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The Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious is the second and final season of Pussycat Dolls Present:, in which young aspiring female singers/dancers compete in order to claim their spots to become the group "Girlicious". Girlicious is the creation of Robin Antin, creator of The Pussycat Dolls, who in the first season was searching for The Next Doll, but is now searching for an entirely new pop group by the name Girlicious. Girlicious, unlike the Pussycat Dolls, will be a more urbanized all female trio. This is the format for the second season of the Pussycat Dolls Present series, focusing mostly on female dancers/singers, looking for fame in the music industry. It premiered on Monday, February 18, 2008. This season features 15 young women competing for the 3 slots open. The contestants are: Alexis Pelekanos, Carrie Jones, Cassandra Porter, Charlotte Benesch, Charlye Nichols, Chrystina Sayers, Ilisa Juried, Jamie Lee Ruiz, Jenna Artzer, Keisha Henry, Kristin Vlaze, Megan Dupre, Natalie Mejia, Nichole Cordova and Tiffanie Anderson. The album will be out on August 12 and their first single premiered on April 23 right after the finale of the series. The same day, Stupid Shit was released. Their first single can be heard on their official myspace. Another season of Pussycat Dolls Present was planned but then the show was officially cancelled due to low ratings.


Name Age Hometown Outcome
Charlotte Benesch 20 Washington, D.C. Eliminated in Episode 1
Kristin Vlaze 24 Portland, Oregon
Keisha Henry 22 North Hollywood, California
Megan Dupre 18 Sunset, Louisiana Eliminated In Episode 2
Alexis Pelekanos 21 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Eliminated in Episode 3
Cassandra Porter 23 Aurora, Illinois Eliminated in Episode 4
Jamie Lee Ruiz 21 Miami, Florida Eliminated in Episode 5
Ilisa Juried 19 West Palm Beach, Florida
Jenna Artzer 18 Thousands Oaks, California Eliminated in Episode 6
Carrie Jones 25 Fairfield, Illinois Eliminated in Episode 8
Charlye Nichols 19 Baytown, Texas Runner-Up
Natalie Mejia 19 Diamond Bar, California Winners
Chrystina Sayers 20 San Diego, California
Tiffanie Anderson 18 Los Angeles, California
Nichole Cordova 18 Houston, Texas


Episode 1: Let's Get Girlicious

After some bonding where Keisha reveals to be a lesbian, Charlye that her father died and Cassandra shows the girls her tattoo, the 15 semi-finalists are told that they must pick one song each by a pre-selected group of three. The results are as follow:

Group 1
Song "Tainted Love"
Artist Ed Cobb
Performers Tiffanie,Alexis,Megan
Group 2
Song "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)"
Artist En Vogue
Performers Keisha, Ilisa, Carrie
Group 3
Song "Where Did Our Love Go"
Artist Holland"Dozier"Holland
Performers Jamie, Jenna , Charlye
Group 4
Song "Right Now"
Artist The Pussycat Dolls
Performers Chrystina, Nichole, Cassandra
Group 5
Song "We Got the Beat"
Artist The Go-Go's
Performers Charlotte, Natalie, Kristin
The girls practice and Keisha's vocal short-comings are highlighted. Charlotte and Natalie have an argument, when Natalie doesn't lend Charlotte a pair of boots. The girls are taken to the Tom Tom club. At the club, the girls perform karaoke and both Ilisa and Carrie impress the judges. Back at home, Jenna is revealed to have a ruptered cyst and is taken to the ER. She then spends the rest of rehearsal in a wheelchair, much to Robin's astonishment. In the final performance, Group 2 and 5 are deemed the worst but Ilisa, Natalie and then Carrie are spared, narrowing the group to 12 finalists.

  • First Call-Out: Group 1(Tiffanie, Alexis and Megan)
  • Bottom Four: Charlotte,Kristen,Carrie and Keisha
  • Eliminated: Charlotte, Kristin, Keisha

Episode 2: Confidence

The girls move into the house and Chrystina and Natalie separate themselves from the rest and gossip. During vocal rehearsels of the N Sync group, former member of *NSYNC JC Chasez suprised the girls and gave advice about being in a group. The girls are taught about confidence and learn that their song assignments will be as follow:

Group 1
Song "Holiday"
Artist Madonna
Performers Nichole, Natalie, Tiffanie, Ilisa
Group 2
Song "Baby One More Time"
Artist Britney Spears
Performers Megan, Cassandra, Alexis, Jamie

Group 3
Song "Tearin' Up My Heart"
Artist *NSYNC
Performers Jenna , Charlye , Chrystina , Carrie

They are then taken to a baseball game where they learn that their challenge will be to sing the national anthem in front of the audience. After a first check, the group made up of Carrie, Charlye, Jenna and Chrystina is selected and Carrie wins. Back at home Natalie is confronted by her teammates for not investing enough in the challenge. At the final performance, Baby One More Time is unanimously deemed the worst and Megan and Cassandra land in the bottom two. But in the end, Megan is eliminated for being too pageanty.

  • First Call-Out: Group 3 (Jenna, Charlye, Chrystina and Carrie)
  • Bottom Two: Megan and Cassandra
  • Eliminated: Megan

Episode 3: Charisma

This week is about charisma. Robin selects Carrie, Chrystina and Charlye as team leaders and Ilisa is the last to be picked. The song are as follow:

Group 1
Song "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'"
Artist Nancy Sinatra
Performers Charlye, Tiffanie, Nichole
Group 2
Song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Artist Cyndi Lauper
Performers Carrie, Jamie, Alexis, Cassandra

Group 3
Song "Respect"
Artist Aretha Franklin
Performers Chrystina, Natalie, Jenna, Ilisa

Ilisa struggles with not having a place in the competition until the immunity challenge, performing I don't need a man in front of critical fans, where she places 2nd behind Natalie who wins immunity. She then tells the girls about her story of living with a heart defect and wanting to inspire people with her music. Meanwhile, Tiffanie gets criticism for being too over the top, exaggerating her voice.

During the final performance, the judges deem all the groups as good and Chrystina lands in the bottom two with Alexis who is eliminated for not standing out enough.

  • First Call-Out: Natalie
  • Bottom Two: Chrystina and Alexis
  • Eliminated: Alexis

Episode 4: Style

The girls learn that this week is about style and are given the following songs assignment:

Group 1
Song "Take Your Time (Do It Right)"
Artist SOS Band
Performers Charlye, Natalie, Nichole
Group 2
Song "Heart of Glass"
Artist Blondie
Performers Jamie, Ilisa, and Cassandra

Group 3
Song "Dim All the Lights"
Artist Donna Summer
Performers Chrystina, Tiffanie, Jenna, Carrie

Cassandra begins to freak out because the song is very hard to sing and she doesn't have the vocals for it. The girls all get makeovers and Jamie struggles with her red hair, while Natalie utters her infamous quote: Beauty is a talent. This week both Chrystina and Jenna struggle with the fact that they were among the last called out by Robin the week before but Robin tells them they have to learn how to deal with constructive criticism. Jenna is also criticized by the other girls for being too lazy. The challenge involves the girls working their new makeover for a staged red carpet for In Touch Weekly magazine which Nichole wins. At the performance, Jamie, Ilisa, and Cassandra's group is deemed the worst and despite Ron stating that they should eliminate Jamie for her attitude, a teary eyed Robin eliminates Cassandra for not having vocals that are strong enough in an elimination that is reminiscent of Mariela's from the previous season.

  • First Call-Out: Group 3 (Jenna, Carrie, Chrystina and Tiffanie)
  • Bottom Two: Cassandra and Jamie
  • Eliminated: Cassandra

Episode 5: Kitchen Confrontation / Sexiness

This week's theme is sexiness and Robin raises the stakes by revealing that two girls will go home, making Jamie afraid since she has now to gain two places in the call out. The songs assignment are:

Group 1
Song "Hit Me with Your Best Shot"
Artist Pat Benatar
Performers Chrystina, Nichole, Jenna
Group 2
Song "Piece of My Heart"
Artist Erma Franklin
Performers Carrie, Ilisa, Tiffanie

Group 3
Song "I Want You to Want Me"
Artist Cheap Trick
Performers Jamie, Natalie, Charlye

The challenge is a sexy dance-off on Nelly Furtado's Do It and Charlye and Chrystina are the last two standing. It is Chrystina who wins due to her chemistry with her partner, while she and Charlye both get a Hello Kitty diamond necklace. Cliques begin to form, with Jenna, Natalie and Chrystina (known as JNC) on one side and Nichole, Charlye and Tiffanie (also known as TNC) on the other and they come to blow when Charlye criticizes the girls for being too sexual. Tiffanie and Charlye lash out at the girls who provoked them while an amused Jamie looks on. Natalie learns that her grandmother had died, but pulls herself to work for her family. Jenna then sleeps through rehearsal and ponders quitting due to her feud with the other clique but is talked out of it by Robin. At the final performance, Ron once again disagrees with Robin and wants Jenna out but in the end it's Jamie, for her lack of vocals and Ilisa for her lack of knowledge about sexiness who are eliminated.

  • First Call-Out: Chrystina
  • Bottom Three: Jamie, Jenna and Ilisa
  • Eliminated: Jamie and Ilisa

Episode 6: Vocal Expression

This week's theme is about vocal expression and the girls record Girlicious's first song, "Leave You Alone", and despite Natalie impressing Ron it is Tiffanie who wins immunity. However, Natalie is mentioned for her "surprise attack". The girls are then assigned a medley. Nichole, Charlye, Jenna and Natalie song "Emotion". Later Carrie, Tiffanie and Chrystina perform "Flashdance....What a feeling" and finally at the end of the medley all the girls that remained in the competition perform the dance routine of the last song.

Group 1
Song "Emotion" / "Flashdance... What a Feeling" medley
Artist Destiny's Child / Irene Cara
Performers Nichole, Charlye, Jenna, Natalie, Carrie, Chrystina, Tiffanie.

Chrystina is told to open but at the last minute, due to her lack of knowledge of the lyrics her part is swapped with Carrie's. Charlye struggles with being away from home since her father had died while she was away on a class trip and gets an extra session with Kenn Hicks. Meanwhile, Natalie storms out on Kenn Hicks after he refuses to give her a line she wants to sing but later apologizes after a discussion with Carrie and Tiffanie. Chrystina lands in the bottom two with Jenna, who is criticized for her lack of energy. In the end, Jenna is eliminated.

  • First Call-Out: Tiffanie
  • Bottom Two: Jenna and Chrystina
  • Eliminated: Jenna

Episode 7: A Look Back

This episode shows never before seen footage such as the girls's hidden talents, a pole dancing lesson which Alexis refuses to attend a few days before her elimination, Carrie, Jenna, Ilisa and Chrystina getting cozy with the male dancers and the judges bloopers.

  • In this episode, the editors erroneously left in a scene with Kenn Hicks and the five remaining girls singing Leave You Alone, which allowed some keen-eyed fans to determine that Carrie would be eliminated in the following episode.

Episode 8: Star Quality

The week is about star quality and the tension stays in the 2 cliques. The six girls left made a videoclip of the single Leave you alone. Charlye won the challenge. The week's songs were:

Group 1
Song "Thirteen Men"
Artist Ann-Margret
Performers Chrystina, Tiffanie, Charlye
Group 2
Song "Sway"
Artist Dean Martin
Performers Carrie, Nichole, Natalie
Carrie lands in the bottom 2 with Natalie. The judges decide that Carrie can stand alone and be a solo artist whereas Natalie needs a group to back her up and thus Carrie is eliminated.

  • First Call-Out: Charlye
  • Bottom Two: Carrie and Natalie
  • Eliminated: Carrie

Episode 9: Public Image

After a few low blow on the way home, the girls learn about the weeks theme, public image and go on a media tour where they go to KIIS FM, where Chrystina forgets her lyrics while Tiffanie manages to be diplomatic about the tensions. They then go to Extra where Chrystina once again struggles but Natalie shines during her promo, winning herself the prize to have it aired nationally. Tiffanie then realizes that the girls have to sort out their differences as Robin might put girls from the two cliques in the group. Charlye however, pretexting a headache, refuses to put forth the effort. The girls then learn that they will all perform Pussycat Dolls songs together.

Song "How Many Times, How Many Lies" and "Buttons"
Artist Pussycat Dolls
Performers Chrystina, Tiffanie, Charlye, Natalie, Nichole
At the performance, Natalie finally nails her vocals while using her lower register. Chrystina and Charlye land in the bottom two, Chrystina for her lack of consistency and Charlye for not mixing well with the group. Chrystina is called, leaving a sad Charlye thinking she is going home. However, Robin reveals that the judges couldn't agree on sending anybody home and everyone moves on to the finale.

  • First Call-Out: Natalie
  • Bottom Two: Chrystina and Charlye
  • Eliminated: None

Episode 10: You Are Girlicious

This week the girls learn their final lesson, be themselves. They then each get few minutes with Ron Fair and Charlye is a little too honest about the tensions, compromising her chances. The girls then learn their final song assignment:

Song "Ladies' Night"
Artist Kool and the Gang
Performers Chrystina, Tiffanie, Charlye, Natalie, Nichole

Song "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"
Artist Aretha Franklin
Performer Tiffanie

Song "Before He Cheats"
Artist Carrie Underwood
Performer Charlye

Song "Giving Him Something He Can Feel"
Artist En Vogue
Performer Nichole

Song "Say It Right"
Artist Nelly Furtado
Performer Natalie

Song "What About Love"
Artist Heart
Performer Chrystina
Chrystina struggles with not knowing her song but thanks to Natalie she pulls off her strongest performance to date. Charlye is once again criticized for not mixing with the group and her desire is questioned, while Nichole is told she should push more. In the end, Robin calls Nichole first, thanks to her fitting right in the image of the group. She then calls Tiffanie as the second member of the group. She then calls a girl who will not be in Girlicious, Charlye, who is told to hang up her boa. Robin then manages the suspense before revealing the final member and Natalie begins to hope that both her and Chrystina will be in the group. Indeed, Robin states that while "three girls in this group is great [sic], four girls are Girlicious". After that, the music video for Like Me is aired.

  • Winners: Nichole, Tiffanie, Chrystina and Natalie
  • Runner-Up: Charlye

Elimination's call-out order

Robin Antin's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
01TiffanieJennaNatalieChrystinaChrystina TiffanieCharlyeNatalieNichole
06CharlyeNatalieCassandraNicholeNatalieChrystina Carrie
{{colorbox}} The contestant is immune from elimination
{{colorbox}} The contestant won a prize but did not win immunity
{{colorbox}} The contestant was eliminated
{{colorbox}} The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom three and won the competition
{{colorbox}} The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
{{colorbox}} The contestant(s) won the competition

  • On Week 1 the contestants were called by groups except for the last six who were called individually. On Weeks 2 and 4 they were called by groups, with the weakest group up for elimination and on Weeks 3 and 5 they were all called together except for the immunity winner (called first) and the bottom four. Afterwards things got back to the bottom two system.
  • On Week 3 Natalie was called out by Mark McGrath but not by Robin, captains for the week are listed in bold. On Week 6 Jenna was called and then eliminated, Chrystina wasn't called at all. In the finale, Robin called the first two winners, then Charlye who was eliminated and finally surprised Natalie and Chrystina by telling them they would both be in the group.
  • On Week 5 Charlye and Chrystina were rewarded a Hello Kitty diamond necklace for their performance on the challenge, on Week 6 Charlye was given an extra vocal session by Kenn Hicks and on Week 9 Natalie only won to have her Extra promo aired, not immunity.
  • Week 7 is a recap episode.
  • On Week 5 two contestants were planned to be sent home, while on Week 9 the judges couldn't agree on whom to send home and kept all 5 girls.


  • Jamie: Dyed auburn and orange highlights
  • Charlye: Bangs added, extended
  • Carrie: Bangs added, dyed whiter platinum blonde
  • Tiffanie: Trimmed, sidebangs added
  • Natalie: Straightened, dyed cestnut
  • Chrystina: Extended, trimmed
  • Nichole: Yellow blonde extensions added
  • Jenna: Dyed darker and chestnut highlights
  • Ilisa: Trimmed and dyed darker
  • Cassandra: Edgier cut and brown highlights

Post show careers

Alexis, Ilisa and Jenna have all released songs on their respective Myspaces.

Ilisa Juried

Ilisa Juried recently featured in the Willow Smith video, "Whip My Hair" and released the video for her new single "Sensation", available to view on youtube.

Carrie Jones

Carrie Jones has joined the group Angels of Modern Destruction.

Tiffanie Anderson

Since leaving the group, Tiffanie has been featured on the song Meltin Like Ice Cream by Chanel aka CC.

Jamie Lee Ruiz

Jamie has taken part in multiple Robin Antin endeavors such as performing with the Vegas Dolls and appearing in her work-out DVD and Matt Goss's video. She has also appeared in Ester Dean's video as a dancer. She also appeared in Kelly Clarkson's video 'I do not hook up' as a bar dancer. In 2010 she performed in the film Burlesque as one of the dancers in the audition sequence.

She recently appeared on an advert promoting the new game Michael Jackson The Experience airing in the UK.


No. Title Air date 18"49 rating Viewers
1 "Episode 1" 0.9/2 1.77
2 "Episode 2" 1.3/4 2.00
3 "Episode 3" 1.2/4 2.00
4 "Episode 4" 0.7/2 1.57
5 "Episode 5" 0.7/2 1.57
6 "Episode 6" 1.0 1.55

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