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Rebecca Parrott was a 47-year-old from Canton, GA and Zied Hakimi was a 26-year-old from Tunis, Tunisia when they appeared on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

Rebecca fell hard and fast for Zied despite their age gap after they met online.

Rebecca, who has three kids and three prior failed marriages, was prepared to open her heart again and give love another shot with him.

Rebecca confessed her first two marriages were "average, run-of-the-mill American men," but her third marriage was to a Moroccan man whom she had brought to America on a spousal visa.

She said the Moroccan man had changed once she brought him into the U.S. and he was controlling and too jealous.

In order to determine whether her relationship with Zied could work long-term, Rebecca planned a 15-hour flight to Tunisia, and her ultimate goal was to leave Tunisia with an engagement ring and a new foreign fiance.

However, Rebecca's third divorce had yet to be finalized by the time of her trip as she and the Moroccan man had signed the divorce papers but not filed them.

Rebecca and Zied's relationship got off to a wonderful start in Tunisia, except for the fact Zied -- who was apparently car-less at the time -- asked Rebecca to pay for a rental car for the couple to use during her stay.

Rebecca also later discovered Zied was a jealous man who had no work history listed in his background check. In addition, Zied once randomly asked Rebecca for $200.

When Zied asked Rebecca for money, she worried he might be using her and had bad intentions for their relationship. Rebecca feared Zied would take advantage of her and expect her to support him financially once he comes to the United States.

However, Rebecca later learned Zied had borrowed the money looking to buy her an engagement ring that he couldn't afford on his own.

Although Rebecca was still technically a married woman and once had a same-sex relationship that Zied's family would never approve of, Zied said he never stopped loving Rebecca.

Zied insisted Rebecca would always be the woman for him and he'd do anything to make it work, and Rebecca felt the same way in return.

Zied therefore proposed marriage to Rebecca during a romantic picnic in the Sahara Desert.

"This is for you. For you marry me," Zied told Rebecca, as she started to cry. "You want to marry me? Yes?"

Rebecca nodded her head and kissed Zied, and he gushed, "I love you so much!" Rebecca called her man "perfect," even though their relationship had been a bit of a roller coaster.

Rebecca said it was the proposal every girl would dream of.

Zied then revealed to Rebecca he had borrowed the $200 from her planning to use it for engagement ring but had ultimately decided to borrow the money from his sister and therefore didn't need to use any of Rebecca's cash.

Rebecca told the cameras she felt bad for ever doubting Zied and saying anything negative about him because his motive all along was to pop the question with a beautiful ring.

"I cannot wait to get your visa done and get your ass to America and marry you!" Rebecca told her fiance.

A few weeks after Rebecca and Zied had met in person, it was time for Rebecca to get on a plane and head back to America.

Rebecca planned to file for the K-1 visa, but she said it was going to take six to eight months for that to happen. She worried, in the meantime, Zied would change his mind about moving or his family might talk him out of his relationship.

Zied, however, promised Rebecca that she would see his face for the rest of her life because he was crazy about her. Rebecca assured Zied that she was crazy about him too.

During 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Season 3 Tell-All special, Zied said his family would probably be very angry over the fact Rebecca once had a same-sex relationship and not accept it.

"If his family were to find out, he'd have to choose between me or his family," Rebecca revealed.

"Well, you know they're going to find out," Tell-All host Shaun Robinson said.

Rebecca also acknowledged there was a possibility Zied might change as a man when he comes to America, just like her ex from Morocco did.

Zied said he hates sitting at home and not working. He argued that he wouldn't be anything like Rebecca's ex.

Rebecca also said Zied could work in a restaurant she manages or go back to school once he's welcomed into America. Rebecca pointed out there were no red flags with Zied despite warnings and concerns from her friends and family.

In November 2019, Zied also took to Instagram to deny speculation Rebecca had paid for a new car he had recently shown off on social media.

"I want to tell everyone," Zied began, adding two angry-face emoticons. "Rebecca didn't buy me a car. I buy it with my own money. I work every day."

Zied added, "I'm not posting pictures of my work every day. I don't care if you will believe this or not. I do not care. So many people just want to talk in stuff that doesn't make sense. Good to all."

Zied concluded his message to fans with a red-rose emoji.

Zied captioned his post, "I don't care," along with multiple side-smile emoticons.

In March 2020, TLC released a short-form Season 4 episode of 90 Day Fiance: What Now?, the 90 Day Fiance spinoff available on the network's TLC GO streaming service, that updated viewers on Rebecca and Zied's relationship.

During the 90 Day Fiance: What Now? episode, Rebecca announced her divorce from her ex-husband had been finalized and Zied's K-1 visa had also recently been approved.

According to Rebecca, Zied's visa was approved less than four months after they applied for it.

"We were expecting to wait anywhere from six months to a year or more, but Zied's visa has been approved -- we just found out!" she said.

"Zied could be here within the next two months. It has been almost one year since Zied and I have been together."

Rebecca was then shown apartment hunting in preparation for Zied's upcoming arrival in America.

Rebecca and Zied reportedly exchanged vows and got married in Lumpkin County, GA, on April 19, 2020, according to a representative from the Probate Court in Cherokee County.

Rebecca and Zied subsequently appeared on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance, which showed Zied arriving in America and ended with the couple getting married.

Rebecca and Zied have regularly posted updates on their life in Georgia since the 90 Day Fiance season finished airing on TLC in April 2021.

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