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Danielle Mullins was a 41-year-old from Norwalk, OH, and Mohamed Jbali was a 26-year-old from Tunis, Tunisia, when he arrived in America on a K-1 visa.

After originally appearing on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance, Danielle and Mohamed were also part of the cast of Seasons 1 and 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?.

Danielle and Mohamed originally met in an online chat room.

The pair got engaged, and then Mohamed moved to Norwalk to be with Danielle and her three teenage daughters and one son from previous relationships.

Shortly after their wedding, the couple found themselves twisted in lies, and then Mohamed left Danielle and moved to Florida with a female friend.

Alleged intimate photos with this female later prompted Danielle to file for an annulment, but she eventually withdrew the request due to reported pressure from her ex.

After they got a divorce, Mohamed moved to Texas in late 2017.

In late 2019, Mohamed announced he was about to become a long-haul trucker and live on the road.

"Me and this guy are about to become homeless soon!" he captioned an Instagram photo showing him walking his large dog.

"Not that we have no place to stay but we choose to go after big money so we gonna give up on everything and be on the road driving an 18 wheeler and help America transport food and other important things to stay [great] so I'm not sure how this boy is gonna hold up waking up in a different state everyday!"

"#dog #track #money #travel," Mohamed explained.

In April 2020, Danielle appeared on TLC's premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined, a spinoff that gave viewers a glimpse into the lives of former 90 Day Fiance franchise stars as they quarantined at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

During Danielle's 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined segment, she revealed that she had recently re-established a friendship with Mohamed after several years without contact.

"I have not seen Mohamed in three years. He reached out to be about a month ago and we've been chit-chatting here or there. We've forgiven each other, so yeah, we're building a friendship," Danielle said.

"He is out on the road driving a truck. I am more concerned about his well-being as a friend. It's scary being out there on your own with all of this going on."

Danielle and Mohamed also appeared on the premiere of 90 Day Diaries, a 90 Day Fiance spinoff that aired on discovery+, the new streaming service launched by TLC's parent company, in January 2021.

The 90 Day Diaries premiere included separate segments with Mohamed and Danielle in which the former couple explained Mohamed had reached out to Danielle during the coronavirus pandemic to check on her health and well-being, resulting in the former spouses reconnecting and touching base.

Mohamed stated his regular trucking route has him hauling freight from Tracy, CA to Cleveland, OH -- which is only about an hour drive from Danielle's home in Sandusky, OH. 

Danielle's 90 Day Diaries segment also showed she was still communicating with Gabriel, the Indiana man Danielle was shown going roller-skating with on a 2016 episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.

However, Danielle insisted her relationship with Gabriel had remained platonic -- despite his vocal interest in dating her -- because Gabriel still had not filed for divorce from his wife.

Danielle also appeared on The Single Life, a 90 Day Fiance spinoff that premiered on discovery+ in February 2021.

The Single Life follows 90 Day Fiance alums as they resume dating following divorces from their former 90 Day Fiance spouses.

Mohamed also made an appearance on The Single Life, reuniting with Danielle at an Ohio restaurant while he was in the area making a delivery.

In addition, Mohamed has also made appearances on The Single Life's Pillow Talk companion show, which features other 90 Day Fiance alums offering commentary on The Single Life's episodes.

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