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Molly Duff and Jonathan Francetic - Season 6

Molly Duff and Jonathan Francetic - Season 6

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Final Decision: Split

Current Status: Divorced

Molly Duff and Jonathan Francetic appeared on Season 6 of Married at First Sight.

Molly and Jonathan's romance got off to a great start, as they both shared the same sense of humor. As the process progressed, the pair also found they had similar morals, values and hobbies.

However, the lack of a physical attraction kept Molly from advancing the relationship past a friendship. She kept her walls up, and with little improvement over time, Jonathan grew frustrated and disheartened.

An explosive fight led to the demise of Molly and Jon's marriage days ahead of Decision Day, and they announced their decision to divorce on the show's April 2018 finale.

In August 2018, Jon confirmed prior rumors he had begun dating Married at First Sight expert Dr. Jessica Griffin earlier in 2018. Two months later, he publicly gushed about being in love with her.

Jon proposed to Jessica in April 2019 and the pair are currently planning their wedding.

In October 2019, they announced they had booked a wedding date and plan to marry at Ventosa Vineyards in update New York.

Ventosa Vineyards is a beautiful winery located along the shore of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Comprised of eleven long and narrow lakes that were created by glaciers, the Finger Lakes region is famous for its many wineries.

The couple, who live in Massachusetts but enjoy taking road trips around New England and New York, reportedly fell in love with the winery during a previous visit.

In November 2019, Jon and Jessica enjoyed another wedding-planning weekend in the Finger Lakes.

"Wedding planning weekend in the Finger Lakes with this handsome guy. @jon_francetic," Jessica captioned a set photos she shared on Instagram.

"Nevermind the barrel in the back of the car... Morning stop at @ventosavyds and hitting the wine trail @senecalakewine for their #deckthehalls weekend... #hohoho #flxwedding."

In March 2020, the couple returned to Ventosa Vineyards for an engagement photo shoot.

"We've done photo shoots before, but it was cold yesterday and @dr.jessicagriffin froze a bit (fortunately the wine helps with that) and all the trees are hibernating so there wasn't as much to work with... but she saw this picture and said 'omg I love it!'" Jon wrote in a March 15 posting on Instagram.

"Thanks @tellier.studios for braving the weather with us for the engagement shoot, can't wait to see the rest, and so excited for you guys to do our wedding! #flxwedding @ventosavyds"

Jon and Jessica released numerous photos from the engagement photo shoot online a few weeks later in April 2020.

While Molly didn't find her lifelong romantic partner on Married at First Sight, she still appears to have also come away from MAFS with someone to ring in the New Year with annually.

Molly, who appears to still be single, rang in 2020 with fellow MAFS Season 6 cast member Jaclyn Schwartzberg.

"Hello 2020," Molly wrote alongside a photo of the two women posing together and smiling as well as a video of herself popping champagne and drinking from the bottle.

And Jaclyn captioned a photo of the pair, "New Year's Resolution, keep surrounding myself around people just like you Xooo @mollyelisabeth92 #newyears2020."

The prior year, the two women partied on New Year's Eve with Mia Bally and Amber Martorana, who both appeared on Season 7 of Married at First Sight, which was filmed in Dallas and aired in Summer 2018.

In April 2020, Lifetime aired a Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? special that provided updates on some of MAFS's former participants.

During the Where Are They Now? special, Molly was interviewed by host Kevin Frazier and voiced her opinion on Jonathan and Jessica's relationship for the first time.

Molly said she was "a little bit nervous" to hash through the past because she had "made a point to be silent on social media" and keep her opinion to herself.

"I guess this is an opportunity to share my thoughts," Molly noted.

Given the benefit of hindsight, Molly said if she could go back and do it all over again she would have advocated for herself a little bit more, explaining she doesn't always defend or speak up for herself.

"I kind of took it and took it and took it, and ended up losing my cool towards the very end, and it didn't look great on me," Molly claimed.

"I think it sucked because part of me was like, 'Okay, this is someone I had been confiding in the whole time," Molly replied when Kevin asked what her reaction had been when she learned about Jonathan and Jessica's relationship.

"She was supposed to be fighting for our marriage together, and then kind of out of the blue seeing they're suddenly together, it sucked. It sucked that it was someone I confided in that was supposed to be rooting for us, and I guess that's his person."

Molly let out a laugh and then Kevin asked if she wondered whether there was an attraction between Jonathan and Jessica during filming, from the beginning.

"When we were filming, it never really crossed my mind that they had a special connection or anything like that. Looking back, maybe there was some attraction there. I didn't know that he was her type -- but I guess he is," Molly said.

"So, I don't know. I can't really speak on that."

Molly and Jessica memorably clashed near the end of Jonathan and Molly's relationship when Jessica accused Molly of lying during a counseling session.

"I think it was just a really sad and kind of frustrating moment for me because, as a counselor, you're supposed to be generally pretty unbiased and neutral and kind of listen to both sides," Molly told Kevin when he asked about the incident.

"And in the moment, I felt like she was pretty much saying, 'You're wrong, he's right. I believe him. I don't believe you. Cut the crap.' And I was, like, shocked to hear that from someone who is supposed to be guiding us and listening to both sides and contributing advice. I just hadn't seen that side of her, I guess, so it truly just shocked me."

Kevin asked Molly how she feels now, knowing that Jonathan and Jessica became romantically involved after the experiment.

"Honestly, I think it makes me feel a little less sad about that moment, maybe because it's a way to justify why she would respond to me like that or why she would take his side," Molly explained.

"I had always felt like Jessica didn't like me from the beginning. I don't know what it was. I just always felt there was this bias to back up Jon. She thought Jon was amazing and was like, 'Why can't this girl see it?!' And I think that gives me a little peace, to think that that was the reason why she didn't like me."

Kevin then asked if Molly held any negative feelings or resentment to Jonathan and/or Jessica.

"At this point, absolutely not. I think right after, I was a little bit hurt," Molly replied.

"I think now that I've had an opportunity to talk to both of them, I've kind of moved on from the situation. It's been two years at this point; they're happy together. They wish me well, from what they've said, so there's just no reason to hold onto that negativity."

"I think people have this misconception that, like, 'Oh, Molly sucks. They hate her. She hates them for being together,' and it's just not like that. That's the reason I have not commented publicly ever on this, is because I'm truly happy for them and there is really no bad blood," Molly said.

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