Taylor Dunklin

Taylor Dunklin Biography

Taylor Dunklin is a 27-year-old research scientist from Pittsburgh, PA.

Taylor was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but grew up mostly in Maryland with her mother. She has never had a relationship with her father.

Taylor's mother has always been present in her life and continues to be Taylor's biggest role model.

Taylor credits her mother for making her the strong, independent woman she is today. She's without a doubt a hopeless romantic.

Within the last year, Taylor ended a long-term relationship -- they were together on and off for four years, and overall, it was a traumatic experience.

Taylor has taken a step back and focused on finding herself once again. She knows Married At First Sight is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Not only is she comforted by the idea that experts will help her weed out the crazy men, but having help finding a partner that appreciates the love she has to offer is a dream come true.

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