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A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation is a 1989 American feature film dramatizing the events of the Constitutional Convention. It was officially recognized by the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution as "of exceptional merit".

Plot summary

The film depicts events surrounding creation of the United States Constitution, focusing mainly on James Madison, the person who wrote most of that document.

The period immediately following the American Revolutionary War was marked by intense political unrest, owing to huge debts, the interruption of trade and business, shortages of labor, and personal turmoils, all created by the War. It soon became painfully evident that the Articles of Confederation were insufficient to address the country's needs. A movement was soon afoot to upgrade or replace the Articles, and Madison was foremost in the movement. However, he needed the support of George Washington; he needed to show that a new government would be sufficient to address such challenges as Shays' Rebellion and the growing trade problems between the independent States.

Madison was strongly opposed by those who feared a strong central government, people known either as States Rights Advocates or as Anti-Federalists, such as Roger Sherman and John Dickinson. Madison was in favor of a bicameral congress, but envisioned both houses being elected according to proportional representation. In this he was strongly opposed by the States Rights Advocates, and he eventually accepted the compromises necessary to address their concerns. The film highlights the basis for these compromises.

Production notes

The movie was filmed on location at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Williamsburg, Virginia and other historical sites. The film is shot almost entirely from the viewpoint of James Madison, with the script being based primarily on his writings. These include the copious minutes he took during the Constitutional Convention, which were published as Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787.


  • Craig Wasson ... James Madison
  • Michael McGuire ... George Washington
  • Fredd Wayne ... Benjamin Franklin
  • Morgan White ... George Mason
  • Douglas Seale ... Lord Carmarthen
  • Bruce Newbold ... Edmund Randolph
  • James Walsh ... James Wilson (as James Walch)
  • Ivan Crosland ... John Adams
  • H.E.D. Redford ... Roger Sherman
  • Jesse Bennett ... John Dickinson
  • Roderick Cook ... Nathaniel Gorham
  • Derryl Yeager ... Alexander Hamilton
  • James Arrington ... Gouverneur Morris
  • Steve Anderson ... Elbridge Gerry
  • Dick Cheatham ... Williams
  • Richard Dutcher ... Charles Pinckney
  • Bruce Eaton ... Richard Henry Lee
  • Vince O'Neil ... John Langdon
  • Marvin Payne ... Rufus King
  • Scott Wilkinson ... Thomas Jefferson

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