Ashlee Ashby

Ashlee Ashby

Ashlee Ashby

Date Of Birth: Unknown
Hometown: Easley, SC
Pre-Reality Occupation: Fitness counselor
Marital Status: Single

Ashlee Ashby News

  • Kimberly Mullen becomes the sixth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau'

    Stripped of her snuggle alliance with de facto Survivor: Palau Ulong tribe leader Jeff Wilson following his injury-caused departure from the game, delicate former beauty queen Kimberly Mullen knew her poor work ethic and weak link status would make her a target at the tribe's next Tribal Council. What she didn't know was how quickly it would come, with Ulong voting Kimberly out of the Survivor tribe after it lost yet another Immunity Challenge, its fourth consecutive immunity loss to the still undefeated Koror tribe.
  • Jeff Wilson becomes the fifth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau'

    Having quickly changed from an asset to a liability following an ankle injury that occurred during Thursday's broadcast, Jeff Wilson, the well-liked 21-year-old personal trainer from Ventura, California, was voted out of Survivor: Palau's Ulong tribe following their third consecutive Immunity Challenge loss.
  • Ashlee Ashby becomes the fourth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau'

    Adopting the law of the jungle as its own, Survivor: Palau's Ulong tribe prayed on its weak link during Thursday's second episode broadcast, voting out Ashlee Ashby, a 22-year-old Fitness counselor from Easley, SC who was "ready to go home."
  • CBS announces 'Survivor: Palau' cast, series to premiere February 17

    CBS announced today that Survivor: Palau, the tenth edition of its long-running reality series, will premiere Thursday, February 17 at 8PM ET/PT.
  • Online sleuths uncover identities of 'Survivor: Palau' castaways

    With CBS's new ten-episode Wickedly Perfect series scheduled to debut in its time period this week, it is still unclear exactly when Survivor: Palau is going to premiere (some rumors say February, others say after Wickedly's run ends in March, meanwhile the show's network publicists aren't commenting) but that hasn't stopped online spoiler sleuths from apparently uncovering the names of all twenty of the tenth Survivor edition's castaways.

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