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This article covers Episode 15 of Season 3 of NBC's The Apprentice

Task Dossier

Final Corporate Restructuring

  • Tana is transferred to Net Worth in order to equalize the teams (2 vs. 2), she was mostly likely picked by Alex because he had taken note of Craig and Kendra's personal animosity between the two of them

The Aim of the Task

  • To design a t-shirt for Hanes celebrating their 50th anniversary, and make the most money selling the shirt.
  • Each team were given "Seed Equipment", returnable to The Trump Organization, in lieu of performing this task.

Task Outcome

  • Magna Corporation created a T-Shirt that featured a heart with angel wings designed by graphic artist Romero Britto. Net Worth Corporation created a T-Shirt that incorporated a "Rock Star" look that was designed by pop-culture artist Burton Morris. In Donald Trump's Opinion, "Net Worth had the better product." However, the sales result came down to marketing more than product.
  • Magna sold their shirts for a much lower price point than Net Worth, but advertised their shirts as limited-edition artwork to the artist's fanbase and were able to sell a large number of shirts.
  • Rather than working on marketing, Tana got an idea to add beads to the shirt to justify a high price. After she tried many arts and crafts stores to find an old toy known as the Bedazzler, she found the Bedazzler beads in a shopping mall on Staten Island which cost them lots of time. Alex was trying to remind her about marketing and Tana ignored him, saying it would be dealt with later. Marketing eventually consisted of Alex standing outside the store and trying to direct buyers inside.
  • For winning the task, Kendra and Craig engaged in a mock dogfight in two fighter planes. Kendra defeated him, which was regarded by many as a foreshadowing of her placing above him in the competition.
  • Boardroom: The fire was mainly on Tana since Alex tried to blame Tana for the loss, but Tana, in spite of her defeat, used her secret weapon: Record as a Project Manager. Tana said that she was 2-1 as Project Manager while Alex was 1-2 as PM. Alex apparently forgot one of his previous losses under pressure, which was seized on as 'misrepresentation.' The Donald also cited that Alex didn't do enough marketing hoping that Tana would fail. Alex was seen taking notes of Tana's failings during the task in hopes of using them against her.
  • Fired: Alex, for 'lying' to The Donald by misrepresenting his record as Project Manager
  • Postnote: Much was made of these shirts being "Limited Edition;" however, within several weeks of the show's airing, they were being sold for $9.95 at Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

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