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The third season of Bachelor in Paradise premiered on August 2, 2016. Chris Harrison reprises his role from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as the host of the show. The season concluded on September 6, 2016.


As with the previous season, filming took place in the town of Sayulita, located in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico.


During the Women Tell All special, Lace Morris was offered a spot on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, which she accepted. The initial cast was announced on June 8, 2016 with returning Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants.


Source, contestants names:

Name Age Occupation Residence From Arrived Eliminated
Amanda Stanton 26 Esthetician Laguna Beach, CA The Bachelor, season 20 Week 1 Engaged
Josh Murray 31 Financial Advisor Tampa, FL The Bachelorette, season 10 Week 2 Engaged
Carly Waddell 30 Singer-Songwriter Nashville, TN The Bachelor, season 19 Week 1 Engaged
Evan Bass 33 Erectile Dysfunction Specialist Nashville, TN The Bachelorette, season 12 Week 1 Engaged
Lace Morris 26 Real Estate Agent Denver, CO The Bachelor, season 20 Week 1 Engaged
Grant Kemp 28 Firefighter San Francisco, CA The Bachelorette, season 12 Week 1 Engaged
Nick Viall 35 Software Sales Executive Chicago, IL The Bachelorette, season 10 & season 11 Week 1 Split Week 6
Jennifer Saviano 26 Business Owner Fort Lauderdale, FL The Bachelor, season 20 Week 3 Split Week 6
Ashley Iaconetti 28 Freelance Journalist Wayne, NJ The Bachelor, season 19 Week 3 Week 4

Week 3 (Returned) Split Week 6

Wells Adams 31 Radio DJ Chattanooga, TN The Bachelorette, season 12 Week 4 Split Week 6
Jami Letain 24 Bartender Calgary, AB The Bachelor, season 20 Week 5 Week 5
Lauren Himle 26 Real Estate Agent Ann Arbor, MI The Bachelor, season 20 Week 5 Week 5
Tiara Soleim 27 Chicken Enthusiast Seattle, WA The Bachelor, season 20 Week 5 Week 5
Brett Melnick 32 Hairstylist Blue Bell, PA The Bachelorette, season 10 Week 4 Week 5 (Quit)
Shushanna Mkrtychyan 28 Mathematician Salt Lake City, UT The Bachelor, season 20 Week 5 Week 5 (Quit)
Izzy Goodkind 25 Graphic Designer New York, NY The Bachelor, season 20 Week 1 Week 5 (Quit)
Jared Haibon 27 Restaurant Manager Providence, RI The Bachelorette, season 11 Week 1 Week 5 (Quit)
Caila Quinn 24 Marketing Manager Wellesley, MA The Bachelor, season 20 Week 3 Week 5 (Quit)
Carl King 32 Firefighter Miami, FL The Bachelorette, season 10 Week 4 Week 4
Daniel Maguire 31 Personal Trainer Vancouver, BC The Bachelorette, season 12 Week 1 Week 4
Ryan Beckett 33 Realtor Wellington, FL The Bachelorette, season 11 Week 4 Week 4
Emily Ferguson 23 Waitress Las Vegas, NV The Bachelor, season 20 Week 1 Week 4 (Quit)
Haley Ferguson 23 Waitress Las Vegas, NV The Bachelor, season 20 Week 1 Week 4 (Quit)
Vinny Ventiera 28 Barber Delray Beach, FL The Bachelorette, season 12 Week 1 Week 4 (Quit)
Sarah Herron 29 Art Director Marina del Ray, CA The Bachelor, season 17 Week 1 Week 3
Brandon Andreen 29 Painting Contractor Costa Mesa, CA The Bachelorette, season 9 Week 2 Week 2
Christian Bishop 27 Personal Trainer Los Angeles, CA The Bachelorette, season 12 Week 2 Week 2
Leah Block 25 Event Planner Aurora, CO The Bachelor, season 20 Week 1 Week 1
Jubilee Sharpe 24 Model, War veteran Miami, FL The Bachelor, season 20 Week 1 Week 1
Chad Johnson 28 Luxury Real Estate Agent Tulsa, OK The Bachelorette, season 12 Week 1 Week 1 (Removed)

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Week
1 2 3 4 5 6
1-6 Amanda Date (Nick) Date (Josh) In In Date (Josh) In Stay (Josh)
Josh Wait Date (Amanda) In Last Date (Amanda) In Stay (Amanda)
Carly In Date (Evan) In Date (Evan) In In Stay (Evan)
Evan In Date (Carly) In Date (Carly) In In Stay (Carly)
Lace In In Date (Grant) In In In Stay (Grant)
Grant In In Date (Lace) In In In Stay (Lace)
7-8 Nick Date (Amanda/Leah) Last Date (Jen) In In In Split (Jen)
Jen Wait Date (Nick) In In In Split (Nick)
9-10 Ashley Wait Out (Daniel) Date (Wells) Last Split (Wells)
Wells Wait Date (Ashley) Date (Jami/Shushanna) Split (Ashley)
11-13 Jami Wait Out (Wells)
Lauren Wait Out (Brett)
Tiara Wait Out
14 Brett Wait Date (Caila) Quit (Lauren)
15 Shushanna Wait Quit (Wells)
16 Izzy In In Date (Vinny) In Quit
17 Jared Date (Jubilee) In Date (Caila) Date (Caila) Quit
18 Caila Wait Date (Jared) Date (Jared/Brett) Quit
19-21 Carl Wait Out (Emily)
Daniel In In Date (Ashley) Out
Ryan Wait Out (Haley)
22-23 Emily In In In Quit (Carl)
Haley In Date (Brandon) Last Quit (Ryan)
24 Vinny In In Date (Izzy) Quit
25 Sarah Last Date (Christian) Out
26-27 Brandon Wait Out (Haley)
Christian Wait Out (Sarah)
28-29 Jubilee Out (Jared)
Leah Out (Nick)
30 Chad Out


The contestant is male.
The contestant is female.
The contestant went on a date and gave out a rose at the rose ceremony.
The contestant went on a date and got a rose at the rose ceremony.
The contestant gave or received a rose at the rose ceremony, thus remaining in the competition.
The contestant received the last rose.
The contestant went on a date and was eliminated.
The contestant was eliminated.
The contestant was eliminated by production.
The contestant had a date and voluntarily left the show.
The contestant voluntarily left the show.
The couple broke up and were eliminated.
The couple decided to stay together and won the competition.
The contestant had a wait before appearing in paradise.


in season
Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
ProdCode = 301 ShortSummary= Arrival Order: Amanda, Nick, Jubilee, Evan, Vinny, Carly, Grant, Daniel, Sarah, Emily & Haley, Izzy, Lace, Jared, Chad. Chris Harrison informs that, just like last season, if Emily receives a rose Haley will stay, and vice versa. Jubilee receives the first date card of the season and asked Jared on a date. They went on a dinner date and got to know each other. Meanwhile, Lace, Chad, and Grant go to the bar and Lace and Chad make out in private. Suddenly, Chad becomes belligerent and argues with Lace. Chad starts to show more aggressive behavior towards the other contestants, especially Izzy and Sarah. Chad later got drunk, and then passed out on the beach. Harrison, at the end of his rope, removes Chad from paradise, and Chad refuses to apologize to the other contestants. Harrison pushes Chad out the door, with Chad shouting expletives at him. The episode ends with "To Be Continued..."

Viewers= 4.63 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 302a ShortSummary= After saying "Fuck you Chris Harrison", Chad finally leaves paradise, much to everyone's relief. Leah arrives with a date card, planning to ask Chad out on a date. After being informed that Chad was eliminated, she was dismayed, but asked Nick out instead. They go to a fair, where she kisses him, which she thought was great but Nick thinks Leah is nuts. Shortly after returning from their date, Nick was given a date card of his own and he asked Amanda out, which upset Leah, who thought their date had gone well. At the rose ceremony, Grant gave his rose to Lace, Nick gave his rose to Amanda [much to Leah's annoyance.] Vinny gave his rose to Izzy, Evan (very enthusiastically) gives his rose to Carly, Jared saves Haley from elimination by giving his rose to Emily, upsetting Jubilee, a Daniel gives the last rose to Sarah, claiming "He saved the best for last." Leah and Jubliee were eliminated. A day later, Josh Murray, the winner of The Bachelorette, from Andi's season then arrived with a date card and asked Amanda out, which meant that he and Nick were competing for the same woman, much as they had competed for Andi Dorfman. They went sailing on a yacht and they get to know each other. They end the day making out. Meanwhile, Lace and Grant hooked up, and Evan kissed Carly, which he thought was fantastic but she decidedly did not. Later Evan was given a date card and he asked Carly out, to her dismay. They set a new world's record for the longest kiss after eating a habanero pepper, which Carly did not enjoy at all, and she starts throwing up in the restroom. Viewers= 4.54 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 302b ShortSummary= As Josh and Amanda spend the day making out, Christian Bishop from JoJo's season arrives with a date card and asks Sarah out. She has mixed feelings about this since Daniel had just given her a rose, but she agrees and has a great time. Carly breaks the news to Evan that she wants to be a friend but is not romantically interested in him, much to his devastation. Brandon Andreen from Desiree's season arrives with a date card and briefly considers Carly, but asks Haley out instead. He tells Haley that he is sure that he could tell her and Emily apart, and to test this they switch places mid-date. Brandon fails to recognize Emily, and is about to kiss her, but she stops him. Sarah meets with Daniel and they get to know each other better. Evan, feeling down about getting dumped, broods for a long time and decides that he needs to make a bold move, and approaches Amanda and Josh, with a handmade date card that says "Evan, you deserve love." Viewers= 3.86 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 303a ShortSummary= Evan approaches Amanda and Josh with a handmade date card, and takes Amanda aside for a chat. He expresses his feelings for her and she says she wishes he had said something sooner, but she is with Josh now. She then cries because she pities Evan, who thinks that they have a small connection. The twins note that Brandon never did detect their mid-date switch. Before the Rose Ceremony, Evan takes Amanda aside again and tells her that Andi Dorfman wrote a book that told of verbal abuse from Josh, and advised caution. Word of this quickly got back to Josh and he had a talk with Evan, and said that the book was fictional. Meanwhile, Nick was also advising Amanda to be cautious. At the Rose Ceremony, Amanda gave her rose Josh, and Carly gave her rose to Evan. Sarah, Izzy, and Lace give their roses to Daniel, Vinny, and Grant. Emily gives her rose to Jared, and Haley gives the last rose to Nick even though she is seeing him as a friend, sending a dismayed Brandon home, and also Christian was sent home. Caila arrived with a date card and asked Jared out. Lace and Izzy were given a "double date" card and they asked Grant and Vinny out. Later Evan did not appear to be well and a medic was called. The medic said someone should observe him overnight, and Carly was tabbed for the task. Ashley arrived and saw that Jared was with Caila. Viewers= 4.74 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 303b ShortSummary= Ashley arrived with a date card and saw that Jared was with Caila. She was upset about this and Jared encouraged her to see other guys, and suggested Daniel. The medic advised Evan to be treated in the hospital, and Carly accompanied him there, where she began to warm to him. Ashley asked Daniel out and they had dinner followed by a visit from Aztec warriors who took the virgin Ashley away to be 'sacrificed'. Jen Saviano arrived with a date card and asked Nick out. Before the Rose Ceremony, Ashley took Jared aside. Jared said that the point of Ashley being there was for her to meet other guys, and if she wasn't going to do that, perhaps she should leave. Viewers= 4.41 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 304a ShortSummary= Jared continues his conversation with Ashley and lets her know that she should move on because he is with Caila now. The only guy who is not in a relationship is Daniel, so Sarah, Haley and Ashley approach him to try to earn his rose. At the Rose Ceremony, Daniel gives his rose to Haley, so Sarah and Ashley are sent home. But Ashley tells the driver to let her out and she returns to paradise and asks for a second chance, and all agree. Evan was still with Carly and he said it was the best injury he ever faked. Carl and Brett arrive with double date cards, and they ask Caila and Emily out. Caila is indecisive but finally decides to go, and does not have a good time on the 'booze cruise'. She returns to a relieved Jared. Izzy was instantly attracted to Brett when he arrived and starts to question her relationship with Vinny. Grant takes Lace to another part of the resort for a couples' massage, to deepen their relationship. Ryan B arrives with a date card. Jared tries to encourage him to ask Ashley out but he does not. Izzy tells Brett and then Vinny that she is only feeling "75%" for Vinny and wants to feel "100%" for someone. Vinny is hurt by this and considers leaving. Later he approaches Izzy to find out where he stands. Viewers= 5.21 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 304b ShortSummary= Vinny talks with Izzy and explains that he was hurt by what she said and how she said it, and he departs. Jade and Tanner arrive with a date card to give to the couple that they feel has the best chance of staying together. After interviewing all of the couples, they select Jared and Caila (to Ashley's dismay). Lace thinks that their interview went badly and starts to question her relationship with Grant. After Jared and Caila return, Ashley takes Jared aside and advises caution since Ashley questions the genuineness of Caila's feelings. Jared takes this back to Caila which upsets her, both because Ashley is questioning her feelings and because Jared seems to trust Ashley more than Caila. Caila confronts Ashley over this and starts to question her relationship with Jared. Viewers= 4.85 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 305a ShortSummary= Wells arrives with a date card and asks Ashley out, to everyone's relief. Carly and Evan profess their love for each other. Lace and Grant get into a disagreement but work it out. Amanda says she is going to bed early and offers their room to Nick and Jen, but Josh is upset by this and wonders why she is going to bed alone without telling him. Later the twins take Nick aside and want to talk about Josh. Nick says he sees flashes of Josh's temper and even though Josh says that what Andi said about him in the book was fictional, what she said about Nick was accurate. At the Rose Ceremony, the twins decide that they have not found love and do not hand out their roses. Ryan, Carl and Daniel are eliminated. Before the twins leave, they take Amanda aside and tearfully tell her to be cautious with Josh. Josh demands to know who is saying these things about him, and Nick admits to it. Josh packs his bags and offers to leave, but Amanda convinces him to stay. In the morning, Jami arrives with a date card and whisks Wells off while the others are sleeping. When Ashley awakes and hears of this, she takes it well at first but later starts to focus on Jared again. Caila decides that the situation with Ashley is intolerable and threatens to leave. Viewers= 5.46 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 305b ShortSummary= Caila packs her bags and leaves, and after a final discussion with Ashley, Jared accompanies her. Wells returns from his date with Jami and apologizes to Ashley for leaving without saying anything to her. She takes it well. Wells is having difficulty juggling two women whom he cares about. Lauren and Shushanna arrive with a double date card and they ask Brett and Wells out respectively. Wells has a good time with Shushanna and now has three women vying for him. Amanda is given a date card and asks Josh out, and they have a romantic dinner followed by fireworks. Amanda wishes that the others could see this sensitive side of Josh. Viewers= 5.04 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 306a ShortSummary= Izzy, Brett, and Shushanna decide to quit the competition. Jami, Lauren, and Tiara didn't receive roses and were eliminated. Viewers= 4.96 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

ProdCode = 306b ShortSummary= Carly and Evan: They are very much in love with each other. Evan picks out a ring with no hesitation and later proposes to Carly, and she happily accepts. In the epilogue, Carly has moved to Nashville to be with Evan and is looking forward to being the cool stepmom to his children. Carly and Evan married in June 2017 and are currently expecting their first child together. Lace and Grant: In the morning at the fantasy suite they are still unsure about whether they want to move forward. After both have some time to sort out their feelings, they decide that they really do love each other. Grant proposes and Lace accepts. In the epilogue, Lace has moved to San Francisco to be with Grant. However, on November 28, 2016, the pair announced that they had split and ended their engagement. Lace has since moved back to her hometown of Denver, Colorado.

Jen and Nick: Jen is concerned that Nick still seems to have some walls up, but she loves him anyway. Nick picks out a ring, 'hopefully for the last time!'. Jen professes her love for Nick but Nick tearfully says that he cannot propose because even though his head is telling him to do it, he cannot convince his heart that it is right. They both leave, with Nick wondering if he made the right decision.

Amanda and Josh: Despite being warned about Josh several times, Amanda knows that she loves him. Josh has some worries but overcomes them. Josh proposes and Amanda accepts. In the epilogue, Josh has moved to Orange County to be with Amanda and he loves her children. However, the pair ended their engagement in December 2016.

Also in the epilogue, Caila and Jared have agreed to be just friends. Vinny is shown partying and is doing just fine. Chad will never be the next Bachelor. Ashley is still thinking about Jared. Daniel is still single. The twins have not found men but they still have each other.

Viewers= 5.57 LineColor=C5E4E1 }}

Post Show

Lace Morris and Grant Kemp ended their engagement in November 2016.

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray ended their engagement in December 2016. Amanda returned to Paradise for season 4.

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass were married on June 17, 2017 in Mexico. They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Isabella Evelyn, on February 15, 2018.

Jared and Ashley finally became a couple in 2018

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