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Natalie Mordovtseva Biography

Mike Youngquist was a 34-year-old from Sequim, Washington, and Natalie Mordovtseva was a 35-year-old from Kyiv, Ukraine, when they starred on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance.

The pair met through a mutual friend and began texting back and forth, which resulted in a friendship and then Mike booking a flight to Ukraine so they could meet in person and help each other through divorces.

Although they had only spent two weeks together, Mike felt they were meant to be, and so he returned to the United States and began the K-1 visa process. But Mike and Natalie were opposites, and their differences later caused problems in their relationship.

Natalie is a religious vegetarian, for example, while Mike is an atheist meat-eater who believes in aliens. Natalie also wanted to welcome children right away, but Mike was struggling financially and wanted to wait a while.

The final straw, however, was when a producer asked Natalie if she loved Mike on-camera and she responded by sitting in silence, so their engagement was called off.

The couple were totally at odds during 90 Day Fiance Season 7's Tell-All special, with Natalie accusing Mike of betraying her trust by having spent the night over a female friend's place. Michael, however, insisted he was totally innocent.

Despite their Tell-All behavior, Mike and Natalie were spotted together in the United States several times in January 2020, beginning with a sighting in which Mike was seen waiting at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with flowers in his hands and a camera crew nearby.

The next day, the Instagram account Fraudedbytlc posted a photo of Mike and Natalie walking side-by-side at Seattle's historic Pike Place Market as a camera crew filmed them.

Then, on May 24, Natalie suddenly announced "We Get Married!" on Instagram, confirming the couple's status.

(According to In Touch Weekly, the couple actually got married in Clallam County, Washington on April 15, 2020).

A few days later, Natalie captioned another photo of the couple, "Love is very meaningful for us."

And in June 2020, Natalie posted a photo with Mike calling him her "lovely husband."

Later in June, Natalie also posted a selfie of the couple by the water.

"This is how we spend our time together #90dayfiance #natalie90dayfiance #nataliemordovtseva #mike90dayfiance #mikeyoungquist #love #couple #couplegoals," she captioned the photo.

In November 2020, TLC announced Mike and Natalie would return as part of 90 Day Fiance's Season 8 cast and the season has shown Natalie's struggles to adapt to America and convince Mike to marry her before her K-1 visa expired.

Despite their eventual decision to wed, things do not appear to have worked out for the couple. In March 2021, In Touch reported Mike and Natalie split after less than one year of marriage.

"She has not been home for a couple of months now," Mike's uncle Beau Lawrence told the magazine. "She can stay away for all I care."

When asked if he believes Mike and Natalie's relationship is over for good, Beau replied, "I'm really hoping so. I pray to God, yes."

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