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Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth (born Omaroseonee O. Manigault February 15, 1974) is a former participant on Donald Trump's television reality show The Apprentice. Omarosa was born in Youngstown, Ohio where she attended Rayen High School. She has gone on to appear on various talk shows and other reality shows, where her brash personality has frequently been the source of controversy.

The Apprentice

Omarosa's stint on Trump's The Apprentice ended on Week Nine, when she was abruptly "fired" (see Season 1). During the final episode, in which two finalists competed, contestant Kwame Jackson chose Omarosa as part of his final team. Trump complained that Jackson was unable to control Omarosa and added that he should have fired her.

After leaving The Apprentice, Omarosa remained in the public eye with various appearances on talk shows and reality programs. She appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and made a brief appearance on the NBC soap Passions. More recently, she has been featured in Burger King commercials set in a corporate environment. A pornographic magazine reportedly offered her money to pose nude. At the time of the offer, Omarosa flatly rejected it, declaring that some of her "parts" were reserved for her then-husband .

Ever since, Omarosa's celebrity has been accompanied by escalating controversy. Shortly after being fired from The Apprentice, she publicly accused fellow contestant Ereka Vetrini of directing racial slurs at her, a claim that Vetrini has vehemently denied. Her denials were firmly supported by Donald Trump, Mark Burnett, and NBC. Eventually, Vetrini moved to put the controversy to rest by appearing on the Howard Stern show, where she passed several lie detector tests.

Some observers viewed the accusations (or slurs) as a product of the pair's obvious personal enmity. On the second and third episodes of The Apprentice 1, Vetrini and Omarosa became involved in heated arguments, which fellow contestant Katrina Campins failed to resolve.

In 2005, Omarosa appeared on a reality all-star episode of Fear Factor, which aired on February 28. True to form, she became involved in conflicts with fellow contestant Nikki McKibbin. Omarosa was eliminated in the third stunt. Later, while appearing in the 5th season of the VH1 series The Surreal Life, she was involved in several confrontations with co-star Janice Dickinson.

Omarosa's rocky relations with co-stars and fellow contestants have evidently won her few fans among viewers of cable television. A TV Guide survey conducted in the summer of 2005 voted her as the most hated reality show contestant of all time.

Despite, or perhaps because, of her immense negative publicity, she remains a presence on cable television. In August 2005, she appeared as a sideline reporter on Bravo's Battle of the Network Reality Stars and also appeared on the show's reunion special.

As of August 28 2005, Omarosa and husband of five years Aaron Stallworth separated and the couple formally filed for divorce.

On January 22, 2007 Omarosa was a special guest on I Love New York (TV series) Episode 3: "Big Ballers" where she helped judge contestants potential earning power.

On March 16, 2007, Omarosa made an appearance on freshman NBC game show 1 vs. 100. She served in the mob until nearly the last question.

Ties to the Clinton Administration

According to her official contestant bio for The Apprentice, Omarosa was "a former political appointee in the Clinton and Gore White House." In April 2004, People Magazine broke the story of Omarosa's unstable tenure in the federal government, noting that she had been "banished from four jobs in two years." Former colleagues cited her disruptiveness and inability to do her job as reasons for being let go.

Ties to Nigeria

In April 2006, Omarosa participated in the United Nations World Food Program in Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to the UN World Food Program mentioned at her website through Schedule, Omarosa was among the panel of "highly qualified and intellectually creative speakers" at the Nollywood Foundation Convention 2006 from June 15 to June 17, 2006.

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