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Terry Deitz (born October 10, 1959) is a retired U.S. Navy pilot, television host, and former contestant on the American reality television show Survivor: Panama (he placed 3rd). He is currently a commercial airline pilot and host of Great Planes on the Military Channel.


Deitz was born and raised in Matawan, New Jersey. He was a student at St. John Vianney High School and attended the United States Naval Academy where he graduated from in 1982. He attended pilot school in Pensacola in 1984. He served on the USS Carl Vinson with VF-51 flying the F-14 Tomcat and then served at the west coast Replacement Air Group as an instructor. Deitz left active service in 1992, and continued flying in the Navy Reserves with VR-52,on Logistics missions around the world. He retired in 2001 with the rank of Commander and is currently a pilot with American Airlines.

Deitz married his wife Trish in 1991. The couple have two children, Kayla and Daniel, and reside in Simsbury, Connecticut.

Deitz has been an athlete throughout his life and competed in baseball, basketball, football, swimming, and wrestling. He earned 11 varsity awards in high school and was named to the All State Baseball 1st Team. He was the quarterback of his high school team and led them to their first undefeated regular season and first state playoffs. In college, he played four years of Varsity Division I baseball.

Survivor: Panama

Deitz competed on Survivor: Panama in 2006. He was noted for dominating the challenges, with an unbroken string winning five immunity challenges and four reward challenges. He was also the first contestant to find a hidden immunity idol at Exile Island. However, because of his prowess in the immunity challenges, he never had to play it. Deitz finished in third place, behind Aras Baskauskas (winner) and Danielle DiLorenzo (runner-up).

After Survivor

With the new found "Survivor notoriety", Deitz has been called upon to appear, speak and provide motivation to many groups and Charity Organizations to include, Cystic Fibrosis, Aids, Juvenile Diabetes, ARC, FAVARH, Breast Cancer, and many others.

On November 1, 2006, Deitz hosted The History Channel's Modern Marvels show on the final flight of the F-14 Tomcat.

In December 2007, Deitz was hired by Afterburner Seminars. A team of 50 men and women fighter pilots who travel around the world working with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and other top organizations, teaching and preparing them for a fighter pilots view of Flawless Execution. As a main speaker for the group, he interacts with the leaders of these companies to mold presentations and programs.

In 2008, Deitz began work on a pilot combining "history with some elements of Survivor and Survivorman" with his cousin, former All My Children actor Mark La Mura.

After his appearance on Survivor: Panama, Deitz was considered as one of the ten castaways to return for Survivor: Micronesia, but was ultimately cut.

In the spring of 2012 Deitz took over the reins from Maj. Paul "Max" Moga when Deitz began hosting the third season of the TV series Great Planes on the Military Channel, ending each show with his personal tagline, "Your six is clear".

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