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| location = Santa Cruz, California | season = Africa
All Stars | finish = 3rd place (Africa)
9th place (All Stars) | tribe = Boran, Samburu, Moto Maji (Africa)
Mogo Mogo, Chapera, Chaboga Mogo (All Stars) }} Lex van den Berghe (born June 18, 1963 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and later based in Santa Cruz, California) was the third-place finisher on Survivor: Africa and the ninth-place finisher on Survivor: All-Stars. Lex is of Dutch descent.

On Survivor: Africa, Lex formed a dominant alliance with Tom Buchanan and Ethan Zohn on the Boran tribe that carried him to the Final 4 of the show. At the seventh Tribal Council, Lex tried to figure out who had cast a second vote against him. Initially he believed Kelly Goldsmith was the offender and convinced his allies to vote her out of the game. After Kelly's elimination, Teresa Cooper admitted that she had voted for him.

On Survivor: All Stars, Lex was on the Mogo Mogo tribe. In Episode 9, Lex agreed not to vote out Amber Brkich, trying to earn favor with and protection from Rob Mariano. Mariano and his allies nonetheless voted out van den Berghe at the next Tribal Council. At the jury vote, Lex expressed anger towards Rob and was one of the four jurors who voted for Amber to win the million dollars. Lex's dismay towards Mariano contrasts with the fact that he had previously voted out four of his allies: Richard Hatch, Colby Donaldson, Ethan Zohn, and Jerri Manthey.

Van den Berghe is a father of two boys and is the drummer for two indie punk bands, LuckyDog and the Frontier Wives.

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