The Bachelor 19

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The 19th season of The Bachelor premiered on January 5, 2015. This season featured 33-year-old Chris Soules, a farmer from Arlington, Iowa. Soules placed third on season 10 of The Bachelorette featuring Andi Dorfman.

Filming and development

Casting and contestants

Casting began during the eighteenth season of The Bachelor. Soules and Arie Luyendyk Jr. were the candidates for the next bachelor. On August 26, 2014, Soules was chosen as a fan favorite and was first announced on Good Morning America. Luyendyk later became the star in the twenty-second season.

One of the season's contestants, Carly, is the sister of The Bachelorette Season 9 contestant Zak Waddell.


Unlike previous seasons, this season premiered with a three-hour live episode. Its locales included San Francisco, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Deadwood, South Dakota, Des Moines, Iowa, and the Indonesian island of Bali. Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Jimmy Kimmel took over for one episode in week three and there was a performance from Big & Rich in week six.


The season began with 30 contestants.

Name Age Hometown Occupation Outcome Place Ref
Whitney Bischoff 29 Louisville, Kentucky</ref>}} Fertility Nurse Winner 1
Becca Tilley 25 Shreveport, Louisiana Chiropractic Assistant Runner-up 2
Kaitlyn Bristowe 29 Leduc, Alberta</ref>}} Dance Instructor Week 9 3
Jade Roper 28 Gering, Nebraska Cosmetics Developer Week 8 4
Carly Waddell 29 Arlington, Texas Cruise Ship Singer Week 7 5
Britt Nilsson 27 Wolcott Mills, Michigan Waitress 6
Megan Bell 24 Brentwood, Tennessee Make-Up Artist Week 6 7 (quit)
Kelsey Poe 28 Hudsonville, Michigan Guidance Counselor 8
Ashley Iaconetti 26 Great Falls, Virginia</ref>}} Journalist 9
Mackenzie Deonigi 21 Maple Valley, Washington Dental Assistant Week 5 10-11
Samantha Steffen 27 Indianapolis, Indiana Fashion Designer
Ashley Salter 24 Vinings, Georgia Hair Stylist Week 4 12-14
Juelia Kinney 30 Beaverton, Oregon Esthetician
Nikki Delventhal 26 Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey Former NFL Cheerleader
Jillian Anderson 25 Howland, Ohio News Producer 15
Amber James 29 Kankakee, Illinois Bartender Week 3 16-18
Tracy Darakis 29 Wellington, Florida Fourth Grade Teacher
Trina Scherenberg 33 Algonquin, Illinois Special Education Teacher
Alissa Giambrone 24 Hamilton, New Jersey Flight Attendant Week 2 19-23
Jordan Branch 24 Windsor, Colorado Student
Kimberly Sherbach 28 Wantagh, New York Yoga Instructor
Tandra Steiner 30 Sandy, Utah Executive Assistant
Tara Eddings 26 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Sport Fishing Enthusiast
Amanda Goerlitz 24 Lake in the Hills, Illinois Ballet Teacher Week 1 24-30
Bo Stanley 25 Carpinteria, California Plus-Size Model
Brittany Fetkin 26 Temecula, California WWE Diva-in-Training
Kara Wilson 25 Brownsville, Kentucky High School Soccer Coach
Michelle Davis 25 Provo, Utah Wedding Cake Baker
Nicole Meacham 31 Scottsdale, Arizona Real Estate Agent
Reegan Cornwell 28 Manhattan Beach, California Cadaver Tissue Saleswoman

Future appearances

Dancing with the Stars

Immediately after this season, Soules appeared on the twentieth season of Dancing with the Stars, partnering with Witney Carson. They finished in 5th place.

The Bachelorette

Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe were both selected to be the lead on the eleventh season of The Bachelorette -- however only one would survive the first night. In the end the men voted for Bristowe to be the Bachelorette.

The Bachelor

Amber James returned on the twentieth season with Becca Tilley as a part of the cast for that season, James finished in 12th/13th and Tilley finished in 5th.

Bachelor in Paradise

Season 2

Ashley Salter agreed to be part of the second season of Bachelor in Paradise during The Women Tell All. Along with Salter, Ashley Iaconetti, Carly Waddell, Jade Roper, Jillian Anderson, Juelia Kinney, Megan Bell, Amber James, Samantha Steffen and Mackenzie Deonigi all returned in the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. Iaconetti's sister Lauren also joined the cast. Anderson was the first one eliminated in week 1, while Bell was eliminated in week 3. Kinney, Iaconetti, and Deonigi all quit during week 5. Salter and James were eliminated in week 5 and Waddell quit in week 6. Roper ended the season engaged to Bachelor Nation alumnus Tanner Tolbert and Steffen left Paradise in a relationship with Nick Peterson.

Season 3

Waddell and Iaconetti were chosen to compete in the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, making this their third Bachelor Nation appearance. Iaconetti left Paradise in week 6. Waddell ended the season engaged to Bachelor Nation alumnus, Evan Bass.

The Bachelor Winter Games

Iaconetti will appear on her fourth Bachelor Nation appearance in The Bachelor Winter Games as Team USA.

Call-out order

Order Bachelorettes Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Britt Britt Mackenzie Kaitlyn Kaitlyn Carly Becca Kaitlyn Whitney Whitney Whitney
2 Whitney Kaitlyn Megan Becca Jade Whitney Britt Whitney Kaitlyn Becca Becca
3 Kelsey Jade Kaitlyn Whitney Whitney Britt N/A Becca Becca Kaitlyn
4 Megan Samantha Britt Jade Carly Jade Jade Jade
5 Ashley I. Ashley I. Ashley I. Samantha Megan Kaitlyn Carly
6 Trina Tandra Trina Juelia Samantha Megan Britt
7 Reegan Nikki Kelsey Mackenzie Mackenzie Becca
8 Tara Kelsey Samantha Kelsey Kelsey Ashley I. Kelsey
9 Amber Megan Juelia Britt Becca Kelsey
10 Nikki Alissa Amber Megan Ashley I. Mackenzie
11 Amanda Amber Tracy Carly Britt
12 Jillian Juelia Jillian Ashley S. Ashley S.
13 Mackenzie Becca Jade Nikki
14 Ashley S. Trina Nikki Jillian
15 Kaitlyn Mackenzie Becca Ashley I. Jillian
16 Samantha Tracy Carly Amber
17 Michelle Tara Whitney
18 Juelia Jordan Ashley S.
19 Becca Jillian Alissa
20 Tandra Whitney
21 Alissa Carly
22 Jordan Ashley S.
23 Nicole Amanda
24 Brittany
25 Carly
26 Tracy
27 Bo
28 Kimberly
29 Kara
30 Jade
The contestant received a first impression rose
The contestant received a rose during the date
The contestant was eliminated
The contestant was eliminated during the date
The contestant quit the competition
The contestant was eliminated outside of the rose ceremony
An eliminated contestant asks for a chance to return, however was denied
The contestant won the competition


| ProdCode = 1901 | Viewers = 7.76 | ShortSummary = The first hour of the episode consists of a live red carpet event in Los Angeles hosted by Chris Harrison, and attended by fans of the show as well as former The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contestants. Chris interviews seven former contestants: Sean and Catherine Lowe, Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, and Nikki Ferrell.

Notable arrivals in the mansion are Reegan, a cadaver tissue saleswoman (known as "Donated Tissue Specialist" in the show credits), brings a (fake) human heart. Tara comes in shorts, flannel, and cowboy boots, then changes into a dress. Amber presents a teddy bear, and Nikki tells Chris that she arrived at the mansion straight from her trip in Peru, when Tara comes back into the limo to reintroduce herself to Chris. Amanda calls the limo driver to give an envelope to Chris and does not give her name; she makes Chris close his eyes and tells him she is his secret admirer, echoing how Chris introduced himself to Andi. Chris spends time with the initial 15 women, leading them to believe that there would be only 15 contestants, Harrison called Chris out before the second batch of women arrived.

More notable arrivals like Nicole wears a pig nose. Tandra rides a motorcycle. Alissa, a flight attendant, performs a seat belt demonstration. Jordan presents with a little bottle of whiskey and gives a toast with Chris. Brittany wears a white lace dress and shows #Soulesmates on the placard. Carly, a cruise ship singer, sings a song with a portable karaoke machine. Tracy, a teacher, brings a note from her students. In total, 30 women are introduced, rather than the traditional 25.

During the cocktail party, Kaitlyn, the dance instructor, teaches Chris a dance move. Ashley S. wishing to illustrate a point with an onion, eventually finds a pomegranate. Britt receives the first impression rose.

Rose Ceremony: Tara, having had too much to drink, becomes wobbly at the ceremony. Chris takes notice but ultimately decides to give her a second chance. Nicole, Amanda, Brittany, Kara, Bo, Reegan, Michelle and Kimberly were all sent home, and a somber Kimberly returns to the house and asks for Chris, ending the episode. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = 1902 | Viewers = 6.48 | ShortSummary = Kimberly convinced Chris to give her another chance.

First Group Date: "Show me your country..." Jade, Tandra, Ashley I., Mackenzie, Kimberly, and Tara. The girls and Chris have a pool party. During this time, Megan and Jillian sneak off to Chris's house. Megan wears his motorcycle helmet and rams her head into several objects before determining that it's safe. Later, the group walks down the streets of Los Angeles in their bathing suits. They find a line of tractors and Chris tells the girls that they're going to race. The tractors take off slowly, but Ashley I. eventually wins the race, winning some alone time with Chris as well. Halfway through the date, Chris announces to the girls that the date will continue as a one-on-one. He invites Mackenzie to come with him while the other five go home. While the date starts off a little strangely, it ends well with Chris giving her the rose.

The rest of the women are back at the house where they bond and wait for the next date card. Juelia tells the women that she has a daughter and was married, but her husband died.

One-on-one: "Love is a natural wonder..." Megan. The two fly to Las Vegas, Nevada and get into a helicopter. They fly over the Grand Canyon, land, and have a picnic on the Colorado River. They have a heart-to-heart and Megan tells Chris about her father who had recently had a heart attack that caused him to go brain dead. Chris tells her that she has affected him ever since the first night. He gives her the rose.

Second Group Date: "Til death do us part..." Kelsey, Trina, Alissa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Kaitlyn, and Britt. The limo drives up to a creepy-looking area in the middle of nowhere. It appears that the girls are at a haunted house as they are attacked by "zombies" at their limo. When Chris opens the door, the girls scream even louder. When they get out, Chris explains that the group is splitting up into three teams and killing zombies with paintballs. At the dinner afterwards, the group talk about Ashley S. and they are concerned with how strange she is. During their alone time, it is evident that Chris feels the same way. During his alone time with Britt, Chris gives her a card that says "Free kiss from Chris" to show her that he was thinking about her. Kaitlyn receives the rose.

Back at the house, Jordan was jealous who didn't get a date, begins an antic when she became drunk and shows up twerking upside down with the other women at the bathroom wearing face masks. Beside with Jordan; Carly, Whitney, Nikki, and Samantha were the other four who also not given a date this week either.

Cocktail Party: Whitney gives Chris a bottle of his favorite whiskey with high hopes that she'll be back on his radar. They share a toast by the fireplace. Ashley I. admits to some of the other girls that she is a virgin, something that she's not ready to tell Chris quite yet. Jordan has had too many drinks and is drunk when she talks to Chris and he is visibly uncomfortable. At the rose ceremony, Britt received the rose, and Ashley S. went last once again, Alissa, Jordan, Tandra and Tara were eliminated, along with Kimberly, who felt emotional on being sent home once again. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = 1903 | Viewers = 7.61 | ShortSummary = The episode starts with Jimmy Kimmel surprising Chris and the women. He presents the first date card to the group, telling them that he will be planning the dates for the week. Chris is also in the dark for what the dates will entail.

First One-on-one Date: Kaitlyn. Jimmy sends them to Costco to pick up some groceries for him, including several cases of ketchup, chairs, tables, and paper towels. They go back to Chris's house and they cook dinner together. While they're sitting on a couch in the back, kissing, Jimmy shows up. The three have dinner together in Chris's backyard. Kaitlyn receives the rose.

Group Date: Britt, Jillian, Becca, Tracey, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Samantha, Nikki, and Carly. Jimmy takes them to visit with some "real party animals". There will be a relay sort of activity that involves different animals including filling a wheelbarrow with manure, drinking goat milk, and wrestling a greased pig. Despite her being lactose intolerant, Carly wins the relay. After, Jimmy takes a picture of Carly and Chris dressed up like the couple in the painting, American Gothic. At the dinner afterwards, Carly, steals Chris away for the first alone time. Becca receives the rose.

Second One-on-one Date: Whitney. They go and have a picnic where they see a wedding taking place below. Whitney suggests that they crash the wedding, so they go back and change into nicer clothes and then crash the wedding. Their story, just in case anyone recognized Chris, is that the two of them became engaged on the Bachelor. Chris is nervous about pretending to belong at the wedding, but he is blown away by Whitney's ability to make up a story to make it seem like they knew the bride and groom. Whitney receives the rose.

The women who didn't get a date this week were Ashley I., Jade, Megan, and Trina.

In place of a cocktail party, the group has a pool party. There, Juelia opens up to Chris about her late husband's suicide. Jade, concerned that she hasn't gotten much alone time with Chris, asks him to give her a tour of his house. During this time, Jillian decides to go to his house, get into his hot tub, and wait for him. When other women try to talk to Chris, Jillian continues to monopolize his time. Eventually, he takes Ashley I. aside to talk to her privately because of how upset she seemed with Jillian. They kiss on the roof. While everyone is sitting together by the pool, Chris Harrison comes in and tells them that it's time for the rose ceremony. Chris goes off to prepare.

Rose Ceremony: Jade is surprised to receive a rose; Amber, Tracy and Trina were all sent home. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = 1904 | Viewers = 7.95 | ShortSummary = The episode begins with Chris Harrison entering the mansion, making some intentions with Chris and holds the date card for the upcoming date.

First Group Date: Megan, Kaitlyn, Ashley I., Ashley S., Juelia, Samantha, Mackenzie and Kelsey. The Date Card says, "Do What Feels Natural..." They meet with Chris who takes them to Lake Piru for a camping trip that includes a fun day swimming and playing games at the lake. Ashley I. and Kaitlyn take off their bikini top and bottoms, respectively, when they jump in the lake. This disgusts Kelsey, who calls this indecent behavior for a group date. Kelsey is also overall uninterested in camping at the lake and pouts for most of the date. At night, the women comment on Ashley S.'s continuing strange behavior, comparing her stares and tone of voice to that of someone in a horror movie. As everyone settles in for bed, Ashley I. goes to Chris's tent and admits to him that she has never had a boyfriend before, unsuccessfully hinting that she is a virgin. Kaitlyn receives the rose.

Meanwhile, the rest of the women are back at the house, awaiting an invitation for the one-on-one date, which will be chosen by Chris's three sisters after a personal interview with each contestant. After talking with everyone, Chris's sisters chose Jade for a masquerade ball-themed date taking place the following evening from 8 pm to 12 am.

One-on-one Date: Jade. After Jade received the envelope from Chris's sisters, a makeup crew surprises her at the house, personally styling her with fashionable hair, makeup, and a ballgown inspired by the movie Cinderella and, like titular character, escort her to a grand ball. There, Jade and Chris talk over dinner and wine, and they connect over shared experiences--they both have been previously engaged. Jade receives the rose, and she and Chris end the night by dancing in a ballroom surrounding by a professional orchestra.

Meanwhile at the house, Ashley I. expresses her frustration over not being chosen for this specific one-on-one date, because she wants to dress up like a princess and have a formal date with Chris. She dresses up in the formal gown that she brought purposefully for a princess-themed date and drinks wine.

Second Group Date: Nikki, Jillian, Whitney, Carly, Britt, Becca. The women on this group date each receive a package containing a wedding dress that won't be going for a walk down the aisle. The women board a private plane and fly to San Francisco where they are taken to a MuckFest MS obstacle course location. There, they have to race each other through a wet, muddy course while wearing the wedding dresses. Whoever wins goes on a one-on-one date with Chris in San Francisco for the rest of the night. Jillian easily wins, sending the other women back to the house. During Chris and Jillian's dinner date at Fairmont San Francisco Jillian spends most of the time talking about herself. The date is cut short when Chris makes the decision to send Jillian home, stating that they lacked romantic connection during one-on-one time.

Cocktail Party: Ashley I., not confident that Chris understood her hint during first group date, goes to him directly to say that she is a virgin. Afterward, she regrets telling him, feeling like he was "freaked out" by her confession. Ashley I. then informs all of the other women that she is a virgin, and learns that Becca has not had sex, either. At the Rose Ceremony, Chris tells the ladies that he made difficult and tough decisions tonight. Whitney's name is called first, and Britt is named last. Ashley S., Juelia and Nikki are sent home. Chris accompanies Juelia out and tells her how proud he is for her journey in the competition and encourages her that she's making her daughter proud. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = 1905 | Viewers = 8.45 | ShortSummary = First one-on-one date: Carly. Chris takes Carly to a house where they find a "Love and Intimacy Mentor" meditating in the backyard. Chris says that his relationship with Carly is more like a friendship and if this woman can't bring out the romance, the relationship is over. Various aspects of the date make both of them feel uncomfortable. However, in the end, they both felt more connected with each other and bonded. They go to dinner later and open up to each other.

Group Date: Jade, Meghan, Kaitlyn, Whitney, Mackenzie, Becca, Samantha, Ashley I., Kelsey. Chris takes the group of women white-water rafting in Rio Grande. Jade falls into the water and, because of a condition that causes her to have hypothermia at regular temperatures, Chris rubs her feet warm, causing much jealousy among the other girls.

At the hotel where the afterparty takes place, Jordan, who was let go two weeks prior, shows up, asking Chris for some alone time to talk and get to know her. He brings her back to the afterparty, much to the rest of the group's dismay. Ultimately, Chris sends Jordan back home and gives the rose to Whitney.

Second one-on-one: Britt. Chris goes into Britt's room at 4:30 in the morning. He takes Britt, who has acrophobia, on a hot air balloon ride. After, they go back to his hotel room, where he gives her the rose. They start kissing in Chris's bed before he closes the doors on the cameras.

Before the cocktail party and rose ceremony, Kelsey goes to Chris's hotel room and tells him the story of how she was widowed.

Cocktail party: The girls, even those with roses, are all worried, except for Kelsey, who is overly confident, despite her lack of rose. Chris comes in to talk to the women and tells them that it's been a particularly tough week before excusing himself. He reveals that Kelsey came to talk to him, which becomes an awkward moment with the rest of the group. Kelsey states that Chris has his mind already made up, although everyone else is skeptical. After a while, Chris Harrison comes back and announces that Chris knows what he's going to do and they will be skipping the cocktail party.

All of the sudden, Kelsey leaves the room and collapses on the floor in a panic attack. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, with the fate of rose ceremony. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = 1906 | Viewers = 8.70 | ShortSummary = Kelsey recovers from her panic attack and goes to talk to Chris. The other ladies are convinced that Kelsey faked the panic attack to manipulate Chris and are united in their dislike for her. The rose ceremony resumes with Kelsey receiving the last rose, while Mackenzie and Samantha are eliminated. The remaining ladies find out that they're heading to Deadwood, South Dakota.

One-on-one Date: Becca. Chris and Becca go horseback riding and have a cookout in the woods. During the closing credits we find out that they also did some gun shooting. Chris is very impressed with Becca. Becca is nervous about the possibility of a first kiss, particularly if her father is watching. Chris and Becca do indeed kiss and Chris gives Becca the rose.

Group Date: Meghan, Carly, Britt, Whitney, Jade, and Kaitlyn. The ladies meet country duo Big & Rich and must write love songs to sing to Chris. After the singing, Chris tells Britt he has a surprise and takes her from the group date to the Big & Rich concert where he takes Britt on stage and gives her a rose. An hour later, they return to the group date where the girls are upset that Chris and Britt were away together.

Two-on-one Date: Kelsey and Ashley I. Tensions are running high between the two girls; both are convinced they will get the rose and both are upset with the antics of the other. Chris takes Ashley I. away in the beginning and asks her what it's like in the house. Ashley I. admits that Kelsey doesn't get along with the other girls and that they feel she is fake. Chris then tells Kelsey what Ashley I. said about her, sparking a fight between the two girls. Ashley I. pulls Chris away, is upset and begins to cry. Chris says that he doesn't see her fitting into his world and doesn't see them together, so he sends her home. Chris then tells Kelsey that he sent Ashley I. home, which means that Kelsey would normally stay. However, he then tells Kelsey that he doesn't see a future with her either and doesn't want to keep her here longer if he doesn't see her as his wife.

Back at the hotel, the ladies are shocked to see Ashley's suitcase being taken away, but later celebrate when they see Kelsey's suitcase taken away as well. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = 1907 | Viewers = 6.05 | ShortSummary = Prior to the Rose Ceremony, Megan confronts Chris about the fact that their relationship isn't moving forward. Chris agrees with her assessment and indicates that this is not likely to change, so Megan decides to leave. Chris Harrison then announces that only one lady will be eliminated at the Rose Ceremony. However, Chris declares that he has strong feelings for all six and decides not to eliminate any of them. He invites them all to come to his home state of Iowa.

First One-on-one Date: Jade and Chris travel to Chris' hometown of Arlington and visit his house, farm and various landmarks around the town. Chris notes the fact that most of the businesses in Arlington have closed, and there are no real bars or restaurants in town, but it is home to him. They attend a high school football game at Starmont High School (his alma mater) and meet his parents.

Second One-on-one Date: Whitney and Chris go to Des Moines. They visit a museum and are given a camera to record images of loving moments taken around town. They select one image as the best. Later they visit a restaurant and talk with some of Chris' friends. At the end of the evening a wall mural based on their photo is unveiled near the restaurant.

After hearing Jade's description of Arlington, Carly, Kaitlyn, Becca and Britt decide to take a road trip and see it for themselves. They get the impression that it is very small and all the buildings seem to be locked. They ask a local where the nearest restaurant is and he says it is an hour away in Cedar Rapids. After returning, Britt remarks to the others that she could never live in such a place. However, later she tells Chris that she had a wonderful time in Arlington.

Just before the start of the group date, Jade finally confesses to Carly that she posed nude for Playboy. Carly is stunned but supportive, and encourages Jade to tell Chris.

Group Date: Carly, Kaitlyn and Britt join Chris to play ice hockey at Wells Fargo Arena. Carly privately tells Chris that Britt said she could not live in Arlington and that he should be careful. Chris gives Britt another chance to change her story; Britt admits that she didn't like Arlington at first, but that she thinks she could make it work. Kaitlyn tells Chris she is feeling insecure about their relationship; Chris reassures her by giving her the group date rose. Britt pouts about not getting the rose and tells Chris that she's not sure whether she wants to take Chris to meet her family. Chris feels manipulated and ends the date. Carly gloats to the others about Britt's meltdown. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = 1908 | Viewers = 8.97 | ShortSummary = Week 7 One-on-one Date: Becca visited the loft apartment where Chris was staying while in Des Moines and they had a chance to relax and talk. She tells him that she has never brought anyone home to meet her parents.

Back at the house, Britt tells the others that she feels she needs to leave, but they are skeptical that she will actually go through with it. Britt resolves to tell Chris during the Cocktail Party that she is leaving. However, Chris Harrison announces that Chris has decided not to have the Cocktail Party because his mind is made up. Jade is also disappointed that she will not be able to share her secret with Chris.

Week 7 Rose Ceremony: Before Chris can hand out the first rose, Britt asks to speak with him privately. During the discussion Chris points out that there have been several instances where she seems to have been lying to him, which has led him to decide that he can't continue a relationship with her. She sits outside and sobs and the others feel that she is finally getting a taste of the real world. Back at the ceremony, Chris says that he appreciates their feedback and if they will be honest with him, he will be honest with them. Carly does not get a rose and is eliminated. Chris and the final four move on to the hometown dates.

Becca: Her hometown date begins in Shreveport, Louisiana. Her family tells Chris that she had never been in a serious relationship before, and that they are surprised by how close they seem to be. Becca's sister tells Becca that she is worried how Chris will react to her virginity if they reach the fantasy suite. Chris worries about whether Becca is capable of being close with anyone, but decides that it worth it to be the one that she's waiting for. The evening ends on a high note, as Chris takes Becca for a ride on the ferris wheel at the Louisiana State Fair.

Whitney: Next is Whitney's date in Chicago, Illinois. First she showed him the fertility clinic where she works. Then they go to dinner with her family in her apartment. Whitney's sister was a bit skeptical of the process and Whitney asks her not to ruin it for her. Chris asks her sister for her blessing to propose to Whitney and she said she would withhold her blessing until Whitney was the only one remaining. At the end of the evening Whitney opened and shared an expensive bottle of wine with Chris to celebrate the occasion.

Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn's date takes place in Phoenix, Arizona instead of her native Canada, since that is where her parents spend the winter. She and Chris go to a record studio and produce a rap song about their experiences so far. Then they go to her house and meet with her parents, her step-parents, and her sister. Her mother tells Chris that Kaitlyn may be protecting her heart because she had a previous relationship that ended badly. Afterwards, Kaitlyn takes Chris out and shows him a huge "Kaitlyn [hearts] Chris" billboard which she had arranged.

Jade: Last, Jade's hometown date is in Gering, Nebraska. She meets Chris at her house and introduces her father, her father's fiance, her brothers and her mother. Jade's father and brother both tell Chris that Jade has a history, although give few details. Her father warns him that her previous boyfriends found her too much to handle and her brother says she is a free spirit and a wild mustang, but that she might be able to settle down. Chris is puzzled, because he has never seen this side of her. Later that evening, they go to the motel where Chris is staying and Jade finally gets a chance to share her secret. She shows her Playboy photos and video to Chris, who is initially shocked but decides that he will not judge her for her past and that this will not affect their relationship.

Rose Ceremony: The Rose Ceremony takes place in Dubuque, Iowa. Chris is not thrilled with having to make a very hard decision about who to send home. He gives the roses to Whitney, Kaitlyn and Becca, sending Jade home. Chris reassures Jade that her revelation did not play a role in his decision. Chris sits on the curb and cries as Jade's limo drives away. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = 1909 | Viewers = 8.97 | ShortSummary = Chris and the final three ladies travel to the island of Bali in Indonesia.

Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn and Chris wander through Bali, meeting people on the street and talking with them. They have an encounter in a park with monkeys, who climb on their backs when they hold up bananas. Later, they decide to go to the fantasy suite, where Kaitlyn opens up about her feelings and he says he's starting to fall in love with her, too.

Whitney: Chris and Whitney take a boat ride over the ocean. Whitney is worried that her sister's refusal to give Chris her blessing will ruin her chances with him, so Chris reassures Whitney that her sister's disapproval doesn't change how he feels about her. They jump in the ocean together and lounge on the deck until sundown. Later, Chris and Whitney discuss Arlington, Iowa. Whitney says she's not happy not being a wife and mother, so she would be willing to leave her career to be with him in Arlington without regret. They both decide to go to the fantasy suite.

Becca: Chris and Becca visit a Bali village, drinking from fruit and walking through forests. They interact with the kids in the village and visit a temple. At the temple, they ask questions about their relationship and future. They talk near a river and then kiss in it. Becca tells him she thinks she's falling in love with him and he tells her he is, too. When they pull out the fantasy suite card they decide to go to the fantasy suite together. While in the fantasy suite, Becca confesses to Chris that she's a virgin. Chris is flustered but says he respects her for it.

After the fantasy suite: Chris says he woke up after the fantasy suite with Becca and they had a very serious conversation that worried him about their future. He says she's not completely confident about her feelings and a future in Iowa. He tears up when thinking about everything, and what he's going to do because his decision isn't clear and he's going to have to send someone home that he's falling in love with. Chris talks with Chris Harrison about his struggling choice.

Rose Ceremony: Before the Rose Ceremony starts Chris pulls Becca aside to talk. She tells him she has strong feelings for him and he struggles with his emotions as he tries to describe how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn and Whitney discuss how they think Becca is going home and Kaitlyn is happy about the thought. When Chris returns with Becca the other girls are shocked and worried. Chris calls out Whitney first then Becca, and he walks Kaitlyn out, holding her hand. He tells her he can't explain why he's sending her home and he really cares about her and it wasn't an easy decision for him. In the car, Kaitlyn is confused about her feelings and upset that she let her guard down. She's also very upset with Chris for not telling her why she being eliminated. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = | Viewers = 8.15 | ShortSummary = Seventeen of the twenty-eight eliminated contestants sat down for the show in particular order: Nikki, Trina, Juelia, Tara, Amber, Megan, Samantha, Jordan, Ashley S., Jillian, Kelsey, Britt, Mackenzie, Ashley I., Jade, Carly and Kaitlyn.

Some of the eliminated contestants took turns in the hot seat. Highlights included Britt confronting Carly causing an argument lead from the other ladies, Kelsey confronts Ashley I. on a controversial two-on-one date that gives reaction to the others, she also reflects on her late husband's death. Chris Harrison extended an invitation to Ashley S. and brings a souvenir of pomegranate which she found back in the first week to him, later Harrison suggests her to appear in the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. Then, Jade confronts with Chris Harrison and discuss on her experience at the date recalling on the Playboy nude photo. Later Chris took the hot seat and got closure with several of the women, and apologized to Kaitlyn for making her appear in the Rose Ceremony rather than letting her leave gracefully.

The bloopers including a red underwear being found in the production room, some of the contestants were frightened with insects and animals during confessional interviews, and Chris Harrison teaches Jimmy Kimmel during week 3 on the preparation for the Rose Ceremony. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = 1910 | Viewers = 9.68 | ShortSummary = Chris returns home to Arlington, Iowa and has a chance to bring Whitney and Becca to his family. He spent his time on his parents' house with his family including a plenty of his nieces and nephews.

Whitney arrives first and was being greeted by Chris' father Gary with her chances. Then, Chris' sisters talk to her moving to Arlington would be difficult for her if she would ready to be a wife, Chris' mom Linda explains to her that why she doesn't have any parents, as her mom had died and has no contact with her dad. Her dream would start a family with Chris. Just after the meeting with Whitney, Chris has a pep talk with his dad and brothers-in-law thinking about on a mystery about Becca with knowing things to not start with a better relationship.

Becca is next to meet with Chris' family and conceives on her would be future-in-laws with a big impression. She was awful in her eyes with the large-knitted family. They asked her about Arlington and wasn't actually the first time she visited, in fact she was on the road trip with three other girls back in Week 7. Then, Linda asks her whether if she commit to Chris in two days waiting for a decision to be part of the family and didn't recognize that she is not ready to in love.

Over at the final dates, Chris comes to Becca's hotel room and then they talk with on each other stating that whether Becca may giving an interest to take a small town life is more difficult, and she doesn't want to move to Iowa, left with no choice. Whitney drops off over Chris' family farm in Arlington and rode a tractor with his dad harvesting grains of corn. Then, he and Whitney travel to somewhere of middle of nowhere, Chris shows her a tour of the farm with a fields of livestock and they finally arrived on his house. Later at the hotel, they have a cocktail toast showing their photo during the one-on-one date back on Week 3 and Whitney loves on a small town life.

At the hotel, Neil Lane arrives in Iowa and asks Chris to choose an engagement ring. Then, Chris sends to the family barn in Lamont described he raised a pig when he was a child. Becca arrives on a barn first, Chris told her that she is not ready to become a wife, and she leaves in a painful tears on a limo ride. Whitney comes next and Chris Harrison gives her with a "good luck" wearing high heels and stunning black dress. Then, he tells her proposing on his knee and asked, "Everything about this moment feels right and I want the world to know that I love you Whitney Bischoff, will you marry me?". They ended with sitting down on the barn. | LineColor=41CF4D }}

| ProdCode = | Viewers = 9.68 | ShortSummary = There is a live finale viewing party and then the "After the Final Rose" follows. Chris Harrison begins the show by hyping up a surprise that Chris has in store for all of the viewers, including himself.

Chris Harrison puts Becca on the hot seat first. He asks her questions about the final rose ceremony and how she is doing now. She has a chance to talk Chris again.

Next, Whitney is on the hot seat and gave interviews about her relationship with Chris, she told Harrison that the couple have a strong romantic bond since their engagement, and she and Chris seen together for the first time in public appearance, meaning they became more happy. Then, Whitney talks about Arlington and knows the distance is not quite far from Chicago. There is a video clip showing after the proposal, Chris' parents came to the barn with a big congratulations for the newly-engaged couple.

Ashley S., who was eliminated in week 4, was asked by Harrison to appear for the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. She didn't give a complete answer.

Harrison resumes to talk with Whitney and asks about Iowa and being a part of Chris' family. Afterwards, Jimmy Kimmel arrives at the studio and surprises them with a cow named Juan Pablo. At the end of the show, Harrison announced that there would be two bachelorettes on the next season of The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn and Britt will both appear on the first episode, where the 25 men will decide who they want to be the bachelorette. | LineColor=41CF4D }} }}

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