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Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova

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Season: 90 Day Fiance, Season 6

Current Status: Still together

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova met on the beach while she was visiting America for the summer, and after only a month-and-a-half of dating, the couple discovered Olga was pregnant.

The news came as a total shock to Steven, a 20-year-old from Bowie, MD, since they only had unprotected sex one time, and he called it "a holy sh-t moment."

Olga, a 20-year-old from Russia, returned to Russia one week or so after learning she was pregnant, but Steven had every intention of bringing her back to America.

Steven therefore proposed marriage and applied for a K-1 visa, which, as viewers have seen on 90 Day Fiance's sixth season, ended up getting delayed and left Olga stuck overseas.

However, Steven still managed to travel to Russia for his son's arrival on April 19, 2018. They called their newborn son Richie Aleksandr Frend.

Steven posted a long message on Instagram in early December in which he confirmed his romantic relationship with Olga is ongoing. Steven, however, disabled his Instagram account shortly afterwards.

Olga also disabled her Instagram account when Steven disabled his, leading viewers to suspect they made the decision due to a backlash from 90 Day Fiance viewers upset about Steven's behavior on the show -- which Steven has claimed is not accurate and "not 1% close to our relationship."

On Christmas Eve, Steven and Olga both re-activated their Instagram accounts and revealed Olga's K-1 visa had just been approved!

"OLGA'S VISA APPROVED TODAY, DECEMBER 24th, 2018," Steven wrote in an Instagram posting. "No words can describe how happy I am. My birthday is the 26th so its the best birthday present for me."

"Please pinch me because I still don't understand what just happened and still don't believe it," Olga wrote in an Instagram posting of her own.

In late January, Steven returned to Russia and reunited with Olga and their son. He returned home alone in early April, however he insisted Olga and Richie would be joining him in America shortly.

"I'm in the U.S. now, Olga will be here in a week or 2. She already has her Visa," he shared in an Instagram Story, referencing how Olga's K-1 visa application had been approved.

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