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Teen Mom is a reality television series which originally aired on MTV from December 8, 2009 until August 28, 2012. It follows the lives of four girls from the first season of 16 and Pregnant as they navigate their first years of motherhood. The series also focuses on the themes of their changing relationships between family, friends, and boys, while highlighting the struggles teenage mothers have to go through to raise their children.

The series aired a total of four seasons. The pilot episode was the network's highest-rated premiere in over a year, with 2.1 million total viewers; the record was surpassed by the controversial series Skins, which had 3.26 million viewers. The first season finale brought in 3.6 million viewers. The second season finale pulled in over 5.6 million viewers, at which time a spin-off Teen Mom 2 was announced for January 11, 2011. The third season premiered on July 5, 2011, and the final season premiered on June 12, 2012.


Cast Member Hometown Biography
' Chattanooga, Tennessee Maci Bookout, the mother of Bentley Cadence Edwards, is described by MTV as the classic teenage overachiever who is popular, athletic, and successful in school. She had aspirations to go away to college with her friends after she graduated high school, but her dreams are now on hold as she struggles to take care of Bentley, take online courses at the local state college, and to keep her relationship with Ryan, the baby's father. Maci gets fed up with Ryan when he does not help her juggle parenthood, school, and work to her satisfaction. Bookout said the reason she participated in the show was because she wanted to get a good message across and stated: "I really just wanted to show girls how hard it was to be a teen parent, I wanted girls who might get pregnant to see there are options out there to move forward with your life and still have goals." She has gone back to college after dropping her online classes, and now is majoring in journalism and hopes to write a book about her experience being sixteen and pregnant. She also speaks at local high schools to talk about teen pregnancy.

' Council Bluffs, Iowa An aspiring model, Farrah Abraham is the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham, whose father, Derek Underwood, was killed in a car accident on December 28, 2008, two months before her birth. In January 2010, Farrah's mother, Debra Danielson, was charged with assault in an Iowa court for hitting her. As a result of the fight with her mother, Farrah and Sophia move into an apartment. They talk of moving into her mother's rental house across the street. She sees a therapist to discuss the rocky relationship with her family, as well as dealing with her emotions regarding Underwood and his death. Farrah eventually proves to Derek's family through a paternity test that Derek was in fact Sophia's father and was faced with a lawsuit by Derek's mother for grandparents visitation rights despite no previous contact with Sophia. She published her autobiography, My Teenage Dream Ended in August 2012.
' Port Huron, Michigan Catelynn Lowell is the birth-mother of Carolynn "Carly" Elizabeth. Described as a smart and funny high school senior, she struggles to adjust back to her normal life after her emotional decision to place Carly for adoption. Catelynn has been kept on an integral part of the show, to let prospective teen moms know that there are other options and that one can go on and still be a "birth mom" while being completely mature and selfless. The adoptive parents are Brandon and Theresa. Catelynn moves back home with her parents, but learns that her stepfather, who is also the father of her boyfriend Tyler, is not over her decision to place her daughter for adoption. During the season, Catelynn comes to terms with being a birth mother, moves in with Tyler and his mother when her mother and her stepfather move into an apartment in another city, and gets engaged to Tyler. She and Tyler both get tattoos in honor of their daughter.
' Anderson, Indiana Amber Portwood is the mother of Leah Leann Shirley. Amber's journey into parenthood has been tough; she struggles to parent Leah, and stay with her fiance Gary. She used to be a self-declared party girl, but now discovers she has little time to do anything besides take care of Leah. Amber dropped out of high school when she discovered she was pregnant, but now is working on obtaining her GED. She struggles to balance school and parenting, and her dream of opening her own beauty salon seems far-fetched now. She has many troubles with her baby's father, Gary. The problems have led to physical violence in front of her child, Leah; including an incident where Amber beat him so severely, it left permanent scars. Amber eventually gets arrested for domestic violence against Gary. She had a younger sister, Candace, who died of SIDS when Amber was 5. As of June 2012, Amber is serving a 5-year jail sentence stemming from a December 2011 arrest for possession of drugs and failing to complete a court-ordered rehab program. Her final season on Teen Mom aired in the summer of 2012.

Series overview

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 8 December 8, 2009 January 26, 2010
2 12 July 20, 2010 October 12, 2010
3 12 July 5, 2011 September 20, 2011
4 17 June 12, 2012 August 28, 2012

Episode list

Season 1: 2009–10

Ep # Title Viewers Airdate

EpisodeNumber=101 Aux2=2.1 million ShortSummary=Single teenage mom Farrah starts dating against her family's wishes, while Maci begins planning her wedding to fiancé Ryan. Catelynn moves back home with her disapproving parents, and Amber's anxiety about being a mom gets the best of her. LineColor=FF0000 }}

EpisodeNumber=102 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=While teen mom Maci contemplates breaking up with her fiancé Ryan, Farrah starts dating a new guy even though her family disapproves. Amber struggles to get her GED, and Catelynn feels distant from her daughter as a result of the adoption. LineColor=FF0000 }}

EpisodeNumber=103 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=Catelynn's family lashes out over her choice of adoption, while Amber and her fiancé Gary come to blows over their relationship. Farrah learns that dating isn't easy for a teen mom, while newly-single mom Maci struggles to balance motherhood and school when her friends leave for college. LineColor=FF0000 }}

EpisodeNumber=104 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=Amber and Gary's arguing finally reaches a boiling point, while Catelynn struggles to find a home when her mother moves away. Newly-single mom Maci has a change of heart, and boy-crazy Farrah opts for some protection. LineColor=FF0000 }}

EpisodeNumber=105 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=Catelynn copes with her decision to choose adoption during a weekend retreat with other birth moms, while Maci and Ryan reach out to a counselor for help with their troubled relationship. Newly-single mom Amber thinks about accepting help from her ex, and Farrah starts to wonder if she should stay home with her baby. LineColor=FF0000 }}

EpisodeNumber=106 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=Teenage mother Maci struggles with resenting her boyfriend, while Catelynn worries her boyfriend's father might go to jail. Single mom Farrah shifts her focus to her daughter, and Amber faces her fears about putting her baby in daycare. LineColor=FF0000 }}

EpisodeNumber=107 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=Amber wants to put an end to the fighting and move away from Gary, and Farrah can't stand living under her parent's roof anymore. Maci struggles to keep up in school when her son starts walking, and Catelynn and Tyler start to plan their future. LineColor=FF0000 }}

EpisodeNumber=108 Aux2=3.6 million ShortSummary=Catelynn and Tyler work on letting go of Carly, and Tyler works up the nerve to propose to Catelynn. Maci and Ryan struggle with their relationship while celebrating Bentley's first birthday. Amber copes with the pressures of being a single mom while planning Leah's first birthday, while Farrah makes peace with her own mother. LineColor=FF0000 }}

Season 2: 2010

Ep # Title Viewers Airdate

EpisodeNumber=201 Aux2=3.653 million ShortSummary=Farrah calls the police on her mother after they get in a big fight, while Amber faces a pregnancy scare that could prevent her from ever finishing high school. Maci takes her ex, Ryan, to court for child support. Catelynn is upset to find out she has to move out of boyfriend Tyler's house and back in with her unpredictable family, an hour away from their high school. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=202 Aux2=2.843 million ShortSummary=Catelynn gets caught in a lie and faces losing her boyfriend Tyler, while Amber's boyfriend Gary tells her he might leave her for another girl. Farrah juggles college, a new job, and moving out of her parents' house to live on her own for the first time -- all with her daughter Sophia. Maci tries to move into a shared house with her college friends, but realizes that having a baby might get in the way. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=203 Aux2=3.210 million ShortSummary=Single mom Maci goes clubbing with her girlfriends for Valentine's Day and reconnects with an old flame, while a crying baby and unrealistic expectations ruin Amber and Gary's romantic dinner. Catelynn's boyfriend Tyler struggles with guilt about the adoption when he tries to go out and have fun like a normal teenager, while Farrah reveals an emotional secret about her baby's dad. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=204 Aux2=3.242 million ShortSummary=Amber and Gary take a vacation and discover there's no such thing as spring break once you have a baby. Maci butts heads with Ryan over his new girlfriend, and realizes how hard it is to parent together after you break up. Farrah's mom is offered a plea bargain for their physical altercation, and they have an emotional encounter, while Catelynn finds out Tyler is still angry at her about a past lie. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=205 Aux2=3.501 million ShortSummary=Catelynn and Tyler find their high school romance back on the rocks when Catelyn reveals another lie -- and it ruins a visit to their adoption agent. Gary dresses up as a bunny for Leah on Easter, but a big fight makes Amber question their engagement. Maci's new boyfriend meets her son Bentley for the first time, and Farrah falls victim to a scam. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=206 Aux2=3.237 million ShortSummary=Maci questions whether her boyfriend Kyle is ready to date a teen mom and be a real part of her son's lfe, while Farrah tries speed dating. Amber works toward her GED until she realizes that finishing high school with a baby is harder than she expected. Catelynn's step-dad Butch is court-ordered to rehab, leaving her alone with her mom who makes her feel guilty about the adoption. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=207 Aux2=3.946 million ShortSummary=An argument about he adoption ruins Catelynn's day shopping for prom dresses with her mom, but she and Tyler get a nice surprise at prom. Maci is heartbroken when Ryan announces he's taking her to court over custody of Bentley. Farrah goes to counseling with her mom, and Amber's fun birthday plans to are ruined when Gary refuses to babysit. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=208 Aux2=3.667 million ShortSummary=Amber and Gary's wedding plans fall apart over an argument about how to raise Leah, while Farrah considers moving back into her mother's house. Catelynn and Tyler celebrate their daughter Carly's first birthday from afar by calling her to say hello, and Maci finally tells her parents she's moving two hours away with Bentley -- and they aren't happy. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=209 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=Farrah reaches out to Sophia's dad's family in an attempt to get Social Security benefits for Sophia. Maci tells Ryan she is moving to Nashville, while Catelynn and Tyler learn Butch has ended up back in jail. Gary asks Amber if he can stay at her place until he finds a place of his own. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=210 Aux2=3.963 million ShortSummary=Catelynn and Tyler find out they will not graduate from High School on time, while Maci tries to work out a visitation schedule with Ryan in spite of being angry about their last encounter. Farrah has an emotional reunion with Sophia's dad's sister for the first time since he died, and Amber lashes out at Gary when he calls her a bad mom and threatens to take Leah away. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=211 Aux2=4.129 million ShortSummary=Maci confronts Kyle when she realizes her new life in Nashville isn't what she expected, while Catelynn and Tyler learn they will get to go visit Carly for the first time in a year. Amber breaks if off with Gary for good and starts dating a new guy, and Farrah learns the results of Sophia's DNA test. LineColor=0066ff }}

EpisodeNumber=212 Aux2=5.550 million ShortSummary= A year after the adoption, Catelynn and Tyler have an emotional reunion with their daughter Carly. Amber & Gary try to work out custody of Leah now that they are broken up and dating other people. Farrah's mom sets her up on a date with a new guy, and Maci & Ryan battle over parental rights once and for all. LineColor=0066ff }}

Season 3: 2011

Ep # Title Viewers Airdate

EpisodeNumber=301 Aux2=3.654 million ShortSummary=Maci confronts her ex, Ryan, about missing child support payments - and he lashes back at her new boyfriend. Amber has to choose between her baby's dad and her new boyfriend. Catelynn and Tyler consider moving in together while still in high school, and single mom Farrah considers making a big change. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=302 Aux2=3.050 million ShortSummary=Amber and Gary move in together and a fun family weekend turns sour, while Tyler's family questions his decision to move in with Catelynn. Maci considers letting her boyfriend Kyle live with her and Bentley to make ends meet - and Farrah struggles with being away from Sophia for a weekend modeling job. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=303 Aux2=3.151 million ShortSummary=Amber finds out she is being investigated by the police, and fears she will lose custody of Leah. Ryan wants to meet Maci's new boyfriend Kyle, while Farrah finds out Sophia's paternal grandmother is suing for visitation rights. Tyler's dad Butch gets out of jail and re-unites with the family. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=304 Aux2=3.054 million ShortSummary=Catelynn struggles to fix her relationship with her mom, while Amber & Gary meet with Child Protective Services. Maci finally decides to move away from Kyle and back home to Chattanooga, and Farrah goes to court. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=305 Aux2=3.0 million ShortSummary=Maci and Ryan argue over who has rights to Bentley on his birthday, and Amber breaks down over being separated from Leah on Halloween. Farrah struggles to spend time with Sophia while finishing her last remaining school credits, and Catelynn and Tyler look for jobs. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=306 Aux2=3.283 million ShortSummary=Amber is upset when Gary refuses to celebrate Leah's birthday together as a family, and Catelynn goes on a weekend retreat to cope with her fears about the adoption. Farrah celebrates finishing college by getting a puppy for her daughter Sophia, and hiding it from her mom, while Maci's ex, Ryan, finally discovers that her boyfriend Kyle is living with her. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=307 Aux2=3.244 million ShortSummary=Farrah takes her daughter Sophia on an emotional trip to visit Sophia's dad's grave, and Amber and her mom get in an argument after a meeting with Child Protective Services. Maci struggles to keep up with her college classes, while Catelynn & Tyler want to invite their birth daughter Carly to high school graduation. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=308 Aux2=3.790 million ShortSummary=Amber goes on a date with a new guy, while Catelynn and Tyler get their parents involved with planning a perfect Christmas for Carly. Maci makes a shocking announcement, and Farrah breaks the news to her parents she wants to move to California. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=309 Aux2=3.307 million ShortSummary=Farrah and her parents take a trip to Arizona - but end up arguing the whole time. Catelynn reunites with her father for the first time since the adoption. Amber reaches out to Gary to re-unite her family on the emotional anniversary of a tragedy, while Maci considers withdrawing from school. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=310 Aux2=3.454 million ShortSummary=Amber gets arrested and spends the night in jail, only to find out a no-contact order has been put on her and Gary. Catelynn & Tyler have a falling out and Farrah takes Sophia to explore moving to Florida. When Kyle is injured, Maci is overwhelmed taking care of Bentley, Kyle and school. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=311 Aux2=3.232 million ShortSummary=Maci has a blowout with Ryan over custody of their son Bentley, while Amber & Gary struggle with raising Leah together with a no-contact order in place. Catelynn finally finishes high school and takes Tyler out of town to celebrate, and Farrah's parents try to talk her into leaving Sophia behind when she moves away. LineColor=009900 }}

EpisodeNumber=312 Aux2=3.838 million ShortSummary=Amber & Gary try to get the no-contact order lifted so they can raise Leah together as a family. Maci tries to cut Ryan out of her life and Ryan makes a decision about taking Maci to court. Farrah makes an unexpected choice about moving away, and Butch moves in with Catelynn & Tyler, who make a hard decision about Carly. LineColor=009900 }}

Season 4: 2012

Ep # Title Viewers Airdate

EpisodeNumber=401 Aux2= 3.249 ShortSummary= Maci decides to enroll Bentley in daycare while Amber prepares to go to rehab. Catelynn and Tyler Celebrate Carly's second birthday, and Farrah has change of heart about leaving daughter Sophia behind when she moves. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=402 Aux2= 3.074 ShortSummary=Catelynn and Tyler have an emotional second year visit with their daughter Carly. Amber struggles with missing her daughter Leah during her first weeks of rehab as Farrah says farewell to her life in Iowa. A disagreement with Ryan disrupts Maci & Kyle's relationship. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=403 Aux2=2.372 ShortSummary=Catelynn and Tyler attend their high school graduation while Maci thinks about joining Ryan on his family vacation. Farrah begins setting into her new home only to have to deal with her parents' overbearing concerns. Amber learns that Gary and Leah are planning to visit her in rehab. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=404 Aux2=2.191 ShortSummary=Gary and Leah visit Amber in rehab and Farrah goes on a date with her neighbor. Maci tags along on Ryan's family vacation, and meets Ryan's new girlfriend, Dalis. And Catelynn and Tyler question letting Butch move back into their home. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=405 Aux2=2.079 ShortSummary=Amber and Gary work on their relationship issues and Maci struggles to make choices about her college classes. Farrah visits her parents only to become annoyed with their concerns for Sophia. Catelynn and her grandmother attend a birth parent support group. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=406 Aux2=1.531 ShortSummary=A visit from Farrah's mom and sister leads to a blowup, and Maci enrolls her son Bentley in preschool. Catelynn and Tyler face issues with Butch, while Amber debates leaving rehab early. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=407 Aux2= 1.937 ShortSummary=Maci and Ryan clash over Bentley attending preschool. Tyler pressures Catelynn to enroll in college while Farrah begins dating a new guy. After completing two months in rehab, Amber finally heads back home. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=408 Aux2=1.957 ShortSummary=Maci and Kyle contemplate buying a house together and Farrah introduces Sophia to her new boyfriend. Now that she's home Amber struggles to find a way to see her daughter Leah. A fight between Catelynn and Tyler's parents throw their family's future into question. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=409 Aux2= 2.152 ShortSummary=Farrah introduces her boyfriend Daniel to Debra, and asks her mom for a huge favor. Catelynn supports her own mom as Tyler's dad Butch goes to court. Bentley has a hard time adjusting to Maci's new house, while Amber and Gary continue to struggle with sharing custody of Leah. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=410 Aux2=2.632 ShortSummary=Farrah and Daniel talk about their future while paddle-boating together on their Texas vacation. Farrah begins to ask about Daniel's thoughts on marriage and LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=411 Aux2=2.547 ShortSummary=Maci and Ryan fight over Bentley's birthday. Farrah spends time with Sophia before leaving for a month. Amber and Gary agree on a custody plan for Leah. Catelynn and Tyler help their parents deal with their issues. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

EpisodeNumber=412 Aux2= 2.899 ShortSummary=Ryan confronts Maci about their custody arrangement. Amber has second thoughts giving Gary full custody of Leah. Farrah misses Sophia. Catelynn and Tyler reflect on the adoption. A tribute to the four original moms depicting their journey through both 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom LineColor=FFFF00 }}

Aux2= 1.960 ShortSummary=Dr. Drew Pinsky talks with Catelynn and Farrah about the final season of Teen Mom, along with updates on the lives of the original Teen Moms. To be continued... LineColor=FFFF00 }}

Aux2= 2.333 ShortSummary=Dr. Drew Pinsky talks with Maci and Amber about the final season of Teen Mom, along with updates on the lives of the original Teen Moms. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

ShortSummary=This episode shows the unseen clips of episodes that were not aired during season four, and is hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky. LineColor=FFFF00 }}

ShortSummary=The teen moms field questions from fans of the series. LineColor=FFFF00 }}


Ep # Title Viewers Airdate

EpisodeNumber=S1-01 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=Before Maci, Farrah, Amber and Catelynn return as teenage mothers, the audience is presented with a look at the most significant moments from 16 and Pregnant. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S1-02 Aux2=3.1 million ShortSummary=Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with the teenage mothers about their first year of motherhood and what happened since the cameras stopped rolling. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S1-03 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=This episode shows all the unseen clips of episodes that were not aired during season one, and is hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S2-04 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=This episode shows all the unseen clips of episodes that were not aired during season two, and is hosted once again by Dr. Drew Pinsky. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S2-05 Aux2=3.719 million ShortSummary=Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with the teenage mothers about their second year of motherhood and what happened since the cameras stopped rolling. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S2-06 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=A special 30 minute episode all about the babies. The cast sit together to watch parts not shown in the second season. They include Top 3 cutest moments, Teen MOMents, and other challenging things the moms went through. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S3-08 Aux2=1.303 million ShortSummary=Hosted by Dr. Drew, for the first time the dads of "Teen Mom" and Teen Mom 2" come together to discuss the ups and downs, the challenges, the hilarious moments, and the biggest mistakes they've made since becoming young fathers. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S3-09 Aux2=2.816 million ShortSummary=Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with the teenage mothers about their third year of motherhood and what happened since the cameras stopped rolling. On this first of a two-part reunion special Dr. Drew talks with Farrah and Amber, about their journey through the past season. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S3-07 Aux2=2.369 million ShortSummary=Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with the teenage mothers about their third year of motherhood and what happened since the cameras stopped rolling. In this second of a two part reunion special Dr. Drew talks with Catelynn and Maci, about their journey through the past season. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S3-10 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=This episode shows all the unseen clips of episodes that were not aired during season three, and is hosted once again by Dr. Drew Pinsky. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber=S4-16 Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=During the one hour special, the Teen Moms say goodbye with a reflection on their path from being 16 and pregnant through today. This episode is loaded with never-before-seen footage from their original casting tapes, updates on where they currently are in their lives and behind-the-scene secrets. LineColor=d02090 }}

EpisodeNumber= - Aux2=N/A ShortSummary=Dr. Drew visits Amber in prison to find out how the teen mom is adjusting to life behind bars. LineColor=d02090 }}

Portwood's legal issues

Footage of Amber Portwood's violent behavior towards her child's father Gary Shirley, including an assault in which Shirley conspicuously refused to physically defend himself, prompted an investigation from both the police department of Anderson, Indiana, and that city's branch of the state Child Protective Services, along with sparking hundreds of public complaints questioning Portwood's suitability to be a mother. Police searched Portwood's apartment, finding "evidence that requires further investigation," but would not specify what had been found at the time; it was later revealed that Portwood had been caught with a large quantity of marijuana and crack cocaine.

On October 20, 2010, The Today Show aired a segment revolving around the depicted domestic abuse in both seasons. NBC's Dan Abrams discussed the possible legal consequences Portwood could face under Indiana law, including the felony charge of conducting abuse in the presence of a child under 14 years of age (namely, the couple's two-year-old daughter Leah) and misdemeanor charges including but not limited to domestic assault and battery. On November 3, it was reported that Portwood agreed to allow Indiana CPS to monitor her for up to six months in exchange for CPS's allowing her to maintain custody of Leah.

On November 18, after an extensive investigation, Portwood was charged with three counts of domestic violence, two of them felonies, in connection with separate incidents of on-camera abuse of Shirley. The same day, MTV released a statement concerning the charges filed on Portwood: "We are cooperating with all parties and hope for a quick and fair resolution that allows everyone involved to move forward in a positive manner."

On June 15, 2011, it was reported that Portwood was considering a suicide attempt. This was confirmed by a 9-1-1 call made by ex-boyfriend Gary, who was concerned over Portwood's highly unusual behavior. She was immediately transported to a local hospital, where it was determined that her mental instability caused the attempt.

In December 2011, Portwood was arrested for the Class D felony of possessing of a controlled substance and was later charged with violating her probation on her earlier domestic-violence charges by breaching conditions including behaving well in society, obtaining a GED certificate, completing six months of anger-management training, paying her probation fees, and setting up a $10,000 college fund for Leah. She was held without bond in Madison County Jail until her January 27, 2012, hearing on both charges, at which she entered a guilty plea and the court scheduled a sentencing hearing for February 6 of that year. On February 6, Portwood was given a five-year suspended sentence with the provision that all charges would be dropped if she went to and completed rehab. In March 2012, Portwood failed to take a required drug test, violating the associated condition of her suspended sentence and putting herself in jeopardy of having the five-year suspended sentence reimposed. At the ensuing probation violation hearing, the judge in the case declined to reimpose any portion of the suspended sentence, instead requiring Amber to complete 30 days of daily drug tests. Portwood subsequently dropped out of her rehabilitation program and was charged with a third violation of her probation; in June 2012, the court reimposed Portwood's five-year sentence in its entirety.

On June 13, 2012, Portwood began serving her five-year sentence, during which she is expected to attend substance abuse classes and earn her GED.

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