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America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14 is the fourteenth cycle of America's Next Top Model and the eighth season to be aired on The CW network. The original premiere date was March 3, 2010, but had been postponed to March 10. This cycle's catch phrase is "Work It Out". The promotional songs are "Watch Me Move" by Fefe Dobson and "Go Getta" by Stella Mwangi.

The prizes for this cycle are:

  • A modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models.
  • A fashion spread and cover in Seventeen.
  • A 100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics.
J. Alexander was removed from his post as a judge, but still remained as the runway coach. He was replaced by Vogue editor André Leon Talley. The international destinations during this cycle were Auckland and Queenstown, New Zealand.

The winner was 24-year-old Krista White from Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Season summary

A new rule this cycle enabled the girl called first at panel to receive the prize of the following week's reward challenge, regardless of their performance at the actual challenge. If the same girl won the challenge, she was able to pick others to join her on the reward, or received additional prizes along with her challenge win.

Top Model in Action was replaced with Top Model Lounge featuring Bianca Golden from Cycle 9 and Laura Kirkpatrick from Cycle 13 offering commentary about each week's episode.

This cycle returned to featuring girls within the standard heights of the modeling industry ( and taller), unlike the previous cycle. In addition, Cycle 14 took place in New York City, having been set in Los Angeles for Cycle 13.

Episode Summaries

Be My Friend, Tyra!

First aired March 10, 2010

The fourteenth season began with 32 models vying for 14 spots. The contestants were asked to create a social networking-styled profile,, including a profile photo and a video of their walk. Angelea, who failed to make the cut in Cycle 12, returned. A final picture required them to take inspiration from current and past top models. Gabrielle impressed Mr. Jay with her knowledge of the industry, while Tatianna was castigated for electing to emulate an actress (Megan Fox) rather than a model. When decision time dawned, Tyra revealed that only 12 had been selected, and they would travel to New York City where they would meet the thirteenth contestant.

Upon arrival, they met Perez Hilton and began a tour of the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Later, they were introduced to Ren, who had been scouted by Tyra and the production staff. Makeovers were administered shortly after. Brenda and Anslee was upset to have her hair cut short and Krista was unhappy that her hair was slicked back. The girls moved into their house and disagreements erupted between Alasia, Anslee, Angelea, Brenda and Marco. They were then taken to their first photo shoot, where it was revealed that each would be posing nude aside from one article of clothing and continued until the following episode.

  • Special guests: Sally Hershberger, Anastasia Izaard, Joanna Konjevod

Makeover Madness

First aired March 17, 2010

The girls were required to model only one article of clothing or accessory, which they were to select from a full-dressed mannequin. The girls' choices were:

Model Article of clothing
Alasia Vest
Alexandra Necklace
Angelea Shoes
Anslee Clutch
Brenda Watch
Gabrielle Leggings
Jessica Shorts
Marco Dress
Naduah Sunglasses
Raina Ring
Ren Hat
Simone Jacket
Tatianna Scarf
At panel, Vogue Editor-at-Large André Leon Talley joined as a permanent judge. In the first judging, Jessica became the brightest star of the bunch, praised by the judges for creatively using her whole body to create a strong photo (Tyra was admittedly shocked, and called Jessica a "chameleon"). Angelea also impressed the judges by producing a very feminine shot, although in person she acted less than classy. Ren and Brenda impressed the judges with the fire in their eyes, while Simone's good skin was highly praised by the judges.

Anslee successfully sold the clutch she had chosen, while Tatianna was complimented for smiling with her eyes. Raina was heavily praised by the judges for her photo, creating the look of a courtesan. Alexandra and Naduah both failed to produce an amazing photo; while Krista, Alasia and Gabrielle were deemed the worst of the worst, with Gabrielle's photo was called "forgettable". Tyra, Nigel and guest judge Sally Hershberger considered Alasia's photo to be weak, although André believed it to be "raw and bold." Despite this, Alasia landed with Gabrielle in the bottom two. In the end, André's point of view regarding Alasia's photo won over the other judges, and Gabrielle was sent home.

  • First call-out: Jessica Serfaty
  • Bottom two: Alasia Ballard & Gabrielle Kniery
  • Eliminated: Gabrielle Kniery
  • Featured photographer: Jonathan Mannion
  • Special guests: Joanna Konjevod, Sally Hershberger, Vincent Oquendo, Ryan Taniguchi, Stephanie Larosiliere


First aired March 17, 2010

The girls met Ms. J for a runway teach about pacing and removing coats while walking. They were then challenged to walk down a busy Manhattan intersection while practicing what they have just learned. The next day, the girls walked in a Rachel Roy fashion show at Lower Manhattan's Surrogate's Courthouse, where they had to time their walks perfectly in order to avoid two swinging pendulums on the runway. Some girls struggled with their timing, most notably Alexandra"?who tripped down the stairs, got knocked off the runway by a pendulum, injured her knee, and inadvertently tore her dress. Brenda won the challenge and got to keep her dress. Jessica, who was called first at the previous judging, also got to keep her dress.

The week's photo shoot required the girls to shine through wind and rain to advertise a fast-disappearing perfume. At panel, Raina, Marco, Anslee and Tatianna were deemed as the best. Nigel deemed Ren's photo as an advertisement for swine flu, while Naduah's classic, ad-style photograph was seen as contrary to her edgy look. In the end, it's Naduah who was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Raina Hein
  • Bottom two: Naduah Rugely & Ren Vokes
  • Eliminated: Naduah Rugely
  • Featured photographer: Brian Edwards
  • Special guest: Rachel Roy

Let's Dance!

First aired March 24, 2010

The girls rode a "Fab Bus" and received a surprise visit from Cycle 3 contestant Toccara Jones, who put their fashion knowledge to the test. The Blue Team consisting of Alexandra, Angelea, Jessica, Krista and Simone (together with Raina who joined them in their reward) won a $500 Bluefly gift certificate and the opportunity to audition for Bluefly's Spring Collection. The Bluefly executives were most impressed by Simone's go-see and she won the campaign and a $2500 gift certificate. Meanwhile, the losing team had to help take inventory in the warehouse.

This week's photo shoot drew its inspiration from various dance genres. Alasia excelled, while Anslee, Brenda, Ren and Simone failed to find their rhythm.

Model Dance Genre
Alasia Interpretive
Alexandra Breakdance
Angelea Moshing
Anslee Rhythmic
Brenda African
Jessica Salsa
Marco Ballet
Raina Jazz
Ren Disco
Simone Hip-Hop
Tatianna Tap
At panel, Alasia's outfit was unanimously lambasted, but her photo received universal applause. Upon receiving critique, Ren expressed her unhappiness because of all the drama happening in the house. With this, combined with her unsightly photograph, landed her in the bottom two with Brenda, who also have a weak photo and for still not embracing her makeover. Despite initially stating her desire to continue, Ren then revealed she wanted to check out from the competition because she just wanted to tell her mother what she feels about her. But this was not needed, as Tyra handed the last photo to Brenda, telling her that "another transformation" will take place.

  • First call-out: Alasia Ballard
  • Bottom two: Brenda Arens & Ren Vokes
  • Eliminated: Ren Vokes
  • Featured photographer: Cade Martin
  • Special guests: Toccara Jones, Sean Patterson, Melissa Payner, Camila Hori, Jacqueline Wahba, Urbi Medley, Troy Powell, Ryan Taniguchi, Vincent Oquendo, Stephanie Larosiliere

America's Next Top Vampire

First aired March 31, 2010

Sally Hershberger visited the girls, and revealed that the "transformation" that Tyra announced last week is that Sally will be cutting Brenda's hair shorter, much to Brenda's dismay. The models were then taken to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to learn about improv. They were each given a scenario and a respective emotion to carry out the action in. Back at the house, Brenda received an edgier 80s-inspired cut similar to a faux-hawk, which Brenda found difficult to adjust to. During the haircut, a majority of the girls watched in interest and while most of them felt pity for Brenda, Angelea found the whole thing amusing, especially when Sally Hershberger used intimidating-looking clippers on the sides of Brenda's hair. The girls went to Times Square and received their challenge from the newest CoverGirl spokesmodel, Dania Ramirez, who instructed them to do voice-overs for a CoverGirl Clean commercial. None of the girls did well, except Tatianna, whose playful commercial allowed her personality to shine through, and she won a CoverGirl shoot for Seventeen Magazine and

The models posed as vampires in a bloody bathtub at the photo shoot. White-out contact lenses that they had to wear left them virtually blind. Although she found trouble and pain while putting on her lenses, Brenda did quite well at the shoot with her simple pose but haunting and sexy and the same time. The judges slated Anslee for giving excuses for her poor performances and in the end it was Simone and Anslee who landed in the bottom two, but Simone's contrived posing in her photos sent her packing.

  • First call-out: Alasia Ballard
  • Bottom two: Anslee Payne-Franklin & Simone Lewis
  • Eliminated: Simone Lewis
  • Featured photographer: Sarah Silver
  • Special guests: Dania Ramirez, JB Smoove, Sally Hershberger, CJ Richards, Rodney Groves, Eric Orlando, Frances Hathaway

Smile and Pose

First aired April 7, 2010

The models received letters from home to cheer them up. The next day, they arrived at Roosevelt Island, where they were tasked to create chemistry between themselves and a male model, who turned out to be Nigel. Later, they met comedian Ross Matthews and their challenge required them to model with him and produce a good shot with only five frames. Jessica won and received a pair of $6500 Jude Frances diamond earrings as well as immunity at panel, while Alasia (who had the best photo the previous week) received a $5000 ring.

The photo shoot took place at New York's Garment District " Canal Street, Chinatown. The girls were dressed up ala fashion faux pas to raise awareness about the detriment of counterfeit fashion products. Jessica, Angelea and Krista wowed Jay in their performance, while Alexandra's confidence took a beating when she received mediocre feedback.

At judging, Jessica received the most praise, as the judges were extremely impressed with her creativity in producing a great shot. Nigel also commented that every single part of her shot absolutely tells a story about fake, while Andre praised her ability to jumps, strike various poses, and make her face look great at the same time. Other girls also got some praise, including Angelea, Krista, Anslee, Brenda, Alasia, and Raina.

Alexandra's dour picture landed her in the bottom two along with Tatianna, whose film from week to week was deemed weak, which made it difficult for Tyra to choose a best photo (despite having at least one great photo to show at panel). In the end, Tatianna was sent home due to her inability to consistently produce great photos without just lucking into them.

This episode was dedicated to the memory of Alexander McQueen.

  • First call-out: Jessica Serfaty
  • Bottom two: Alexandra Underwood & Tatianna Kern
  • Eliminated: Tatianna Kern
  • Featured photographer: D-Nice
  • Special guests: Ross Mathews, Ann Shoket, Eric Orlando, Vincent Oquendo, Pat Cleveland

New York Women!

First aired April 14, 2010

The girls visited Ann Shoket at the Seventeen Magazine headquarters, and Alasia's insistence on taking a shower beforehand caused them to be late. Ann taught them about how to dress in order to flatter all kinds of body types. They were then given 5 minutes to dress themselves up, and as a surprise, all of them got to keep the outfits they chose. The next night, the girls were invited to Tinsley Mortimer's launch party of her new line of handbags, and were given the opportunity to mingle with the guests as well as to have some one-on-one time with Tinsley. Jessica's sunny personality and cute outfit impressed Tinsley the most and she won a photo shoot in Seventeen Magazine, which she shared with Brenda and Raina (since Jessica was first call-out at the previous judging, she got to choose two people instead of one).

The photo shoot took place in the subway and at Grand Central " 42nd Street station, which was also their first CoverGirl assignment. The girls had to portray different facets of New York women.

Model Persona
Alasia Model on a go-see
Alexandra Upper East Sider
Angelea Fashionista
Anslee Artist
Brenda Student
Jessica Club Goer
Marco Aspiring Actress
Raina East Village Rockabilly
At panel, Angelea finally received the first call-out, after three second call-outs. Krista and Anslee met with very positive reviews, while Alexandra and Raina was a bit criticized for being playing safe. André harshly criticized Jessica's choice of shoes, and her combative responses displeased the judges. Alasia's bad photo and lack of focus and Brenda's lack of chemistry in front of the camera and looking old in her photos put them in the bottom two. In the end, a teary Alasia was saved again as Brenda was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Angelea Preston
  • Bottom two: Alasia Ballard & Brenda Arens
  • Eliminated: Brenda Arens
  • Featured photographer: Mike Ruiz
  • Special guests: Ann Shoket, Tinsley Mortimer, Nicole Fox, Vincent Oquendo

Big Hair Day

First aired April 21, 2010

The girls received a surprise visit from model Pat Cleveland and fashion designer Whitney Port, who dolled them up for a night out at Lucky Cheng's drag queen cabaret. There, they met Ms. J, who introduced them to their runway challenge. Krista's personality on the runway won the audience's vote and she was declared the winner. She and Angelea won specially designed pieces from Whitney Port's collection.

While leaving for the photo shoot, the other girls finally had enough of Alasia's tardiness, and decided to leave her (with the elevator hanging up on Alasia, she resorted to use the stairs instead). The girls were split into two teams " Angelea, Anslee, Krista and Raina with their mentor Weaven Steven, and Alasia, Alexandra and Jessica with Derek J. They had to model in dresses made entirely out of hair, with the other team will try to distract them. Krista embodied Grace Jones and she produced a stellar film. Alexandra's performance was once again deemed lukewarm.

At panel, a shepherd arrived with sheep, which led to the revelation that the final six girls would be going to New Zealand for the remainder of the competition. Krista is universally praised for her strong photo; Tyra commends her for her very strong film. Angelea and Raina were praised too, while Jessica was praised again for her ability to jump, move and make her face look great at the same time. Alasia's shot was deemed purely admirable, though she was criticized for playing safe in her film. Anslee was praised for her strong face in her shot but is slated for looking stiff, while Alexandra was castigated for her awkward pose and proportions in her photo.

Krista's strong performance earned her the first call-out, and she won a surprise first-class ticket to New Zealand. Anslee and Alexandra ended up in the bottom two; Anslee for not modeling with her entire body, and Alexandra for seemingly lacking the desire to be in the competition. In the end, Anslee was sent packing as Alexandra joined the other five girls bound for New Zealand. After Anslee's elimination, Tyra allowed Krista to choose another girl to join her on her first-class flight; Krista chose Angelea.

  • First call-Out: Krista White
  • Bottom two: Alexandra Underwood & Anslee Payne-Franklin
  • Eliminated: Anslee Payne-Franklin
  • Featured photographer: Jerry Metellus
  • Special guests: Whitney Port, Pat Cleveland, Weaven Steven, Derek J, Vincent Oquendo

Welcome to New Zealand

First aired April 28, 2010

After an exhausting 22-hour flight, the girls arrived in Auckland, then were taken to Mount Eden and greeted by a traditional M?ori Haka, after which they were immediately sent for their go-sees challenge, with almost no time to prepare. Alasia, Angelea and Krista received positive reviews from the designers, while Alexandra, Jessica and Raina received mixed feedback. Only Alexandra, Angelea and Jessica made it back on time, with Angelea being deemed the best, having booked all six of her go-sees. She and Krista won an assortment of designer pieces.

At their next photo shoot, the girls were challenged to wear the same black Lloyd Klein dress, and make the best out of that dress (with sheep as their background). At panel, when Angelea's photo was going to be discussed, she showed Tyra and the judges a "little club thingy". Krista showed up another powerful photo, but Alexandra's photo was deemed as one of the best in the History of America's Next Top Model and it won her the second best photo. Raina's photo was deemed as "told you thousands of tale" by Nigel, while Angelea's photo was criticized for showing herself too exposed the dress rather than herself.

Alasia and Jessica was called as the bottom two, both of them producing poor photos, but it was Alasia who was sent home, and Jessica was spared.

  • First call-out: Krista White
  • Bottom two: Alasia Ballard & Jessica Serfaty
  • Eliminated: Alasia Ballard
  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Sara Tetro, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Anjali Stewart, Emma Stuart, Mark Burton, Kate Sylvester, Cybele Wiren, Rachel Easting, Annah Stretton, Ryan Taniguchi, Vincent Oquendo, Joanna Konjevod

Hobbits vs. Models

First aired May 5, 2010

Tension rose in the house when Angelea felt that her closest ally, Krista, was becoming closer to Alexandra than her. Jessica accidentally burnt a taco, setting the toaster on fire.

The girls arrived in Matamata, at the "Hobbiton" movie set for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and met actress Sarah McLeod, who introduced them to their photo shoot challenge " they only had five frames to pose at the doorway of the Hobbit House. Krista excelled, but it is the latter who won $3,000 worth of designer clothes.

Tyra was the photographer for this week's photo shoot, which required the girls to pose with shadows. Alexandra impressed by pushing through despite having a runny nose. Krista knowledge of her angles earned her a third consecutive first call-out, tying the record set by Joanie Dodds in Cycle 6.

Tyra didn't feel enough enthusiasm coming from Raina, and she landed in the bottom two for the first time. But it was Jessica's lack of high fashion ability which caused her to be eliminated.

  • First call-out: Krista White
  • Bottom two: Jessica Serfaty & Raina Hein
  • Eliminated: Jessica Serfaty
  • Featured photographer: Guy Coombes, Tyra Banks
  • Special guests: Sarah McLeod, Vincent Oquendo, Joanna Konjevod, Ryan Taniguchi

Ugly-Pretty Woman

First aired May 12, 2010

André gave the girls a surprise visit to advise them about the fashion industry, as well as shed some light on his early career beginnings, including working for Andy Warhol.

The girls packed up and flew for Queenstown, New Zealand for their next photo shoot, but were surprised when they hear Miss J's voice over the PA instructing them to walk down the plane aisles as part of a runway challenge. Alexandra impressed the Jays by bringing heels on board the plane, but Krista ultimately won her fourth challenge. She was rewarded with $2000 worth of Boh Runga jewelry and the chance to walk at New Zealand Fashion Week.

This week's shoot required the girls to portray "ugly-pretty". All the girls found a certain degree of success, and their photos similarly received both praise and criticism from different judges. Krista's outstanding photo earned her yet another first call-out. Alexandra's photo got all-loved by the judges, but she is still looked "pretty-pretty" when they asked her to be "ugly-pretty". Raina was castigated for only doing well in higher-end shoots, Angelea's photo was considered average and generally bad by all the judges. Tyra mentioned models from past cycles that have gone on to have successful careers such as Katarzyna, Fatima, Anya and Mollie Sue while talking about Angelea and where she would go when she went home. In the end, Tyra handed Raina the last photo, eliminating Alexandra and Angelea.

  • First call-out: Krista White
  • Bottom Three: Alexandra Underwood, Angelea Preston & Raina Hein
  • Eliminated: Alexandra Underwood & Angelea Preston
  • Featured photographer: Monty Adams
  • Special guests: Ryan Taniguichi, Vincent Oquendo, Joanna Konjevod

America's Next Top Model Is...

First aired May 12, 2010

The final two girls took a helicopter ride to an overnight stay at Hurakia Lodge on Rakino Island. Miss J. arrived and handed them their CoverGirl commercial scripts. The next day, the girls shot both their commercial and CoverGirl print ad. Krista blanked out during her commercial and was forced to use cue cards, but was praised for laughing off her mistakes instead of breaking down. Raina got her lines out without much fuss, but completed to deliver believability.

The next day, both girls impressed Nigel during their Seventeen magazine cover shoot. When they returned to the house, Tyra surprised them with visits from their families; they proceeded to take a "Top Model" family portrait. After this, the final two proceeded to the Auckland Museum for a rock and roll circus inspired Anna Sui fashion show. It was also revealed that the past 4 eliminated finalists " Alexandra, Angelea, Jessica and Alasia " would also be walking with them. After the show, Tyra had some one-on-one time with Krista and Raina, where both shared their motivations for winning.

At the final judging, Raina's walk was commended for being both commercial and high fashion at the same time, albeit slightly cheesy, whilst Krista's smile and freshness were appreciated. Their CoverGirl print ads also received mixed reviews " Krista's showed a classic Covergirl look with a modern twist, while Raina's stunning photo drew flak for failing to smile with her eyes. Only Krista's CoverGirl commercial fully to fully impressed.

While discussing the final two's overall portfolios throughout the season, the judges deemed Raina as a more sophisticated and edgy model who would do well on the runway, while Krsita was the beauty model who would make waves internationally as a photo model.

In the end, Krista was crowned the winner of the fourteenth cycle of America's Next Top Model.

  • Final Two: Krista White & Raina Hein
  • America's Next Top Model: Krista White
  • Featured photographers: Tony Drayton, Nigel Barker
  • Featured Commercial Director: Jonathan Mannion
  • Special guests: Nicole Fox, Vincent Oquendo, Ryan Taniguchi

Chubby Bunny

First aired May 19, 2010

The recap episode recounted the first eleven episodes of the season. It includes never-before-seen footage, footage about Raina's own language called "Oh My Lanta!" and a game of marshmallows between Alexandra and Jessica called "Chubby Bunny".


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Outcome
Gabrielle Kniery 18 St. Louis, Missouri Eliminated in Episode 2
Naduah Rugely 22 San Diego, California Eliminated in Episode 3
Ren Vokes 22 Grand Prairie, Texas Eliminated in Episode 4
Simone Lewis 19 Lenexa, Kansas Eliminated in Episode 5
Tatianna Kern 21 Ewa Beach, Hawaii Eliminated in Episode 6
Brenda Arens 23 Houston, Texas Eliminated in Episode 7
Anslee Payne-Franklin 23 Dacula, Georgia Eliminated in Episode 8
Alasia Ballard 18 Marietta, Georgia Eliminated in Episode 9
Jessica Serfaty 18 Conway, Arkansas Eliminated in Episode 10
Angelea Preston 23 Buffalo, New York Eliminated in Episode 11
Alexandra Underwood 21 Kerrville, Texas
Raina Hein 22 Minnetonka, Minnesota Runner-up
Krista White 24 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Winner


Call-out order

Tyra's Call-Out Order
1 Naduah JessicaRaina AlasiaAlasiaJessica Angelea Krista Krista Krista Krista Krista
2 JessicaAngeleaKristaAngeleaRainaAngelea Krista Angelea Alexandra Alexandra Raina Raina
3 Krista RenAnslee JessicaTatiannaKrista Raina RainaRaina Angelea Alexandra
4 Raina Brenda Tatianna KristaBrenda Alasia Alexandra JessicaAngelea Raina Angelea
5 Tatianna Tatianna Simone AlexandraAlexandra Anslee Anslee Alasia JessicaJessica
6 Alexandra Simone Alexandra Raina Angelea Brenda Jessica Alexandra Alasia
7 SimoneAnslee Angelea Tatianna JessicaRaina Alasia Anslee
8 Brenda Raina Alasia Simone Krista Alexandra Brenda
9 Alasia Naduah BrendaAnslee Anslee Tatianna
10 Anslee Alexandra JessicaBrenda Simone
11 Gabrielle Krista Ren Ren
12 Angelea Alasia Naduah
13 Gabrielle

{{colorbox}} The contestant was eliminated
{{colorbox}} The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, 20 girls were pared down to 12 who would move on to the main competition. This first call-out does not reflect their performance that first week. Additionally, Ren was scouted and later added to the cast.
  • In episode 11, Alexandra, Angelea and Raina were called forward as the bottom three. Tyra handed the last photo to Raina, eliminating the former two.
  • Episode 13 was the recap episode.

Photo Shoot Guide

  • Episode 1 photo shoot: Embodying famous models
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Nude with Custo Barcelona items
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Perfume beauty shots with New York City skyline
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Dance genres
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Vampires in a bloody bathtub
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Faux fashion on Canal Street
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: CoverGirl smoky shadow blast portraying New York women on a moving train
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Posing with hair dresses
  • Episode 9 photo shoot: Posing in couture gowns with a sheep on a mountain
  • Episode 10 photo shoot: Beauty shots with shadows
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: Era-descent couture
  • Episode 12 photo shoot and commercial: CoverGirl Blast collection, Seventeen magazine cover

Post Top Model careers

  • Brenda Arens is currently signed with Page.713 in Houston, Page Parkes Agency and Campbell Agency. Since the show, she has taken a few test shots, appeared in Seventeen Magazine, and has modeled for Rachel Roy. She used to be signed with the Campbell's Soup in Dallas and Flash Model Management in Milan.
  • Alasia Ballard has done a wedding gown test shoot, been featured in Delux Magazine and is currently signed to Holmes Lewis Models.
  • Raina Hein is currently signed with Wilhelmina Models in Miami, Major Models in Paris, PhotoGenics in Los Angeles, LOOK Model Agency in San Francisco, Moore Creative Talent in Minneapolis, Ignite Models in Dallas, Wehmann Models & Talent in Minneapolis. Since the show, she has taken various test shots, she has booked a campaign for Symphony Retailers in Dubai, appeared in Seventeen Magazine, Metro Magazine, Grazia Magazine, and appeared in Arabia's and Hong Kong's Harper's Bazaar. She walked in Dubai Fashion Week for Vera Wang. She also became the face of Furne One perfrume for Bench and also modeled with the collection in the Philippines.
  • Tatianna Kern has modeled for Marlowe Holt.
  • Gabrielle Kniery is currently signed with Centro Models and has modeled for KAS couture, Alive magazine, Do You Social Magazine, Gegi Designs, Scholarshop clothing, Delux Magazine and ID models.She also modeled for Remrod and Tuan Lee Photography.
  • Simone Lewis is currently signed with Exposure Model and Talent Agency and has taken a few test shots. Since the show, she has modeled for Bluefly and Gegi Designs.
  • Anslee Payne-Franklin has modeled for Freeze Frame Studios.
  • Angelea Preston has taken a few test shots. She has walked in New York fashion week for the Sachika twins and Richie Rich. She has starred in a commercial for Keratin Earth. Angelea has also been on the cover of Fashionista magazine. She is currently signed with Colby Models in New York City. Additionally, she participated on America's Next Top Model: All Stars among with other returning models. Angelea has confirmed via Twitter that she is pregnant and has become married.
  • Naduah Rugely has done a variety of test shots, print ads, and runway.
  • Jessica Serfaty is currently signed with Abrams Artists Agency in Los Angeles, Wunder Management and MDI Model Management in Korea. Since the show, she has appeared in Seventeen Magazine, booked a campaign with Papaya clothing and has been focused on mainly acting. She has appeared in commercials for McDonalds, Doritos, Toyota and more. She's been busy going to auditions for TV shows, Movies and commercials. She can be seen in the music video "Justify Sex" by Dan Balan.
  • Alexandra Underwood is currently signed with Wilhelmina Models in New York City and Models 1 in London. Since the show, she has taken a few test shots, and appeared on the cover of Plus Sized Magazine. She has walked in New York Fashion Week for the Sachika Twins.
  • Ren Vokes has taken a few test shots. Since the show, she has modeled for Odyline and The Hundreds. She used to be signed with the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas.
  • Krista White has collected all her prizes and is currently signed with Wilhelmina Models in New York City. Since the show, she has taken a few test shots, she has appeared on the cover and had a spread in Seventeen Magazine, had a cover of FantasticMag, and a spread in Fiasco Magazine, and she has booked a back-to-school campaign for Max Rave. Krista has walked for several designers like Nicole Miller and Huffer in NZ fashion week as part of her prize for winning a runway challenge while on a plane in NZ & Betsey Johnson in New York Fashion Week and Roberto Cavalli.

Cast members


  • Tyra Banks " creator, host, photographer & main judge
  • Nigel Barker " judge & photographer
  • André Leon Talley " judge & fashion editor

Additional cast

  • J. Alexander " runway coach
  • Jay Manuel " photo shoot director

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