List of the Apprentice 3 candidates

List of the Apprentice 3 candidates (Courtesy Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

This page covers the candidates of The Apprentice 3.


Earlier on, as 18 candidates (half with college degrees, half without but with excellent entrepreneurial backgrounds) enter the ultimate job interview, the book smarts and street smarts had to come up with a name. The Street Smarts adopted the name Net Worth to denote their bold practicality beyond high school, though lacking college diplomas, while The Book Smarts adopted the name Magna to denote that the majority of the Book Smarts graduated Magna Cum Laude from undergraduate schools.

The status of each of the candidates are denoted in parentheses.


  • Kendra Todd (Boynton Beach, Florida) - Real Estate Broker (Hired by Trump)
  • Alex Thomason (Seattle, Washington) - Prosecutor (Transferred to Net Worth on Week 10/Fired on Episode 14)
  • Bren Olswanger (Memphis, Tennessee) - Prosecutor (Transferred to Net Worth on Week 12/Fired on Episode 13)
  • Stephanie Myers (San Diego, California) - Supply Chain Consultant (Transferred to Net Worth on Week 8/Fired on Episode 10)
  • Erin Elmore (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - Attorney (Transferred to Net Worth on Week 8/Fired on Episode 9)
  • Michael Tarshi (Boston, Massachusetts) - Real Estate Developer (Fired on Episode 5)
  • Danny Kastner (Boston, Massachusetts) - Marketing Technology Firm Owner (Fired on Episode 3)
  • Verna Felton (Seattle, Washington) - Business Manager (Quit on first few minutes of Episode 3)
  • Todd Everett (Carlsbad, California) - Sales Manager (Fired on Episode 1)

Net Worth

  • Tana Goertz (West Des Moines, Iowa) - Sales Executive (Transferred to Magna on Week 8, then back to Net Worth on Week 14/Fired on the Season Finale)
  • Craig Williams (Conley, Georgia) - Shoeshine Business Owner (Transferred to Magna on Week 8/Fired on Episode 15)
  • Chris Shelton (Las Vegas, Nevada) - Real Estate Investor (Fired on Episode 12)
  • Angie McKnight (Lake Balboa, California) - Gym Franchise Owner (Fired on Episode 11)
  • John Gafford (Tampa, Florida) - Technology Firm Owner (Fired on Episode 8)
  • Audrey Evans (Salt Lake City, Utah) - Real Estate Agent (Fired on Episode 7)
  • Tara Dowdell (New York City, New York) - Senior Governor Management (Fired on Episode 6)
  • Kristen Kirchner (Los Angeles, California) - Real Estate Financier (Fired on Episode 4)
  • Brian McDowell (Wildwood, New Jersey) - Real Estate Broker (Fired on Episode 2)

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