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| location = Crittenden, Kentucky | season = The Australian Outback | finish = 5th Place | tribe = Kucha, Barramundi }} Rodger Bingham (born July 5, 1947) was a contestant on Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Rodger was one of sixteen Americans selected to participate in the second edition of Survivor, Survivor: The Australian Outback. The native of Crittenden, Kentucky, was nicknamed "Kentucky Joe" early in the series. Rodger was assigned to the Kucha tribe at the start of the game. His tribemates were Elisabeth Filarski, Michael Skupin, Jeff Varner, Alicia Calaway, Kimmi Kappenberg, Nick Brown, and Debb Eaton.

In the first Reward challenge involving jumping off the cliff into the water and swimming over to the crate, he had a fear of heights also a lack of swimming ability which cost his tribe the challenge.

Rodger developed a strong bond with fellow tribemate Elisabeth Filarski. Rodger and Elisabeth were the last standing from their tribe. When it came time for one of them to be voted off Rodger told Tina Wesson to vote him off since Elisabeth needed the money more. He finished 5th in the competition.

In 2005, Kentucky's Agricultural Commissioner made Bingham Kentucky's agricultural marketing spokesman.

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