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Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner - Season 1

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner - Season 1

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Final Decision: Stayed Together

Current Status: Married

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner appeared on Season 1 of Married at First Sight.

Although Jamie wasn't attracted to her husband at first, she soon discovered they complemented each other perfectly.

Jamie and Doug opted to stay together at the end of the experiment.

They went on to star on Married at First Sight: The First Year and welcomed a daughter, Henley, in August 2017.

The couple also starred in a second spinoff titled Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One that aired on Lifetime in late 2017.

Jamie and Doug began trying for a second child in early 2018.

In September 2018, Jamie announced she had suffered a chemical miscarriage, which is an early pregnancy loss that occurs shortly after implantation.

Jamie then announced she was pregnant again in December 2018, however she suffered another miscarriage a month later.  

"I'm devastated. We've had a 'failed miscarriage.' Our baby formed and there was an amniotic sac, but while the amniotic sac continued to grow the baby stopped at some point," she wrote on Instagram.

"I can't thank you all enough for all the love, support, prayers, and encouragement you've sent us. You have no idea how much that has helped both @doughehner & I."

"You guys are the most amazing community of women & men here on instagram & social media and I hope you know how much we appreciate you all. We are so blessed to have such amazing Frans. We love you guys."

In March 2019, Jamie and Doug celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary. "This is a milestone that I don't take lightly," Doug told the New York Post.

The following month, they renewed their vows in Curacao.

In September 2019, Jamie announced she was four weeks pregnant and expecting again. She gave birth to a baby boy in May 2020.

Jamie currently continues to appear on TV as the host of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Married at First Sight's discussion show.

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