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Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice from the Washington, D.C. area starred on Season 10 of Married at First Sight in early 2020.

Mindy was beyond thrilled when she met the handsome Zach on their wedding day and had all the hope and optimism in the world she was going to have a happy and lasting marriage.

But on their honeymoon, Zach admitted to his wife on several occasions he wasn't attracted to her and they lacked intangible chemistry.

Zach then put up walls and seemed to shut down emotionally on Mindy despite her willingness to continue on and keep trying.

Zach later refused to move into an apartment with her after their honeymoon.

Mindy also accused Zach of rarely spending time with her off-camera, suggesting Zach was putting on a show and wanted to look like a good guy when cameras were rolling.

But the nail in the coffin for Mindy was when she caught Zach lying about a secret friendship he had developed with her close pal Lindsay behind Mindy's back.

Zach had seemingly lied about how often he and Lindsay talked and what they communicated about, and Zach had also suspiciously deleted their text messages.

Mindy therefore decided to end her marriage to Zach nearly two weeks before "Decision Day," saying she wasn't going to allow herself to be disappointed by her husband one more time.

"I don't know what to say. I feel like I have a lot to say but I don't know what to say," Zach replied. "I feel with the lack of transparency, it put you in a position where you had to make this decision, but I don't think I expected it."

Mindy said she couldn't be in a marriage by herself and was tired of being the only partner to put effort into the relationship. She subsequently threw a divorce party for herself.

On the reunion special, Mindy said she believed Zach had done the show for publicity given he's a fitness enthusiastic with modeling aspirations.

Zach and Mindy revealed they had both begun dating again, and Mindy shared she was feeling stronger than ever before.

In July 2020, Mindy publicly called out Zach on Instagram for allegedly not cooperating in her attempts to complete their divorce.

"Hey @thecasualathlete! Will you divorce me? Yes? No?" Mindy captioned the photo with a kiss-blowing emoticon. "Circle one. #thisgirwantsadivorce #checkyourtexts #crickets."

One of Mindy's followers asked in the comments section, "What? You haven't divorce him yet?"

"I've been trying!!" Mindy replied.

But Zach commented back and slammed Mindy in the process, suggesting she lied and was drunk when made the post about their divorce.

"@mindy_shiben lol you've been trying? With what attorney and what papers? Please, don't lie to these people for attention, it's gross," Zach responded.

"Im sure you and Kinetic Content will be in the loop. #stayclassy #dontdrinkandgram," he added, referencing Married at First Sight's production company.

In September 2020, Mindy debuted her new boyfriend, Wil Slickers, on Instagram.

However a few weeks later, Mindy announced Wil will had dumped her via text message and she is now planning to move to Mexico alone.

"To clarify, yes, that was the 'new guy.' Oh well, already over it. Life is too short. #allthesingleladies," Mindy wrote after sharing a screenshot of Wil's breakup texts on Instagram.

After initially venting her frustrations on Instagram Stories, Mindy also posted a near three-minute video on her page to express regret and also offer her ex an apology.

"I felt like making a video. It's more for me than anybody else, but I just wanted to share what's going on with me... So obviously I went through a breakup this week with the new guy I was dating. It always sucks getting broken up with and it did hurt. I wasn't expecting it," Mindy explained.

"But I do regret I was pretty immature with how I handled it and I do regret, like, putting a personal text message out there. That was not cool, so I do apologize for that."

Mindy continued, "But what can I say? I'm human, I make mistakes. If you're human, you do as well. So hopefully we can just forget about that one and move on!"

"But no, it was a good learning experience for me," the figure skating coach added. "I know in the future I'm not going to be putting my relationship information on social media, at least not for a very long time. So, lesson learned there."

Mindy then switched gears in her video and said, "Onto the fun stuff!"

"I made a big, big life choice and I'm moving to Mexico -- at least temporarily," revealed Mindy.

"I don't know, everything has been rough here. I know everyone can feel that with COVID and politics and all of it. It's just [hectic]. Work has not been the same, nothing has been the same, and I just need a fresh start."

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