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The 21st season of The Bachelor premiered on January 2, 2017. This season features 36-year-old Nick Viall, a software sales executive from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who later resided in Chicago, Illinois.

Viall attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration. Viall was the runner-up on both the 10th and 11th seasons of The Bachelorette featuring Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe, respectively. He also made it to the final episode on the 3rd season of Bachelor in Paradise along with Bachelor alumna Jennifer Saviano.

The season concluded on March 13, 2017, 29-year-old special education teacher Vanessa Grimaldi from Montreal, Quebec was named the winner and became Viall's fiance, becoming the first Canadian contestant to win the show. Their engagement ended on August 25, 2017.

Filming and development

Casting and contestants

On August 30, 2016, during season 2 episode 4 of Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise and while the 3rd season of Bachelor in Paradise was still airing, Nick Viall was announced as the next Bachelor. Prior to Viall's selection in the series, fan favorites Luke Pell and Chase McNary, both from The Bachelorette season 12 were considered for the lead role on the show, according to host Chris Harrison.


The season traveled to many places including Viall's home state of Wisconsin; New Orleans, Louisiana; Saint Thomas in United States Virgin Islands; Bimini, the Bahamas and Finnish Lapland. Numerous media outlets reported Backstreet Boys have performed at Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater in Downtown Los Angeles on September 30, 2016 with former contestants Ashley Iaconetti and Becca Tilley. Besides Backstreet Boys, this season also had appearances include Olympians Michelle Carter, Allyson Felix and Carl Lewis, country singer Chris Lane and Lolo.

During production, the producers moved the Wisconsin date week from the original destination of Charleston, South Carolina when Hurricane Matthew hit the city. Host Chris Harrison told the trip was to be headed to Kiawah Island. The reason of the decision has not been disclosed.


The season began with 30 contestants.

Name Age Hometown Occupation Outcome Place Ref
Vanessa Grimaldi 29 Montreal, Quebec Special Education Teacher Winner 1
Raven Gates 25 Hoxie, Arkansas Fashion Boutique Owner Runner-Up 2
Rachel Lindsay 31 Dallas, Texas Attorney Week 9 3
Corinne Olympios 24 Miami, Florida Business Owner Week 8 4
Kristina Schulman 24 Lexington, Kentucky Dental Hygienist Week 7 5
Danielle Maltby 31 Colgate, Wisconsin Neonatal Nurse 6
Danielle Lombard 27 Danville, California Small Business Owner Week 6 7
Whitney Fransway 25 Chanhassen, Minnesota Pilates Instructor 8
Jasmine Goode 29 Maplewood, New Jersey Pro Basketball Dancer 9
Jaimi King 28 New Orleans, Louisiana Chef Week 5 10-12
Josephine Tutman 24 Santa Cruz, California Registered Nurse
Alexis Waters 23 Secaucus, New Jersey Aspiring Dolphin Trainer
Taylor Nolan 23 Seattle, Washington Mental Health Counselor 13
Astrid Loch 26 Tampa, Florida Plastic Surgery Office Manager Week 4 14-15
Sarah Vendal 26 Palmdale, California Grade School Teacher
Brittany Farrar 26 Santa Monica, California Travel Nurse Week 3 16-17
Christen Whitney 25 Martinsville, Indiana Wedding Videographer
Dominique Alexis 25 Los Angeles, California Restaurant Server 18
Lacey Mark 25 Montville Township, New Jersey Digital Marketing Manager Week 2 19-21
Hailey Merkt 23 Vancouver, British Columbia Photographer
Elizabeth Whitelaw 24 New Trier, Illinois Marketing Manager
Elizabeth "Liz" Sandoz 29 Scottsbluff, Nebraska Doula 22
Angela Amezcua 26 Cumberland, Maryland Model Week 1 23-30
Jasmine Brown 25 Tacoma, Washington Flight Attendant
Olivia Burnette 25 Anchorage, Alaska Apparel Sales Representative
Ida Marie DeLosSantos 23 Harlingen, Texas Sales Manager
Briana Guertler 28 Salt Lake City, Utah Surgical Unit Nurse
Lauren Hussey 30 Naples, Florida Law School Graduate
Susannah Milan 26 San Diego, California Account Manager
Michelle Ramkissoon 24 Los Angeles, California Food Truck Owner

Future appearances

The Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay was chosen for the lead role on the thirteenth season of The Bachelorette while this season of the show was still airing.

Bachelor in Paradise

Season 4

Raven Gates confirmed on After the Final Rose that she would be competing in season four of Bachelor in Paradise. Corinne Olympios, Taylor Nolan, Alexis Waters, Lacey Mark, Kristina Schulman, Danielle Maltby, Danielle Lombard, Christen Whitney, Sarah Vendal, Dominique Alexis, Jaimi King, and Jasmine Goode would also appear on season 4. Olympios quit in week one during the production shutdown. Maltby quit in week two. Waters and Vendal were eliminated in week two. Schulman quit in week three. Lombard, Whitney, Alexis, King, and Goode all quit in week four. Gates, Nolan, and Mark all left Paradise in relationships with Adam Gottschalk, Derek Peth, and Daniel Maguire, respectively. It was announced on the reunion show, however, that Mark and Maguire had ended their relationship. Meanwhile, Gates and Gottschalk were still dating while Nolan and Peth became engaged. As in June 26, Nolan and Peth had called off their engagement and split.

Season 5

Astrid Loch and Angela Amezcua will be competing in the season five of Bachelor in Paradise.

Dancing with the Stars

Outside of Bachelor Nation franchise, Viall competed in the twenty-fourth season of Dancing with the Stars partnered with Peta Murgatroyd and finished in 6th place.

The Bachelor

Gates was featured as a friend of future contestant Tia Booth during her introductory video for the twenty-second season of the show. Gates appeared once again on that same season in Booth's hometown date with Gottschalk and leading bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. on a deleted scene.

Ex On The Beach

Outside of Bachelor Nation franchise, Goode will be featured on Ex On The Beach.

Call-out order

Order Bachelorettes Episode / Week
2101 2102/2103 2103/2104 2104/2105 2105/2106 2106 2107/2108 2108/2109A 2109A/2109B 2110
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Danielle L. Rachel Corinne Raven Raven Raven Vanessa
2 Elizabeth Vanessa Vanessa Kristina Raven Vanessa Rachel Vanessa Raven
3 Rachel Danielle L. Christen</ref>}} Rachel Raven Corinne N/A Corinne Vanessa Rachel
4 Christen Christen Astrid Raven Whitney Kristina Rachel
5 Taylor Astrid Taylor Taylor Raven Kristina
6 Kristina Corinne Whitney Whitney Vanessa
7 Angela Kristina Kristina Rachel Danielle L.
8 Lauren Jaimi Whitney
9 Michelle Raven Rachel Alexis Josephine Whitney
10 Dominique Kristina Vanessa Astrid Vanessa Alexis
11 Ida Marie Raven Alexis
12 Olivia Sarah Jaimi Jaimi Corinne
13 Sarah Josephine Dominique Josephine Taylor Taylor
14 Lacey Sarah Sarah Astrid
15 Hailey Taylor Alexis Corinne
16 Astrid Alexis Brittany Brittany
17 Liz Hailey Josephine
18 Corinne Whitney Dominique
19 Vanessa Dominique Elizabeth
20 Jaimi
21 Raven Brittany
22 Jaimi Liz Liz
23 Briana Angela

Jasmine B.
24 Susannah
25 Josephine
26 Brittany
27 Jasmine B.
28 Whitney
29 Lacey
30 Alexis
The contestant received a first impression rose
The contestant received a rose during the date
The contestant was eliminated
The contestant was eliminated during the date
The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony
The contestant won the competition


| ProdCode = 2101 | Viewers = 6.62 | ShortSummary = Nick meets with former Bachelors Sean Lowe, Chris Soules and Ben Higgins, to get advice on finding love. His journey begins as thirty single ladies arrive at the mansion, many of them familiar with Nick and his charms. Christen arrives with a hand fan; Lauren jokes with Nick; Olivia wears a fur coat; Jasmine G. takes a present surprise that she has brought Neil Lane holding a present to Nick; Astrid and Vanessa attempt to charm Nick by speaking in German and French, respectively; Raven demonstrates a "pig sooie" cheer; Josephine holds a book with an uncooked hotdog; Lacey rides on a camel; Alexis arrives wearing what she thinks is a dolphin costume but is really a shark costume, which the other girls find amusing. Nick gives the first impression rose to Rachel. At the rose ceremony, Angela, Briana, Ida Marie, Jasmine B., Lauren, Michelle, Olivia, and Susannah are eliminated from the competition. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2102 | Viewers = 6.54 | ShortSummary = Nick chooses twelve women for the first group date at Ascona Mansion where they take wedding photos for different themed weddings with photographer Franco Lacosta. Corinne, chosen for the beach wedding, strips her top off in a pool and ends up winning the opportunity to take a wedding photo with Nick. She later receives the rose at the end of the date. Danielle M. gets the first one-on-one date of the season, and she and Nick take a helicopter ride to a houseboat near Newport Beach. They spend time in a hot tub and end up at dinner at Balboa Island. Nick decides to give her the date rose. Six women embark on the second group date where they act out a "breakup" scene at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood. Liz reveals the secret that she met Nick prior to this season and that they had slept together at a wedding. The ensuing dramatic interaction leads Nick to send her home. The episode ends with a cliffhanger. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2103 | Viewers = 7.11 | ShortSummary = At the cocktail party from the previous week, Corinne is seen wearing only a trench coat and holding a whip cream can. She ends up missing the rose ceremony because she oversleeps. In the end, Elizabeth, Hailey and Lacey are eliminated. Seven women begin the first group date of the week with the Backstreet Boys, who surprise them at the mansion. The women and Nick rehearse with them for their show that night. Danielle L. is chosen to be serenaded in a private moment with Nick and he ultimately gives her a rose. Vanessa gets to go on the one-on-one date, where she and Nick take a Zero G flight simulator inside the airplane. Despite getting motion sick and vomiting, she receives a rose. For the second the group date, seven women take part in a "Nickathalon" with Carl Lewis, Michelle Carter and Allyson Felix. Astrid wins the competition and, as a reward, gets to spend one-on-one time with Nick. Dominique feels depressed and Nick ultimately sends her home. Rachel gets the rose at the end of the date. At a pool party, at the mansion, Nick and Corinne play in a bouncy house and get intimate. The other women are not happy to see their obvious displays of affection and animosity toward Corinne grows. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2104 | Viewers = 7.32 | ShortSummary = After breaking their silence about Corinne, women prepare for the rose ceremony. Brittany and Christen are eliminated. The remaining fifteen women travel to Wisconsin. Nick has the opportunity to chat with his parents at home in Waukesha. Danielle L. has the first one-on-one and they take a stroll around Nick's hometown and even run into his ex. She receives the rose and they go to Pabst Theater where Chris Lane performs. Thirteen women are chosen for the group date where they get to work on a farm. Corinne resists the dirty nature of the work and does not embrace the activity, earning her the distaste of the other women. In the end, Kristina gets the date rose. Raven gets the second one-on-one date and meets Nick's youngest sister at her soccer game. Then they have a roller skating party. She receives the rose. At the cocktail party, Taylor and Corinne have an argument and Taylor accuses Corinne of rude behavior. The episode ends with a cliffhanger. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2105 | Viewers = 7.23 | ShortSummary = Concluding from the previous episode, Taylor and Corinne rage about their confrontation. At the rose ceremony, Astrid and Sarah are eliminated. The thirteen remaining women travel to New Orleans, Louisiana. Rachel gets the one-on-one date where she and Nick go sight-seeing in Downtown New Orleans She dances with Nick into a parade of street dancers and they end up getting a private concert from Lolo. She gets the rose. Ten women go on this week's group date and travel to Houmas House Plantation where they encounter ghosts and hold a seance with a ouija board. Danielle M. gets the group date rose. Taylor and Corinne face off for a two-on-one date into the Bayou where they meet a group of voodoo worshipers and have a tarot card reading. Tensions grow between the two ladies, and Nick gives the rose to Corinne. Taylor is left stranded on the Bayou, but makes her way back to Nick and Corinne, and the episode ends with another cliffhanger. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2106 | Viewers = 7.47 | ShortSummary = Concluding from the previous episode, Taylor comes to see Nick, crashing his one-on-one time with Corinne. Taylor has a bitter conversation with Nick and finally leaves for good. At the rose ceremony, Alexis, Jaimi and Josephine are eliminated. The nine remaining ladies move on to Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Kristina gets the one-on-one date where she and Nick ride in a seaplane to abandoned ruins in Annaberg in nearby Saint John. She receives the rose after telling Nick her adoption story. The six ladies chosen for a group date play volleyball with Nick on a sandy white beach. After Jasmine G. sharply questions Nick about never having had a date of her own and becomes increasingly aggressive. Nick sends her home. Danielle L. and Whitney get the two-on-one date and take a helicopter ride to an uninhabited island at Botany Bay. Whitney is left stranded at the beach, with Nick and Danielle L. continuing their date at Fort Christian. In a drastic turn of events, Nick sends her home as well, then tearfully confesses to the rest of the women that he feels overwhelmed by the process. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2107 | Viewers = 7.56 | ShortSummary = Chris Harrison visits Nick and asks how he was doing. Nick replies that this might not be a good idea for him and that he might just call it quits. However, after a long conversation, Nick decides he is ready to continue on with the show. He visits the house and tells the women they are heading to Bimini in The Bahamas. Vanessa gets the one-on-one date which involves diving off the yacht and ends on the abandoned SS Sapona ship nearby. Corinne, Kristina and Raven get the group date and ride on a speedboat to go snorkeling. Raven gets the rose and she and Nick attend a performance by Adam Friedman outside the villa. Danielle M. and Nick have a one-on-one date riding a bicycle to the downtown area where they hang out, go shopping and play basketball. Nick asks Danielle M's about her past relationships. After their conversation, Nick tells Danielle their chemistry is not there and sends her home. Corinne, realizing there are only five women left and four hometown visits coming, goes see Nick at his hotel room to have sex with him and secure her final four spot. However, after some fooling around, Nick decides it is not a good idea and sends her away devastated. Rachel receives a one-on-one date at a local bar. The date is relatively brief, but both parties seem to enjoy themselves. Later, Nick arrives at the hotel and asks to see Kristina. He tells her he doesn't feel like things are going to work out and shockingly sends her home, making her the only eliminated girl this season not eliminated either at a rose ceremony or on a date. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2108 | Viewers = 7.88 | ShortSummary = After Kristina's shocking elimination, the remaining ladies are preparing for the rose ceremony, when Nick comes to see them and gives them the roses that mean they are the final four and they get a hometown date. Raven's hometown date takes place in Hoxie, Arkansas and she takes Nick to ride an ATV through a muddy field and they climb into a silo. However, a police car comes by to investigate, making Nick nervous, but it turns out to be Raven's brother. Then, she receives the good news that her father is cancer-free. The next is Rachel's hometown date in Dallas, Texas where she and Nick attend a Black church. Nick talks about issues frequently faced by interracial couples. Corinne's hometown date takes place in Miami, Florida and she takes Nick shopping before he meets her family and her nanny. The last stop is Vanessa's hometown date in Montreal, Quebec and she takes Nick to the school where she works. She introduces Nick to her mother's side of the family and her siblings, and then separately to her father and his wife. In New York City, the ladies prepare for the upcoming rose ceremony, but a surprise visitor arrives at Nick's hotel room. It is revealed to be Andi Dorfman. The episode ends in cliffhanger. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2109A | Viewers = 7.71 | ShortSummary = After Andi comes into Nick's hotel room, she gives Nick some advice. Nick prepares for the rose ceremony, where he eliminates Corinne, who admits to not knowing anything. Nick and the three finalists travel to Lapland, Finland to start the fantasy suite dates. Nick takes Raven on a helicopter ride at Urho Kekkonen National Park to sightsee and observe the wildlife and then they play darts in an inn. She accepts the invitation to the fantasy suite. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2109B | Viewers = 7.09 | ShortSummary = After Raven accepts the fantasy suite invitation, she and Nick chat before she heads back to the hotel. Nick takes Rachel cross-country skiing and then they take a ride in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Nick and Vanessa spend their date plunging into an icy river and then running into a sauna. They also talk frankly in a hot tub. Both dates end with the women accepting the fantasy suite invitations. At the rose ceremony, Rachel is eliminated. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = N/A | Viewers = 5.77 | ShortSummary = In the Women Tell All special, eighteen of the twenty-seven contestants return. Liz takes the hot seat first and she speaks about her life after the show. Taylor and Corinne are next because of their controversial two-on-one date and Taylor apologizes Corinne for her behavior. Kristina retells her adoption story. Nick comes on and answers questions from the ladies. Then new Bachelorette Rachel makes a brief appearance and Nick congratulates her and wishes her luck. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = 2110 | Viewers = 8.40 | ShortSummary = Nick has the opportunity to introduce both Raven and Vanesa to his family at the lodge in Finland. Both women leave positive impressions and feel confident in their relationships with Nick. Vanessa's final date involves a horseback ride on a snowy road, after which she and Nick go to a cabin to meet with Santa Claus. Raven's final date is ice skating on a frozen lake, which brings back memories of her first one-on-one date back in Wisconsin. They conclude the night camping and enjoying a bonfire. Neil Lane comes to the lodge to see Nick, who is ready to make his decision. At the final rose ceremony, Nick tells Raven that their relationship cannot continue and so she is eliminated. When Vanessa arrives, Nick gets down on one knee, professes his love for her, and proposes. Vanessa accepts the proposal. | LineColor = 343B3C }}

| ProdCode = N/A | Viewers = 7.85 | ShortSummary = Nick sits down to discuss his experience during the final weeks of the show. Raven confesses that she did feel heartbroken to have her relationship with Nick end. Chris asks her to give love another shot on Bachelor in Paradise and she says she will. Vanessa sits down and explains that her relationship with Nick became open, stable and truly emotional. She plans to move to America and to establish a charity to support people with learning disabilities. New Bachelorette Rachel makes her second appearance, excited about being on her own journey and four guys come in to meet for the first time. | LineColor = 343B3C }} }}

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