Steven Rosengard

Steven Rosengard Biography

Working in the Exhibits and Collections Department at the world-famous Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Steven's contributions as a Textile Preparator may be seen in exhibits such as the U-505 Submarine and Transportation Gallery.

Born and raised in Chicago, Steven, 30, is the youngest of four children. His artistic talents and enjoyment in design were first noted when he was in grade school and he spent his free time on drawing figures, designing gowns and exploring fabric. Steven's path to fashion led him to Chicago's Columbia College for fashion design, but left after only one year to travel abroad where fashion and fabric continued to captivate him in places such as France, England and Italy.

While Steven does not have formal design training, his passion and unique curiosity for all things fashionable have made him a rising star in Chicago's design community. His focus, with direct inspiration from Yves St. Laurent, centers on natural fabrics that bring a simple, yet elegant, perspective to women's day wear. Steven hopes to rid the fashion world of non-natural fabric and take day dresses to a level every woman would covet.

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