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The following are brief biographies of contestants on The Amazing Race 10.


Tyler & James

Tyler Denk & James Branaman, the "Best Friends," won the Amazing Race 10. Both are models and recovering drug addicts from Los Angeles, California.

Rob & Kimberly

Rob Diaz & Kimberly Chabolla were known as the Dating couple. They came in a close second.

The couple hold the record for the most consecutive finishes in the same positon in the Race, finishing in 3rd place from Leg 5 to Leg 10.

Lyn & Karlyn

Lyn Turk & Karlyn Harris were known as the Single Moms/Friends from Alabama. Turk is from Helena and Harris is from Birmingham. They came in third place which made them the highest placing all-female team across all previous seasons of the Race. Though it seemed unlikely that the two would make it past the first few legs, other team's mistakes and the help of their alliance with Erwin & Godwin and David & Mary propelled them to the Final Three.

The two friends met when they were in ninth grade at Ramsay Alternative High School. Both aged 32 at the time they competed on the Race, Harris is a program analyst at Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Turk teaches fourth grade at Garywood Christian School in Hueytown, Alabama.

When single mother Lyn came back from the race, she found out that her house was tragically broken in to. It was announced on the news later on.

Dustin & Kandice

Dustin-Leigh Konzelman & Kandice Pelletier were known as the Beauty Queens. They were eliminated in fourth place after being "Marked for Elimination" and misinformed about the Pit Stop's location by a local. They were one of the two teams from this race selected for the The Amazing Race All Stars.

Erwin & Godwin

Erwin & Godwin Cho were known as the Cho Bros and were from San Francisco, California. During their race they were usually in the middle or back of the pack because of their alliance with David & Mary and Lyn & Karlyn. They came in fifth place in Ukraine after being pulled over by the police for accidentally driving in a closed road.

David & Mary

David and Mary Conley were known as Team Kentucky or just Kentucky. They are from Stone, Kentucky and finished in sixth place. During the race they were usually in the back of the pack but survived up to Leg 8 due to help from allies Erwin & Godwin. They arrived 5th in Leg 8, but were eliminated due to them being "Marked for Elimination".

On November 7, 2006, Rosie O'Donnell and The View gave the couple several gifts including a new house, a new car, and a cruise organized by O'Donnell. CBS announced that David and Mary would return for The Amazing Race All Stars.

Peter & Sarah

Peter Harsch & Sarah Reinertsen were known as the Recently Dating couple. In the beginning they ran a strong race until Leg 6 in which they got lost and finished in seventh place.

Tom & Terry

Tom Rock & Terry Cosentino were known as the Boyfriends from New York City. They were usually in the back of the pack and finished in eighth place.

Duke & Lauren

Duke & Lauren Marcoccio were known as the Father and Daughter. Although they came in 2nd and 3rd in the first two legs, they ran out of money and lost their way in Leg 3 and were eliminated in ninth place.

Kellie & Jamie

Kellie Paterson & Jamie Hill were known as the Cheerleaders. The came in tenth place after getting lost and having trouble with the Roadblock on Leg 2.

Vipul & Arti

Vipul & Arti Patel were known as the Married couple from Windermere, Florida. The couple were the first Indian pairing to compete on the Race and came in eleventh place after being on the second flight and being unable to catch up.

Vipul, a salesman, was born in India and Arti in South Africa. In their late twenties when they competed in the Race, they wanted to compete on the race to "get the adventure out of their system before they have children".

Bilal & Sa'eed

Bilal Abdul-Mani & Sa'eed Rudolph, Best Friends from Cleveland, Ohio, were the first Muslim team to compete in the Race. They were the first to leave the show, in a twist that involved team being elimininated at a midpoint in the first leg.

During their brief time on the show, they continued to offer their five daily prayers regardless of the fact they were competing in a race, which included offering prayers in the middle of Los Angeles Airport prior to boarding a flight to China. Both in their late thirties at the time they competed on the Race, Bilal works as a medical-supply technician and Sa'eed as a power linesman.

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