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Day of the Dead 2: Contagium is a 2005 horror film written by Ana Clavell and directed by Clavell and James Dudelson, starring Justin Ipock, Laurie Maria Baranyay and John F. Henry III. It is an unofficial sequel to 1985's Day of the Dead. The film was released direct-to-video on in the United States.


In 1968, an infected man from Russia, Rubinsky (Simon Burzynski), is being operated at a military hospital when soldiers arrive and begin to shoot all of those who are in the building. One of the students, DeLuca, at the hospital steals a strange vial, but he is shot by the soldiers as he attempts to escape, while the soldiers in the hospital snipe any one that has been in contact with the infected man. The zombies kill three of the soldiers and multiple hospital orderly. The rest of the zombies are killed when C4 is detonated by sharpshooters outside the hospital.

Thirty-seven years later, in 2005, a group of patients at the same hospital from 1968, consisting of Boris (Steve Colosi), Jackie (John F. Henry III), Isaac (Justin Ipock) and Sam (Julian Thomas) and their doctor, Donwynn (Stephan Wolfert), uncover a strange thermos buried in the soil in the yard of a hospital. Sam attempts to open it, but they are unable to due to it being rusted shut. Donwynn entrusts Sam with keeping it safe, but Isaac feels that something bad will happen if the thermos is opened.

While Sam and Boris are distracted with watching a movie, Jackie sneaks away with the thermos and runs to the bathroom to open. Isaac and Emma (Laurie Maria Baranyay) have a romantic encounter (under supervision of Donwynn), but Marshall (Joe C. Marino) attacks them. Marshall and Donwynn take the two back to their dorms for the night. Sam discovers that Jackie stole the thermos, and the others discover that he took it. Jackie opens the thermos, and a strange object falls from it, unknowingly releasing a virus, infecting the entire group.

Doctor Heller (Andreas van Ray) talks to Donwynn about his patients' behavior, while Marshall and other staff take them back to their dorms. He claims that Jackie and the other students are breaking the rules of the hospital, while, in truth, they aren't. Emma, Patty (April Wade) and Vicky (Jackeline Olivier) are locked in padded rooms for their "behavior." That night, those who were in the bathroom begin to show signs of sickness. Donwynn contacts Jerry (Kevin Wetmore, Jr.) by email about the item that was in the thermos, hoping to get an answer as to what it is.

The next day, Donwynn awakes to discover Sam having a seizure and the rest discover that they all have skin on their bodies that is dead and peeling. Emma, namely due to her "encounter" with Isaac, has tests ran on her, and she is told that she is pregnant (due to the virus). Emma attacks Marshall when he keeps bothering her about the results of her test, and she bites him on the arm when he tries to move her to another room. Sam, Jackie and Boris begin to show advanced signs of infection, including rotting flesh, varicose veins, and coughing up blood. Dr. Heller orders the hospital under quarantine and the doctors the right to bear arms, and to shoot anyone from Dorm 1 in the head that attacks them. Donwynn receives a video reply from Jerry, who tells him not to open the thermos, and that it contains a deadly virus that mutates humans into zombies. Jerry plans to visit hospital the next day. Marshall dies of his infection.

The next morning, everyone is called to the front desk of the hospital to receive a vial of medicine. Ava (Samantha Clarke) informs Donwynn that the virus is a flesh-eating virus that kills its host. Patty and Vicky get into a fight, and have to be broken up by Derber (Mike Dalager). Pete senses that Donwynn smells dead, and goes crazy, giving Patty a chance to steal one of Derber's handguns, and escape to see Emma. Patty shoots and kills one of the security guards. Isaac discovers that each of those that were infected by the virus feel each other's pain. Marshall reanimates as a zombie and kills Dr. Heller. While trying to find Emma, Patty shoots Isaac, but he revives and is unharmed. Marshall breaks free from his cell and kills a security guard.

Jerry arrives at the hospital just as Donwynn returns to the hospital, and informs the patients of truly what the virus is, and how it works. He also reveals that each of them are dead "by human standards." Jerry also reveals that those infected with the virus are highly contagious. Jerry soon informs the patients of how the virus was first released. The zombified Marshall is shot to death by the hospital's police force. Boris mutates into a zombie, and bites Jerry, causing Jackie and Sam to attack him also, and the three devour him while Isaac and Emma barely escape with their lives. Patty reanimates as a zombie and bites Derber as he tries to help her.

Early the next morning, Dr. Heller has reanimated as a zombie. Jackie, Sam and Boris have reanimated as zombies and they taunt the surviving patients from outside the room. Dr. Heller enters the room where Vicky is hiding, but he is distracted when the infected Charlie enters the room, and is chased away by Dr. Heller. The patients in the dining room all reanimate as zombies and they begin to devour the police officers. The survivors escape into the kitchen of the hospital, but are forced to escape into the back hallway. Patty finds Vicky in the medical room, and kills her while searching for Emma. The majority of the zombies escape from the hospital and they head out into the city. The survivors manage to reach the medical room, where Emma goes into labor and the last police officer is killed. The zombies begin to kill people in the city, Charlie among the victims. Boris, Jackie and Sam break into the room, attacking Isaac, Emma and Donwynn, trying to convince them that they don't want to hurt any of them. Boris kills Ava, and Isaac, in the later stages of the infection, commits suicide with the last round of a pistol. The movie ends with the zombies attacking a camera crew recording the carnage.


  • Justin Ipock as Isaac
  • Laurie Maria Baranyay as Emma
  • John F. Henry III as Jackie
  • Julian Thomas as Sam
  • Stephan Wolfert as Doctor Donwynn
  • Steve Colosi as Boris
  • Samantha Clarke as Ava Flories
  • April Wade as Patty
  • Joe C. Marino as Marshall
  • Jackeline Olivier as Vicky
  • Andreas van Ray as Doctor Heller
  • Kevin Wetmore, Jr. as Jerry
  • Russ Kingston as The Infected
  • Simon Burzynski as Rubinsky
  • Mike Dalager as Derber
  • Christopher Estes as Charlie
  • Rebuka Hoye as Linda


The film received negative reviews. One factor stems from the title, as the plot of the film and its depiction of zombies are at odds with those in both the original Day of the Dead and Romero's Dead series as a whole. Heavy criticism has also been aimed at the film's acting, special effects, and script.

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