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Danielle DiLorenzo (born June 3, 1981) is a medical sales professional and became part of the reality television show Survivor: Panama, finishing as runner up. She returned to Survivor to compete on the 20th season: Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains as part of the Villains tribe, and finished in 7th place.

Early life

DiLorenzo was born and raised in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. The eldest of three children, she attended the Winthrop Gymnastics Academy in Massachusetts for eight years. While attending Lynnfield High School, she participated in several varsity sports, including basketball, soccer, and track. She was the captain of the soccer and track teams, and set state records in track. At the age of 16, she traveled to Germany, Sweden, and Austria after being selected to represent the United States at the World Gothia Cup. She also worked as a model, participating in fashion shows in the Boston area, under the representation of the Ford Modeling Agency.

After high school, DiLorenzo attended Quinnipiac University and studied marketing. She had been recruited to play soccer, but she sustained a pre-season knee injury. She transferred to Northeastern University, where she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in business with concentrations in finance and marketing.

DiLorenzo moved to Boca Raton, Florida after graduation, where she worked for a medical sales company before appearing on Survivor.


Panama - Exile Island

DiLorenzo competed in the reality television show Survivor: Panama. She was originally placed on the Bayoneta tribe, which represented younger women. Upon arriving at the island, (Episode 1) Jeff announced the tribes would participate in their first challenge, fighting for flint. DiLorenzo volunteered to participate, being strong with a background in sports. However, she was beaten by a member of the older women's tribe, Casaya. She volunteered to go to Exile Island, as she felt responsible for the loss but her tribemates said they would decide through Rock, Papers, Scissors and Misty Giles was exiled. The tribe dominated at the first immunity challenge. she was merged into the Casaya tribe in the second episode. She made it to the merge as part of the majority alliance. DiLorenzo made it to the Final Two but lost to Aras Baskauskas, a 24-year-old from Santa Monica, California, in a 5-2 decision by the jury.

Heroes vs. Villains

DiLorenzo was a contestant on the 20th season of the show titled Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She was a member of the Villains tribe before the tribal merge.

In Episode 12, her ally, Russell Hantz, wanted to split her and her other ally, Parvati Shallow, up because he felt that their alliance threatened his game. She and Shallow lobbied for her to remain in the game, but in the end, their other ally, Jerri Manthey, voted against DiLorenzo, after DiLorenzo stated at tribal council that "the three of us are in an alliance", with the three being her, Shallow, and Hantz. After she said, "I'm closer to Parvati than you think," Hantz directed Manthey to vote out DiLorenzo, and DiLorenzo was eliminated by a vote of 4-3, finishing in 7th place and becoming the 6th member of the jury. She lasted in the game 33 days of 39.

Post Survivor

DiLorenzo has appeared in the independent film "180", the short films "Game Over" and "The Forgotten", as well as the web series River Ridge.

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