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Reality TV News - January 2001

  • Survivor II Premiere The Second Most-Watched Post-Super Bowl Program In At Least 14 Years

    January 29, 2001
    "CBS's 'Survivor: The Australian Outback' got off to a strong start in its post-Super Bowl exhibition game on Sunday, but all eyes now turn to its tough Thursday test."
  • CBS To Re-run Survivor II Premiere Wednesay @ 8PM

    January 29, 2001
    CBS announced today that it will rerun the premiere episode of Survivor II this Wednesday at 8PM EST -- it's old summertime time slot. If you missed it, here's your chance to see it before Episode 2 airs Thursday at 8 PM EST"
  • 'Temptation Island' burying 'The Mole'

    January 28, 2001
    "In the reality TV business, bikini-clad temptresses on a tropical island are a better sell than paranoid teammates looking for a saboteur in Europe. That's the lesson to take from last week's ratings for Fox's 'Temptation Island' and ABC's 'The Mole.' Fox's controversial series, which sent photogenic singles to an island off Belize to tempt four committed couples, drew 17.6 million viewers in its second installment, Nielsen Media Research said Tuesday."
  • Mystery Over Heather's Departure Builds, Likely Kaya-Related Despite Host's Claims

    January 27, 2001
    In an interview with her hometown newspaper yesterday, Heather Perry revealed that despite host Mark L. Warburg's claims at the time of the announcement of Heather's departure during episode 3 that it "had nothing to do with Kaya", her decision to leave did in fact have something to do with her date with Kaya.

    Though she insists she can't reveal anymore until the 6th and final episode of the series has ended, she says "My particular story is probably their main story for the entire show," Perry said. "Iím the one that came off the island with a really, really strange story." "Legally, I canít explain," she said.

    The exact details of what happened on her date with Kaya that caused her to want to leave the show -- and whether or not it's possibly related to the earlier rumor we reported in which it's said she left the show after learning of Ytossie and Taheed's child (perhaps Kaya revealed this little nugget during their date) -- remains unclear for now.

    Little is know of her date with Kaya, audiences saw little of Perryís date with Kaya. In one clip, Kaya
    complained that good conversations with Perry were "few and far between." The feeling was mutual, Perry said during the interview. On their date, she said, Kaya was more interested in talking to outsiders who recognized them from the show. (no, he's not in it for the publicity :-)

    "It was good fun and stuff," she said. "From a moral standpoint, I didnít agree with what was happening."

    Hummm... the mystery deepens. Thanks to Skye for the news article reference.

    Source: The Free Lance-Star

  • TI Not Tempting Enough To Knock Off New 'West Wing' Episode

    January 25, 2001
    Fox's "Temptation Island" continued to entice viewers with its third episode on Wednesday, although its small week-to-week declines suggest that it may not be a "Survivor"-like wildfire hit after all.

    According to Nielsen, Wednesday's episode of the six-week reality series won its hour by 6 shares in adults 18-49 and by 19 shares in adults 18-34, while placing second to NBC's "The West Wing" in total viewers. It combined with another strong, though not as dominant, performance from rookie laffer "Grounded for Life" to give Fox its third straight Wednesday victory in 18-49.

    "Temptation" (16.83 million viewers, 8.8/21 in adults 18-49) was down vs. its second episode by 5% in viewers and by 8% in adults 18-49, but up slightly vs. its strong premiere numbers of two weeks ago (16.1m, 8.3/19). A key factor in its drop this week is that timeslot foe "West Wing," fresh off a Golden Globe victory on Sunday, was airing an original episode after
    being in repeat the previous week.

    Source: Variety"

  • Temptation Island Ranked 9th In Latest Weekly Neilsen Ratings

    January 25, 2001
    Sleaze sells folks... never mind "Survivor" -- "Friends" is already losing out to "Temptation Island" (granted, they aren't on head-to-head)

    For the week of January 15 through January 21, the top 10 shows, their networks and ratings:

    1. "Golden Globe Awards," NBC, 14.6
    2. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Wednesday," ABC, 14.6
    3. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Thursday," ABC, 13.4
    4. "60 Minutes," CBS, 13.2
    5. "Law & Order," NBC, 12.6
    6. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Friday," ABC, 12.2
    7. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Sunday," ABC, 12.0
    8. "Frasier," NBC, 11.9
    9. "Temptation Island," Fox, 11.5
    10. "Friends," NBC, 11.2
    10. "Judging Amy," CBS, 11.2

    Source: CNN"

  • Survivor II: The Field Guide - The Official S2 Book

    January 24, 2001
    TV Books, which acquired literary rights to the ``Survivor'' franchise even before the first series was cast, is expected to team up with desktop publishing software maker Adobe Systems to issue an electronic companion to the new series.

    TV Books published both a print and an e-book guide to the first series, titled ``Survivor: The Ultimate Game.'' It partnered with Contentville.com to serialize the electronic edition. Together with San Jose-based Adobe, TV Books will launch ``Survivor II: The Field Guide,'' by executive producer Mark Burnett, with a major, direct-to-consumer marketing push. The electronic edition of ``Survivor II'' will be available exclusively through Adobe software. The e-book is expected to feature video and graphics from the show and links to the Web.

    Source: Variety"

  • Jenna Considers Kel Or Jerri The Favorites To Win

    January 24, 2001
    In an interview today with CNN, Jenna Lewis of Survivor I fame, when asked who are the "more likely people to survive this time around?" responded by saying that she liked Kel and Jerri.

    "I like Kel. He's the army intelligence officer, Kel Gleason. And I like Jerri Manthey. She is the actress from L.A.... I think they're both very likable, well-being and intelligent. So I think they have a good chance"

    ...and no, she doesn't know who won.

    She also notes that "I would have paid to go again", although " I would be called Zoey (ph). I would definitely go into the game with a different name" (due to Sean's alphabet voting system.

    Source: CNN"

  • More Richard: Hatch To Interview Voted Off Survivors

    January 24, 2001
    If you STILL haven't filled your Rich fix needs satisfied, cheer up -- Richard Hatch will be joining CBS' "Early Show" and Paramount's syndicated "Entertainment Tonight" starting Monday January 29th, the day after "Survivor: The Australian Outback" starts its run.

    Just as "Early Show" anchors Bryant Gumbel and Jane Clayson did last year, he'll be interviewing contestants voted off the new version of "Survivor."

    Word is he'll be fully clothe for all the interviews.

    Source: New York Daily News "

  • Richard Hatch To Offer Survivor II Commentary

    January 24, 2001
    Hey Richard fans, looks like you'll be seeing a little of him in the coming weeks. US Weekly magazine announced today that Hatch will comment on round two, ``Survivor: The Australian Outback,'' in a regular column for US Weekly.

    "The Hatch Report" will offer an inside look at the scheming and strategizing it takes to win the game. It will appear in the magazine for the duration of the CBS series, which begins Sunday night after the Super Bowl.

    Source: Yahoo! News"

  • Single Girl Heather Rumored To Have Left Due To Couple With Child

    January 24, 2001
    Those who watched tonight's 3rd episode saw it mysteriously revealed that Heather, one of the single girls, opted to suddenly leave the show shortly after returning from her date with Kaya. This resulted in the Couple Men not having to decide on which girl to eject, much to their relief. What was left mysteriously unclear however, was WHY she suddenly left.

    Though we haven't found a print or online news report of it yet, we've heard from a couple of different sources that Heather left after learning that Ytossie and Taheed had a child, insisting that she didn't want to be part of anything involving the potential breakup of a family. If true, its possible this might be a trigger for the departure next week of the couple, and a good reason for the producers to not have mentioned it this week.

    This idea is also supported by recent comments Heather has made in print, including: "The show really was a lot of fun, even with all the hype going on now, I wasn't really worried about what people might think of me [being a single], because my friends and family know I have a strong sense of values."

    More details as we get them...

  • E! Gossip Columnist Says One Couple Survives -- And Gets Engaged

    January 24, 2001
    Wanda -- E!'s TV maven reported in her Monday online chat session that only one of the Temptation Island couples will remain together when the show ends (our personal bet is on Andy & Shannon). ...and not only that, but they actually get engaged after the show ends.

    Source: E! Online

  • USA Today Reveals Luxury Items

    January 23, 2001
    The Tuesday, January 23th edition of USA Today contained an article in which the survivor's luxury items were revealed.
  • Temptation Island Now Outrating Early Survivor I Episodes

    January 18, 2001
    Fox got a little Survivor-style growth out of its second episode of Temptation Island, blowing away NBC's 'The West Wing' rerun, confirming that the show's a hit and suggesting it might be turning into prime time's next phenomenon.

    Last night's Temptation Island results are up 16 percent among adults 18-49 over the impressive premiere numbers of a week earlier, and that's not too far off of the 23 percent week-two growth CBS got last June from Survivor.

    Source: Inside.com

  • FOX Bows To Pressure, Agrees To Limit Tempation Island Promos

    January 18, 2001
    FOX promised on Thursday to cease promotions of 'Temptation Island' during such family-oriented fare as 'The Simpsons' and 'Malcolm in the Middle.'

    In a letter Wednesday citing numerous complaints from parents, a member of the Federal Communications Commission urged media magnate Rupert Murdoch -- whose News Corp. Ltd. owns Fox Entertainment -- to stop promoting the adult-themed show when children might be watching.

    Robert Quicksilver, president of network distribution for Fox, responded by saying that he had directed Fox's marketing department had been directed to 'withdraw immediately and permanently' any promos for the show that were scheduled to appear on any of four Sunday night programs that air from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. -- 'The Simpsons,' 'Malcolm in the Middle,' 'Futurama' and 'King of the Hill.'

    Source: Reuters

  • NBC's 'Friends' To Be Expanded To 40 Minutes In Anti-Survivor Strategy...

    January 17, 2001
    NBC has declared war on Survivor's attempt to establish a Thursday night beach head for CBS, announcing that TV's top comedy will be expanded to 40 minutes in an attempt to battle Survivor. New NBC Entertainment prosident Jeff Zucker says NBC is "not going to roll over and die" against the Survivor juggernaut.
  • New Survivor Debb Engaged to Stepson!?!?!

    January 15, 2001
    Ah wow... there's Debb, apparently continuing the Survivor tradition of doing fine folks of New Hampshire proud... First there was Jenna, the unmarried teenage single mother of twins, now this. Hey, I guess the state slogan isn't "live free or die" for nothing...
  • Fox Affiliate Drops Temptation Island

    January 14, 2001
    A Fox television affiliate in North Carolina has decided to drop the network's new "reality" series
    "Temptation Island" after learning that one of the couples being enticed to break up on the show has a child, Fox officials said on Friday.
  • TemptationIslandSucks Posts Photos Of All Couples And Singles

    January 13, 2001
    TemptationIslandSucks.com has finished posting what is currently the Internet's ONLY full set of cast photos and profiles. We've posted photos of all four couples PLUS the thirteen single men and the thirteen single women. ...even FOX's official website doesn't have photos of the full cast!

    The photos and profile info are available in our THE COUPLES, THE SINGLE WOMEN, and THE SINGLE MEN website sections. Check them out and then post your thoughts on our MESSAGE BOARDS

    Source: TemptationIslandSucks.com"

  • Temptation Island Premiere Draws Over 16 Million Viewers

    January 12, 2001
    ``Temptation Island,'' which features scantily clad singles working hard to tempt couples to stray from their mates, averaged 16.1 million viewers overall and a household rating of 10.5, compared with 17.7 million viewers and a 12.0 rating for ``West Wing.''

    But ``Temptation'' -- filmed on a Caribbean island off Belize -- carried the hour among the coveted young adult viewers, scoring a healthy rating of 8.3 in the 18-49 demographic, against a 6.3 rating in that demographic for ``West Wing.''

    In terms of total viewers and ratings for young adults, the ''Temptation Island'' debut marked the strongest Wednesday night series premiere ever for Fox. ``It did pretty good numbers,'' said Stacy Lynne Koerner, an analyst with T.N. Media, which buys network time on behalf of advertisers. She admitted she found the show ``personally repugnant.''

    Interestingly, ``Temptation Island'' got off to a stronger start than the first episode of ``Survivor'' in all key Nielsen measures. ...god help us if this is a sign of things to come.

    Source: Reuters

  • CBS Orders Survivor Parts III, IV "

    January 11, 2001
    CBS announced Tuesday it has reached a deal with Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett to make third and fourth installments of the reality game-show smash. Survivor 3 is scheduled to debut this fall. No word yet on how happy (read: rich) Burnett will be under terms of the deal. Burnett reportedly has been scouting possible Survivor 3 locations in South America and Africa.

    Source: E! Online "

  • One Of The Four Couples Has Secret Child And Gets Booted!

    January 10, 2001
    Fox admitted Tuesday that one of the couples featured on the sexy reality show were booted off after producers discovered the two had a child together. Network executives declined to comment on which of the show's couples were, in truth, parents. Sources say the couple's secret is acknowledged on camera at some point during the show's six-episode run. Fox previously said that no couples who had had children together participated in the show; execs gave no hint of the controversy at a press conference Sunday.

    In a statement, Fox said producer Rocket Science Laboratories discovered during taping that one of the couples had covered up that they were parents. The network said couples were subject to several background checks during the initial vetting process for show eligibility in a process that included investigative consultants hired by Rocket Science.

    Wow, those must be some ACE investigators if this mystery pair managed to hide the existence OF AN ENTIRE HUMAN BEING!!! ...my money is on the couple that's been together 5 years.

    Source: Variety

  • Online Bookmaker Tags Kathryn As Favorite To Guess The Mole

    January 7, 2001
    Intertops.com, the Internet's first and largest sports betting place, has announced they they have become the first bookmaker in the world to accept bets on who will guess the mole and they have named Kathryn as the favorite. Their current odds (as of January 5th) are listed below. For more information about Kathryn, see our Contestants section. How do you feel about their call?? Talk about it on our message boards
  • Online Bookmaker Tags Steven As Favorite To Be The Mole

    January 7, 2001
    Intertops.com, the Internet's first and largest sports betting place, has announced they they have become the first bookmaker in the world to accept bets on who is the mole and they have named Steven as the favorite. Their current odds (as of January 5th) are listed below. For more information about Steven, see our Contestants section. How do you feel about their call?? Talk about it on our message boards
  • Watchdog Groups Blast Temptation Island

    January 7, 2001
    Temptation Island, which has 26 attractive men and women testing the fidelity of four unmarried couples, is being blasted as an "assault on marriage" by Rabbi Kenneth Roseman of Dallas, according to the Associated Press. "The idea that it is sport and amusement to see if one can destroy a relationship for the purpose of securing ratings and profit is just unacceptable," said Roseman, who is demanding that Fox pull the show off the air.

    Meanwhile, the American Family Association, a coservative watchdog group based in Tupelo, MS, is asking visitors to its Web site to contact Fox and urge it to "give America something worth watching," the AP reports. Another group, the Los Angeles-based Parents Television Council, calls the network "shameless." Chairman L. Brent Bozell said, "It is not just a potentially dangerous show because of its message, but coming from Fox it's pretty much guaranteed to be
    offensive," he told the AP.

    Source: Gist.com"

  • FOX: "Temptation Island is not a show that's about sex.

    January 7, 2001
    'Temptation Island' is not a show about sex.

    That was the assertion made by FOX chairman Sandy Grushow Sunday when meeting reporters during the annual Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, CA.

    "This is a show that endeavors to explore the dynamics of people in serious relationships. These are people who very much were interested in exploring the strength of their own relationships," Grushow said of the four unmarried couples who take part in the show. "It's not a show that's about sex."

    Temptation Island," has received criticism from numerous groups because of its sexy promos which promise a stay on the island "could rip two people apart." In addition, the network has provided little information to critics, with the first episode becoming available Sunday for review.

    Source: Zap2It.com"

  • All Singles And Couples Were Tested For STD's

    January 7, 2001
    Fox Network Entertainment President Gail Berman has admitted that all the couples and the singles who took part in 'Temptation Island' tested for sexually transmitted diseases. (ya, and the show's not supposed to be about sex)

    ..and in probably the biggest surprise, he claims everyone was clean.

    Source: Zap2It.com"

  • CBS' Survivor II Website Launches, Full Contestant Info Released"

    January 4, 2001
    CBS introduced the 16 contestants of Survivor II this morning on the 'The early Show' morning news program, then launched the CBS Survivor II website -- featuring contestant names, biographies, photos, etc.

    Source: Official CBS Survivor Website"

  • Contestants Had To Eat Raw Cow Brains, Live Worms, Larvae, & Grasshoppers..."

    January 3, 2001
    Wow, at least the Survivor I castaways only had to eat live larvae... according to NY Daily News reports, Survivor II contestants faced at least one challenge that involved eating worms, squirming
    bug larvae and live grasshoppers. It's unclear if the eating of the raw cow brain if part of the same challenge or another separate challenge.

    The article as notes that, although apparently no spear fishing is involved, contestants are able to use the nearly Herbert River as a source of food in the form of freshwater prawns, crawfish and mussels. For bait -- nope, not rats -- instead this time it's grasshoppers and other insects...

    Source: NY Daily News"

  • Survivor III Tentatively Scheduled For Fall Premiere

    January 3, 2001
    USA Today recently reported that a third Survivor series is tentatively scheduled to shoot in late summer and air in September or early October. Executive Producer MarkBurnett has apparently settled on either anAfrican jungle or Andes Mountains setting, though a choice between the two has yet to be made.

    Personally, I kinda bummed, I was hoping for a trip Back to The Island. ...but if it has to be one of the two above choices, the African jungle gets my vote.

    Source: USA Today"

  • 'The Early Show' To Reveal Castaways Thursday Morning

    January 3, 2001
    CBS has announced that the identities of the 16 contestants competing in "Survivor: The Australian Outback" will be unveiled exclusively on the CBS morning news show "The Early Show" on the Thursday, January 4, 2001 morning broadcast.

    Additionally, they will apparently have some sound bites or interviews with the cast, since The Early Show website notes "On Thursday, The Early Show found out what the sixteen contestants think about the game and their strategies."

    Source: Variety"

  • Mike Skupin Selection Confirmed By Company He Co-founded, Posts Extensive Biography"

    January 1, 2001
    God help us, but I think we've found the thin, straight, clothed, and Christian version of Richard Hatch. The company computer software company that Mike Skupin co-founded, Rhinosoft Interactive, Inc., has confirmed his selection as a Survivor II contestant and posted an incredibly long executive biography about him, and frankly one of the least professional-reading executive biographies that I've ever seen on a corporate website.



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