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Dancing with the Stars is the name for a number of international television series based on the format of the British series Strictly Come Dancing. Australia was the first country to adapt the BBC show, and versions have also been produced in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, India, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, and the USA.

The show, a celebreality-type offering, pairs a number of celebrities with professional ballroom dancers, who each week compete by performing dances, which are then given scores by a panel of judges. Viewers are given a certain amount of time to place votes on their favorite dancers, either by telephone or (in some of the shows) by the Internet. The couple with the lowest combined score (judges plus viewers) is eliminated and does not go on to the next week. This process continues until there are only two couples left, at which point one couple is declared the champion. The show's format has become very popular internationally.


Bailando por un Sueńo, broadcast in Marcelo Tinelli's ShowMatch TV show (Canal 13).



  • Season One (Late 2004) - Bec Cartwright
  • Season Two (Early 2005) - Tom Williams
  • Season Three (Late 2005) - Ada Nicodemou
  • Season Four (Early 2006) - Grant Denyer
  • Season Five (Late 2006) - Anthony Koutoufides


In Austria the show is called Dancing Stars. The first season aired in Austria in Autumn 2005, featuring

  • Barbara Rett (TV journalist, partnered by Manfred Zehender)
  • Mat Schuh (comedian, partnered by Kelly Kainz) - first eliminated
  • Patricia Kaiser (model, partnered by Alexander Kreissl)
  • Peter Rapp (TV host, partnered by Julia Polai)
  • Stefano Bernardin (actor, partnered by Christina Auer)
  • Marika Lichter (singer, partnered by Andy Kainz) - winners of the first season
  • Toni Polster (soccer player, partnered by Michaela Heintzinger)
  • Arabella Kiesbauer (talk show host, partnered by Balázs Ekker)
The second season started in March 2006, featuring

  • Andreas Goldberger (ski jumper, partnered by Julia Polai)
  • Barbara Karlich (talk show host, partnered by Alex Zaglmeier)
  • Gerda Rogers (astrologer, partnered by Andy Kainz)
  • Ulrike Beimpold (actress, partnered by Manfred Zahender)
  • Nicole Beutler (actress, partnered by Balázs Ekker)
  • Gregor Bloéb (actor, partnered by Michaela Heintzinger)
  • Simone (singer, partnered by Alexander Kreissl)
  • Hans Georg Heinke (anchorman, partnered by Elke Gehrsitz)
  • Edi Finger jr. (sports presenter, partnered by Nicki Kuntner)
  • Manuel Ortega (singer, partnered by Kelly Kainz) - Winner
Further information : Dancing Stars


Series one aired in Winter/Spring 2006 and was titled 'Sterren op de Dansvloer' (Stars on the Dancefloor). It featured

  • Sam Gooris(Singer) (partnered by Ellen Ekkart-Saey)
  • Pim Symoens(Singer) (partnered by Daisy Croes)
  • Gčne Bervoets(Actor,Presenter) (partnered by Inge Gevaert)
  • Gilles De Bilde(Former Football-player) (partnered by Martine Jottay)
  • Evi Hanssen(Presenter) (partnered by Guy Jottay)
  • Dina Tersago(Presenter) (partnered by Wim Gevaert) Winner
  • Natalia Druyts (partnered by Pascal Maessen)
  • Wendy van Wanten(Singer (partnered by Aerjen Mooijweer)
The second series starred:

  • Herbert Flack(Actor) (partnered by Ellen Ekkart-Saey)
  • Pieter Loridon(Former Basketball-Player) (partnered by Daisy Croes) Winner
  • Mathias Coppens(Presenter) (partnered by Nicky Vernieuwe)
  • Piet Huysentruyt(Cook) (partnered by Martine Jottay)
  • Sandrine van Handenhoven(Singer) (partnered by Guy Jottay)
  • Marlčne de Wouters(Presenter) (partnered by Wim Gevaert)
  • Cathérine Moerkerke(Presenter) (partnered by Pascal Maessen)
  • Valerie de Booser(Wife of belgian popstar Koen Wauters) (partnered by Arend Vandevelde)



El Baile en TVN ("The Dance in TVN") is aired in Televisión Nacional de Chile since October 16, 2006. It's hosted by Rafael Araneda and Karen Doggenweiler.

  • Sigrid Alegría (actress, partnered by Mario Méndez) - 6th evicted
  • Raquel Argandońa (TV host, partnered by Alfredo Araya) - 5th evicted
  • Pilar Cox (TV host, partnered by Andrés Niérez) - 2nd evicted
  • Patricio Laguna (fashion model, partnered by Viví Rodríguez) - 7th evicted
  • Quique Neira (musician, partnered by Verónica Lobos) - 3rd evicted
  • Juvenal Olmos (former football player, partnered by Claudia Miranda) Winner
  • Juanita Parra (drummer of Los Jaivas, partnered by Diego Heilig) - 4th evicte
  • Horacio De La Peńa (former tennis player, partnered by María Isabel Sobarzo) - 1st evicted


The first season of Ples sa zvijezdama ("Dancing with the Stars") started to air on December 2, 2006 on HRT1. It is hosted by Barbara Kolar and Du?ko ?urli?

The pairs are:

  • Zrinka Cvite?i? (actress) with Nicolas Quesnoit - WINNERS
  • Rene Bitorajac (actor) with Mirjana ?uti? (runner-up)
  • Maja ?uput (singer) with I?tvan Varga (6th Evicted)
  • ?arko Radi? (actor) with Ivana Antinac (5th Evicted)
  • Zoran Vakula (meteorologist) with Ksenija Plu??ec (4th Evicted)
  • Sandra Bagari? (opera singer) with Leon Ajtlbez (3rd Evicted)
  • Dubravko ?imenc (water polo player) with Tamara Despot (2nd Evicted)
  • Zdenka Kova?i?ek (singer) with Hrvoje Kra?evac (1st Evicted)

  • Elio Ba?an
  • Milka Babovi?
  • Dinko Bogdani?
  • Davor Bilman
Maximum number of points (40):

  • Zrinka & Nicolas (Jive - 3rd episode)
  • Zrinka & Nicolas (Slowfox - 4th epizode)
  • Maja & I?tvan (Paso Doble - 4th episode)
  • Maja & I?tvan (English Waltz - 6th episode)
  • Zrinka & Nicolas - total - 80 points (English Waltz & Paso Doble - 7th episode)
  • Maja & I?tvan (Slowfox - 7th epizode)
  • Zrinka & Nicolas - total - 120 points (English Waltz, Samba & Freestyle - final episode)
  • Rene & Mirjana (Freestyle - final episode)
Minimum number of points:

  • ?arko & Ivana - 16 points (Samba - 5th episode)
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Czech Republic

The first season was launched on November 4, 2006. The Czech title is StarDance ...kdy? hv?zdy tan?í (StarDance ...when stars dance). The show is hosted by Czech TV hostess Tereza Kostková and TV host Marek Eben. StarDance airs on the Czech public TV station ?T1.
Judges for the first season are Vlastimil Harapes, Michael Kocáb, Eva Bartu?ková and Zden?k Chlop?ík.

Season 1 (Late 2006):

  • Roman Vojtek (actor, partnered by Kristýna Coufalová) - winner
  • Václav Vydra (actor, partnered by Petra Kostov?íková) - runner-up
  • Tomá? Dvo?ák (athlete, partnered by Kamila Tománková) - 6th evicted
  • Mahulena Bo?anová (actress, partnered by Jaroslav Kune?) - 5th evicted (forced to leave due to the training injury of Jaroslav Kune?)
  • Jolana Voldánová (TV hostess, partnered by Jan Tománek) - 4th evicted
  • Jana ?vandová (actress, partnered by Zden?k Fen?ák) - 3rd evicted (Jana ?vandová asked the viewers not to send her any votes because she couldn't cope with the stress)
  • Jan ?enský (actor, partnered by Tereza Bufková) - 2nd evicted
  • Helena Ze?ová (singer, partnered by Eduard Zubák) - 1st evicted
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The series (titled 'Vild med Dans' (Crazy about Dancing)) aired in Denmark in 2004 and 2005, featuring 2004:

  • Klaus Bondam
  • Erik Pejtersen
  • Jesper Skibby
  • Mia Lyhne
  • + many more

  • David Owe (actor) (partnered by Vickie Jo) - winners
  • Eskild Ebbesen (gold medalist in rowing) (partnered by Marianne Eihilt) - runner up
  • Kim Milton Nielsen (former football referee) (partnered by Ann Wilson (dancer))
  • Allan Olsen (actor) (partnered by Soffie Dalsgaard)
  • Peter Mygind (actor) (partnered by Mie Moltke)
  • Zindy Laursen (singer) (partnered by Tobias Karlsson)
  • Mayianne Dinesen (radiohost) (partnered by Lars Christensen (dancer))
  • Sisse Fisker (TV-host) (partnered by Steen Lund)
  • Bettina Aller (explorer, CEO) (partnered by René Christensen)
  • Birthe Kjćr (singer) (partnered by Bo Loft Jensen) - forced to leave due to a heart attack - not caused by the dancing.

  • Anna David
  • Christina Roslyng
  • Ole Christensen
  • Simon Matthew


In Ecuador the show is called Bailando por un sueńo. It is based in the original format from Televisa, and it is produced under license of the mexican TV station by Gamavisión. Roberto Rodríguez Reyes is the host. The first season aired in Ecuador in November 2006, featuring

  • Karla Caicedo (model, partnered by Álvaro Alexander Castillo)
  • Jaime Enrique Aymara (singer, partnered by Karla Cristina Cruz) -finalists-
  • María Sol Galarza (news reporter, partnered by Mario Pérez)
  • Frank Bonilla (actor, partnered by Gianella Neira and Eileen Ortiz -forced to leave due to a scandal-)
  • Efraín Ruales (actor/musician, partnered by Catalina Zhagui)
  • Sofía Caiche (actress/model, partnered by Frixon Angulo) -winners-
  • Maluli Valdivieso -maiden name- (actress/model, partnered by Luis Ángel Ramírez)
  • Juan Sebastián López (TV host/model, partnered by Érika Yánez) -finalists-
  • Carlos Alberto Vicente (TV producer and host/singer/songwriter/actor partnered by Adriana Plaza)
  • Cecilia Calle (TV host/singer, partnered by Pedro Díaz)
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Show was called "Tantsud tähtedega" ("Dances with the stars") First season (late 2006) in Kanal 2 (Channel 2)

  1. Mikk Saar (singer) and Olga Kozmina (winners)
  2. Gerli Padar (singer) and Martin Parmas (2nd place)
  3. Erki Nool (athlete, Olympic gold medalist) and Ave Vardja (3rd place)
  4. Aivar Riisalu (businessman) and Kristina Tennokese-Ott
  5. Vilja Savisaar (politician) and Veiko Ratas
  6. Ingrid Tähismaa (journalist) and Aleksandr Makarov
  7. Reet Linna (singer, TV-hostess) and Eduard Korotin
  8. Indrek Tarand (politician) and Kaisa Oja


The series (titled Tanssii tähtien kanssa; a lame pun on hit movie Dances with Wolves) aired in spring 2006, featuring

  • Leena Harkimo (member of Parliament) partnered by Erik Hento
  • Keith "Keke" Armstrong (soccer coach) partnered by Helena Ahti-Hallberg
  • Kristiina Elstelä (actress) partnered by Marko Keränen, runners-up
  • Jone Nikula (music executive, Idols judge) partnered by Katja Koukkula
  • Suvi Miinala (model) partnered by Juha Pykäläinen
  • Tomi Metsäketo (tenor) partnered by Sanna Hirvaskari, eventual winners
  • Katja Kannonlahti (news anchor) partnered by Jussi Väänänen
  • Markus Pöyhönen (track athlete) partnered by Sanna Hento
In spring 2007, season 2 features

  • Pirkko Arstila (journalist, writer) partnered by Vesa Anttila
  • Vanessa Kurri (model, Miss Finland 1999) partnered by Marko Keränen
  • Mariko (musician) partnered by Aleksi Seppänen
  • Sari Siikander (actor) partnered by Mikko Ahti
  • Jani Sievinen (swimmer) partnered by Helena Ahti-Hallberg
  • Sami Sarjula (actor) partnered by Sanna Hirvaskari
  • Eppu Salminen (actor) partnered by Anna Sainila
  • Roman Schatz (TV personality, writer) partnered by Saara Huovinen
Singer Kirill Babitzin was to take part in the competition, but he suddenly died on January 31.


The series is called Let's Dance and airs in 2006 on RTL. It was hosted by Hape Kerkeling & Nazan Eckes.

Contestants season 1

  • Sandy Mölling With Roberto Albanese
  • Wolke Hegenbarth With Oliver Seefeldt
  • Heike Henkel With Dirk Bastert)
  • Heide Simonis With Hendrik Höfken)
  • Axel Bulthaupt With Anna Karina Mosmann
  • Wayne CarpendaleWith Isabel Edvardsson Winners
  • Jürgen Hingsen With Uta Deharde
  • Jochen Horst With Sofia Bogdanova
Further information : Let's Dance


The series (titled Szombat esti láz, which translates to Saturday Night Fever) airs in 2006 on Hungary's RTL Klub network.

The 1st season started to air in Spring 2006. The show was hosted by actor András Stohl and actress Zsóka Kapócs. It featured

  • László Hajas (master hairdresser) (partnered by Iringó Südi) 2nd Runner-up
  • Mónika Erdélyi (TV show presenter) (partnered by Tibor Cseh-Szakál)
  • Edit Ábrahám (actress) (partnered by András Angyal)
  • János Kulka (actor) (partnered by Andrea Keleti)
  • Attila Czene (Olympic champion swimmer) (partnered by Petra Bánhidi) Winner
  • Istvan Szell? (TV presenter) (partnered by Viktória Kósik
  • Adrienn Zsédényi (a.k.a. Zséda) (singer) (partnered by Tibor Dudás) Runner-up
  • Éva Horváth (beauty queen) (partnered by Bálint Gebei)

The 2nd season started to air in Autumn 2006. The show was hosted by actor András Stohl and TV host Nóra Ördögh. It featured

  • Gy?z? Szabó (actor) (partnered by Veronika Pap)
  • Regina Dukai (singer) (partnered by Bálint Gebei)
  • Ágnes Kovács (Olympic champion swimmer) (partnered by Róbert Markó)
  • Anikó Ungár (illusionist) (partnered by András Faluvégi)
  • Réka Farkasházi (actress) (partnered by András Angyal)
  • Tamás Somló (member of rock band LGT) (partnered by Iringó Südi) 2nd Runner-up
  • Gábor Gönczi (TV host) (partnered by Kitty Práger) Runner-up
  • András Csonka (actor) (partnered by Andrea Keleti) Winner


The 1st season (titled Rokdím im Kokhavím) ("dancing with stars") aired on November 2005 - January 2006, featuring:

  • Shiraz Tal (Model) (partnered by Boris Zaltsman)
  • Omer Barnea (Actor) (partnered by Victoria Magalnik)
  • Becky Griffin (TV-hostess) (partnered by Dani Yochtman)
  • Avi Grainik (Comedian/Singer) (partnered by Polina Chiktunov)
  • Eitan Orbach (Swimmer) (partnered by Dorit Milman)
  • Nitza Shaul (Actress) (partnered by Dennis Belocherkovski)
  • Sami Huri (Actor) (partnered by Ana Aronov)
  • Eliana Bakier (Actress) (partnered by Oron Dahan) - Winners
The 2nd season ran from May to September 2006 featuring:

  • Pablo Rozenberg (Singer) (partnered by Polina Chiktunov)
  • Shira Vilanski (Actress) (partnered by Dennis Belocherkovski)
  • Ricky Gal (Singer) (partnered by Oron Dahan)
  • Shirli Buganim (Model) (partnered by Kiril Sivolapov)
  • Raz Meirman (TV-Reporter) (partnered by Mirit Kradoner)
  • Limor Goldshtein (Actress) (partnered by Dani Yochtman)
  • Limor Atias (Actress) (partnered by Chaim pershtein)
  • Pini Tavger (Actor) (partnered by Dorit Milman)
  • Haim Revivo (Soccer player) (partnered by Ana Aronov)
  • Guy Arieli (Actor) (partnered by Masha Troyanski) - Winners
The 3rd season ran from January 2007 featuring:

  • Michal Zuaretch (TV-Hostess) (partnered by Chaim pershtein)
  • Yonathan Cohen (Model) (partnered by Nataly Dricker)
  • Dana Dvorin (Children Star) (partnered by Kiril Sivolapov)
  • Daniela Pik (Singer) (partnered by Boris Zaltsman)
  • Michael Hanegbi (Actor/TV-host) (partnered by Polina Chiktunov)
  • Bonni Ginzburg (Sport Annoucher) (partnered by Masha Troyanski)
  • Ilanit Levi (Former Beauty Queen) (partnered by Dennis Belocherkovski)
  • Miki Kam (Actress) (partnered by Yaniv Caccoon)
  • Rodrigo Gonzales (Former "Children Channel" Star) (partnered by Naama Tavori)
  • Alon Abutbool (Actor) (partnered by Victoria Magalnik)


The series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2004, featuring

  • Fabrizio Frizzi (partnered by Samanta Togni)
  • Francesco Salvi (partnered by Natalia Titova)
  • Paola Ferrari (partnered by Andrea Placidi)
  • Igor Cassina (partnered by Denise Abrate)
  • Gianni Ippoliti (partnered by Valentina Vincenzi)
  • Carla Paneca (partnered by Lucio Cocchi)
  • Anna Maria Barbera (partnered by Ilario Parise)
  • Hoara Borselli (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) - Winners
The series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2005, featuring

  • Syusy Blady (partnered by Emanuele Ricci)
  • Alessandra Canale (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale)
  • Loredana Cannata (partnered by Samuel Peron)
  • Cristina Chiabotto (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) - Winners
  • Mario Cipollini (partnered by Marina Aleksejeva)
  • Youma Diakite (partnered by Giuseppe Albanese)
  • Fabio Fulco (partnered by Claudia Nicolussi)
  • Diego Maradona (partnered by Angela Panico)
  • Stefano Masciarelli (partnered by Francesca Vispi)
  • Marco Mazzocchi (partnered by Vincenza Farnese)
  • Vincenzo Peluso (partnered by Natalia Titova)
  • Francesca Reggiani (partnered by Sergio Sampaoli)
The series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) is currently airing this Autumn 2006, featuring

  • Massimiliano Rosolino (partnered by Natalia Titova)
  • Antonio Cupo (partnered by Giada Giacomoni)
  • Rodolfo Laganŕ (partnered by Hildegard Salvatore)
  • Sean Kanan (partnered by Tinna Hoffman)
  • Biagio Izzo (partnered by Samanta Togni)
  • Rudy Smaila (partnered by Lucia Annese)
  • Eva Grimaldi (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale)
  • Fiona May (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) - Winners
  • Chiara Boni (partnered by Samuel Peron)
  • Pamela Camassa (partnered by Angelo Madonia)
  • Sofia Bruscoli (partnered by Manuel Favilla)
  • Martina Pinto (partnered by Umberto Gaudino)
  • Tiberio Timperi (partnered by Elena Coniglio)
  • Orietta Berti (partnered by Andrea Placidi)


The Netherlands

Series one was shown in Summer/Autumn 2005. It featured

  • Inge de Bruijn (sportswoman) (partnered by Remco Bastiaansen)
  • Joris Lutz (presenter) (partnered by Euvgenia Parakhina)
  • Koert-Jan de Bruijn (actor) (partnered by Charissa van Dipte)
  • Inge Ipenburg (actress) (partnered by Koen Jan Willem Brouwers)
  • Ans Markus (artist) (partnered by Peter Bosveld)
  • Irene van de Laar (presenter) (partnered by Marcus van Teijlingen)
  • Rudolph van Veen (cook) (partnered by Roemjana de Haan)
  • Jim Bakkum (singer) (partnered by Julie Fryer)
Jim Bakkum was eventually declared the winner.

Series two is shown in Winter/Spring 2006. It features:

  • Lieke van Lexmond (actress) (partnered by Remco Bastiaansen)
  • Winston Post (actor) (partnered by Euvgenia Parakhina)
  • Maik de Boer (stylist) (partnered by Charissa van Dipte)
  • Myrna Goossen (presenter) (partnered by Koen Jan Willem Brouwers)
  • Edsilia Rombley (singer) (partnered by Peter Bosveld)
  • Barbara de Loor (speed-skater) (partnered by Marcus van Teijlingen)
  • John de Wolf (sportsman) (partnered by Roemjana de Haan)
  • Frits Sissing (presenter) (partnered by Julie Fryer)
The finale will be aired 13-05-2006. The two contestants who got this far are Barbara de Loor and Winston Post. The winner was declared Barbara de Loor, who got the highest amount of points from the jury, and most votes as well.

On New Year's Eve 2005, a New Year's special was shown. It featured:

  • Catherine Keyl (Presenter) (partnered by Marcus van Teijlingen)
  • Tatjana ?imi? (actress, model) (partnered by Koen Jan Willem Brouwers)
  • Marit van Bohemen (sporter) (partnered by Peter Bosveld)
  • Lieke van Lexmond (actress) (partnered by Remco Bastiaansen)
  • Bas Muijs (actor) (partnered by Roemjana de Haan)
  • Christijan Albers (Formula 1-driver for Spyker-MF1) (partnered by Julie Fryer)
  • Hans Klok (partnered by Charissa van Dipte)
  • Ernst Daniël Smid (Singer) (partnered by Euvgenia Parakhina)
This was won by Tatjana ?imi? and Koen Brouwers

Special Christmas and New Year's Eve 2006,with

  • Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen (actress) and Peter Bosveld
  • Wilbert Gieske (actor) and Roemjana de Haan
  • Do (singer) and Koen Brouwers
  • Arnold Vanderlyde (bronze medal winner Los Angeles 1984,Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992) and Charissa van Dipte
  • Patricia Paay (member of girl-group the star-sisters) and Remco Bastiaansen
  • Bastiaan Ragas (singer/musicalstar) and Julie Fryer
  • Eric van Tijn (musicproducent) and Euvgenia Parakhina
  • Anita Witzier (presenter) and Marcus van Teijlingen
Do and Koen Brouwers won this special.

On march 31 the third season will start. This will feature:

  • Bart Chabot and Kimberly Smith
  • Christophe Haddad and Ilse Lans
  • Bob de Jong and Euvgenia Parakhina
  • Martijn Krabbé and Roemjana de Haan
  • Lodewijk Hoekstra and Charissa van Dipte
  • Aukje van Ginneken and Remco Bastiaansen
  • Nikkie Plessen and Peter Bosveld
  • Fabienne de Vries and Koen Brouwers
  • Helga van Leur and Marcus van Teijlingen

New Zealand


The series was named Skal vi danse? (en: Shall We Dance?). The first Season was broadcasted in Winter/Spring 2006 on TV 2. It featured:

  • Simen Agdestein (chess player/coach) (partnered by Gyda Kathrine Bloch Svela-Thorsen)
  • Terje Sporsem (comedian) (partnered by Cecilie Brink Rygel)
  • Katrine Moholt (TV hostess) (partnered by Bjřrn Wettre Holthe)
  • Caroline Dina Kongerud (singer) (partnered by Gustaf Lundin)
  • Signy Fardal (publisher and magazine editor) (partnered by Geir Gundersen)
  • Finn Schjřll (flower decorater) (partnered by Lena Granaas Lillebř)
  • Tom A. Haug (actor) (partnered by Therese Cleve)
  • Anita Moen (Former Cross-country skier) (partnered by Thomas Kagnes)
  • Otto Robsahm (handyman) (partnered by Michelle Lindře)
  • Guri Schanke (actress and singer) (partnered by Tom Arild Hansen)
The Season Finale took place in March 2006. Winners were TV hostess Katrine Moholt and her partner Bjoern Wettre Holthe.

The professional jury in "Skal Vi Danse"s 1st Season were:

  • Trine Dehli Cleve
  • Tor Flřysvik
  • Anita Langseth
  • Trond Harr
The second Season of Skal vi danse? (en: Shall We Dance?) premiered in September 2006. It featured:

  • Jeanette Roede, administrative manager. She was partnered by Jan-Eric Fransson
  • Trude Mostue, TV-Veterinarian. She was partnered by Tom Arild Hansen
  • Christer Torjussen, comedian. He was partnered by Lena Granaas Lillebř
  • Elisabeth Andreassen, singer. She was partnered by Mats Brattlie
  • Tone Damli Aaberge, singer. She was partnered by Tom-Erik Nilsen
  • Susann Goksřr Bjerkrheim, former handball-player. She was partnered by Asmund G. S. Grinaker
  • Eirik Newth, writer and radio host. He was partnered by Therese Cleve
  • Steffen Tangstad, former professional boxer, now a sports manager. He was partnered by Ingrid Beate Thompson
  • Kristian Řdegĺrd, TV-producer and comedian/joke host. He was partnered by Alexandra Kakurina
  • Ingar Helge Gimle, actor. He was partnered by Gyda Kathrine Bloch Svela-Thorsen
The Season Finale took place on 24 November 2006. Winners were TV-producer/comedian/joke host Kristian Řdegĺrd and his dancing partner Alexandra Kakurina.

The professional jury in "Skal Vi Danse"s 1st Season were:

  • Trine Dehli Cleve
  • Tor Flřysvik
  • Cecilie Brinck Rygel
  • Trond Harr


The first season of "Taniec z Gwiazdami" ("Dancing with the Stars") aired in Poland on TVN in Spring of 2005, the second in Fall of 2005, the third edition in Spring of 2006 and the fourth edition in Fall of 2006. The show is currently hosted by Hubert Urba?ski and Katarzyna Skrzynecka (the first season's hosts were Hubert Urba?ski and Magda Mo?ek). When on air, every Sunday the average of 7 million viewers tune in to watch this show. The highest rated episode was the second season finale with over 8 million people watching.

The winner of the first Polish season is Olivier Janiak (TVN presenter) partnered by Kamila Kajak. The winner of the second Polish edition is Katarzyna Cichopek (actress of most popular TV series - 10 million viewers - "M jak mi?o??") partnered by Marcin Hakiel. The winner of the third Polish edition is Rafa? Mroczek (actor - also from "M jak mi?o??") partnered by Aneta Piotrowska. The winner of the fourth Polish edition is Kinga Rusin (TVN presenter, ex-wife of jurnalist Tomasz Lis) partnered by Stefano Terazzino.

1st season:

  • Robert Kudelski (actor) and Agnieszka Pomorska,
  • Agnieszka W?odarczyk (actress) and Micha? Skawi??ki,
  • Klaudia Carlos (TV presenter) and Rafa? Maserak,
  • Anna Korcz (actress) and Robert Kochanek,
  • Katarzyna Skrzynecka (actress, singer, presenter of 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th seasons of "Dancing with the Stars") and Marcin Hakiel,
  • Andrzej Nejman (actor) and Magda Soszy?ska,

  • Witold Paszt (singer) and Anna G?ogowska,
  • Olivier Janiak (TV presenter) and Kamila Kajak.
2nd season:

  • Piotr Adamski (model) and Blanka Winiarska,
  • Hanna ?leszy?ska (actress) and Micha? Szuba,
  • Patrycja Markowska (singer) and Micha? Skawi?ski,
  • Pawe? Del?g (actor) and Dominika Kubik,
  • Conrado Moreno (showman) and Magda Soszy?ska,
  • Piotr G?sowski (actor) and Anna G?ogowska,
  • Agnieszka Rylik (sportswoman) and Marcin Olszewski,
  • Jakub Weso?owski (actor) and Edyta Herbu?,

  • Ma?gorzata Foremniak (actress) and Rafa? Maserak,
  • Katarzyna Cichopek (actress) and Marcin Hakiel.
3rd season:

  • Joanna Koroniewska (actress) and Robert Kochanek,
  • Joanna Jab?czy?ska (actress) and Piotr Kiszka,
  • Robert Rozmus (cabaretman, singer, actor) and Anna G?ogowska,
  • Renata Dancewicz (actress) Marcin Olszewski,
  • Aneta Kr?glicka (Miss World '89) and Robert Rowi?ski,
  • Rafa? Cieszy?ski (actor and showman) and Magdalena Soszy?ska,
  • Tomasz Stockinger (actor) and Blanka Winiarska.
  • Paolo Cozza (showman) and Kamila Drezno.

  • Rafa? Mroczek (actor) and Aneta Piotrowska,
  • Aleksandra Kwa?niewska (daughter of ex-polish president Aleksander Kwa?niewski) and Rafa? Maserak.

  • Witold Paszt (singer) and Anna G?ogowska, (1st edition)
  • Olivier Janiak (TV presenter) and Kamila Kajak, (1st edition - winners)
  • Ma?gorzata Foremniak (actress) and Rafa? Maserak, (2nd edition)
  • Katarzyna Cichopek (actress) and Marcin Hakiel, (2nd edition - winners) WINNERS
  • Rafa? Mroczek (actor) and Aneta Piotrowska, (3rd edition - winners) SECOND PLACE
  • Aleksandra Kwa?niewska (daughter of ex-polish president Aleksander Kwa?niewski) and Rafa? Maserak (3rd edition)
4th season:

  • Przemys?aw Cyprya?ski (actor) and Aneta Piotrowska,
  • Joanna Liszowska (actress) and Robert Kochanek,
  • Magdalena Wójcik (actress) and Robert Rowi?ski,
  • Marcin Mroczek (actor) and Edyta Herbu?,
  • Micha? Milowicz (actor, singer) and Izabela Mika,
  • Kaja Paschalska (actress, singer) and Piotr Kiszka,
  • Maria Wa??sa (daughter of polish ex-president Lech Wa??sa) and Pawe? Godek.
  • Przemys?aw Sadowski (actor) and Ewa Szabatin.

  • Kinga Rusin (presenter of TVN) and Stefano Terrazino,
  • Peter Lucas (actor) and Dominika Kublik.
5th season:

  • Katarzyna Tusk (daughter of politician Donald Tusk) and Stefano Terazino,
  • Anna Samusionek (actress) and ?ukasz Czarnecki,
  • Omenaa Mensah (presenter of TVN and TVN24) and Rafa? Maserak,
  • Kasia Cerekwicka (singer) and Georgij Korolywov,
  • Ewa Wachowicz (Miss Polonia & Miss World RU'92, World Miss University "93) and Marek Fiksa,
  • Wojciech Majchrzak (actor) and Magdalena Soszy?ska,
  • Krzysztof Tyniec (actor) and Kamila Kajak,
  • Rafa? Olbrychski (actor, son of Daniel Olbrychski) and Ewa Szabatin,
  • Ivan Komarenko (singer) and Blanka Winiarska,
  • Bartosz Obuchowicz (actor) and Kinga Jurecka.

  • Iwona Szyma?ska-Pavlovi? (dancer)
  • Zbigniew Wodecki (singer)
  • Beata Tyszkiewicz (actress)
  • Piotr Gali?ski (choreographer)

further information : Taniec z gwiazdami

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The first season was launched on 24 February 2006 and ended on 5 May 2006. The Romanian title is Dansez Pentru Tine (I'm Dancing for You). The show was hosted by Romanian artist ?tefan B?nic? Jr. and TV hoster Olivia Steer and aired on the national private TV station Pro TV. The next season took place during autumn-winter 2006. First Season Participants:

  • Raluca Arvat (TV hoster) / Virgil Hudici
  • Cristina Rus (singer) / Bogdan Negrea
  • Anca ?urca?iu (singer) / Adi Dr?gan
  • Andra (singer) / Florin Biric? - Winner
  • Arsenie (singer) / Aliona Munteanu - Runner-up
  • Radu Ille (singer) / Lavinia Ghi??
  • Ionu? Iftimoaie (K1 fighter) / Monica Grosu
  • Viorel Sipos (singer) / Alexandra Cristea
Second Season The second season was hosted again by artist Stefan Banica Jr. but with TV hoster Iulia Vantur the season ended on 1 December, which is the national day of Romania and it also marks 11 years of Pro Tv, with a special edition featuring participants from both seasons.


  • Victor Slav (TV hoster) / Carmen Stepan - Winner
  • Anda Adam (singer) / Dumitru Dragoi
  • Dinu Iancu Salajan (singer) / Aurelia Grigore
  • Dana Rogoz (actress) / Ionut Paval
  • Maria Olaru (retired Olympic gimnast) / Vlad Rosca
  • Elena Gheorghe (singer) / Cornel Ogrean - 2nd Runner-up
  • Smiley (singer) / Adriela Morar - Runner-up
  • Aurelian Temisan (actor) / Cristina Capatana
Third Season The third season begun on 15th March and will end in May.


The first broadcast was in Spring 2005, and was hosted by Anne Igartiburu on TVE1. The Spanish title of the show is "!Mira quien baila!" "Look Who's Dancing".

Season 1:

  • Claudia Molina (Actress) - Winner
  • Maria del Monte (Sevillanas' singer) - Runner-up
  • Álex Casademunt (Singer) - 2nd Runner-up
  • Fernando Romay (Basketball player) - 3rd Runner-up
  • Angel Garó (Comedian) - 4th evicted
  • Alonso Caparrós (TV host) - 3rd evicted
  • Lara Dibildos (TV host) - 2nd evicted
  • Juncal Rivero (Miss Europe '86, TV host and Actress) - 1st evicted
Season 2:

  • David Civera (Singer) - Winner
  • Pablo Martín (Actor, Model and TV host) - Runner-up
  • Belinda Washington (TV host) - 2nd Runner-up
  • Gema Ruiz (TV host) - 5th evicted
  • María José Ruiz (Miss Spain '96) - 4th evicted
  • Óscar Laroide (Actor) - 3rd evicted
  • Carmen Sevilla (Actress) - 2nd evicted
  • Martín Pajera-Obregón (Bullfighter) - 1st evicted
Season 3:

  • Rosa López (Singer) - Winner
  • Milene Domingues (Soccer player) - Runner-up
  • David Meca (Swimmer) - 2nd Runner-up
  • Michel Olivares (Model) - 5th evicted
  • Miriam Díaz Aroca (TV host and Actress) - 4th evicted
  • Pedro Reyes (Humorist) - 3rd evicted
  • Emma Ozores (Actress) - 2nd evicted
  • Manuel de la Calva (Singer) - 1st evicted
Special Season: With the TOP 3 of each season:

  • Rosa López (Singer) - Winner
  • Claudia Molina (Actress) - Runner-up
  • David Civera (Singer) - 2nd Runner-up
  • Álex Casademunt (Singer) - Evicted
  • Belinda Washington (TV host) - Evicted
  • David Meca (Swimmer) - Evicted
  • Maria del Monte (Sevillanas' singer) - Evicted
  • Milene Domingues (Soccer player) - Evicted
  • Pablo Martín (Actor, Model and TV host) - Evicted
Season 4:

  • Estela Jiménez (Gymnast) - Winner
  • Juan Alfonso Baptista (Actor) - Runner-up
  • Guillermo Martin (Singer) - 2nd Runner-up
  • Carmen Martinez Bordiú (Francisco Franco's granddaughter) - 7th evicted
  • Félix Álvarez (TV host) - 6th evicted
  • Antonia Dell'Ate (Model) - 5th evicted
  • Rosario Mohedano (Singer) - 4th evicted
  • María Reyes (Miss Spain 1995) - 3rd evicted
  • Salvador Guerrero (Actor) - 2nd evicted
  • Juan Salazar (Singer) - 1st evicted
Season 5:

  • Carmen Janeiro (Model)
  • Esther Arroyo (Miss Spain 1991)
  • Jesús Álvarez (Journalist)
  • Julio José Iglesias (Singer)
  • Manolo Sarriá (Humorist)
  • Xavier Deltell (TV host)
  • Victoria Vera (Actress) - 2nd evicted
  • Tońi Salazar (Singer) - 1st evicted


In Ukraine show started at September 2006 on television channel [[Channel 1+1|1+1]] under name "????? ? ???????" ("Tantsi z zrikamy") which stands for "Dances with the stars". The show was hosted by Yuriy Horbunov and Tina Karol. The star contestants were paired with famous Ukrainian dancers, who had won major international competitions. The winners of the show were awarded with the tour to the Rio Carnival, while the runners-up went to the Carnival on Cuba. The show was extremely popular with Ukrainian viewers. The show finale held on the November 26, 2006 had the TV rating of 26.83% with the share of 54.64%, meaning that the quarter of Ukrainian population and more than half of all TV viewers at that moment watched the finale. The show overall was watched by nearly 16 millions of Ukrainians. The pair of Volodymyr Zelenskyy (member and the leader of famous Ukrainian comic troup) and Olena Shoptenko won the main prize.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, where the show originated, it is known as Strictly Come Dancing.

United States

Other countries

The Russian show is called "????? ?? ????????" (Tantsi so zvezdami). The first season which started in 2005 became extremely popular. Currently the second season is in progress. The format of the show is identical to that of other countries. Each pair comprises a famous celebrity and a professional dancer.

The Swedish show, called "Let's Dance", was first aired in January-March 2006 on TV4. It was hosted by Agneta Sjödin and David Hellenius . The last couples were singer Mĺns Zelmerlöw with Maria Karlsson (winners), singer Anna Book with David Watson (second), and actor Viktor Ĺkerblom Nilsson with Carin da Silva (third). The series had a large audience, and with almost 2 million viewers the final gave TV4 the highest rating for that Friday evening. It was the first time since 1997 that TV4 had more viewers than the public service company SVT's perennially popular music game show "Sĺ skall det lĺta". In September 2006, it won the Swedish equivalent of the Emmy award, Kristallen (The Crystal), in the Entertainment category. The second season started broadcasting in January 2007 and airs every Friday.

The German show is called "Let's Dance"

The Indian version is called Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. It was first broadcast in September 2006 on Sony Entertainment Television (SET). A lot of people confuse Dancing With The Stars with Nach Baliye which airs on Star One. Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa have similar content and presentation but there are minor differences in the concept. The celebrity dancers on Nach Baliye are real life couples, and work with an assigned choreographer. The dancers on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa has one celebrity paired with a trained dancer/choreographer. A notice at the end of the show verifies that the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is indeed a version of Dancing With The Stars.

The Japanese version is called "Shall We Dance?" It is same title as the 1996 movie. It is currently in its fourth season.

There is a French-Canadian adaptation of the show called Le Match des étoiles, hosted by Normand Brathwaite. It pairs up well-known celebrities from Quebec, from politicians to singers and actors, such as Sheila Copps, Marc Labrčche, Nathalie Lambert and Donald Pilon, and pairs them up with a choreographer. However, there are significant differences to Dancing With the Stars. Firstly, the dances are not limited to ballroom styles, but can be styles such as Gumboots, Hip-hop, as well as certain ethnic dances. Secondly, each celebrity gets twelve hours of rehearsal, spread out over several days, to learn their dance, and perform it on stage against three other celebrity contestants. The three judges give the celebrity a mark out of 10 for 30% of the total mark, while the remaining 70% is judged on by 7 audience members. The eventual winner of the quarter-final goes on to a semi-final against the two other winners in their heat, where they learn and perform another style of dance. Then the three winners of each semi-final match dance a third time, ending up with a winner for Tournament 1. Another tournament starts up in the second half of the season, and the two winners eventually meet at the final. A raucous comedian named Chantal Lamarre won the first season (2005-06), showing a softer side to her personality and quite a bit of dancing talent. The best or most notable dances from the first season are currently available on DVD. The second season (2006-07) is currently underway.

The Portuguese version is called "Dança Comigo" (Dance with me). It is currently in its third season. The host is the Portuguese Tv Star Catarina Furtado (Silvia Alberto hosted the show for a few weeks due to Catarina's pregnancy).

And there is also a Slovakian version called Lets Dance broadcasted by Tv Markiza presented by Adela Banasova and Martin "Pyco" Rausch, both presented also Slovensko h?adá SuperStar on STV in 2005 and 2006.

It has been rumored that Greece, Lebanon (which was cancelled because of the war, but now brought back), and Thailand will have a Dancing with the Stars show by late 2007. Hong Kong and Brazil might also have plans to the show.


Franchise History

Cheryl Burke made Dancing With The Stars franchise history by becoming the first professional dancer to win two championships. Furthermore, she made Dancing With The Stars history by becoming the first professional dancer to win "back to back" titles (two consecutive championships in a row). Cheryl Burke won her first Dancing With The Stars Championship with 98 Degrees boy band member Drew Lachey in the second season of Dancing with the Stars (US TV series). And she won her second championship with NFL (National Football League - American Football) star Emmitt Smith in the third season of Dancing With The Stars in the USA.

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