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Kelly Wiglesworth (born June 24, 1977 in Greensboro, North Carolina) is the runner-up on the original American version of the CBS reality series Survivor.


Wiglesworth, a whitewater rafting guide, dominated the physical challenges in Survivor: Borneo, winning four straight immunity challenges to propel herself to the Final Two. An original member of the dominant Tagi voting alliance which included Richard Hatch, Susan Hawk, and Rudy Boesch, Wiglesworth later abandoned the alliance.

Wiglesworth went up against Gervase Peterson in a canoeing challenge requiring a designated paddler to retrieve all members of their own tribe. Initially she and Hatch believed her capacities on water would be beneficial, especially since they were not sure how well Peterson would do under these conditions. The Pagong tribe got out to an early lead and never looked back, which upset Wiglesworth intensely for the rest of the round.

Wiglesworth may best be remembered for being on the receiving end of a harsh speech given by Susan Hawk at the season's final tribal council. Hawk, furious that Wiglesworth had abandoned the alliance and betrayed their friendship, called Wiglesworth a rat (as opposed to Hatch's "snake" tag) and told her that if Wiglesworth was lying in the desert dying of thirst, she would not give her water and would let the vultures have at her.

Although Wiglesworth and Hawk did not hug each other after the final votes were read back in Borneo, the two hugged each other at the reunion and settled their differences.

After Survivor

Wiglesworth went on after Survivor to host Celebrity Adventures on E!.

Wiglesworth resides in Mexico where she teaches yoga, surfs and writes.

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