Mark West

Mark West Biography

Mark West, 36, was born in New Orleans (The Big Easy), LA on January 9, 1970. Mark has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering (93’) from Louisiana State University and a Masters of Business Administration (01’) from Tulane University. He has worked in the mobile telecommunications industry for eight years, both as a RF Network Design Engineer and Financial Analyst. Prior to working in the telecommunications arena, Mark worked for the CIA and the U.S. State Department. While at the State Department Mark had the privilege of traveling through Africa and Europe as part of a team providing satellite communications services to our embassies abroad. Recently, Mark and his family moved to Pensacola, Florida to enjoy life along the Gulf Coast. Mark enjoys fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and spear fishing. Pensacola is a wonderful location for Mark and his family to pursue these activities. Like most New Orleanians, Mark is quite comfortable in the kitchen cooking seafood such as alligator, crabs, crawfish, and shrimp. He also has a certificate in ‘mixology’ (bartending). Louisiana’s notoriety as the “Sportsman’s Paradise” has definitely influenced him. Since an early age Mark has enjoyed communing with nature. During his childhood he once ate a raw crawfish and used to enjoy swimming with his aunt Aline’s pet alligator “Alli”. More recently, Mark was swarmed by a variety of animals at a petting zoo in Little Rock, Arkansas. Mark is a free thinker that craves adventure, foreign travel, and college football. Mark dreams of sailing the globe with his wife and any friends that dare partake in the journey.

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