Survivor: South Pacific

Survivor: South Pacific News

'Survivor: South Pacific' castaway Mikayla Wingle marries fiance Michael Stapf in New Orleans wedding
Three-time 'Survivor' castaway Benjamin "Coach" Wade welcomes a daughter
Former 'Survivor' castaways Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson engaged
Albert Destrade: Ozzy Lusth played an atrocious 'Survivor' game
Rick Nelson: I just worked my ass off and didn't lie on 'Survivor'
"Ozzy" Oscar Lusth: I just crumbled under the 'Survivor' pressure
Brandon Hantz: My family hated my crying the most on 'Survivor'
"Coach" Benjamin Wade: Ozzy Lusth was a "whiney little b-tch"
Exclusive: Sophie Clarke talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Part 2)
Exclusive: Sophie Clarke talks about her 'Survivor: South Pacific' win
'Survivor: South Pacific' crowns Sophie Clarke million-dollar winner
Exclusive: Edna Ma talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
'Survivor: South Pacific' votes off Brandon Hantz, eliminates Edna Ma
Exclusive: John Cochran talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
'Survivor' host Jeff Probst marries girlfriend Lisa Ann Russell
'Survivor: South Pacific' votes off Edna Ma, ousts John Cochran
Exclusive: Dawn Meehan talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
Whitney Duncan: I had an unhealthy marriage, fell in love on 'Survivor'
'Survivor: South Pacific' votes off John Cochran, ousts Whitney & Dawn
Exclusive: Jim Rice talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
Exclusive: Keith Tollefson talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
'Survivor: South Pacific' votes off Whitney Duncan and Dawn Meehan
Whitney Duncan's 'Survivor' affair reportedly ended secret marriage
'Survivor: South Pacific' votes off Ozzy Lusth again and Jim Rice
Exclusive: Christine Shields Markoski talks 'Survivor: South Pacific'
'Survivor' votes off Keith Tollefson and eliminates Christine Markoski
'Survivor: South Pacific' castaway Semhar Tadesse arrested for DUI
Exclusive: Mikayla Wingle talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
'Survivor: South Pacific' votes off "Ozzy" Lusth, ousts Mikayla Wingle
Exclusive: Elyse Umemoto talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
'Survivor: South Pacific' votes off Mikayla Wingle, ousts Elyse Umemoto
Exclusive: Stacey Powell talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
'Survivor: South Pacific' votes off Elyse Umemoto, ousts Stacey Powell
Exclusive: Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso discusses 'Survivor: South Pacific'
'Survivor' ousts Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso, votes off Stacey Powell
Exclusive: Semhar Tadesse talks about 'Survivor: South Pacific'
'Survivor' ousts Semhar Tadesse, votes off Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso
'Survivor' tribe sends Christine Markoski off to Redemption Island
'Survivor: South Pacific' votes Semhar Tadesse to Redemption Island
Ozzy Lusth and Coach Wade's 'Survivor' returns announced by CBS
VIDEO: Ozzy Lusth and Coach Wade discuss their 'Survivor' returns
CBS announces identities of new 'Survivor: South Pacific' castaways
VIDEO: Meet the new castaways competing on 'Survivor: South Pacific'
CBS orders two more 'Survivor' editions for the 2011-2012 season

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