Ghost Story (1972)

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Ghost Story is an American horror anthology series that aired from September 15, 1972 until March 30, 1973.


Winston Essex welcomed viewers to his manor Essex House and introduced the story of the week. Starting with the episode that aired on January 5, 1973 the title was changed to Circle of Fear and Winston Essex was dropped as a narrator.


  • Sebastian Cabot as Winston Essex


No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date EpisodeNumber=1 DirectedBy= Paul Stanley WrittenBy= Robert Specht ShortSummary= Elliot Brent accidentally kills his wife during an argument and buries her body in the shed. The television starts showing him a program where his wife plans to run away with her lover. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=2 DirectedBy= Richard Donner WrittenBy= ShortSummary= A dead sea captain who was buried in concrete haunts two tourists. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=3 DirectedBy= Don McDougall WrittenBy= Anthony Lawrence ShortSummary= A father dreams that his daughter will be murdered in twenty years. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=4 DirectedBy= Walter Doniger WrittenBy= John McGreevey ShortSummary= A young widow gets phone calls telling her that she's going to die. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=5 DirectedBy= Leo Penn WrittenBy= Seeleg Lester ShortSummary= A woman is trapped between reality and nightmare in a vacation home. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=6 DirectedBy= David Lowell Rich WrittenBy= ShortSummary= A boy stuck in a wheelchair creates his own clone. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=7 DirectedBy= Leslie H. Martinson WrittenBy= Henry Slesar ShortSummary= Christina is haunted by the ghost of her twin. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=8 DirectedBy= Daryl Duke WrittenBy= Robert Bloch ShortSummary= A grandpa uses his deaf-mute granddaughter to get revenge on his former son-in-law. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=9 DirectedBy= Arnold Laven WrittenBy= William Bast ShortSummary= A cougar attacks a farm. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=10 DirectedBy= Don McDougall WrittenBy= ShortSummary= A professor at a small university suspects that students are being killed by a vampire. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=11 DirectedBy= Robert Day WrittenBy= Halsted Welles ShortSummary= After the death of her mother, a woman inherits a house that is haunted by spirits cursed for their past deeds. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=12 DirectedBy= Walter Doniger WrittenBy= Del Reisman ShortSummary= A dog takes revenge on the woman who killed his owner. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=13 DirectedBy= Robert Day WrittenBy= ShortSummary= Ellen's husband checks out of the hotel casino without saying anything. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=14 DirectedBy= James Neilson WrittenBy= Rick Blum ShortSummary= Carol is tired of being tied down to her bug-collecting husband. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=15 DirectedBy= Herschel Daugherty WrittenBy= Peter L. Dixon ShortSummary= A construction worker brings home a box he found. His wife starts dreaming about the object in the box. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=16 DirectedBy= Alexander Singer WrittenBy= ShortSummary= A group of young artists find an old trunk containing six mysterious jars. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=17 DirectedBy= Daryl Duke WrittenBy= Jimmy Sangster ShortSummary= Two young kids befriends a man in an apartment building they just moved into. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=18 DirectedBy= Paul Stanley WrittenBy= Anthony Lawrence ShortSummary= A secretary starts having visions of demons when her roommate disappears. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=19 DirectedBy= Don McDougall WrittenBy= Mann Rubin ShortSummary= A security guard and his pregnant wife are haunted by horror movie monsters. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=20 DirectedBy= Charles S. Dubin WrittenBy= ShortSummary= A doctor locks his murderous wife in the garage. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=21 DirectedBy= Don McDougall WrittenBy= Bill S. Ballinger ShortSummary= A magazine journalist meets his doppelganger. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=22 DirectedBy= James H. Brown WrittenBy= ShortSummary= An old man torments the life of a young art student. LineColor=3399ff }}

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