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Wes Bergmann is a regular participant on MTV reality shows, infamous for his cocky attitude and his relationship with former roommate Johanna Botta. His series of MTV appearances began airing in June 2005, when he was a cast member of The Real World: Austin. He has since moved on to compete in Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

MTV reality shows

Real World

Wes began his streak of appearances on reality TV with The Real World: Austin. MTV promoted him on their site as the castmember "you love to hate." Upon his arrival, he changed his haircut right away with the help of his roommate, Lacey.

He and roommate Nehemiah often joked about their "groupie drawer," their personal collection of women's phone numbers.

Though he made out at nightclubs with roommate Johanna on several occasions and often confessed to having a crush on her, Wes also dated Wren, a girl he met in Austin. For the season finale, MTV heavily promoted a fight between roommates Wes, Nehemiah and Rachel. The argument was sparked by Wren yelling at Wes about spreading rumors of their hook up. Wes blames Rachel for telling Wren, and the fight escalates to include Nehemiah. Roommates Danny and Melinda have to hold the trio back.

Fresh Meat

In May 2006, Wes began appearing on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat. In the first episode, Wes paired up with "fresh meat" Casey Cooper, who had never before appeared on MTV. Wes later explained he picked her after he watched her trial competitions and thought she would make a good competitor.

Throughout the season, two teams were periodically sent to exile, where they faced off to determine who would remain in the game. Wes and Casey were frequently sent to exile and eventually sent home all of Wes's Austin castmates who appeared: Danny, Melinda and Johanna. After they defeated Johanna, Wes's girlfriend, and her partner, Johanna berated Wes for his treatment of Casey.

The Wes-Casey team was sent to the exile five times, tying the record for the most successful face-offs. Still, the duo made it to the finals, finishing in 3rd place and taking home $10,000 each.

During the challenge reunion, Wes said he spent his Fresh Meat winnings on Johanna.

Exile Victories

  • Wes & Casey Vs. Danny & Ev
  • Wes & Casey Vs. Melinda & Ryan
  • Wes & Casey Vs. Johanna & Jesse
  • Wes & Casey Vs. Tonya & Johnny
  • Wes & Casey Vs. Shane & Linette

The Duel

Wes returned for his second challenge, Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel. It was filmed in Búzios, Brazil, and premiered on MTV in October 2006.

During the season, he was sent to a duel only once. In episode 9, following "The Pole Wrestle" challenge, Wes was selected for the duel and chose to face off against challenge veteran Derrick Kosinski. The two had a fierce duel, the "pole wrestle," in which Wes successfully wrestled a pole away from Derrick. The win sent Derrick home, while Wes returned to the game. Wes won his first two challenges ever, with the help of Svetlana Shusterman, which granted him safety each time from the duel.

In the final challenge, Wes won safety, sending Brad Fiorenza of The Real World: San Diego and CT Tamburello of The Real World: Paris into the duel against each other. Brad won on a technicality, setting up Brad vs. Wes for the final.

On the day of the final, Wes, who won a 2-minute headstart against Brad in a soccer matchup. After a neck-and-neck race, Wes beat Brad by less than two minutes to win $150,000. On the girls' side, Jodi Road Rules: X-Treme won over Svetlana The Real World: Key West for her own $150,000 reward.

On the Duel reunion, Wes said he & Johanna bought a house by Arizona State & a bar in LA. He can't wait to "do the deed" [get married] & 150k is nothing compared to Johanna. He will wait until it's right to propose and when he is done with school.

Retirement from Challenges

Following his win, Wes appeared on The Duel's aftershow on MTV.com. He announced he had returned to school at Arizona State University.


In June 2005, when The Real World: Austin premiered, the web site described Wes as:

Wes, 19 -- Kansas City, KS Wes is the kind of guy you love to hate. He takes pride in projecting himself as an obnoxious, super-competitive jock, but he is also bright and entrepreneurial. At twenty, Wes is a junior at Arizona State University, lives at his fraternity house and cannot wait to graduate so that he can start his own business.
Wes is often seen as hot-tempered on MTV, including a rocky relationship with his Fresh Meat partner, Casey; a drunken night when he slaps roommate Rachel in the face; and the aforementioned intense fight on the Real World season finale.

After winning The Duel, Wes got choked up, looking into the camera and telling Johanna he loved her. He said the money was for them to start their life together, including an engagement ring and a big wedding. However, during The Duel reunion, Wes said he and Johanna recently bought a bar in Los Angeles and a house together near ASU. He said the official engagement will wait until he finishes school.


  • Wes began dating his current girlfriend, Johanna Botta, after they finished filming The Real World: Austin.
  • Wes often talks about wanting to spend his life with Johanna. At the The Duel reunion, he said Johanna wants to wait to become officially engaged until after Wes finishes school.
  • Wes vacationed in Costa Rica during his Real World stint.
  • In August 2006, Wes was featured in Sports Illustrated's "Twenty-five Under 25 - Celebrating the lucky few whose dream job became reality."

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