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The Exorcist is an American anthology horror drama television series that debuted on Fox on September 23, 2016. The series stars Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels, and is based on the William Peter Blatty novel of the same name. A sequel to the 1973 film of the same name, it is part of The Exorcist franchise. It was commissioned on May 10, 2016.

On May 12, 2017, Fox renewed the series for a second season, subtitled The Next Chapter, which premiered on September 29, 2017. On May 11, 2018, Fox canceled the series after two seasons.



  • Alfonso Herrera as Father Tomas Ortega
  • Ben Daniels as Father Marcus Keane
  • Hannah Kasulka as Casey Rance (season 1; guest season 2)
  • Brianne Howey as Katherine "Kat" Rance (season 1)
  • Kurt Egyiawan as Father Devon Bennett
  • Alan Ruck as Henry Rance (season 1)
  • Geena Davis as Angela Rance / Regan MacNeil (season 1)
  • Zuleikha Robinson as Mouse (season 2)
  • Li Jun Li as Rose Cooper (season 2)
  • Brianna Hildebrand as Verity (season 2)
  • John Cho as Andrew "Andy" Kim (season 2)


  • Robert Emmet Lunney as The Salesman / Captain Howdy / Pazuzu (season 1)
  • Mouzam Makkar as Jessica (season 1)
  • Kirsten Fitzgerald as Maria Walters
  • David Hewlett as the voice of the demon / Pazuzu
  • Sharon Gless as Chris MacNeil (season 1)
  • Camille Guaty as Olivia (season 1)
  • Deanna Dunagan as Mother Bernadette (season 1)
  • Torrey Hanson as Cardinal Guillot
  • Francis Guinan as Simon the priest (season 1)
  • Cyrus Arnold as David "Truck" Johnson III (season 2)
  • Hunter Dillon as Caleb (season 2)
  • Alex Barima as Shelby (season 2)
  • Amlie Eve as Grace (season 2)
  • Christopher Cousins as Peter Osborne (season 2)
  • Alicia Witt as Nicole Kim (season 2)
  • Zibby Allen as Cindy (season 2)
  • Beatrice Kitsos as Harper Graham (season 2)


Series overview

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Season 1 (2016)

| OriginalAirDate = 
| ProdCode        = 1AZP01
| Viewers         = 2.85
| ShortSummary    = 
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| ProdCode        = 1AZP02
| Viewers         = 1.98
| ShortSummary    = 
| LineColor       = 3E3E45

| ProdCode        = 1AZP03
| Viewers         = 1.95
| ShortSummary    = 
| LineColor       = 3E3E45

| ProdCode        = 1AZP04
| Viewers         = 1.97
| ShortSummary    = 
| LineColor       = 3E3E45

| ProdCode        = 1AZP05
| Viewers         = 1.87
| ShortSummary    = 
| LineColor       = 3E3E45

| ProdCode        = 1AZP06
| Viewers         = 1.83
| ShortSummary    = 
| LineColor       = 3E3E45

| ProdCode        = 1AZP07
| Viewers         = 1.61
| ShortSummary    = 
| LineColor       = 3E3E45

| ProdCode        = 1AZP08
| Viewers         = 1.67
| ShortSummary    = 
| LineColor       = 3E3E45

| ProdCode        = 1AZP09
| Viewers         = 1.66
| ShortSummary    = 
| LineColor       = 3E3E45

| ProdCode        = 1AZP10
| Viewers         = 1.75
| ShortSummary    = 
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Season 2 (2017)

| ProdCode        = 2AZP01
| Viewers         = 1.58
| ShortSummary    = Father Tomas Ortega and Father Marcus Keane try to save Cindy, a woman possessed by a demon following her miscarriage. But things get complicated when Cindy's husband refuses to believe in his wife's possession and tries to prevent the priests from saving her. But during one of the attempts to save the young woman, the demon arrives to penetrate the spirit of Tomas. On Nachburn, an island off Seattle, Andrew Kim is about to welcome Rose Cooper, a social services representative with whom he has a shared background, to determine whether Andrew's home is suitable for children. Indeed, the latter welcomes a group of children and orphans with problems. One of the children, Caleb, a blind teenager, begins to behave strangely.
| LineColor       = 879CB4

| ProdCode        = 2AZP02
| Viewers         = 1.36
| ShortSummary    = In the Vatican, Father Bennett, who has only one ally Cardinal Caro, summons Cardinal Guillot to the Court of Appeal to unmask him. He informs the court that the integration of the clergyman made in Chicago has had repercussions and that the church is infiltrated by demons and forces of evil. But Guillot proves his innocence by drinking holy water before the jury. The latter winks at Bennett as a last provocation. The president of the court orders Bennett to give all the information about the renegade priests who are Marcus and Tomas but he refuses. Meanwhile, the two priests finally managed to convince the sheriff Jordy that his wife is possessed by the demon. At the hospital where she is being treated, the demon manifests, making the majority of the staff flee. Upon arriving there, the two churchmen find that Cindy took hostage one of the sheriff's men. She slaughters him and scampers through a ventilation duct. On the farm, Rose Cooper and Andrew Kim argue about Caleb whose attitude is increasingly strange. Rose will file a report which may hurt the home for difficult children. A couple of farmers, the Holmstroms, arrive to give fruit to the children. They take the opportunity to invite Shelby to attend the birth of a baby sheep. At the hospital, Marcus and Tomas manage to trap Cindy and exorcise her before she could kill a baby in the neonatal room. The sheriff in reward gives them the keys of his pickup. The two men leave for Seattle. At the Vatican, Father Bennett packed his bags to make contact with other church people indicated by Cardinal Caro. Going down the stairs, he witnesses Caro's arrest by the Vatican Guard soldiers ordered by the president of the court of appeal. Shelby witnesses an atrocity on the Holmstrom's farm: The baby sheep is a deformed monster. Ted Holmstrom kills him with a pitchfork. The disoriented teenager goes home through the forest but hears a scream. Meanwhile at home, Andrew who worries goes around to see if anything is wrong. He sees bloody handprints on the front door. He turns around and sees Shelby with the dead sheep in his hands.
| LineColor       = 879CB4

| ProdCode        = 2AZP03
| Viewers         = 1.35
| ShortSummary    = In Paris, while Cardinal Guillot performs an invocation ceremony with the demon's selected host, a young woman prepares pies with ostia powder. After eating the pies, all the guests die in excruciating pain by spitting blood. Meanwhile, Father Tomas and Marcus go to the Grahams where daughter Harper would be according to her mother. At home, Andy is confronted with supernatural events: a flock of birds are crashing into the house while Shelby prays near the lake. It turns out that the young man is convinced that an obscure force is at work and would also be responsible for the death of Nicole, Andy's wife. Rose Cooper goes to Lady Graham after a row, but her mother sends her away unceremoniously. While Tomas finds that all signs of possession are present, Marcus is more dubious. He finds PCP and other medications in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Harper's mother Lorraine drugged her to fake possession. Tomas is injured in the head by Lorraine and while Marcus is about to take the teenager out of the house, he is also attacked and injures his arm. Fortunately, Rose arrives with the police. The child is hospitalized. Rose knows where to place the child and lets Tomas and Marcus know. In Antwerp, Belgium, Father Bennett met Mouse, the young woman who had killed the demon devotees in Paris. She makes the source of her information meet the father in an isolated cellar: it is the nun Dolores Navarro, who is possessed.
| LineColor       = 879CB4

| ProdCode        = 2AZP04
| Viewers         = 1.23
| ShortSummary    = In Antwerp, Belgium, Father Bennett tries to save the soul of sister Dolores Navarro, possessed by the spirit of the demon Mejis. During a moment of weakness and pity, the demon manages to control the priest and makes him erase the circle of protection where she is locked up. He owes his salvation only to the intervention of Mouse who knocks the woman out with an injection of holy water. Tomas contacts his sister Olivia and nephew Luis. She tells him that men from the church are looking for him and Marcus. He tells her to forget it for the moment. Harper and Rose go to the island where the home for unsuitable children is located. They are accompanied by Marcus and Tomas on the insistence of the child. On the island, water and forest officer Peter Osborne takes samples after the crows' attack. Shelby, who feels that something abnormal is happening informs him of the birth of a sheep in the Holmstrom farm. Andy reunites the children to tell them about Harper's upcoming arrival but Grace is unwelcoming. Several strange events occur, Grace speaks with a loud voice and objects move around the house. Barely arrived at the port, Tomas hears voices and shares this info with Marcus. Marcus and Tomas notice several signs that supernatural forces are at work such as the appearance of dead spider webs on trees where dead creatures of flora and fauna die. Marcus meets Peter and empathizes with him. The latter offers to take him to the Cove of Jarrell but he declines the invitation. Tomas visits the home and feels more and more a demonic presence. As Shelby tries to tell him something, Rose interrupts. In Antwerp, Bennett shares the information he has with Mouse about Sister Navarro's predictions: the demon wants to find the lamb and the old Lion as he calls them. He talks about Maria Walters and the demon organization in Chicago. Mouse thinks they could find the organization to learn more and destroy them. While it's dark, Rose is visited by a creature made of shade in her room. She manages to banish the creature with the light from her cellphone. Harper has a nightmare and wakes up. Rose consoles her and joins Andy in the kitchen. The two kiss each other. The next day, Grace decides to face her agoraphobia and leaves the house for the first time, which amazes Verity. After Andy goes to her room to put her to sleep, Verity goes to the girl's room. She feels a presence and asks if anyone is there.
| LineColor = 879CB4 }}

| ProdCode        = 2AZP05
| Viewers         = 1.45
| ShortSummary    = Andy finds himself in the room where Verity went: this is the old room where Nicole made her paintings. Andy thinks he sees little Grace while she is not there. He thinks he's going crazy and is stung by a hornet that hurts him to the left lung. Father Ortega is back and talks to Rose about his job as an exorcist but she does not want to hear more and asks him to leave. Marcus asks Peter about strange events on the island and the agent tells him about a certain Glenn Powell who killed his family fifty years ago with the exception of his granddaughter. Marcus decides to visit her on the other side of the bay to learn more. Andy decides to take the kids camping. He has visions of Grace again and can't tell if he's hallucinating or if it's reality. His injury is getting worse. Keane learns from Alice Powell that her father was possessed by a demonic spirit. He immediately informs Tomas. The latter wants to go to the Kims to warn them of the danger but Marcus asks him to do nothing because he does not have enough evidence. At the same time, Kim and Rose leave the house with Verity, Caleb, Shelby, David and Harper. In Antwerp, Devin and Mouse are preparing to leave for Chicago. In a last push to save Sister Navarro, Devin tries to compel her to fight the demon. When her words convince him of the futility of saving her, he injects her with holy water and it burns her alive. On Ashburn, the children are having fun around the fire while eating treats. As Andrew fetches wood, he is harassed again by Grace. He returns to reality when Rose asks him to return among them. On the boat that brings him back to the island, Peter and Marcus share their painful pasts and tragedies, including the murder of Marcus' mother by his father and the ordeal he suffered at the orphanage. For his part Peter tells him about his past as a soldier in Kosovo. Tomas goes to the Kim's house and is assaulted by evil. He begins the exploration of the rooms leading to the attic. Grace appears behind his back. Verity reveals to Shelby her past abuse that explains her aversion to God. The young man does the same. As Tomas enters Nicole's room, Grace reveals her presence by slamming a doll against the wall. At the same time, objects come to life and levitate. Worried about the absence of Truck, Verity goes to check on him. She finds him in the old school building near the well. The teenager is banging his head against the wall. She tries to wake him but he turns around and with a superhuman force grabs her by the neck and strangles her. Ortega exorcises the room. His efforts wake Truck from his trance as Andy arrives to check on Truck and Verity. Rose, Shelby and Caleb also arrive. Rose informs Andy that she will have to report the incident. Truck who does not remember what happened has collapsed. Andrew decides to bring Verity to Dr. Flores. Both take the car. On the boat, Peter kisses Marcus and brings him back to the island. Tomas, on his side, is touched by Grace's spirit and he relives the horrors that came to the house from the previous owners, most of which were parents that killed their children. Andy and Verity go home instead of going to the doctor and she tries to convince him that Truck was not responsible for what happened. Andy enters Nicole's room and even breaks the picture of an owl. From behind the broken picture, a figure wearing a pillowcase emerges and approaches him. The figures unmasks, revealing herself to be Nicole. Outside, the room lights up as Tomas, worried, watches from the front lawn.
| LineColor       = 879CB4

| ProdCode        = 2AZP06
| Viewers         = 1.27
| ShortSummary    = In Chicago, Devin and Mouse neutralize Maria Walters' security detail and nurse. The demonically possessed Walters was expecting them and reveals that Walters' cancer is in its final stages, rendering her useless to the conspiracy. The demon tries to implore Devin to take it in, having always preferred him over Walters. When the demon refuses to provide any useful info, Mouse replaces its IV with one full of holy water, torturing it. At this point the demon begins speaking in Marcus' voice, hinting at dark secrets Mouse has been keeping from Devin. The demon also infers that its peers have plans for Tomas who is vulnerable to possession after letting Cindy's demon into his mind during his exorcism attempts. As Devin presses the demon for more answers, Mouse kills Walters with a shot to the head. The demon's expulsion is violent enough to damage the room, badly injuring Devin with debris. Andy questions whether Nicole is really there with him. She tells him that nothing will ever separate them again and that he needs to get his house in order. Andy and Rose visit Truck who is miserable and kept medicated to prevent his sleepwalking. He speaks of a force which influenced him to hurt Verity, but Rose seems skeptical. Andy's behavior dramatically changes as he becomes sullen with the children, and admits to Rose that he failed in his attempts to help his wayward foster children. Harper and Marcus talk and she mentions that she heard a voice in the woods. Tomas visits Rose to ask about any strange events in the house, but she doesn't confirm anything. Rose invites Tomas and Marcus over for dinner which Andy begrudgingly allows. During a tense dinner, Harper reveals that the priests are exorcists which leads to a discussion about religion versus science. Andy, a psychologist, pointedly mentions that Tomas and Marcus' religion treated Verity's homosexuality as a sin and tried to cure her of it. Tomas apologizes for the church's actions and the three agree to leave Verity out of any further discussion. After dinner, the three men continue to talk, with Marcus attempting to bait the demon into revealing itself. To that end, he questions Andy's inability to prevent his wife's death, but Nicole keeps Andy from overreacting. After more pointed questions which provoke a response from Andy, the priests are convinced they have their proof, but before they can act on it, Rose admits she was wrong to get them involved and asks them to leave, even threatening to call the police. Tomas and Marcus reluctantly leave, planning to watch the house from outside and even to abduct Andy when the time is right. Rose apologizes to Andy for getting the priests involved and expresses faith in him, leading the two to become amorous. While they are kissing, Andy stops himself, seemingly having come to his senses, as Nicole tries to compel him to continue. Harper is awoken by a strange noise and discovers her psychotic mother in her room. Harper's mother attempts to abduct her and threatens to hurt Verity when Harper refuses to leave. As Harper leaves with her mother, they encounter Marcus and Tomas. The priests fight to prevent Harper from being abducted. Nicole unleashes enough power to send all of the adults flying. Andy, possessed, begins strangling a downed Rose. Verity's screams seem to snap Andy out of it and he leaves the bedroom and encounters Harper's mother. Andy grabs the knife from Harper's mother, grabs Harper's mother by the throat and stabs her to death. As the horrified kids look on, the priests begin their exorcism.
| LineColor       = 879CB4

| ProdCode        = 2AZP07
| Viewers         = 1.33
| ShortSummary    = Andy relives the day of Nicole's suicide. He wakes up and is irked by Truck asking about a cryptic note Nicole left on his lunchbag. Realizing something is wrong, Andy goes looking for Nicole and finds her wading into the lake. He tries but is unable to save her. Back in reality, Tomas and Marcus continue their exorcism,  pleading with an infrequently lucid Andy to fight to hold onto his sanity and memories;they warn him the demon will pervert his memories in order to control him. The priests also try to get Andy to remember when the demon first made contact with him;Andy recalls that as the children tried to move on from Nicole's death, he met the young Grace who wanted to help him heal, feeling needed, Andy began taking care of her.  Andy finds himself in bed with Nicole, and after getting up realizes he's living the life they would have had without the children. In this life, they're wealthy, successful and fulfilled career-wise. Andy keeps asking where the children are and Nicole keeps telling him they're in the garden. When he enters the garden, he finds several graves and tries desperately to dig up the graves. As Andy's sanity slips, the demon blames the children for Nicole's death, theorizing that if they hadn't monopolized Andy's time, Andy would've realized Nicole was hurting and gotten her help. Nicole reminds him their life raising the children wasn't a fairy tale. Andy hearkens back to a memory where his lovemaking with Nicole was interrupted by a heated argument between Truck and Caleb. Andy also recalls Nicole wanting to adopt the troubled Verity. During a particularly bad recollection, Andy witnesses Verity mocking Nicole's depression. Andy insists that the memory isn't completely accurate;he later recalls Verity and Nicole crying together while embracing. With little choice, Tomas and Marcus bring Rose into the room to reach what's left of Andy's sanity. Things seem okay at first until Andy accuses Rose of bringing in the priests to tear away his home and children. As the exorcism continues, Andy begins viewing Tomas and Marcus as demons who relish his torment and suffering. As a last resort, Andy gives into the demon by rescuing Nicole from drowning, which allows the demon to level Marcus and Tomas with a powerful surge. 
| LineColor       = 879CB4

| ProdCode        = 2AZP08
| Viewers         = 1.18
| ShortSummary    = Rose meets with the children who are unhappy staying with the Holmstroms. She eventually decides to take the children back to the mainland the following day to look for temporary housing for them; Verity is the most unhappy because she believes that once the authorities learn Andy killed Harper's mother, him being possessed won't matter to anyone. Father Devin's injury causes him to lapse into a coma forcing Mouse to seek medical treatment for him. While she waits with him, she recalls her past as a novitiate while Marcus was a renown exorcist. As the two carried on a secret relationship, she became fascinated by the process of exorcism and made frequent visits to a possessed woman. The possessed woman preyed upon Mouse's naivete and hunger to be God's vessel akin to Marcus, eventually attacking and possessing Mouse who crossed the protective barrier. Blaming himself, Marcus abandoned Mouse who was eventually exorcised by another priest. Nicole reveals herself to Tomas which startles him into breaking a glass, as Tomas leaves, Andy steals a shard. Verity insists on helping the priests who believe that having one of the children present will inspire Andy to fight back. The possessed Andy speaking in Nicole's voice taunts Verity for being a trashy disappointment who was nothing but a paycheck to them. Verity persists with her belief that Andy loved her regardless of her behavior and that she needs him to come back to her. Andy fights the urge to attack Verity with the shard, instead warning Rose to take Verity and leave. Peter tries to convince Marcus to retire and travel with him which Marcus contemplates. As the exorcism continues, Andy taunts Marcus by speaking in Mouse's voice and claiming that Marcus abandons those closest to him;Tomas convinces a frustrated and exhausted Marcus to rest. As Tomas continues the exorcism alone, Andy begins using the shard to cut his restraints. Rose buys Ferry tickets for herself and the children only to discover Verity missing. Shelby later admits Verity returned to the Holmstroms house to retrieve a book Andy got her which she threw in the trash. Rose finds Verity who refuses to abandon the most important thing Andy ever gave her and offers to drive her to the Holmstroms. Tomas is visited by a refreshed Marcus who acknowledges his maturity and skill as an exorcist which Tomas appreciates; Tomas is unaware that Marcus is actually still asleep in the living room. Verity enters the Holmstroms eerily quiet home and retrieves her book. It is revealed that Tomas is in a trance, fully believing that Marcus is performing the exorcism with him; Andy's bed is empty. Hearing a strange noise, Verity searches the house and finds the Holmstroms dead at their table. She encounters Rose who tells her to run. Behind Rose is Andy who merely says, "Hey, kiddo."  
| LineColor       = 879CB4

| ProdCode        = 2AZP09
| Viewers         = 1.15
| ShortSummary    = Marcus fails to compel Tomas to snap out of his trance. Under the trance, Tomas vaguely hears Marcus telling him to wake up, but the fake versions of Marcus and Andy try to convince him to continue the exorcism. Tomas, knowing something is wrong, leaves through the bedroom door only to find himself back in Chicago, apparently promoted to Bishop since rejecting a life as an exorcist. Two operatives claiming to be from the Vatican arrive in Seattle hunting Tomas and Marcus. They are quickly dispatched by Mouse. Marcus goes to the Holmstroms to discover them dead as well as signs of a bloody struggle elsewhere in the house. At the docks, Shelby is startled to find Andy putting the kids in the car and trying to assure them he's cured and will never hurt anyone again. In Tomas' trance, he officiates Mass but is taken aback after recognizing Casey Rance sitting among the parishioners. Andy brings the kids back to the same cabin where Truck nearly murdered Verity. The kids suspect Andy still isn't himself as he rationalizes murdering Harper's mother by declaring her evil and God being responsible for putting her in his path. Shelby stands up to Andy and is badly beaten as Andy retrieves Harper and Caleb. Rose compels Verity, whose former foster parents used to bind her, to work on freeing herself. Tomas speaks with Casey Rance and realizes the demon impersonated her in order to guilt him over leaving his parish for the pride and glory of being an exorcist. Torturing Shelby, Andy admits that Shelby was only half right about using lamb's blood to protect their home, since lamb's blood only protects from GOD'S wrath. Andy gets fed up with Rose's threats and forces her to stand on rotting planks covering the well until the planks break and she falls in. In the tranceworld, the demon, claiming to be very old and powerful, offers what it believes to be Tomas' greatest desire: the papacy. Tomas, firm in his conviction, admits what he wants is to watch the demon die. Verity breaks free and runs into the woods while the children try to slow Andy down. Marcus frees the children who realize Rose is still alive in the well, her fall cushioned by water. They free Rose and Marcus fights Andy who was suffocating Verity. Tomas wills himself out of the trance and battles Casey/Nicole, rejecting her gifts, her fantasy and rejecting her. This is enough to weaken her control over Andy and enable Marcus to knock Andy out. Tomas finds a fading Andy on the stairs, and Andy wants Tomas to promise that he'll stop the demon once and for all. It's then revealed that Tomas is still entranced when he hears a woman's voice praying over him, and before leaving the trance, he pleads with Andy to fight the demon. Finally out of the trance, Tomas meets the woman revealed to be Mouse. 
| LineColor       = 879CB4

| ProdCode        = 2AZP10
| Viewers         = 1.28
| ShortSummary    = 
Two officials from the Vatican arrive to deal with Father Bennet. Marcus drags an unconscious Andy through the forest when he meets up with Tomas and Mouse. While Tomas watches over Andy in the abandoned shack, Marcus and Mouse begin to argue. Tomas is drawn into a trance, where he meets up with Andy. Andy tells Tomas to record a message for Rose and the kids. While the demon and Tomas struggle, Andy calls out to Marcus, asking the ex-priest to shoot him before the demon can enter Tomas. Marcus obliges, and fires a bullet into Andy's head, killing both him and the demon. With the demon gone, Tomas breaks free from the trance. Tomas then meets up with Rose and the kids, and he relays Andy's message to them. Marcus parts ways with Tomas.Tomas then leaves with Mouse as his new partner. Meanwhile, Bennet wakes up, and has been possessed. Three months later, Rose visits Truck in a mental hospital, and adopts him, along with Verity, Shelby, Caleb, and Harper. Meanwhile, Marcus is looking out over the water at the docks, when he finally hears God's voice. He becomes troubled, and whispers Tomas's name.

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Jeremy Slater wrote the pilot. On January 22, 2016, Fox ordered the pilot to be shot. The series is described as "a propulsive, serialized psychological thriller following two very different men tackling one family's case of horrifying demonic possession, and confronting the face of true evil."


On February 24, 2016, Brianne Howey was cast as Katherine Rance. On February 29, 2016, Hannah Kasulka was cast as Casey Rance. On March 2, 2016, Alfonso Herrera and Ben Daniels were cast as Father Tomas and Father Marcus respectively. On March 3, 2016, Kurt Egyiawan was cast as Father Bennett. On March 7, 2016, Geena Davis was cast as Angela Rance. On June 7, 2017, it was announced that Davis, Ruck, Kasulka and Howey would not return as regular cast members in the second season. Herrera, Egyiawan and Daniels will return, as their characters will preside over a new possession case. In July, John Cho, Brianna Hildebrand, Zuleikha Robinson and Li Jun Li were cast in series regular roles for season two. In August, Christopher Cousins and Cyrus Arnold were cast in recurring roles.


Fox announced that the first season of the show would be shot in Chicago. Season two filming began July 28, 2017, in Vancouver.

DVD Release

DVDs for Season One and Season Two of the show are available to purchase through Amazon on July 10, 2018.



| premiere1 = 2.85 | end1 = | finale1 = 1.75 | season1 = 2016-17 | rank1 = 127 | viewers1 = 3.15

| link2 = #Season 2 (2017) | timeslot2 = Friday 9:00 p.m. | episodes2 = 10 | start2 = | premiere2 = 1.58 | end2 = December 15, 2017 | finale2 = 1.28 | season2 = 2017-18 | rank2 = | viewers2 = 2.36 }}

Critical reception

The Exorcist has received generally positive reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives the series a score of 89% based on 51 reviews with an average of 6/10. The consensus says, "The Exorcist doesn't come close to its classic source material, but still boasts a tense narrative that manages some legitimate scares and credible special effects." On Metacritic, the show has a weighted average of 62/100 based on 28 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews."

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2016 BloodGuts UK Horror Awards Best TV Show Morgan Creek Entertainment Group (for The Exorcist)
2017 American Society of Cinematographers Awards Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Television Movie/Miniseries/Pilot Alex Disenhof
Cine Awards Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama Series Ben Daniels
Best Breakthrough Actor Hunter Dillon
Best Drama TV Series The Exorcist
Fangoria Chainsaw Awards Best TV Actress Geena Davis
Best TV Series The Exorcist
Best TV Supporting Actor Ben Daniels
Imagen Foundation Awards Best Actor - Television Alfonso Herrera
People's Choice Awards Favorite New TV Drama The Exorcist
Saturn Awards Best Horror Television Series The Exorcist
2018 Bloody Disgusting Reader's Choice Awards Best Actor - Television Alfonso Herrera
iHorror Awards Best Horror Series The Exorcist
Imagen Foundation Awards Best Actor - Television Alfonso Herrera

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