Amazing Race 1 contestants

Amazing Race 1 contestants (Courtesy Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Amazing Race 1 was the first installment of the popular reality television show, The Amazing Race.

The following are brief biographies of the contestants.


Joe & Bill

Joe Baldassare and Bill Bartek, Lifestyle Partners from Laguna Niguel, California were nicknamed "Team Guido" in honour of Baldassar's fox terrier. The pair finished in third place, for which they received $10,000. Team Guido were portrayed as the villians of the episode, and were unpopular with fans of the series and fellow racers.

Baldassare is the owner of a minerals trading company and Bartek works as a realtor. Baldassare graduated from Newburgh Free Academy in 1967.

They were later brought back for Allstars edition, and will be the oldest team on that series.

Kevin & Drew

Kevin O'Connor and Drew Feinberg, Frat Brothers, placed fourth on the show.

The pair became friends as fraternity brothers during studying for undergraduate degrees at Saint John's University. Feinberg later completed an MBA from Notre Dame University in 1998.

Feinberg is a Senior Court Officer at the Kings County Supreme Courthouse. O'Connor works for Deloitte & Touche as a litigation consultant.

Following their elimination from the Race they participated in interviews on CBS Early Show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Pure Oxygen, and have done over 20 radio and newspaper interviews. They are represented by the William Morris talent agency. They later created their own travel adventure show on the Discovery Channel called Kevin And Drew Unleashed which they describe as being similar to a male version of The Simple Life. The three-part show involves the pair competing over the completion of various "tough jobs".

The pair made a cameo appearance on The Amazing Race: Family Edition in 2006, handing race clues to the teams on the first episode of the show. In 2007 they became the first team to appear on three series of the Amazing Race, when they competed on the Allstars edition of the show.

Nancy & Emily

Nancy and Emily Hoyt, were a Mother & Daughter team from , and were the seventh team eliminated. After the third leg of the Race, the pair were the only all-female team remaining, which they felt was a disadvantage.

Emily was a junior at Sam Houston State University at the time she participated in the race.

Rob & Brennan

Rob Frisbee & Brennan Swain from Los Angeles, California were known as Friends/Lawyers and were the first winners of the Amazing Race. Frisbee and Swain, associates at the firm Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro, invested some of their prize money into a venture for a new 24-hours reality television channel called Reality Central, an idea created by Amazing Race 2 finalist Blake Mycoskie. After the win, the two took a year off and made personal appearances around the United States, which added to their winnings.

Frisbee, a 1995 graduate of University of Arizona and Business College Graduate of the Year worked as a model to pay for his law degree from Harvard University.. He used his race winnings to pay off his law school debts and established a small science-fiction publishing house called "Dark House Books", from which he published three of his own novels.

Swain initially continued working as a lawyer but was hoping to establish a career in the entertainment industry.

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