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Twila Tanner (born October 12, 1962 in Osceola, Iowa) was a player on the reality show Survivor: Vanuatu.

Tanner is a single mother with one son. At the time she appeared on the show, she was working fulltime doing highway repairs and also held two part time jobs as a high school custodian and a heavy equipment operator for a construction company. She lives in Marshall, Missouri.

On the show, Twila, along with the other women on the series, was a member of the Yasur tribe. Twila formed an early friendship with tribemate Scout Cloud Lee. On the third episode, sparks flew between her and Mia. On the fifth episode, a shuffling of tribe members sent Twila and Julie Berry to the Lopevi tribe. While the two had not been allied before, they now worked together to survive in a male majority tribe. Worried over which of them might be chosen if the Lopevis had to vote out a member, Twila and Julie both also individually sought an alliance with Lea "Sarge" Masters. As it turned out, both women lasted until the two tribes merged in the eighth episode. Both women returned to their original alliance with the other women and voted off three of the four remaining men in succession. In the eleventh episode, two of her allies began to doubt Twila's loyalty. To reassure them, she swore to them on her son's life that she would stay loyal. Twila would in fact later change her alliance and her former partners would hold the breaking of this oath against her, despite the fact that Chris had told bigger lies throughout the entire game. In the final episode, Chris Daugherty won the final immunity challenge and chose Twila over Scout to compete against him in the final council because he felt she had made more enemies during the series.

Overall, Twila was an outspoken person who did not hesitate to tell other players if she disliked them and was the target of several attempts to be voted out. However, she outlasted most of her opponents and went on to the final council where she lost to Chris in a 5-2 decision.


  • I didn't come here to make friends.
  • These young ones, I don't know what they was thinking. If it comes down to eating maggots, I'm gonna eat maggots. Protein. Eat 'em. Shut up!
  • I swore to Ami and Leann on my son's name that I was with them one hundred percent. But maybe if I win a million dollars, God will forgive me.
  • We've overthrown the queen and the little princess. People like that just piss me off because they think they're so better than every-freakin'-body else. We have the power now. I have a great mind sometimes. I love it.
  • I don't want to gloat, but that's just what Chris wants me to do. The more I piss everybody off right before they leave, the more that he's there in the Final Two that he gets all the votes. I see what he's doing. He's working me.
  • People kill for less than what we're playing for right now. ... And ["Survivor"] actually turned me into someone I don't like. ... It wasn't the game I intended to play, it was the game that ended up playing me.

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