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Jerseylicious is an American documentary television series on the Style Network. The series debuted on March 21, 2010. The series follows the employees of the Gatsby Salon, located in Green Brook, NJ. The Gatsby Salon relaunched with a multimillion dollar renovation and began hiring new employees in 2009 which included series cast members Tracy DiMarco and Olivia Blois Sharpe. The producers began casting for the series in 2008. Gatsby Salon owner Gayle Giacomo received a call back and production began in October 2009. Reruns also air on Bravo.


  • Gayle Giacomo: Owner of The Gatsby Salon in Green Brook Township, New Jersey. Enemies with Cathy Giove and Alexa Prisco.
  • Christy Pereira: Manager of The Gatsby Salon. Gayle Giacomo's daughter.
  • Olivia Blois Sharpe: Makeup artist. Former employee at Anthony Roberts Salon , The Gatsby Salon and The Glam Fairy. Now working on her own company. No longer dating Mikey.
  • Tracy DiMarco: Former employee at The Gatsby Salon and former employee at the Glam Fairy. Currently working at Anthony Robert Salon. Engaged to Corey Epstein.
  • Gigi Liscio: Hairstylist at The Gatsby Salon.
  • Anthony Lombardi: Owner/Manager of Anthony Robert Salon in Verona, NJ; Former part-time employee at The Gatsby Salon.
  • Alexa Prisco: Former lead makeup artist at The Gatsby Salon; Owner of The Glam Fairy in Hoboken, New Jersey ; Enemies with Gayle and Christy. Married to Danny Ziegler and gave birth to their 1st baby.
  • Filippo Giove Jr.: Manager-in-training at Anthony Roberts Salon. Former Gatsby intern and assistant.
  • Michelle DeCarlo: Hairstylist at The Gatsby Salon. Olivia's friend.
  • Catherine "Cathy" Giove: Co-owner of the new Anthony Robert Salon. Filippo's mother. Enemies with Gayle.
  • Jaclyn "Jackie" Bianchi (ne Carbone ): Olivia's Childhood friend, Stylist at Anthony Robert Salon.
  • Doria Pagnotta: Makeup artist at the Gatsby salon. Gave birth to baby girl.
  • Miguel Allure Rodriguez: Assistant stylist at The Gatsby Salon.
  • Krystle Couso: Assistant stylist at The Gatsby Salon.
  • Anthony Tango: Barber at The Gatsby Salon.
  • Frankie Buglione Jr.: Gigi's ex-boyfriend
  • Mikey Aktari: Olivia's and Tracy's ex-boyfriend.
  • Briella Calafiore: Hairdresser at Glam Fairy. Tracy's and Olivia's friend

Main Cast history

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5
Gayle Giacomo
Christy Pereira
Olivia Blois Sharpe
Tracy DiMarco
Gigi Liscio
Anthony Lombardi
Alexa Prisco

Supporting Cast history

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Filippo Giove Jr.
Briella Calafiore
Lorenzo Gangala
Frankie Buglione Jr.
Doria Pagnotta
Mikey Aktari
Jackie Bianchi
Jeff Greenfield
Miguel Allure Rodriguez
Krystle Couso
Michelle DeCarlo
Cathy Giove
Anthony Tango

Series overview

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale Reunion
1 8 March 21, 2010 May 9, 2010 N/A
2 23 September 5, 2010 January 30, 2011 May 8, 2011
May 15, 2011
3 23 May 15, 2011 October 16, 2011 October 23, 2011
October 30, 2011
4 24 February 19, 2012 July 29, 2012 August 19, 2012
August 26, 2012
5 TBA January 28, 2013 TBA TBA


Season 1: 2010

Production for season 1 began in October 2009 and the series began airing March 13, 2010 at 9:30 pm on the Style Network.

# Title Original air date
ShortSummary=The Gatsby Salon undergoes a multimillion -dollar renovation and conducts interviews for new staff. LineColor=FF0000 }}

ShortSummary=The stylists settle into their new home, but the clash of personalities leads to tension in the workplace. LineColor=FF0000 }}

ShortSummary=The Gatsby teams up to shoot a commercial for the recently opened salon. Frankie plans a special surprise for Gigi on their vacation. Alexa invites Olivia to a Glam Fairy photoshoot to test her skills. LineColor=FF0000 }}

ShortSummary= The Gatsby is entered into a statewide contest to find the best salon in New Jersey, and the workers try to keep to their best behavior while being judged. LineColor=FF0000 }}

ShortSummary= Olivia and Tracy "train" at Warren Tricomi in New York City. LineColor=FF0000 }}

ShortSummary= Olivia and Alexa work on a wedding and go on a double date together. LineColor=FF0000 }}

ShortSummary= Tracy and Olivia organize a charity event at the salon. LineColor=FF0000 }}

ShortSummary= The salon is a finalist to be featured on the cover of a local beauty magazine, with the winner being selected by how well a model is styled at the salon. LineColor=FF0000 }}

Season 2: 2010-2011

The second season premiered on September 5, 2010.

# Title Original air date
ShortSummary=Gayle feels the loss of Alexa and Olivia; Alexa helps Christy feel pretty again. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary=With maternity leave on the horizon, Christy wants to identify her replacement as soon as possible. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary=Gigi is going baby crazy and decides to throw Christy a surprise baby shower. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Gigi and Alexa are on a break and Tracy has the perfect solution for her friend. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= The Gatsby staff butt heads over the new dress code. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Gayle & Christy plan a Mother Daughter event with a new party planner. Gigi sees a Pyschic and Anthony's salon is finally opening! LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Tracy, Gigi and Alexa go speed dating, while Olivia dates Tracy's former boyfriend mikey, leading to a brawl outside of Sonic. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= The girls attend a wedding in Texas, much to Gayle's dismay. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Gayle and Alexa's rocky partnership gets put to the test at a volunteer event; Olivia's dream of a boob job may come true; Christy's pregnancy comes to a critical crossroads. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Alexa tries to expand her business with a Bollywood-inspired photo shoot and a music video. Meanwhile, Gayle fears her partnership with Alexa is crumbling so she searches for a replacement. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= A salon sales drive pits Tracy and Olivia in a battle for the top sales spot; Anthony celebrates his fifth wedding anniversary; Alexa's plans for her Glam Factory run into trouble. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Alexa and Gayle face off at the Gatsby and Olivia must choose sides; an unwelcome guest threatens to ruin Briella's birthday party; Frankie plans a special night with marriage on her mind. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Olivia holds her first make-up event at the Gatsby while Alexa tries to take Glam Fairy viral. Trouble between friends always starts with Tracy. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= The Gatsby and Glam Fairy compete for a special event, while Christy and Danny have a babysitter for their first night out after having a baby. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= The Gatsby has a new addition, much to Olivia's dismay. Tracy strives to get into the tents for Fashion Week. Gigi celebrates her birthday showing a new side of herself. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Doria is staking her claim at the Gatsby, while Olivia is trying to prove herself to Gayle, yet again and Anthony discovers Lorenzo's hairstyling knowledge. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Olivia is put on mandatory vacation at Gatsby & goes to Anthony for help. Tracy & Briella bond on a weekend trip to the Poconos. Frankie is confused about who Gigi is becoming. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= The ladies of the Gatsby compete for a coveted position in New Jersey Fashion Week against Anthony Roberts Salon and the Glam Fairy. Gigi and Frankie attempt to make Sunday dinner. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= The competition continues between Gatsby, Glam Fairy and Anthony Roberts as they fight for the crystal trophy. Tracy finds a new love interest and Olivia re-ignites an old flame. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Part 1 of 2. The cast reunites to discuss the season, which opens old wounds. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= Conclusion. The cast reunites to discuss the season, including Frankie and Gigi's love story and the Gatsby and Glam Fairy feud. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

ShortSummary= A look inside the lives of the people from that Jerseylicious Garden State. LineColor=D1E5F3 }}

Season 3: 2011

The third season premiered on May 15, 2011. Alexa only appears in a few episodes due to her spin off Glam Fairy

# Title Original air date
ShortSummary=The Gatsby attempts to get into the Guinness Book of World Records; Olivia rekindles her relationship with her ex; Gigi adjusts to singlehood. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=The Gatsby offers Medispa service; Olivia tries to follow "The Secret"; Filly and Lorenzo apply to beauty school. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=The Gatsby storms the Wildwoods Bridal Fair, but Alexa vows revenge on Gayle; a fight puts Tracy and Gigi at odds. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=A party at the Gatsby embracing plus-sized full-figured women forces Doria to face her demons; an encounter between Tracy and Mikey at a club leads to an explosive confrontation. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=The Gatsby follows through on Olivia's idea to turn the salon into a mobile service, starting with a girl's Sweet 16; Filly helps the stylists get in shape with a boot camp; Olivia becomes Thomas' muse. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Gayle steps on Alexa's toes; Lorenzo is ready for his first salon job, but has to prove himself; Gigi says goodbye to Carla. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Gatsby To Go has the first on-site event; Anthony finds ways to expand the business; Gigi moves on emotionally and physically. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Gigi moves into a new apartment, Gayle and Anthony spy on a new business while Olivia brings a much despised business into Anthony Roberts Salon LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Gatsby-to-Go offers 15-minute makeovers. Gayle and Gigi attend a Millionaire Matchmaker Mixer, while Tracy and Olivia have a run in at a club that will change things forever. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Gayle realizes she needs some camera help. Alexa calls on Olivia for a favor. Anthony hosts a special guys night. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Tracy is competing in a Multicultural Hair Show. Olivia makes a shocking confession. Alexa launches a new service. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Tracy and Olivia search for an assistant to help them on Gatsby to Go; an old friendship reignites, and Anthony gets upsetting news. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Tracy and Olivia battle in a senior beauty pageant; Alexa tries to make a family portrait for Frankie; Anthony goes fishing. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Tracy pursues an internship at a magazine; Olivia's forced to run a Gatsby 2 Go event on her own; Gigi and Frankie's relationship changes forever. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Kelly Ripa's visit to the Gatsby causes conflict; Gigi struggles to be friends with Frankie; Filly and Mikey compete. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Olivia and Tracy battle over conflicting photo shoots; Gigi's friendship with Frankie forces her to visit an unusual place. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=A Gatsby stylist gets off to a rocky start with a co-worker; Frankie and Gigi re-define their friendship; Olivia teams up with an unlikely source to create a tutorial video. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Gayle takes the Gatsby staff on a winery retreat; Miguel books his first Gatsby to Go client; Gigi is forced to make an important decision after a confrontation with Michelle. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=A plan to franchise the Gatsby brings Gayle a shocking offer; Gigi tries to make amends with Frankie; Olivia and Alexa makeover Anthony's salon. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Gayle debates selling the Gatsby; a surprising partner joins Anthony; Gigi and Frankie confront one another. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Part 1 of 2. The cast discusses highlights from the third season. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=Part 2 of 2. The cast discusses highlights from the third season. LineColor=32CD32 }}

ShortSummary=A countdown of the Top 10 moments from the series. LineColor=32CD32 }}

Season 4: 2012

Season 4 premiered on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 8/7c.

# Title Original air date
ShortSummary=The fourth season begins with Olivia agreeing to do hair to help out a thin Gatsby staff. Meanwhile, Gigi and Tracy deal with being fired. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Olivia gets overwhelmed running two events on her own; a stylist questions her career after a Glam Fairy photo shoot. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Prospective stylists get a trial run at the Gatsby; Tracy and Gigi work part time for Anthony. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Gayle holds a charity auction in the salon to battle bad press; Gigi and Frankie take their relationship to a new level; Anthony searches for help with soaring building costs. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=A large closet sale creates big drama; Christy's unwanted crush makes her cringe; Alexa and Danny debate their future together. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Tracy wants her old job back; Frankie moves in with Gigi; Anthony gets a new image. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=The Gatsby gang hijacks Gayle's product line upgrade; Tracy and Corey's romance is tested by a crisis; a staffer is pregnant. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Olivia and Tracy clash over ideas for a fashion show; Gigi and Frankie's therapy comes to a head; Anthony and Alexa battle over salon decor. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Beauty rivals compete to take part in New York fashion workshops; Gigi seeks closure following her breakup; Olivia does her part for the environment. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary= The Stylists are Profiled. LineColor=10c }}

LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Anthony tests out the new salon at Friends and Family Day; Olivia forces Gigi to date again; Gayle feels pressure now that Anthony's salon is open around the corner. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Anthony attends the grand opening of his new salon; a secret turns Christy against Gayle; Olivia makes a workout video. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Olivia and Tracy try to juggle Gayle's product line launch party and a billboard photo shoot at Anthony Robert without getting fired. Meanwhile, Alexa's dream engagement plan gets derailed. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Tracy and Olivia start a new Gatsby 2 Go service in image consulting; Gigi freaks out when Tracy has dinner at Frankie's house; Danny surprises Alexa. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Olivia gets a new partner for a Gatsby 2 Go image makeover; Jon and Cathy get involved with Alexa's engagement party. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Gayle, Anthony and Alexa push to get featured in Modern Salon magazine; Tracy and Corey face unexpected hurdles; Filly chases his dream of becoming an underwear model. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=A fight threatens to derail a salon photo shoot; Gigi makes an unlikely friend; Christy, Jackie and Doria bond over motherhood. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=A fight forces Olivia to question her future at the Gatsby; the staff at Anthony Robert Salon compete to win employee of the month; Anthony takes Corey under his wing LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Gayle plans an event to restore the Gatsby's name; Olivia teams up with Briella for a secret side job; Tracy and Corey hit a bump in their relationship. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Cast members' pasts are explored. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Anthony Robert Salon, the Glam Fairy and Olivia battle each other to win the Gatsby's Gallery of Beauty event. Corey tries to propose to Tracy. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Part 1 of 2. A reunion show. LineColor=10c }}

ShortSummary=Highlights from the fourth season. LineColor=10c }}


The Series debut episode garnered 300,000 total viewers and posted a 0.42 rating within the women 18-to-34 demographic. The Second season-finale rose to 925,000 viewers, the most-watched season-ender to-date of any series on the Style Network. The Third season had about 665,000 viewers for its premiere. Season 4 premiered with a total of 668,000 viewers.


  • Canada: Cosmopolitan TV
  • France: E! Entertainment Television
  • Sweden: Kanal 5
  • Philippines: Lifestyle Network
  • United Kingdom: E! Network
  • Croatia: RTL 2
  • Per: E! Entertainment Television
  • Germany: E! Entertainment

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