were reduced to licking water off of leaves, though they found a supply of pineapples in addition to their coconut supply. At Moto, the castaways continued to live a cushy life at their camp. Boo injured himself in the eye and then shortly thereafter cut himself with an ax while chopping wood, and then the hammock he was lying on fell down. On day 5, Sylvia returned from Exile Island and immediately declared that she felt like an outcast. Her tribemates were annoyed by her perceived bossiness and the fact that she had plenty of water to drink on Exile Island. The challenge was another combined Reward/Immunity Challenge and the winners would receive fishing gear and the choice of sending somebody from the losing tribe to Exile Island. In a close race, Moto pulled out another win and chose Earl to go to Exile Island. Anthony lobbied to vote out Sylvia for being the outsider and disrupting the tribe's chemistry. However, when Erica panicked during the challenge, it caused a movement against her that ended with her elimination with a vote of 6"2.

Episode 3: This Is Not Survival...It's Thrival

  • Reward Challenge: Each Tribe member will face head to head on a slippery course to receive a number ball. Once the tribe member is on the course they must get the ball and throw it into a basket. First tribe to 6 wins reward.
    • Reward: The winning tribe will have a choice on the reward. There are three options. First option is luxury items from home, second option is a duplicate set of fishing gear and third option is a basket of fresh fruit.
  • Immunity Challenge: Tribes are challenged to eat Fijian dishes, such as giant clam, octopus tentacles, peanut worms, sea cucumbers, fish eyes and pig snouts in a series of 1-on-1 matches. The first tribe to win four matches wins.
Michelle finally started a fire at Ravu using Yau-Man's glasses. Michelle used Yau-Man's glasses because the thicker bifocals concentrated the light better than her own glasses. This energized the tribe, but the momentum failed to carry over to the Reward Challenge where Ravu lost (though they did gain flint for successfully earning fire on their own). Moto opted to have a second set of fishing gear as reward instead of their luxury items or fresh fruit. Moto also won the right to send somebody to Exile Island and they selected Sylvia to go for a second time. After the Reward Challenge when Moto returned to camp, Gary felt dizzy and complained of chest pain, thinking that it may have been a cracked rib suffered during the Reward Challenge. The medics were called in and he was cleared to continue, though his tribe encouraged him to not be afraid to call for medical help should he not be able to breathe. This deflated some of Moto's elation of the Reward win. At a food eating Immunity Challenge, tempers flared after some taunting by Mookie, but Moto was able to continue their win streak. Sylvia, knowing she was vulnerable from the previous vote and her performance at the Reward Challenge, attempted to find the idol at camp using the 3 clues she had, but was unsuccessful. Her tribemates voted her out 4"3"1.

Episode 4: Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe will stand on the balance beam. One at a time a tribe member must pass through a tribe member to get to the finish platform. First tribe to have all tribe member at that platform wins reward.
    • Reward: Fish, rice, spices and comfort (pillows, blankets, and a king size bed).
  • Immunity Challenge: Four tribe members will begin locked in floating cages. One tribe member will start on shore and race out to unlock the first cage, releasing the first tribe member. The newly freed tribe member will run across floating lily pads to free the next member in a locked cage. Once the fourth tribe member is freed from their locked cage, those tribe members will get on a boat where another tribe member will be waiting with a ring of keys. The teams will paddle back to shore, picking up the stranded tribemates along the way. Once back, the Survivors will form a human pyramid. The person at the top will use a ring of keys to unlock a series of pad locks, freeing their last tribe member from the last cage. The first tribe to get all members back on their tribe mat wins Immunity.
Gary continued to suffer from vertigo due to an allergic reaction brought on by bug bites. Moto came up with a great strategy to win the Reward Challenge after initially falling behind. The challenge was almost exactly the same as the one in Vanuatu. Moto chose to send Yau-Man to Exile Island and received a reward of fish, rice, spices, pillows, blankets, and a king size bed. A frustrated Rocky threw a temper tantrum after the Reward Challenge. On Day 10, Gary decided that his condition was not getting any better and he pulled himself from the game. Rocky decided to motivate his tribe by wearing one of the women's pink tops to the Immunity Challenge, but this did not help as Moto's winning streak continued. In a twist, the winning tribe opened a sealed bottle that contained a note that stated: Moto decided to keep their comfort and go to Tribal Council. The alliance of Alex, Boo, Edgardo, Lisi, and Stacy discussed voting strategies for tribal council, and decided to target Liliana after viewing Dreamz as an asset for the tribe and Cassandra as harmless. The decision was motivated after Liliana gave the men a sports massage, which Lisi saw as deceptive. Alex was initially against this decision as he feels Liliana was about as strong as the men of the tribe, and preferred to eliminate weak link Cassandra instead. Despite that, the alliance stuck with their decision and Liliana was blindsided 6-1-1.

Episode 5: Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None

  • Reward Challenge: The Survivors will square off, one on one, on a platform. Using large padded bags they will battle sumo style, knocking the other tribe member off the platform to score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score seven points wins Reward.
    • Reward: Two items chosen from a catalog by each tribe.
  • Immunity Challenge: Scattered in a field are 30 boards. Each board has a number or a word painted on it. One tribe at a time will send a member out to reveal two boards. If the numbers or words on the boards match, they'll score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to seven points wins Immunity. To make things more difficult, there are 4 dummy boards on the course without a match.
Earl and Yau-Man discussed their clues about the Hidden Immunity Idol. Earl took the tribe on a hunting expedition, leaving Yau-Man to dig for the Idol, but his search turned up nothing. At the Reward Challenge, Moto crushed Ravu and opted to send Earl back to Exile Island. Lisi and Stacy upset Alex and Edgardo by going on a power trip, treating Cassandra and Dreamz rudely. Dreamz decided that he and Cassandra would flip to the other side after the unspoken alliance's effort to smooth things over rang hollow. Moto won a close Immunity Challenge to remain undefeated. Rita annoyed Rocky with her chitchatting with Michelle and she was voted out 5"2.

Episode 6: I've Got Strength Now to Carry the Flag

  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will be belted into a large six point sliding hub resembling a star. By shifting, sliding and adjusting each other they will maneuver through a course of bamboo poles. Along the way the tribes will pass through five gates. Making things more difficult, the tribe paths intersect at four points in the course, which could result in the two tribes colliding before reaching the finish line. The first tribe to get all their members across finish line wins Immunity.
After receiving tree mail, Moto and Ravu head to what they think is a Reward Challenge. Jeff tells the tribes to volunteer one member from each tribe. Earl from Ravu and Edgardo from Moto step forward. Jeff then announced that volunteers would start the selection of new tribes by schoolyard pick. The new Moto tribe becomes Earl, Yau-Man, Cassandra, Boo, Michelle, and Stacy. The new Ravu tribe becomes James, Dre, Mookie, Edgardo, Anthony, and Alex. An upset Lisi was not picked and was sent to Exile Island, after her statements about being ready to give up prompted a stern lecture from Jeff Probst. Edgardo and Earl then played Rock, Paper, Scissors for the right to draw from a bag that contained Moto and Ravu buffs to see which tribe went to which camp and Edgardo drew the less luxurious Ravu camp. Cassandra, who had been weak without any alliance in the old Moto tribe quickly warmed up to the new members. Over at Ravu, the new members were not in such bad spirits as the old members at Ravu, and in turn, the new Ravu members strengthened the team with their positive attitude and well health. Despite this, Ravu was not able to win the closely contested Immunity Challenge, where each team was linked together with several different poles and had to work their way through a maze to the finish line. At the Ravu camp, two heads were on the chopping block: Anthony for being seen as weak and James for his obnoxious behavior. Things became tense at Tribal Council, when Anthony unleashed some pent up anger at Rocky. When it came to the vote, Anthony was voted out 5"1.

Episode 7: An Evil Thought

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe will use a flame-thrower to launch fireballs at three separate targets. Each time they hit a target it will burst into flames. The first tribe to ignite all three of their targets wins Reward.
    • Reward: Traveling via seaplane, the winning tribe will be taken to a private Fijian arcade where they will enjoy an afternoon of foosball, bowling and billiards while filling their bellies with hotdogs and beer.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will designate one person to be the caller while the rest of the tribe is blindfolded. One at a time, the caller will guide their tribe out into a field where five skulls are hanging. Using a Fijian war club one player must smash a skull, releasing a bundle of tiles trapped inside. While still blindfolded that player must then find the tiles, take them to their puzzle board and race back to the start. Then the next person will go. Once the tribes collect all five bundles of tiles, the entire tribe will race to unscramble the them and decipher a two-word phrase. The first tribe to correctly solve the phrase wins Immunity.
Lisi joined the Ravu tribe after spending two days on Exile Island. Dreamz immediately saw Lisi as an outsider and the weakest person, as well as being annoying. Earl took his tribemates to try to retrieve Moto's stranded boat, leaving Yau-Man to search for the hidden immunity idol. Using Moto's digging tools, Yau-Man found the hidden immunity idol and vowed to share the idol with Earl. At the reward challenge, Dreamz's perfect aiming led Ravu to finally break their losing streak. Ravu sent Earl to Exile Island, and they enjoyed beer, hot dogs, a pool table, bowling, and virtual golf at a video arcade. After suffering stomachaches from gorging on too much hot dogs (going as far as putting 2"4 frankfurters with a lot of condiments in one bun), Rocky (the only one who took his time and ended up without a stomachache) told them that "it is what it is." Although Lisi was planned as the next to go if Ravu lost immunity, the others were fed up with Rocky's harsh attitude and did not want to suffer the same fate as Anthony. Yau-Man made a fake hidden immunity idol and planted it where he found the real immunity idol, though not as deep. At the immunity challenge, Ravu and Moto were neck and neck, but Moto finished the puzzle quicker. Knowing she was next and wanting to keep herself in the game, Lisi told Alex the clues she got from Exile Island to the whereabouts to the hidden immunity idol on Ravu. Alex and Edgardo then concluded that they preferred Lisi's loyalty over Rocky's strength and attitude. Dreamz agreed with them, but Mookie still felt taking out physically strong Rocky was too risky and wanted physically weak Lisi out. In the end, loyalty outweighed physical strength as Rocky was blindsided 4"2.

Episode 8: So You Think You Can Meke?

  • Reward Challenge: Both tribes were taught a Meke, a traditional Fijian dance. Each tribe will perform this Meke in front Fijian judges who are experts in Fijian dance. They will be judged on three criteria: appearance, authenticity and spirit.
    • Reward: Winners will indulge in a Fijian feast of chicken, pork and seafood while enjoying Fijian entertainment.
  • Immunity Challenge: Using three different weapons, tribes will test their skills. The first round is blowing darts, one shot per tribe member, and whoever gets closest to the bull's eye scores one point for their tribe. The second round is spear throwing; the closest to the bull's eye scores two points for their tribe. Finally is bow and arrow, with the tribe member to hit closest to the bull's eye scoring three points. The tribe with the most points wins Immunity.
While Dreamz and Lisi slept, Alex, Edgardo, and Mookie found the hidden Immunity Idol using the clues that Lisi told Alex. The three men decided not to tell Dreamz or Lisi that they found the idol, though Lisi figured out that Alex told Mookie about the clues. Alex stated that they would share the idol, but Mookie made it clear that he had primary control of the idol because he dug it up. After Lisi mocked the idea that anyone else had found the idol, Mookie had some fun by helping her dig in the spot where he'd already found it. At the Reward Challenge, where the tribes were to perform a traditional Fijian meke, both Moto and Ravu tied for both appearance and spirit, but Moto beat Ravu in the dance (moves and timing) category. Moto enjoyed a traditional Fijian feast with the natives while Ravu was sent into a low morale. Lisi struggled at Exile Island during the thunderstorm. The Immunity Challenge tested the tribes' accuracy in hitting a target for 3 rounds. Each round involved a different task: blow darts, spear throwing, and archery. Moto continued their winning streak by winning all rounds, with Yau-Man showing off some "unorthodox" but successful techniques in spear throwing and archery. Because of that, Earl (and Cassandra, who sat out) never had to participate in this challenge. A frustrated Lisi told her tribe that she wanted to be voted out, which made Dreamz happy because he'd never gotten along with her. Lisi then changed her mind and hoped that Alex and Edgardo would vote out Dreamz, but the tribe had enough and decided to vote out Lisi 4"1.

Episode 9: Are We Gonna Live on Exile Island?!

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The castaways were split into two teams of five.Alex, Mookie, Dreamz, Michelle and Stacy will compete as the Green team, while Edgardo, Cassandra, Boo, Yau-Man and Earl will compete as the Orange team. Shown a large Fijian mask, teams are to memorize the symbols and their arrangement on the mask. Teams will paddle down a river to three stations to retrieve three bundles of puzzle pieces. Once they have retrieved all three bundles, they'll paddle to the finish where two tribe members from each team will then use those pieces to construct six of the symbols from their Fijian mask. The first team to place the symbols in the correct order on their team mask wins.
    • Reward: The winning team of five will return to camp to feast on massive slabs of steak, veggies and seasoning, while washing it down with a few bottles of wine.
On day 22, the tribes received tree mail that told them to paddle immediately to Exile Island and to not take any of their rewards with them. When they arrived, they discovered a box in the tower on the island with purple buffs and a note telling them that they were now a merged tribe and they were to return to the Moto camp. When they arrived, everything had been removed and the castaways would have to rebuild from scratch. All the castaways started scrambling for new alliances or tried to bring back together old ones. Michelle chose the name Bula Bula for the merged tribe, meaning "hello hello." At the combined Reward and Immunity Challenge, the castaways were randomly split into two competing teams consisting of a green team (Alex, Dreamz, Michelle, Mookie, and Stacy) and an orange team (Boo, Cassandra, Earl, Edgardo, and Yau-Man). The winning team would be immune, not attend Tribal Council, and receive a reward of vegetables, meat, and wine. The other tribe would go to Tribal Council, and do what a note held by Jeff Probst said. Leading from the start, the orange team won the combined Reward and Immunity Challenge, leaving Alex, Dreamz, Michelle, Mookie, and Stacy to go to Tribal Council. The note revealed that they were to go to Tribal Council immediately and were not allowed to discuss anything or strategize. When they got to Tribal Council, Jeff asked each Survivor to tell him a good reason to vote out another castaway. Through this, Alex implied that he was voting for Michelle. Dreamz decided to also vote for Michelle, and she was voted off 3"2.

Episode 10: It's a Turtle?!

  • Reward Challenge: After answering a series of questions in private, Jeff will ask the questions again, but this time Survivors will guess what the tribe as a whole answered. Each time someone gets an answer correct, they will smash a tower belonging to another tribe member. When all three towers are gone, that person is out of the game. The last person standing wins reward
    • Reward: A huge barbecue and a night aboard a 70-foot luxury yacht.
  • Immunity Challenge: The survivors will use their arms to brace themselves between two walls, while their feet are positioned on very narrow footholds. Every 30 minutes Survivors will step down to an even smaller foothold. When they reach the third and final foothold they will stay there as long as they can. When someone falls off, they're out. The main rule: no hips, no back, and no butts. Arms and feet only. Last person standing wins individual Immunity
After the half of the tribe returned from the previous Tribal Council, tensions were high as everyone knew the next vote would decide the game between the two alliances. Michelle's ousting caused Boo, Cassandra, Earl, and Yau-Man to regroup and make a new strategy. Cassandra won the first individual Reward Challenge, sending Mookie to Exile Island, and bringing along Boo, Dreamz, and Yau-Man on a private yacht trip. During the challenge, which involved each tribe member guessing which competitors were named by the others for numerous questions, Stacy received several negative titles, including "Who do you NOT want to see after the game is over?" and "Who wasted this great opportunity?". On the yacht, Cassandra and Yau-Man talked Dreamz into their alliance. The first individual Immunity Challenge was won by Yau-Man. In the ensuing scramble to decide the vote at Tribal Council, the self-titled "Four Horsemen" of Alex, Dreamz, Edgardo, and Mookie figured that Earl must have the other hidden Immunity Idol and planned to vote him off. Both Alex and Yau-Man tried to convince Stacy to join their alliances. In the end, Stacy sided with Yau-Man. Alex, Edgardo, and Mookie told Dreamz that they found the hidden immunity idol at Ravu, which caused Dreamz to waver because they kept it a secret from him.

Dreamz jumped sides and told Cassandra, Earl, and Yau-Man that Mookie had found an Immunity Idol. Initially, the group of Boo, Cassandra, Dreamz, Earl, Stacy, and Yau-Man decided to target Alex. Feeling threatened, Alex asked Mookie to discretely give him the hidden Immunity Idol for protection at Tribal Council. Dreamz noticed this exchange and told the Earl's alliance of the swap, and the same group decided to change the target to Mookie. Edgardo later suggested to the Four Horsemen that they vote off Cassandra instead, as she was a strong middle player in the game and if Earl did have the Immunity Idol, their plan may backfire. Seeing that Dreamz may have been playing both sides of the game and hoping to improve her standing with her critical teammates, Stacy suggested to Boo, Cassandra, Earl, and Yau-Man that they vote off Edgardo and not tell Dreamz about this change; regardless of whether Alex and Mookie had the idol (facts unsure by Dreamz's double-sided dealings), Edgardo would be left unprotected and be voted off if the 5-member alliance held. This would also confirm whether Dreamz was trustworthy and cost the Four Horsemen use of the idol. At Tribal Council, Alex played the hidden Immunity Idol, but for naught (as he received no votes), and the Earl-led alliance stuck to their plan and blindsided Edgardo 5"3"1. Jeff noted the Immunity Idol would be re-hidden with new clues available on Exile Island.

Episode 11: Blackmail or Betrayal

  • Reward Challenge: The tribe will be randomly divided into two teams, and one person from each team will launch balls from a platform out into the muddy field. The other teammates will attempt to catch the ball using a basket. Each time someone catches a ball they score a point. The first team to five wins Reward.
    • Reward: A seaplane will take the winning team to a luxury spa resort where they will have a hot shower, dinner and a night in a bed.
  • Immunity Challenge: Testing their memory, each Survivor will secretly select three squares on a grid, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The goal is to knock out their opposing teammate by guessing squares and bombing them one by one. The last person with squares still left on the board wins individual Immunity.
With Edgardo gone, the "Four Horsemen" alliance collapsed. Alex and Mookie confronted Dreamz about why he double crossed them at Tribal Council, but Dre tried to cover because he noted he needed their votes if he was to make it further in the game. For the Reward Challenge, the tribe was divided into two teams for a game to catch a ball shot into a mud flat. Boo struggled in the Reward Challenge when he injured his knee, but he popped it back into place and continued playing. Alex, Dreamz, Earl, and Stacy won the reward of going to a spa resort and sent Boo to Exile Island. At the spa, Alex scrambled to see if he could get any support from his fellow tribemates, but he could not. Alex and Mookie figured that Yau-Man had the other hidden Immunity Idol from the Moto camp and confirmed this when they searched through his personal belongings. They plotted to confront Yau-Man about the idol at Tribal Council to either get him to lie about having the idol or stir up trouble by casting doubt among his alliance. However, Cassandra and Stacy were nearby, attempting to eavesdrop on the conversation. Although they only heard small parts of the conversation and didn't learn exactly what their adversaries were planning, they were spotted by Mookie and Alex, who then decided to confront Yau-Man immediately. They attempted to blackmail Yau-Man into telling his alliance about the hidden Immunity Idol or they would tell them. Yau-Man decided to tell the members of his alliance, but the strongest reaction was anger that Alex and Mookie went through Yau-Man's personal bag. At the Immunity Challenge, Stacy won immunity through a game similar to Battleship by taking out Yau-Man and Alex. Boo convinced his alliance that it would be better to split the votes between Alex and Mookie, just in case either of them had found the remaining idol, even though neither of them had any clues about the rehidden idol. At Tribal Council, it was admitted openly that Yau-Man had the hidden Immunity Idol and that Alex and Mookie were on the outside. The six-person alliance held to their plan of splitting their vote and Alex, to keep himself in the game, voted out Mookie 4"3"1.

Episode 12: A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket

  • Reward Challenge: Using only their teeth, Survivors will rip pieces of meat off large hunks of pork, filling their individual plates. The three with the most meat on their plates wins. The person with the most meat on their plate would receive an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge.
    • Reward: A trip to a Fijian rain forest to embark on a river rafting adventure.
  • Immunity Challenge: Survivors will race to dig up three climbing steps buried randomly in the sand. The first two people to find their climbing steps and cross the finish line will join Boo in the final stage. There they will use those climbing steps to ascend to the top of a 12-foot pole and retrieve their flag. The first person to retrieve their flag wins individual Immunity.
Alex went into self-declared "ninja" mode trying to stay out of everybody's way and just observing the others looking for possible ways to continue in the game. Cassandra, Earl, and Yau-Man discussed the options for who is the fourth member of the "Core Four" alliance with Cassandra and Earl preferring Dreamz and Yau-Man preferring Stacy. At the Reward Challenge, the winner and the first two runners-up were taken on a river rafting excursion. The winner of the challenge also received an advantage to the next Immunity Challenge. Boo won the challenge by a wide margin with Yau-Man and Dreamz as runners-up. Boo selected Earl to go back to Exile Island. In a surprise, the three castaways on the trip received letters from home. Alex noticed the others complaining about Boo being too talkative, so he approached Dreamz about convincing the others to vote Boo out before Alex. At the Immunity Challenge, Boo's advantage turned out to be a free pass to the final round of the challenge, where he was joined by Dre and Alex. However, the energy expended by Alex and Dreamz were too much to overcome and Boo won Individual Immunity. With Boo winning immunity, Alex tried to convince Cassandra, Dreamz, and Earl that now was the time to vote out Yau-Man, but his efforts were for naught and he was voted out 6"1.

Episode 13: I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal

  • Reward Challenge: Split into groups of three and tied together, they will maneuver over a series of see-saws, climb up and through a cargo net tower to a sand pit, dig up a hatchet and chop through a rope to release a box. In addition, those three will also compete against each other in a hatchet-throwing contest for the keys of the 2008 Ford Super Duty.
    • Reward: The winning team will drive in the truck, delivering the box as well as a trailer carrying a mobile school office to a local Fijian School. While there, they will have a picnic lunch with the children.
  • Immunity Challenge: On platforms in the ocean, Survivors will toss a ball attached to a rope into a hoop to pull down a balance beam. From there, they'll cross to the finish. The first four will move on and do it again, with the first two to cross moving into the final round. They'll once again lower a balance beam, then move onto another beam to a small perch. Balancing on that perch, they will use a grappling hook to fish for a buoy. The first one to raise their buoy wins Individual Immunity.
Boo made himself a hideout near the well to overhear conversations thinking that he would be the next one voted out. Earl discussed with his alliance that Boo would be indeed the next voted out. At the Reward Challenge, Yau-Man won a new truck, but then dealt the truck to Dreamz in exchange for Individual Immunity should Dreamz win Individual Immunity at a prospective final four. Yau-Man also decided to send himself to Exile Island. In his new truck, Dreamz, Boo, and Stacy delivered school supplies and a teacher's office to the local school as part of the reward. After Dreamz returned from the trip, he plotted with Cassandra and Stacy to vote out Yau-Man after realizing what Yau-Man's strategy was regarding giving him the truck, also noting that the deal wouldn't be broken if he voted out Yau-Man before the final four. At the Immunity Challenge, Boo, Dreamz, Earl and Yau-Man moved on to the second round. Yau-Man and Boo then moved on to the final round. Boo won immunity for the second time in a row, throwing the alliance's plans into disarray. Earl found the Hidden Immunity Idol using the third clue that Yau-Man received. Feeling bad vibes leading up to Tribal Council and Stacy's hinting that his alliance would split a vote, Yau-Man played his Hidden Immunity Idol. The plans to eliminate Yau-Man backfired, and a surprised Stacy was voted out 2"0 (with 4 non-counted votes against Yau-Man).

Episode 14: You've Got That Puzzled Look

  • Immunity Challenge: Survivors will make their way blindfolded through a massive five-section maze. Each will be assigned a uniquely shaped medallion, negotiating the maze till they find a key station. They will feel for the shape that matches their medallion to retrieve their specific key. After making their way to the correct drawbridge they will use their key to unlock it, lower it and cross over to the next section of the maze. The first person to get all five keys and cross all five drawbridges wins Immunity.
After Tribal Council, Earl tried to figure out his standing with his alliance after the unexpected vote results. At the Immunity Challenge, Yau-Man won immunity. Boo tried to stay in the game by trying to persuade Earl and Yau-Man to vote out Dreamz, but he did not succeed and Boo was voted out 4"1.

  • Immunity Challenge: Survivors will lie on their backs on an elevated plank at an angle holding onto a wooden handle. Making things more difficult, water will stream out of a barrel, making the plank slippery. Every five minutes, Jeff will increase the angle of the plank, making it steeper and harder to hang onto. When they can't hang on any longer, they'll let go and slide down the plank, landing in a pool of water. The last person hanging on wins Individual Immunity.
The final Immunity Challenge was won by Dreamz when he outlasted Yau-Man. At Tribal Council, Dreamz reneged on his agreement with Yau-Man to hand over the immunity necklace as Dreamz, correctly, felt that if he handed the necklace over, he would be voted out. With Yau-Man's agreement broken, he was voted out 3"1. At the final Tribal Council, the jury saw Dreamz as disloyal and deceptive, Cassandra as greedy and undeserving, and Earl being the only one of the three that played the game respectably. Earl received the unanimous vote of the jury and became the fourteenth Sole Survivor.

Voting history

Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
} | | | |}} | | |- !Voter !colspan=16|Vote |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | | | | |}} | | |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | | | | |}} | |}} |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | | | | |}} | |colspan=1 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | | | | |}} |colspan=2 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | | | |}} |colspan=3 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | | | |colspan=4 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | | |colspan=5 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | | |colspan=6 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | | |colspan=7 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | | | | |colspan=8 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | | | |colspan=9 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | | |colspan=10 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | | |colspan=11 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | | |colspan=12 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | | | |colspan=13 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" |}} | |colspan=14 bgcolor="darkgray"| |- |align="left" | |colspan=15 bgcolor="darkgray"| |}

Jury vote
Juror Vote
^Sylvia was given the task of dividing the tribes. She was sent to Exile Island and told she would join whichever tribe lost the Immunity Challenge after that tribe voted off a member. Because Ravu lost the Immunity Challenge, Sylvia became a member of Ravu.
^Earl was exiled in episode two and did not return to his tribe until after Tribal Council, meaning he could not be voted out or participate in the vote.
^ No vote: Gary was evacuated due to medical reasons (severe constipation).
^Lisi was not picked in the tribal switch. She was sent to Exile Island and would join the tribe that lost the Immunity Challenge. Because Ravu lost the challenge, Lisi became a member of Ravu.
^ Half of Bula Bula was immune due to winning the Reward/Immunity Challenge, therefore was not present at Tribal Council and did not participate in the vote.
^Yau-Man played the hidden Immunity Idol, therefore the votes against him were not counted.


U.S. Nielsen ratings

Episode Air date Rating/Share
"Something Cruel Is About to Happen ... Real Soon" February 8, 2007 5.7/15 16.44
"Snakes Are Misunderstood ... We Have an Understanding Now" February 15, 2007 5.6/15 16.08
"This Is Not Survival ... It's a Thrival" February 22, 2007 4.6/12 13.47
"Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone" March 1, 2007 5.0/13 14.67
"Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None" March 8, 2007 4.6/12 13.81
"I've Got Strength Now to Carry the Flag" March 21, 2007 4.2/12 12.78
"An Evil Thought" March 29, 2007 4.5/14 13.71
"So You Think You Can Meke?" April 5, 2007 4.3/13 13.58
"Are We Gonna Live on Exile Island?!" April 12, 2007 4.5/13 14.25
"It's a Turtle?!" April 19, 2007 4.5/13 13.33
"Blackmail or Betrayal" April 26, 2007 4.6/14 13.83
"A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket" May 3, 2007 4.6/14 13.74
"I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal" May 10, 2007 4.4/14 13.77
"You've Got That Puzzled Look" May 13, 2007 4.6/13 13.63

Filming locations

Survivor: Fiji was filmed in the eastern region of the Macuata province, on Fiji's second largest island, Vanua Levu, about from the town of Labasa. Tribal Council, the production camp ("Tent City"), and several challenges were located in close proximity to the village of Vunivutu. Other challenges were held on Katawaqa Island, Tivi Island, Vatudamu Point, and fields along the Wainikoro River. The Moto (and later Bula Bula) tribe lived on a peninsula in Vunivutu Bay, while the Ravu tribe lived on Druadrua Island under much harsher conditions. Exile Island's actual name is Sausau Island. Reward getaways included trips to the Namale Resort and Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort in the town of Savusavu, as well as a rafting excursion on the Navua River on Fiji's main island of Viti Levu.

Political turmoil in Fiji

On December 5, 2006 (two days before the final Tribal Council), a coup d'état was initiated by Fiji's military leader, Frank Bainimarama. While there was some speculation that a full evacuation of the Survivor crew members from Fiji would take place, only a few crew members on the mainland were relocated to the second-smallest island. However, the political turmoil prior to the coup did prevent the families of the cast members from coming to Fiji to participate in a reward challenge (as usually

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