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The 16th season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor premiered on January 2, 2012. This show features a previous contestant from The Bachelorette, a winemaker and owner of Envolve wines, from Sonoma, California, 28-year-old Ben Flajnik, who finished runner-up in the seventh season of that show. This season returns with 25 women featured in the competition, excluding a senior citizen.


Biographical information according to ABC official series site, plus footnoted additions.

Name Age Hometown Occupation Outcome Place
Courtney Robertson 28 Scottsdale, Arizona Model Winner 1
Lindzi Cox 27 Newcastle, Washington gives Bellevue, Washington as her hometown.}} Business development manager Runner-up 2
Nicki Sterling 26 Hurst, Texas Dental hygienist Week 9 3
Kacie Boguskie 24 Clarksville, Tennessee Administrative assistant Week 8 4
Emily O'Brien 27 Chapel Hill, North Carolina PhD Student Week 7 5-6
Rachel Truehart 27 Southampton, Massachusetts Fashion sales representative
Jamie Otis 25 Dryden, New York Registered nurse Week 6 7
Casey Shteamer 26 Leawood, Kansas Trading clerk 8 (DQ)
Blakeley Jones 33 Rutherfordton, North Carolina VIP cocktail waitress 9
Jennifer Fritsch 28 Cache, Oklahoma Accountant Week 5 10
Elyse Myers 24 Chicago, Illinois Personal trainer 11
Monica Spannbauer 33 Yuba, California Dental consultant Week 4 12
Samantha Levey 26 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Advertising account manager 13
Erika Uhlig 23 Charlottesville, Virginia Law student Week 3 14-15
Jaclyn Swartz 27 Newton, Massachusetts Advertising account manager
Brittney Schreiner 26 Colorado Springs, Colorado Medical sales representative 16 (quit)
Jenna Burke 27 Loveland, Ohio Blogger Week 2 17-18
Shawn Reynolds 28 Cincinnati, Ohio Financial advisor
Amber Bacon 23 Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Labor and delivery nurse Week 1 19-25
Amber Tierney 28 Waverly, Nebraska Critical care nurse
Anna Snowball 25 Detroit, Michigan Student
Dianna Martinez 30 San Gabriel, California Nonprofit director
Holly Johnson 34 Salyersville, Kentucky Pharmaceutical sales representative
Lyndsie James 29 London, England Internet entrepreneur
Shira Astrof 35 Massapequa Park, New York Actress

Call-out order

Order Bachelorettes Week
1 Rachel Emily Rachel Nicki Courtney Courtney
2 Erika Jamie Blakeley Rachel Courtney Nicki Courtney Lindzi C.
3 Rachel Courtney Jennifer Rachel Lindzi C. Nicki Nicki
4 Elyse Blakeley Jennifer Courtney Jamie Nicki Courtney Kacie B. Kacie B.
5 Jenna Emily Emily Jamie Rachel Courtney Emily
6 Kacie B. Elyse Elyse Nicki Courtney Emily
7 Emily Jaclyn Jamie Jamie
8 Samantha Brittney Erika Jennifer Elyse Blakeley }}
9 Erika Rachel Blakeley Emily Blakeley
10 Shawn Blakeley Jennifer
11 Holly Nicki Nicki Monica Emily Elyse
12 Jamie Jennifer Nicki Monica
13 Shira Elyse Samantha Samantha Samantha
14 Blakeley Samantha Monica Erika
15 Brittney Courtney Jamie
16 Nicki Jaclyn Brittney
17 Dianna Monica Jenna
18 Jennifer Jenna


20 Anna
21 Monica
22 Jaclyn
23 Shawn
The contestant received a first impression rose.
The contestant received a rose during the date.
The contestant was eliminated.
The contestant was eliminated during the date.
The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony.
The contestant quit the competition.
The contestant was disqualified from the competition.
An eliminated contestant asks for a chance to return, however was denied.
The contestant won the competition.

Episodes (dates)

Week 1

Original airdate: January 2, 2012

There were no dates during the first week. Ben begins his quest for love in Los Angeles, where he meets 25 new bachelorettes. Memorable moments at the ladies arriving in the mansion, Sheryl, the 72-year-old retiree from Colorado came to escort her granddaughter Brittney to the mansion, and she is not an actual contestant. Emily getting sanitized along her and Ben's hands and got her first kiss with Ben. Samantha is impressed on wearing a pageant sash. Notably, Lindzi C., rode on a horse to meet the leading man. Ben got blindfolded over Dianna's candy taste and fits Holly's big hat. Monica takes a heated argument over Jenna and makes her impression with Blakeley. At the start of the rose ceremony, Jenna was not there, her name was not called and was sobbing in the bathroom. She made it just few minutes late. Ben later gave Lindzi C. the first impression rose. Amber B., Amber T., Anna, Dianna, Holly, Lyndsie J., and Shira were sent home at the first rose ceremony.

Week 2

Original airdate: January 9, 2012

  • Located in: Sonoma, California
Prologue: This episode takes place in Ben's hometown of Sonoma.

One-on-one: Kacie B. Kacie B. and Ben drive around the city, and Kacie B. shows off her baton twirling skills. The two then travel to Sebastiani Theatre to watch their personal home videos, including footage of Ben's childhood years and a picture of his family that includes his late father. Kacie B. gets the rose.

Group: Brittney, Rachel, Jennifer, Blakeley, Emily, Jenna, Shawn, Monica, Jamie, Samantha, Nicki and Jaclyn. The girls take part in a theatrical play for children in Sonoma. Some of the ladies have issues with Blakeley's outfit selection, believing it to be too sexy for a children's play. After the play, Blakeley plays a confident game in an attempt to impress Ben. Blakeley gets the rose.

One-on-one: Courtney. Courtney and Ben, along with Ben's dog Scotch, go for a walk in the woods for a natural date. Courtney tells Ben that she has dated Jesse Metcalfe during dinner. Courtney gets the rose.

Cocktail party: Blakeley leaves the party, feeling targeted by the other women, and cries in the luggage room. Jenna begins crying and has a bit of a meltdown. Later, Ben comforts Blakeley in the luggage room, and has to wake up Jenna before they can start the rose ceremony.

Rose ceremony: Jenna and Shawn are sent home in the rose ceremony, with only sixteen ladies left in the competition.

Week 3

Original airdate: January 16, 2012

  • Located in: San Francisco
Prologue: Ben meets with his sister Julia to talk about the women. Ben humorously suggests that Jennifer is the best kisser.

One-on-one: Emily. They climb to the top of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and kiss over the bridge. Emily gets the rose and the two watch a fireworks show.

Group: Blakeley, Jaclyn, Kacie B., Erika, Samantha, Monica, Nicki, Casey S., Elyse, Jamie, Rachel. The women ski down a blocked-off street on fake snow, wearing bikinis. Some ladies struggle while skiing, and Kacie B. skis backwards. Ben gives the rose to Rachel.

One-on-one: Lindzi C. The night before the date, Brittney was scheduled to have a one-on-one date with Ben. Upon receiving the date card, Brittney realizes her uncertainty about her feelings for Ben, and she decides to leave the competition. Brittney informs Ben while he is on the Group date. The next day, Ben had unexpectedly changing the date to Lindzi C. That evening, Lindzi C. and Ben ride a trolley car around the city, making a stop for ice cream cones and ending at San Francisco City Hall. They dance on a ballroom floor while Matt Nathanson performs on the stage. Lindzi C. tells Ben that her previous relationship ended when she was sent a break up text. Lindzi C. gets the rose.

Months later in "The Women Tell All" special, Brittney reveals that she felt no attraction to Ben and had given up on the date.

Cocktail party: An unexpected "visitor" arrives to crash the cocktail party, revealed to be Shawntel N., who had previously competed on Brad's second season. Shawntel N. asks to return to the show in order to declare her love for Ben, whom she had previously met at a Bachelor cocktail party. After the women harshly attack Shawntel N.'s desire to return, Ben does not give her a rose, stating it would be unfair to the rest of the women. Shawntel N. is disappointed in his decision.

Rose ceremony: After Ben gives out the last rose, Erika suffers a fainting attack, but recovers. Ben's final decision is to not give the last rose to either Erika, Jaclyn, or Shawntel N. and all three are eliminated immediately. Ben declares to the final thirteen ladies that they are all traveling to Utah.

Later in "The Women Tell All" special, Shawntel N. returns to face Ben and to talk about her decision to join the show. Elyse apologizes to Shawntel N. for her harsh words and insults.

Week 4

Original airdate: January 23, 2012

  • Located in: Park City, Utah
One-on-one: Rachel. The two take a helicopter to a lake, for a canoe ride and a picnic. They kiss, but only have average chemistry. At dinner that night, and Rachel tells Ben about her previous relationship and how she is trying to be open with him. Rachel receives the rose.

Group: Courtney, Lindzi C., Jamie, Nicki, Kacie B., Blakeley, Casey S., and Samantha. They travel to a range horseback trail and ride on horseback to a river for fly fishing, to catch their lunch. Ben is a good fly fisherman. At the end, Ben gives the rose to Courtney.

One-on-one: Jennifer. They rappel into a crater and swim in the water below. They ride on a chairlift and attend a Clay Walker concert. Jennifer receives the rose.

Cocktail party: Emily approaches Ben to tell him she does not believe Courtney is there for the right reasons. Emily later tells the other women about her conversation with Ben, including Casey S., who objects to Emily's opinion. (Casey S. is Courtney's only confidante in the house, and defends her through the entire season.) Casey S. tells Courtney about Emily's conversation with Ben. This leads to a confrontation prior to the rose ceremony between Courtney, Emily, Casey S., and Kacie B. Meanwhile, Ben asks Samantha to leave, stating that he doesn't see a future for them together.

Rose ceremony: Ben expresses his feelings with the other ladies. Emily and Monica are the bottom two. Monica is sent home. Ben announces to the remaining ladies that they are leaving the United States mainland to visit Puerto Rico, one of the U.S. territories in the Caribbean.

Week 5

Original airdate: January 30, 2012

  • Located in: Vieques, Puerto Rico
One-on-one: Nicki. While the date card received at the house and written in Spanish, Emily understood the language and translated it to English. They took a helicopter tour and planned to walk on the streets of Old San Juan where Ben bought her a shaved ice, but it started raining. Once the rain stopped, they went shopping for new clothes and watched a wedding. Since Nicki is divorced, she told Ben about her previous marriage, and received a rose.

Group: Blakely, Casey S., Courtney, Emily, Jamie, Jennifer, Kacie B., Lindzi C., and Rachel. They went to Roberto Clemente Stadium in Carolina to play baseball with Ben. The girls were divided into two teams of 4 and Ben picked Lindzi C. to play on both teams. Blakeley and Courtney were named captains for each team, Blakeley picked Emily, Jennifer and Rachel for the Blue team, while Courtney picked Kacie B., Casey S., and Jamie for the Red team. After 5 innings, the red team had won 10-9. The winning team and Lindzi C. got to continue for the date, while the losing team were sent back to the hotel. In the end, Ben gave the rose to Kacie B.

One-on-one: Elyse. They spent their afternoon on a private yacht and went swimming in the ocean. She told Ben about her plans, quitting her job and missing her best friend's wedding, Elyse did not receive a rose from Ben and was sent home.

Following his date with Elyse, Courtney surprised Ben at the hotel with wine and invited him to go skinny dipping (has been notably seen in the promos) in the ocean. He accepted Courtney's invitation.

Cocktail party: Emily apologized to Ben for voicing her opinions about Courtney during the previous rose ceremony, but then she continued to talk about her, and Ben told her that she should be careful. Then, the other ladies have discussed on debating about the skinny dipping situation and Courtney isn't the only one to skinny dip, they did.

Rose ceremony: The cocktail party was over and Ben starts the rose ceremony for the ladies. Jennifer was sent home in the rose ceremony, leaving devastated and cried. Later, Ben and the nine ladies to travel to Panama City, Panama.

Week 6

Original airdate: February 6, 2012

  • Located in: Panama City, Panama
One-on-one: Kacie B. She and Ben took a helicopter to San Blas Islands and each was told to bring only three items with them. Kacie B. picked a corkscrew, a stuffed animal and a candy; Ben brought a machete, fishing net and matches. Ben talked to Kacie B. about her past, telling him she had an eating disorder while she was in high school, had suffered bulimia and anorexia. Kacie B. got the rose for the third time.

Group: Emily, Nicki, Lindzi C., Casey S., Jamie and Courtney. Ben took them on a speedboat to Embera village, where the women assist them in applying tattoos. The women of the village wear ornate beaded necklaces at tops, but most of the women elect to keep their bathing suit tops on under the beads. Courtney was the only woman who did not wear a top and ended up exposing her breasts to Ben and the women. That night, Ben and Lindzi C. have no drama and she gets worried. Then, Jamie makes a speech to Ben, and he is concerned that she has not shown her feelings yet. Meanwhile, Courtney sabotages Jamie's kiss with Ben by prancing around in her bathing suit and distracting him. Emily finally apologizes to Courtney for the remarks she made about her the previous week. Courtney does not accept the apology and states that she is not there to make friends. In the end, Ben gave the rose to Lindzi C.

Two-on-one: Blakeley and Rachel. They go Salsa dancing. Blakeley tries to use her sex appeal to win over Ben, Rachel however was great at dancing. Then, they go to dinner in a restaurant. Blakeley shows Ben a scrapbook she had made of their time together with his name written on it and cut-out pictures. Rachel received the rose and in the end, Blakeley was sent home.

Chris arrived to the hotel after all the dates had end, he sees Casey S. and have to talk about her on-and-off boyfriend; it was revealed by multiple people back in the U.S., and discovered that Casey S. and her boyfriend are still together. When Chris and Casey S. went to Ben's room, she talked with Ben about her relationship with her boyfriend. After the dramatic conversation, she was sent home.

Cocktail party: The cocktail party was shortened because of Casey S.' unexpected exit. Though Jamie tried to make a connection with Ben by guiding him through a play-by-play of their kiss, it ended awkwardly.

Rose ceremony: After a short cocktail party, Ben has time to do a ceremony which six roses to stay to become his wife. Ben sent another lady home: Jamie, due to the lack of chemistry Ben felt between them. Afterwards, the six remaining ladies travel to Belize.

Week 7

Original airdate: February 13, 2012

  • Located in: Belize
One-on-one: Lindzi C. She and Ben take a helicopter ride to a famous reef circle and jump out, despite the fact that Lindzi C. is afraid of heights. After dinner that night, they write a love story about themselves on a note and send it out to sea in a bottle.

One-on-one: Emily. She flew to Caye Caulker to meet Ben. They ride bikes through town, go shopping and lobster fishing, which is what they eat for dinner. Emily makes a speech about their day and her excitement about possibly bringing Ben to her hometown.

One-on-one: Courtney. Ben apologizes to Courtney for not giving her a one-on-one sooner. They traveled to the Mayan ruins of Lamanai and rest on the steps of the temple where Courtney says she may have "lost the spark" between them and that she is apprehensive about having him meet her family. Then at dinner, the two have a talk about her trouble with the other women and her disdain for them. Ben becomes worried about Courtney not getting along with the ladies and that he may end up with a woman that none of his friends like.

Group: Rachel, Nicki and Kacie B. They go swimming with sharks. Rachel becomes worried about getting the rose on this date. Kacie B. tells Ben that she is falling in love with him and expresses how much she wants him to meet her family. She receives the group date rose.

Rose ceremony: There is no cocktail party for this week. Before starting the rose ceremony, Ben pulls Courtney aside to talk to her about her intentions and how she is not there to make friends. Courtney says she does not want him to question her intentions and that she is exclusively there for him. Despite the other bachelorettes' hope that Ben will send Courtney home, Ben gives the last rose to her, eliminating Emily and Rachel. Ben will now travel to the families of Courtney, Kacie B., Lindzi C. and Nicki.

Months later, Courtney showed up on "The Women Tell All" special, making this was the first time that one of the final two appeared in the special episode. While interviewed from Chris, Blakeley confronted Courtney and told her she was hurt when Courtney called her a "stripper". Courtney talks about not accepting Emily's apology, and later apologizes to the bachelorettes, especially Kacie B.

Week 8

Original airdate: February 20, 2012

  • Located in: Hometowns (Dates)
Lindzi C.: Lindzi C.'s hometown date took place at her family's ranch in Ocala, Florida. Ben and Lindzi went horseback riding. Later, Lindzi's mum tells Ben that she got married at San Francisco City Hall, where Ben and Lindzi had their first date. Ben felt a connection with Lindzi's dad. The night ended with Lindzi expressing her love for Ben.

Kacie B.: Kacie B.'s hometown date started in Clarksville, Tennessee. Ben arrived at a field to meet Kacie B which was named after her grandfather, Buster Boguskie. She did baton twirling with a high school cheering squad. Kacie B. told Ben about her excitement on meeting her family. Upon arrival in her home, Ben meets her father, mother and sister. Kacie B.'s father doesn't like wines and he is a probation officer. Later, her father asked Ben about his intention with his daughter but didn't seem to approve of the relationship because they don't believe in living together before marriage. Her mother didn't like the idea of Kacie B moving to California.

Nicki: Nicki's hometown date started in Fort Worth, Texas, where Ben met her for some shopping in Downtown Fort Worth to buy a pair of cowboy boots and cowboy hats. Ben meets Nicki's parents and her brother. Nicki isn't the only divorced lady, her parents also divorced when she was small. Her father told Ben he gave his support.

Courtney: Courtney's hometown date started in Scottsdale, Arizona where she grew up. Ben took Courtney to her house and met her parents and her sister. Courtney talks to her sister about skinny dipping with Ben in Puerto Rico. Afterwards, Ben and Courtney traveled to a park where they staged a faux wedding ceremony.

Rose Ceremony: The Rose Ceremony took place in Los Angeles Ben was emotional, based on knowledge having visited the folks, as all the fathers had expressed they didn't want their daughters hurt and hoped his intentions would be honourable. Courtney received the first rose, followed by Lindzi, leaving Kacie B. and Nicki in the bottom two. In the end, Ben handed Nicki the last rose, eliminating Kacie B. Ben announced to the three final ladies they were off to Switzerland.

Week 9

Original airdate: February 27, 2012

  • Located in: Interlaken, Switzerland
Overnight Dates

Ben and his three remaining suitors traveled to Interlaken, Switzerland to begin their dates.

Nicki: She and Ben traveled in a helicopter ride to a glacier. They had talked about her father and how he reminds Ben of his own late father, and hugged together on a mountain top.

Lindzi : She and Ben had a vertical leap jump above the air and rappelled down ledge. Their conversation is all about Lindzi' s former boyfriend and their bad relationship.

Courtney: She and Ben board their train to Wengen and went shopping for a picnic. They talked about her issues with other girls in the competition and that it's all in the past now. Later, they travelled to a wine cellar and she discussed her feelings about the other girls.

Then, a surprise visitor arrives: Kacie B, who warns Ben about Courtney and to get closure as to why he didn't chose her in the Rose Ceremony as they had a 'real connection'.

Rose ceremony: Unlike previous seasons, there are no personal videos from these women were made. Ben has deep feelings for the Final 3 ladies. Ben gave the roses to Lindzi and Courtney, and Nicki was eliminated. Ben and the two ladies will meet his mother and sister.

Week 10 (Finale)

Original airdate: March 12, 2012

  • Located in: Zermatt, Switzerland
Final Dates and Final Rose Ceremony

Ben was finally going to introduce his two final ladies to meet his mother, Barbara, and his sister, Julia in Zermatt. Before the first introduction began, Ben admitted to his family that Courtney had been the girl who hadn't gotten along with the other women. Both his mother and Julia expressed concern about Courtney's behavior and her profession as a model. Lindzi C. came in first to meet the family and talked with his mother about a "magic ingredient". During her conversation with Julia, Lindzi C. was asked about Courtney and her problems with the other women. The meeting went over very well and Julia said that Lindzi C. was very likely the person she would choose for Ben. Courtney met the family next and promised that she would be on her best behavior and that she was going to be honest with the family, if Ben would pick her. Despite initial concern, both Ben's mother and Julia were impressed by how kind Courtney was and said that of the two women left, Courtney was most likely what Ben was looking for in a wife.

Lindzi C.: Ben's final date with her began on a horse-drawn carriage ride, shared a picnic in the gondola and went skiing in the Swiss Alps. During the dinner portion of the date, Lindzi C. admitted that she loved him.

Courtney: Ben's last date with her began with a helicopter ride to Matterhorn and sledding down the mountain. Courtney said that she is now in love with Ben and talks about her trust issues with men. Later, Courtney gave Ben a scrapbook and reveals a photo album, then writes another love letter to him.

Final rose ceremony: The proposal time has to come and Ben has to start his new life as an engaged man. Lindzi C. came in first and was rejected, Ben told her that he is "already in love with someone". When Courtney came, Ben proposed to her and gave her the last rose, which she accepted.


After the Final Rose

In this special episode immediately following the finale, host Chris Harrison recapped Ben's journey as the bachelor. Ben first talked about feeling shocked by Courtney's behavior on the show, admitting that it was the reason why he and Courtney went for days without talking. He also addressed the allegations of cheating in the tabloids, stating they were all false. Courtney was summoned next, and talked about her relationship with Ben. She expressed feeling hurt about their breakup, which occurred a week before Valentine's Day, but admitted feeling responsible for the problems they endured. After their reunion, the couple stated they are taking steps to fix their relationship, and are still together. Chris then presented the engagement ring to Ben, which Ben returned to Courtney to renew their engagement. Later, Season 7's bachelorette Ashley and fianc J.P. Rosenbaum discussed their future plans, including their wedding and having children.

Months later, Ben and Courtney confirmed on a magazine that they had broken up for the second time for good.

Bachelor Pad

Bachelorette Previous Finish Bachelor Pad Bachelor in Paradise Final Result
Season 3 Season 2
Lindzi Cox 2nd 5th
Rachel Truehart 5th/6th 2nd
Jamie Otis 7th 7th
Blakeley Jones 9th 4th
Jaclyn Swartz 14th/15th 3rd (BP), 11th (BIP)


U.S. Nielsen Ratings

Episode First Air Date Rating
1 January 2, 2012 2.4 6 7.78 2 6
2 January 9, 2012 2.2 5 7.31 1 2
3 January 16, 2012 2.4 6 7.43 4 10
4 January 23, 2012 2.7 7 8.30 2 4
5 January 30, 2012 2.6 7 8.17 2 3
6 February 6, 2012 2.6 7 8.35 3 9
7 February 13, 2012 2.5 6 8.09 2 8
8 February 20, 2012 2.5 6 8.18 3 8
9 February 27, 2012 2.6 6 8.05 4 9
10 March 5, 2012 2.5 6 8.19 2 2
11 March 12, 2012 2.9 8 9.23 2 3
12 March 12, 2012 3.3 8 9.87 1 2
  • Episode 1, the season premiere, had the lowest rated season premiere in the show's history. It had been surpassed on the following season.
  • Episode 10 was "The Women Tell All" special.
  • Episode 11, the season finale, was down nearly three million viewers compared to season 15 finale and the lowest rated finale since season 12.
  • Episode 12 was "After the Final Rose" special.

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